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Hermione sat up, rubbing the sleep from her chocolate brown eyes. The sun was shining through her green...wait. Green?

Since when did I have green curtains? She thought. Looking to her right, she saw Draco.

Since when did I sleep with Draco? Thought Hermione. She searched her brain and smiled when she remembered last night. She looked around. Clothes were scattered around the floor, including Draco's shirt, and Hermione's shirt and pants.

Wait... we didn't... Hermione trailed off when she saw the clothes. She looked down and noticed that Draco was wearing black athletic pants and her, a large T-shirt and flannel pajama bottoms.

Well duh 'Mione. Most guys don't sleep in shirts! But these aren't your clo...oh yeah... Hermione blushed as she remembered yesterday afternoon. Draco had helped her change after she had passed out. Hermione breathed a sigh of relief. She placed a light kiss on Draco's chest and went to get up. A strong arm pulled her down as she giggled.

"Think you’re getting away easy huh?" Draco asked gruffly.

"Yes. I need to go shower and get ready for my day." Hermione smiled at him.

"No you don’t. It’s too early anyways." Draco said, placing butterfly kisses on Hermione’s back, making her laugh.

"Draco! That tickles! Stop! I really have to go shower and get dre…" Hermione was cut off by Draco’s lips upon her own. He slid his tongue into Hermione’s mouth with ease, and rolled her atop his chest. Draco ran his hands up and down her back as she felt Draco’s toned chest. Hermione massaged Draco’s tongue with her own, resulting in Draco holding her tighter. Hermione moved her lips from Draco’s and kissed where the neck and shoulder meet, where she gently bit down. Draco took a sharp intake of breath.

Weak spot? Hermione thought as she lifted her head. Her and Draco stared into each other’s eyes for a while, before Draco put his hand behind Hermione’s neck and hungrily assaulted her lips once again.

Merlin, I love this girl so much. Draco thought as he kissed Hermione. When she massaged his tongue again, a small moan escaped the back of Draco’s throat. Hermione smiled against his lips and sat up. She was straddling his abs and Draco’s arms were around her waist. They were both smiling at each other.

"As much as I would love to do that again," Hermione said, jumping off Draco and the bed, "I really have to shower." She smiled and blew Draco a kiss as she ran into the bathroom.

About two and a half-hours later, Draco and Hermione were both showered. They had a small lunch with the aide of their small kitchen. The two were sitting on the couch in each other’s arms. Draco lightly kissed Hermione’s forehead.

"I never properly asked you, so, Hermione Turner, would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" Draco asked. Hermione smiled at him.

"I’ll have to thank about that one Mr. Malfoy." She smirked. Hermione hopped onto Draco’s lap so she was facing him. She wrapped an arm around his neck and kissed him, hard and passionately. A few minutes later, she pulled away.

"Of course." She remarked. Draco smiled and kissed her once again.

"What do you want to do today then?" he asked her.

"I don’t care. You pick." Hermione said, snuggling into his arms.

"Want to go to Hogsmeade then?" Draco suggested.

"Woot!! Shopping!" Hermione laughed as she hopped off the couch to get her coat. Draco got his coat as well and the two headed up the stairs. Hermione stopped and Draco bumped into her, knocking them both to the floor.

"Ouch!" they both said simultaneously.

"Sorry Hermione. Why did you stop?" Draco said as he helped her up and wrapped his arms around her.

"Look." Hermione whispered, pointing to the pictures on the wall. Some of the pictures had changed. One was changing before their very eyes. Three of Draco and Hermione’s baby pictures were gone, replaced. The new pictures were of Draco and Hermione eating last night. Another one was of them dancing. The newest one, which had just finished changing, was of the two sitting on the couch in each other’s arms, something that had just happened a moment ago.

"That is so neat…" Hermione said as Draco kissed her cheek and they left their common room.

Walking through the halls, Hermione and Draco kept their distance. Nobody could know of them. Draco was ahead of Hermione by a few paces, when Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy stopped him.

"Hey Malfoy." Crabbe grunted.

"Goyle. Crabbe. Parkinson." Draco greeted curtly. He looked back at Hermione and motioned for her to wait for him outside. He watched as she nodded back and left the castle.

"Drakie-poo… where have you been? I’ve missed you…" Pansy purred in her annoying voice as she rubbed Draco’s chest with her bony hand. Draco swatted it away.

"I’ve been doing whatever I please. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed to Hogsmeade." Draco snapped.

"Oh! I’ll come with you Drakie. We can have some alone time…" Pansy winked seductively at him.

"No." Draco said.

"Why not?" pouted Pansy.’

