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A/N this is my first story and I hope you like it! Constructive Critiscm please! Oh and Hermione isn't in this.
Disclaimer: I own nothing! Not even a pet! I share that with my little borther!I think I own this gum but my grandma gave me that money...well you get the point the plot is all thats mine and the characters though I got Surda Tarnags name from a book.

"Come on Kara, We're going to be late!" I called to my best friend Kara Knightley. "I'm coming Surda! I'm coming! Just give me a minute!" she called down from our dorm. "But we don't have a minute! We are going to miss the plane and then we're stuck." A few seconds later she came running down breathing hard because of the two suitcases she was carrying. "There I'm here! Are you happy?" she asked in a serious tone. She was frowning at me and then all of a sudden, we both burst into laughter. I managed to get out "I almost thought you were serious this time, I guess I should know by now!" in between my giggling. Some people would tink this was weir but to us that was the funniest thing in the world."Oh my Gosh!" I said we gotta go were gonna miss it! I said urgently."Okay okay let's go" she said. We grabbed our suitcases and dashed out of our dorm and into the parking lot. When we got to my blue mountaineer I threw my suitcases in the back then I grabbed Kara's and threw them on top of mine and jumped in. "where are my keys?!" I muttered to myself Kara rolled her eyes. "Aha got 'em" I said again muttering to myself. I put them in the ignition and pulled out. The drive to the airport took about an hour and a half and when we got there we made a mad dash to check in out suitcases, and go to gate A. We got there just as the last person was checking in. Kara gave the woman our ticket and walked in. We sat down in the back and settled in for the long ride.
MY DIARY:it's about noon, I think and Kara's sleeping. I still can't get over were going to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! I mean, I guess I understand why we were being transferred; we caused so much trouble at our old school in Colorado that this was the best way to get rid of us. The school (Ellesmeres School of Magic) was not super strict or anything but...well, Kara and I weren't the most Law-Abiding kids. We didn't like Rules, our motto "Rules are meant to be broken" can tell you that! Since we are both 16 (this year) and best friends since pretty much forever we make a great team and can come up with a prank for every day of the week.When our parents died we were devastated and I (and I think she does too) still cry at night.My parents died trying to help her parents when the Wizard Aberon came to her house. We were at school at the time of the murder. Tehy were auruo but they also belonged to an international group called the Order of the Phoenix which was a society that was against evil. My parents and her parents were the American contacts. The reason Aberon came after them was frankly because they were great wizards,they had talents and very smart. I take after my mom in the looks department (though me and my father act more alike) we both have brown hair and green eyes. Kara takes after her father ad has red hari and green eyes. We both like how we look,we aren't full of ourselves but we aren't ugly. As I mentioned before we are trouble-makers, that's what got us transferred from Ellesmeres School of Magic. We had pulled WAY too many pranks which included the traditional Teeping of the Principals house, we mixed up everyone's wands and to this day some peoples wands don't work as well as before that incident. Another reason they probably wanted to get rid of us is because of the constant talking during classes. We just have so many ideas and things to say and I don't usually remember to raise my hand. Of course the thing that made the Principal snap was when we made some veritaserum (with ingredients from the private stores of our potions teacher Mr.Daret).with the varitaserum we chose the meanest person in school (Galabortix) and we slipped him some during lunch. Of course that's not all; we sat next to him and asked him questions of a personal sort. You may think that's mean but you dont know the things he was doing to the 1st graders,everyone clapped when we did it.This prank is what most likely made our Principal transfer us.Oh, I think the plane is landing I have to wake Kara up.
I shut my diary and put it back in my bag. The plane was starting to tilt downwards. I hit Kara on the shoulder to wake her up. "Ow! What didja do that for!?!" she said rubbing her eyes. "We're here! We're starting to descend!" she jumped up and leaned over me to look out the window. We were getting closer to the ground, only a few feet away! BANG, we were in England.

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