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hiya, i really would like some reviews. i only have 20 on the whole story. and i would love more. i reply to all reviews and would love a comment or two atleast. even if its something like your story smells like elephant sewage on a hot day.;) j/k no but really please review.

As Harry wondered the ground he saw Madame Hooch near the broom shed.
“Madame Hooch?”
“Good afternoon Mr. Potter. What can I do for you?”
“Well if it isn’t to much trouble I would very much like to ride my broom for awhile.”
“I suppose not, but I am going inside in a few minutes, would you mind just bringing it back out later so I don’t need to come back?”
“Thank You and yes I will.” Harry pointed his wand at the broom shed and said
“Acio Firebolt.”
“Alright then, and stay on grounds.” Madame Hooch called after him when he kicked off the ground.
How wonderful it felt to be in the air again. He missed it. Even though he had quidditch practice and games he didn’t have much extra flying time between taking care of Duncan and Homework. Then the thought struck him. If he asked Hermione to marry him right now then she wouldn’t feel pressured into doing it. He already knew that she would do any thing to keep Duncan as her “son” but if she was told she had to be married then he would possibly never know if she would just marry him out of her love for him. Then he heard a loud thud come from the forest and the entire herd of Thestrals flew into the air and landed near Hagrid’s cabin. Harry decided to fly to the spot where the noise came from and investigate. When he got near he used the disillusionment charm on himself and a silencer charm on his broom. After passing through a dense patch in the forest he was shocked at the sight in front of him.

“Agrid, there are three more coming behind me” A very untidy looking Madame Maxime was saying to Hagrid.
“Arigh Olimpe. Dumbledore’ll be ere in a mo.” Hagrid replied with a slight smile.
“Harry?” Professor Dumbledore said almost making fall off his broom and causing Hagrid to look around.
“Professor I…I… sorry sir. I was just flying over the pitch and hear a boom and the Thestrals all went flying and… well…” Then a confused look came over Harry’s face as he wondered why he was visible. He looked down at where the rest of him should be but all he saw was branches.
“Harry you shouldn’t be in here.” Dumbledore said quietly.
“Professor… How come you can see me but I can’t?” Harry asked hesitantly.
“Because we cleverly used the same charm at the same time.” Dumbledore smiled.
“Oh.” Harry said and with a still slightly confused look on his face changed the subject saying
“Professor, I’ve changed my mind. I would like to ask Hermione on my own. I don’t think I could stand it if she told you yes out of obligation. I would also like very much if I could get her a ring ahead of time.”
“Alright Harry. I believe that could be arranged. The next Hogsmede weekend is coming up soon and you might find something there.”
“I was actually hoping to go into muggle London and find something there. I don’t want it to be magical since we both were brought up as muggle’s.”
“Harry I am not sure how we could do that.” Dumbledore stated concernedly.
“Well I was thinking, Hogsmede isn’t for another two weeks and maybe I could get a “Saturday Detention” this week so that I might go get the wring and get her parents blessing.”
“Hermione would be with Duncan and as long as the “detention” isn’t where she can find me I don’t think there would be a problem.”
“Harry I will need to think it over some I will let you know tomorrow. In the mean time I need you to please return to the castle. Would you please return to the castle and empty what you just saw here into the pensive. It will be on my desk. And you are welcome to explore it but I have not added anything but tonight’s conversation.”Dumbledore said with consideration as he looked at the seven giants along with Hagrid and Madame Maxime sitting in the forest clearing.
“Yes sir.” Harry said somewhat down hearted.
“And another thing please, don’t speak of this to anyone please”
“Yes sir”
“Including Miss Granger.”
“Yes sir. Good Night.” Harry replied downheartedly.
“Good night Harry. I will find you tomorrow.”
With that Dumbledore flew down to the meeting place, pulled out his wand and with a final glance at Harry he whooshed his wand and the place where they had all been seconds before had now just become a clearing.”


“Harry? What are you doing in here? How did you get in?” Ron said from the bed in the Head Boy’s room. Harry waved the Marauders map a bit before flopping down in the comfortable Gryffindor colored chair next to the bed.
“I just needed to talk.” He replied
“Something Dumbledore said?”
“Yeah… I just don’t know what to do with it…”
“Well whatever it is it can’t be worse than the prophet, can it?” Ron said with some worry in his voice.
“It could.” Harry said looking interestingly at his trainers.
“Well what is it?” Ron pressed with some inpatients.
“If we want to completely adopt Duncan… Hermione and I… we have to …well … get married first.” Harry said as he got up and walked to the window.
“What? What do you mean married? You’re not even out of school yet! Are they crazy…You can’t get married!”
“I have to… No I want to. I am just afraid that she won’t say yes.”
“Are you loony? When you left earlier she was talking about how she was scared that everything would change after school was out. I asked what she wanted and she said that she wanted nothing more than to be with you and Duncan forever no matter how long that was.”
“Really? She said all that. But what about her life and plans? I have already screwed up this year too much. I don’t want to take away her dreams too.”
“Harry you and Duncan are her dream. Now she talks about how proud she is of you and all that you have done for Duncan. She loves you so much that she said she even cries sometimes when you forget to do occlumancy before you sleep and have nightmares about you know who taking them away or killing them.”
“What? She knows about those.”
“You talk in you sleep mate… always have.” Ron said as Harry sat back down and put his head in his hands.
“I feel so stupid.” Harry said
“Harry don’t. She loves you” He stated as he moved over and placed his hands on Harry’s back.
“I better go, she’ll be worried.” Harry said standing.
“ Don’t worry it will all work out.” Ron gave Harry an encouraging smile before he walked out of the room.

Hi all sorry this one took so long. Moving really is a chore. I hope that you like this one. Please R&R I really appriciate the comments. And all of the miss spelled Dumbledore’s are fixed. Thanks and any other editorial suggestions would be welcome.

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