"Because I hate you." Draco said bluntly, like it was the most obvious thing in the world. He walked out of the castle with the Slytherins glaring at him. He met Hermione by the lake.

"Sorry about that love, the baboons wouldn’t shut up." Draco apologized.

"It’s fine. Let’s go." Hermione replied as she took Draco’s hand and the two walked up the dirt path to the village.

When they reached Hogsmeade, they both had things to buy. Draco and Hermione decided to split up and meet back at the Three Broomsticks at 1:30. That gave them each one-hour. They shared a quick kiss and walked their separate ways.

When Draco saw Hermione walk into the bookstore, he walked into the jewelry store across from it. He looked around at all the assorted gems. Draco really wanted to find something special for Hermione.

“Can I help you?” a voice asked. Draco turned around and saw a kind woman staring intently at him.

“Umm... sure. I’m looking for something for my girlfriend.” Draco said to the lady. She peered at him over her glasses.

“I see. Well, what is the lucky lady like?” the woman asked. “My name is Gisele by the way.” she said.

“I’m Draco.” Draco said, not paying attention. He was too busy thinking about Hermione. Smiling, he opened his mouth to speak.

“Well, ‘Mi is funny, caring, smart and talented. Not to mention beautiful, compassionate, sexy, drop dead gorgeous. Basically, my entire life as of now.” Draco rambled.

“Ah. Sounds like you care about this ‘Mi a lot.” Gisele said as she made her way into the back room.

“I do...” Draco alleged as he watched curiously. The woman came back holding a small black box.

“What is that?” he asked.

“It’s perfect.” Gisele reflected as she opened the box. Inside was a ring. It had a simple white gold band that met at a diamond. As Draco looked closer, it seemed as if there was a small ruby heart in the middle.

“Is that a...” Draco started.

“Ruby heart? Yes it is.” Gisele finished. “I designed the ring myself.” she beamed.

“It’s beautiful.” Draco whispered.

“It’s yours.” Gisele smiled at him.

“Wow. Thank you.” Draco said as he reached into his pockets for his money. Gisele put a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s a gift, Draco. If this girl is truly as wonderful as you say, she deserves nothing less than this.” Gisele explained to him. Draco smiled at her.

“I’m sure Hermione will love it. Thank you so much, Gisele.” Draco said sincerely as she put the box inside his cloak pocket.

“Go get her tiger.” Gisele smiled as she shooed Draco out of her shop.

Outside of the shop, Draco was sitting on a bench, looking at the ring when he heard Hermione calling him.

“Draco! Hey. What did you get?” Hermione asked him, slightly out of breath. Her arms were full of books.

“Something for you.” Draco smirked.

“Oh really?” Hermione laughed.

“Really really.” Draco said as he pulled Hermione close to him. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the black box Gisele had given him and looked into Hermione’s eyes.

“Hermione Turner. I know that we haven’t gotten along for the past six years of our lives. But now that I’ve gotten to actually know you, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You’ve taught me in the past few days that it’s OK to be myself. I never thought it could actually happen, but I love you with all my heart.” Draco said as he opened the box. Hermione gasped.

“Draco! Oh my God!” she whispered as Draco slipped the ring on her left index finger.

“Oh my... is that a heart?!” Hermione gasped once again.

“Do you like it?” Draco asked her as he held her hands in his own.

“Are you kidding me? I love it!” Hermione exclaimed as she gave Draco a bone-crushing hug.

“Thank you so much.” she whispered into his ear.

“Anything for you ‘Mi.” Draco said as he kissed her forehead. He wrapped an arm around her waist and the two walked back down the dirt path and back to the entrance of the school.
Author's Note: Hey everyone! I just want to apologize for the long wait between the updates! I was suspended from school, so I was banned from the PC for a while. Then, I got distracted with a new forum and website I'm making, then I went to summer camp. And I just came back 2 days ago, so I really hope you all liked chapter 11! Its the longest one I've written yet, so I hope you enjoyed yourselves! Well, that's it! And please R/R!
x. LJ

Edit from LJ on June 23, 2005: Attention readers. After thoughts, I have decided to do a mailing list. If you would like to receive an update as to when the next chapter is submitted and validated, please leave a review with your email address in it. Thank you much!!

Edit from LJ on August 20, 2005: Readers,
I am sorry to say that this chapter is the last that will be coming out of Changed. School is becoming much too hectic and softball is taking over my life. I can't possibly update my stories, keep up with my homework, excel in softball and have time to do normal things. Thanks to all of my loyal readers and reviewers, especially: KimMalfoy, slyswn180, Krystinar3, redheadwizard, Vegas Chick and so many more of you. Your reviews always made me smile, and I hope to see more reviews from you in the future. Happy Writings everyone!

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