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The flames crackled as Ron and Harry sat by the fire in thought. Ron was thinking about money; his family didn't have much. Harry was thinking about the Triwizard Tournament that took place the previous year. He had won and met Lord Voldemort face-to-face for the fourth time. Harry had given all his winnings to Fred and George, for they wanted to start a joke shop but their mum wouldn't allow it.

"Shut up, Pig!" came Ron's annoyed voice. Pig was pecking Ron's ear and screeching because he had brought mail from Ron's mum. Ron finally came back to earth and noticed the red envelope in Pig's talons.

"Oh, what did I do this time?" Ron groaned. He and Harry recognized the red envelope as a Howler. Ron had gotten one the second year for flying his dad's car to school because they had missed the Hogwarts Express due to Dobby's concern of Harry.

Ron quickly opened the Howler before it literally exploded. It exploded anyway, with yelling.


Harry recalled the previous night when they snuck a Dungbomb into the girls' dormitory and placed it carefully under Ginny's pillow. This awoke Hermione and they had to beg her not to tell. Just this morning, all the girls ran out, screaming because of the awful smell.


At breakfast in the Great Hall, Hermione finally caught up with Ron and Harry.

"Where've you been?" Ron asked. "Back to the library, I suppose."

"No, I was... I was... I was... just... uhm... I just overslept." Hermione stuttered.

"Yeah, sure." Ron whispered under his hand to Harry. Hermione looked suspicious..
"What are you two whispering about?" she asked. They told her it was nothing, but she still looked suspicious.

They ate scrambled eggs and French toast for breakfast. They finished early and had free time, so they went down to visit Hagrid.

"'Ello 'Arry, Ron, 'Ermione. What brings you out 'ere so early?" Hagrid questioned.

"Just visiting. We had a bit of an early breakfast." Hermione explained.

"Come on in." Hagrid grunted. He opened the door wide enough for the three of them to walk in, side-by-side. Ron sat next to Fang, then was Hermione, then Harry.

"Would ya like some rock cakes? They're fresh outta the oven." Hagrid asked.

"No thanks." Harry decided quickly. "Has anything exciting happened lately?"

"Quidditch is comin' up again this year, but besides that, there's nothin' excitin' happenin'." Hagrid explained.

"I think I might join." Ron stated.

"Who's going to be the captain now that Oliver's gone?" Hermione spoke up.

"Well, I s'pose they migh' ask 'Arry. Why'd ya ask that, 'Ermione?" Hagrid's gruff voice came.

"I was just asking since Oliver's not here anymore and they didn't decide last year because..." her voice trailed off.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Hermione stopped abruptly and Hagrid got up to answer it. The teapot that Hagrid had put on started to whistle and he turned around to get it.

"Go answer the door, I'll get it." Ron assured. Hagrid nodded and opened the door. Ron fixed the tea and put four cups of it on the table.

"Ah, 'ello, Dumbledore... uh-huh... uh-huh... yes... 'e's 'ere, yes... all right." Either Dumbledore was whispering or Hagrid was talking loud because that's all they heard. Hagrid moved aside and in stepped short (compared to Hagrid), long-bearded and haired Professor Dumbledore.

"Hello Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger. Mr. Potter, may I please have a word with you?" Dumbledore greeted, his blue eyes twinkling beneath his half-moon spectacles. Harry looked worried as he slowly stepped towards Dumbledore. "Do not worry, young lad, you are not in any trouble." he added. They went outside towards the forbidden forest.

"Good morning, Harry. No bad treatments from your cousin?" Harry didn't answer. "Anyway, we have chosen Fred and George to be the captains of the Quidditch team."

Is it possible for two people to be captain? Harry thought.

"Not because you are not good enough, I assure you, you are, but because they are older. Also, I think Snuffles would like to speak to you." Harry stared at him in shock of saying so much in so little time.

"Hello, Harry! Long time, no see." came a gruff voice from behind Harry.

"Sirius!!" Harry exclaimed. He had forgotten all about calling Sirius "Snuffles", as he had told him when he first met his godfather.

"Shh!! Anyone could be listening! I just came to see how you've been since I haven't seen you in a while. Albus, is it okay if I meet with him here to visit at about 11? I mean, I am his godfather and all. Is that all right?" Sirius asked eagerly, looking up at Dumbledore with sad puppy eyes.

"Alright, as long as Harry is back in the castle by midnight. I will inform the other professors that you're allowed on the grounds so that you will not get into trouble." Dumbledore explained.

"Thank you!!" Sirius and Harry yelled together. They looked at each other and smiled. "See you at 11!" Harry added.

Sirius went deeper into the forest as Dumbledore took Harry back to Hagrid's cabin to pick up his friends.

"What happened?" Ron questioned immediately.

"Professor Dumbledore told me Fred and George are the captains of the Quidditch team," Should've know. Ron thought as Harry spoke. "But I didn't know it was possible for two people to be captains of the team. Did you?"

