It was the end of the first week. You had ignored Draco as much as possible. Today you had double Advanced Potions. This was your first Potions class. From the way Harry and Ron talked about it, it seemed like it would be the most horrible subject to take. They said it was because of Professor Snape, the Potions Master. Hermione said it was okay. But it was still very hard subject. They all almost fell off their chairs when you told them that you were taking Advanced Potions.

“Would you be kind enough to take me to the Potions classroom?” you asked and stopped Seamus who was walking by you.
“Umm…sure.” he said looking at his watch. He took you down to the Dungeons. “Are you sure want to e taking Advanced Potions?” He asked looking at the door to the classroom.
“Yeah I sure. Whoever this Snape guy is…I will be able to handle him.” you say this seer confidence in yourself.
“Well I better be going. See Ya later.” He said waving and walking away.

Only a few more people gathered at the classroom door. They were all Ravenclaws and a very few Slythern. Classroom door opened. Everyone came in very quietly. You took a seat towards the back of the room. And then you saw him walk into the classroom. No, it wasn’t Snape. It was the boy you had been avoiding for the past week. He glanced up looking for a seat and then his eyes met yours. For a brief second you forgot all about Potions class and thoughts your just about Draco. But you pulled yourself out of the thoughts and looked away and down at your book you were holding. Like in the café you were only pretending to be reading and you were really watching him to see where he sat.

The door slammed shut and you jumped little because it caught you off guard. You looked down and there walked in a man with greasy black hair and a crooked nose, Snape, the Potions Master.

“Mr. Malfoy, please find a seat.” Snape said "Quickly." he added. Draco looked around and saw you sitting at a table with no one else. He ran up to your table and sat down next to you. You looked around to see him there was anymore open seats. There had to be, there wasn’t that many people in the class. When you looked around there did seem to be less tables, and everyone else’s seat was filled.

“Now class we are going to be learning a hard potion today. I shall put the ingredients on the board and I want someone to tell me what the potion is. Begin.” Snape said and everyone started getting out the ingredients. It didn’t take you long to realize that this was a potion to make an indoor swamp. It would keep growing if someone used a cleaning spell. The only way to clean it up would have to be the Muggle way.
“Professor?” you said getting Snape’s attention.
“Yes?” he asked almost sounding annoyed.
“Well the potion your having us make is going to turn your classroom into a swamp, and I don’t know if you or anyone hear wants to clean it up the Muggle way. Because I sure wouldn’t like to.” you say to him.
He smiled at you, and you thought you even heard some people actually gasped when he did this. “You are correct. But what is this potion called, Miss Elliot?”
“It would be called Votfleavo. Its French, they disguised the name. The ‘Vot’ is really ‘Not’ and the ‘Fleav’ is really “Clean” and the ’o’ at the end is meant to say there is a space somewhere in the name. It was a code used during the First War. You could have but some of this potion your opponents drink and well they would get sick with a swamp inside them and there was on cure for it or they were ’Not Clean’.” you said to Snape in a all knowing tone.
“Well, class, you oh Miss Elliot here a thanks, because now you will not have to clean up my classroom the Muggle way. I didn’t expect someone to know what the potion was before it started foaming out of the cauldrons. And I didn’t now think anyone would know the meaning of the name, and for the I award Ravenclaw with twenty points.” he said and everyone of the Ravenclaws and you heard Malfoy gasp when he said the last sentence. “Now I know this was meant to be double Potions but since Miss Elliot knew what the potion was in a matter of a few minutes, I dismiss you from class. But I want a three pages of parchment fill with a essay on the Votfleavo. Except for Miss Elliot, she does not have to write anything. Now class go to the Library and begin the essay.” he said and some people groaned. “Should I make it four?” Snape asked the people who groaned. “No, Professor.” they said in unison and walked gloomily out the door. When you were about to walk out the door Snape called you back.
“Now. How did you know what that potions was? I could get some 7th years in here who wouldn’t know what the potions was or what the name meant. I also know they aren’t to keen on their potion making at Beauxbatons. How did you know?” He looked at you questioning.
“Well, Sir, my father, before me left, taught me everything I know. From Advance Potion making to Advanced Transfiguration.”
“So…Marius was training her…hmm that’s interesting…yes very interesting indeed.” you heard him say.
“Training me for what? What was my father training me for?” you demanded.
“What are you talking about? I didn’t say anything.”
“Yes you did I heard you. You said and I quote: ‘So…Marius was training her…hmm that’s interesting…yes very interesting indeed’ you said that!”
He eyes grew wide. “How could she have known that? I did not say that out loud. Are her powers growing already?”
“What are you talking about ‘my powers’? I don’t have any…well not right no, anyway.”
His eyes grew ever wider. “I did not say that or anything. I am sorry I called you back. Now leave!”
“NO! You tell me right now what all the training me and powers and stuff is all about! I have a right to know since it is about me!”
“Do you want me to take away the points just gave you?!”
You glared at him and shook your head.
“Then you better go!”

You glared at him again and walked out of the classroom. You stormed away. Then someone grabbed your hand. You, not thinking about it, quickly grabbed their arm and swung them over your shoulder and having them land on there back. You heard the person groan in pain and you look down at who you had swung over your shoulder. It was Draco. Lucky there was no one around.

“Get up. Your fine.” you say giving Draco a hand to help him up. He took and you had pretty much pulled him yourself. “Merlin, Malfoy, you can’t even get up yourself.”
“Well you know what, Miss Elliot, you try being flung over someone’s shoulders and landing on your back and then getting up. Its not easy.”
“Actually Malfoy I have been. I have gotten up on my own after it.”
“Right after you were flung over?” he asked in disbelief.
“Yes.” you say walking away. You did not want to talk to him or anyone. Snape pissed you off by not telling what he was talking about and lying about that he had said nothing at all.
“Oh Lydia please just turn around and look at me once more. Oh how I wish I could tell you how much I am sorry. How much I miss your company. Please just turn around and talk to me.” you heard Draco say.
You stopped. Wait a second…
“Yes she stopped. Now please just turn around and look at me. Please turn around. Lydia I am truly sorry! I miss you! Now if I could only tell her that.”
Your eyes grew wide. Am I actually hearing Draco’s…Malfoy’s thoughts? Was I hearing Snape’s thoughts before? You turned around and faced him.
“Yes! She turned around now say it.”
“Lydia…I l-”

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