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The Beauty In His Imperfections


Draco Malfoy.

What comes in to mind when that name pops up? Perhaps words like cruel, arrogant, spoiled, rich, cunning, deceiving and womanizer. Maybe its more positive words like sexy, intriguing, alluring, charming, respectable, and Sex God.

Although people’s thoughts about Mr. Malfoy vary, there is one word that comes into everyone’s mind: perfect.

Yeah, you heard right. Perfect.

Almost everyone at Hogwarts thought Draco Malfoy was perfect, flawless. He walked around like he owned the place, as dozens of girls, and even a few boys, worshiped the ground he walked on.

He was like a god to them, a perfect god; and he knew it too.

But can you really judge a person just by what you see, even if it is a positive judgment? Sure you can, it’s your choice. Everyone does it… but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do.

As they say, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. You should read the book, word for word, soaking in the information. You should analyze it, read between the lines. Only then do you have the right to judge it.

Just like a book, you should apply it to a person. You should try to be friends with a person, learn their likes and dislikes. You should find out about their past, and see the horrible yet exhilarating things they’ve been through. You should read the person like a book, their actions and words telling the thrilling yet terrifying story of their lives.

After all, life is just a story, waiting for you to write it.

But that’s not how it was for Draco Malfoy. No one read him like a book; they merely judged him by the way he acted in public. No one even thought that he might be deceiving him or her; everyone thought that there was no possible way that Draco acted differently when not in wide, open places.

But of course, they were all wrong. He was deceiving them all, living a lie. His true personality only showed when he was alone. His flaws and faults only became apparent when he was by himself.

Not a single person would think that Draco Malfoy was unhappy with his life. No one would even consider the possibility that Draco held deadly lies deep within his mind, that he had a horrific past, and that his planned future was filled with cruelty and darkness.

If anyone knew anything true about him, he would just be another face in the crowd. He wouldn’t be popular; he wouldn’t be famous. He would be just some average student that attended Hogwarts.

Why? Because the only reason they worshiped him was because they thought he was perfect. If they thought he had flaws, he would mean nothing to them. His face would just be one among thousands. He wouldn’t stand out.

But I guess that all the people were just ignorant. How could they possibly believe that anyone could be perfect? It was absurd!

They shouldn’t have liked people like Draco just because he seemed perfect. They should know that everyone has flaws; and those flaws are what make them unique. They should know that there could be beauty in a person’s imperfections.

Draco thought he was forever stuck trying to be what everyone else wanted him to be – perfect – until an ordinary girl comes along and teaches him the most valuable lesson he would ever learn– that you don’t have to be perfect to be loved.

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