"No, I didn't. That's weird. But, then again, they're inseparable. And--huh?" Ron stopped walking and was looking ahead of them towards the castle. Hermione was rushing towards it as if she were in a race. Ron and Harry kept talking as Dumbledore stared blankly ahead, and they went back to the castle.


At their first class, Harry whispered to Ron, "What was up with Hermione this morning," Harry looked across the room at her. "and why does she have that dazed look on her face?" Ron looked at her too and shrugged. They finished Potions, trying hard not to get in trouble, and met up with Hermione in the hall.

"Why did you run off like that this morning?" Ron asked accusingly.

"Oh, that... that was... nothing... no reason... just felt like running." Hermione smiled matter-of-factly. Harry and Ron looked at each other and walked to their dormitory. They got what was needed for Care of Magical Creatures and headed off to the grounds where Hagrid's hut was.

When they got there, the Slytherins were already there.

"Great. Two classes with the stinkin' Slytherins. Hey--that's a good name. Stinkin' Slytherins. It fits perfectly for them. Doesn't it, Harry? Harry?!" Ron was so busy talking away, he hadn't noticed that Harry had run ahead and was beating up Malfoy. Wait a minute. Harry--beating up Malfoy... oh, no!

"Harry, stop!!" Hermione yelled from behind Ron. They ran towards the fight along with Hagrid. Harry gave Malfoy a bloody nose. Malfoy gave Harry a black eye. Malfoy got hit in the stomach. Harry got kicked in the leg. The fight continued until Hagrid stuck a gigantic foot between Malfoy and Harry. They both still had their fists raised, ready to fight again.

Ron and Hermione finally caught up to them. Malfoy and Harry were severly bruised and they both had blood on their robes, shining in the sunlight. Hagrid looked ferocious, like never before. Ron and Hermione stood, jaws dropped.

"'Arry! What on earth were yeh thinkin'?!" Hagrid roared. "Yeh coulda gotten killed if 'e 'ad pulled 'is wand out! Ron, 'Ermione," They raised their jaws and straightened up. "take 'Arry to the hospital wing. Crabbe, Goyle," They straightened up, too, looking scared. "take Malfoy. I'll 'ave a word with you two later." Ron and Hermione dragged Harry towards the castle.

"What were you thinking? Honestly!" Hermione squealed.

"He was saying nasty things and was about to attack Hagrid with the other Slytherins!" Harry explained, trying to defend himself.

"Well, you could've at least disarm them." Ron protested. Hermione shot a nasty look towards Ron and he shut up immediately.

"There were too many to disarm. Besides, my main target was Malfoy." Harry responded.

"I can't believe you would do that, Harry. Look at yourself, you're a mess!" Hermione exclaimed. They went faster so Harry's blood would make a thinner trail.

Finally, they reached the hospital wing.

"Oh, dear. What happened this time?" Madame Pomfrey questioned.

"Harry got into a fight with Malfoy." Ron and Hermione responded together, as if it were a daily event.

"Oh, that nasty little... I just wanna..." Her voice trailed off as she went to get Quentin Henry's Quick-Healing medicine. Harry, Ron and Hermione all looked at each other.

"Well..." they all started together, then laughed. "I suppose Madame Pomfrey would want us to leave so you can heal." Hermione finished, smiling at Ron.


At 11:00, Harry went out on the grounds to the Dark Forest. On the way, Professor McGonagall, Professor Trelawny, Filch, and his cat, Mrs. Norris passed him. Even Professor Snape walked past and didn't even do so much as to glance at Harry.

Harry saw Snuffles and headed towards him. The relatives talked for a while. Then, Sirius asked, "Have you heard about the newest Quidditch members, Harry?"

"No... How do you know all this?" Harry questioned.

"Albus keeps me informed. Anyways, the newest Quidditch members are Ron and Hermione." Sirius advised.

"Hermione?!" Harry exclaimed.


Meanwhile, at the castle, Hermione was still helping Ron with his homework.

"So, as you see here, Arithmancy isn't really that hard." she finished. Without thinking, Ron leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. She gasped and turned a deep scarlet. She ran upstairs to the girls' dormitory, crying. Nobody knew of this, until the next morning at breakfast.


Owls poured into the Great Hall as Harry and Ron sat at breakfast.

Pig flew down on Ron's shoulder, holding another Howler. "Great! This is just great!" Ron thought this was from his mum about the bad marks he got in Herbology yesterday. But, instead of his mum's voice, there was a familiar, gruff, accented voice.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?! I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR FAVORITE SEEKER! HOW COULD YOU KISS HERM-OWN-NINNY BEHIND MY BACK?! SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND, NOT YOURS!" Ron turned a deep scarlet, as Hermione had done the night before and ran up to the Gryffindor common room, into the boys' dormitory.


OMG YAY I FINALLY FINISHED TYPING THIS CHAPTER (for the 10th time But, I assure you, this one's final.)

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Harry Potter character or anything in this chapter except for the DUMB potion.

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