I decided to take a breather from everyone inside the castle by sitting out by the lake for awhile. I watched the Giant Squid float lazily in the otherwise still water. A slight breeze rippled by brushing against my tear stained cheeks. I blinked a few times feeling the stiffness of my wet eyelashes. I inhaled, feeling myself shake. I ran a hand through my brown hair and frowned. So plain, so ordinary. I needed a change. Maybe some highlights. Something that would brighten my life right now. I let my hair go and the wind blew it back, whipping it around my shoulders back into my face. "I know, stop teasing me!" I yelled at the wind. "Talking to yourself isn't a good sign Reese." Heat rose to my cheeks. "What do you want now Black? Come to torment me some more?" I asked, not bothering to turn around. "No, just came out for some fresh air." He stood a few feet away and didn't make any move to sit down. "You sure about that, didn't want to just check up on me." I snapped, annoyed with the boy standing near me. "Could be something like that." I could feel his smile and I couldn't help but let out a small chuckle. "Was that a laugh Reese?" Sirius rose an eyebrow at me but I brushed it off. "No, I just had something in my throat." He smirked and I scowled at him. "You know that I'm alive and kicking so you can be on your way now." "That hurt, really it did." Sirius put his hands to his heart in mock hurt. "Haha, very funny." I rolled my eyes. "Why won't you let me in?" I shifted my gaze to the handsome boy leaning against the tree. "What do you mean?" I asked. "After all the things that have happened, you've shut me out. We used to talk about a lot of things. Now all you are with me is sarcastic." A sad look appeared on Sirius' face and a pang of guilt poked at my stomach. "Well yeah, a lot of things have happened. It's not entirely my fault Black. You shut me out too. You wanted nothing to do with me after what happened with James and I. Just another peach on my tree." "There you go again." I felt a new rise of heat flush my cheeks. "Sorry." I diverted my gaze back to the lake. "It doesn't have to be this way." I sighed. "It doesn't matter. You'd get bored of me and then throw me away into the discarded pile with all the other girls you got bored with." He shook his head. "No, you've got it all wrong. You want to know the real reason I dumped all those other girls." "Please, enlighten me." "All those girls were just that, girls. I never liked them, never did anything with them, never cared about them. Some of them were smart, some just pretty, some stupid, some just bimbos. None of them were smart, pretty, nice, fun, or caring. They all had one of those characteristics but one never had all. When I would figure that out, I would ditch the girl and go on to someone else. Then, believe it or not, I found a girl with all of those." "Yeah, who's that?" "You." "Me? You sure about that. After what I've done, I don't see myself as nice or caring." I stared sadly at the lake waiting to her the boy's response. "If I'm mistaken you do fit those even after what you did." "How's that." I shifted on the ground, pulling my knees up to my chin. "You broke up with James after you realised that you would only be hurting him and that was something you didn't want to do. That was--" "Because I cared about him." I finished his sentence and felt my stomach drop. I hadn't been thinking of that. "Do I need to continue?" "No. No need to." Sirius came over and sat next to me. "Would this ever work?" I asked resting my head on Sirius' shoulder. "What?" "You and me?" His hand found mine and our fingers intertwined. "I don't know, one thing I do know is that a little birdie told me not to let you get away." I smiled at the boy sitting next to me. "Remind me to thank that little birdie."

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