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The T-Virus and a Wand???

Disclaimer:: I don’t own anybody!!! But I do own the plot!

Angie Ashford was a ’normal’ pretty young lady , she was 16 now and had golden blonde hair , blue-green eyes and she had freckles across each side of her nose. Though maybe I’m mistaken when I call her normal, you see she’s infected with a highly contagious virus, the T-Virus, The T-Virus re-animates the dead, which means it slowly kills you ((well unless you were killed by another ‘zombie’ that was infected but yeah either way you’re dead)) but that’s where Angie Ashford is the exception, she has the Anti-Virus to the T-Virus. She Injects the Anti-virus into her arm to stop the T-Virus from spreading.

***Angie’s PoV***

The Zombies that were infected are back, people were told to stay in their homes, but I don’t have to worry about the virus, I already have it.

So I reluctantly go outside.

It’s like a horror movie outside, destruction, blood and a whole lot of pain.

And I bet you’re wondering about Alice? Well she’s my legal guardian now and right this minute she’s out there fighting the Zombies with the new S.T.A.R.S team, It’s made up of Alice as the captain, Carlos, Jill, and L.J well there are others, but I don’t know their names.

And, I bet you seen how Carlos and Alice hit it off, right? Well now they are happily married, just last May , Right now it’s August.

Well I don’t really know what will happen to everyone, but I hope everything goes back to the way it once was, because that’s the way it should be, perfect, without people dying every second.

But there’s one thing I haven’t mentioned yet, I’m going back to England to visit, I was born there and while I’m there I’ll be staying with one of my uncles, his name is Vernon Dursley ( he‘s my uncle on my mother‘s side), he lives at number 4 Private Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey.

I’m slightly nervous about going because this is the first time I’m meeting my uncle Vernon and I’m quite afraid but everyone must try to conquer their fears sooner or later.

But I hear he has a son my age, I hope he’s nice and I also hear that they have someone else at the house who is my second cousin, I hope he’s nice too!

Well, right now I have to head to the police office to see Alice, so I can say bye, I mean can’t just leave without a word, can I?

****30 minutes later***

I walked into the police department and looked around, there wasn’t many people there, just some worker’s to watch the station and somewhere around here, Alice was here and I just have to find her.

I looked on the wall there was a map of the police station on the wall ‘wow this must be a pretty big police station’ I thought

I looked on the map and the S.T.A.R.S room was located in the back of the building.

I walked to the back of the building.

There was a door labeled S.T.A.R.S and I knocked on it. “Come in” Alice’s voice came

I walked into the room.

“Hi Alice, I just wanted to say bye, and I hope I’ll be back soon! And that I’ll write as often as I can!” I said quickly

“I hope you do, and I hope to see you soon, and I hope you brought enough of the anti-virus” Alice said sincerely

“yes I brought I whole lot” I said smiling

“That’s good” Alice said smiling back

“Well okay I better be off now” I said frowning slightly as I reached for the door knob

“What no hug?” Alice asked

I smiled happily and gave her a hug

“That’s my girl , would you like a ride to the airport?” Alice asked

“That would be great, can you take me?” I asked hopefully

“Yeah sure” Alice answered

“Great!” I said extremely happy

We walked out of the office and got into a cop car.

I smiled to myself all the way to the airport, I knew going back to Europe would mean great adventures

As the car was scanned to make sure no one was infected as it entered the gates to the airport, it was extremely difficult to go anywhere these days.

Oh I bet you’re wondering why the scanner thingy couldn’t detect the virus in me, well it did, but I have the anti-virus and most people know this, but the thing is it’s to late for most people.

I really hate not being able to help people, it sucks.

I got out of the car and hugged Alice good-bye and went inside the airport.

Finally a place without chaos.

***15 minutes later***

I walked onto my plain and waved good-bye to the city.

(((please r/r or it'll take me longer to make the next chapter [which might be long anyway, I'm going to focus on Annie’s Hogwart’s Experience for a while] )))

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