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Chapter 29 Title: I Can’t Stay READ BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chapter 29 is here! OMG WOW! Ok heres the newest chapter that was NOT up when my story got deleted! Please please please review yall! The story is ALMOST OVER. One last chapter after this!!! Review please and let me know if I should do a sequel… I think I should, but if y’all don’t want me to, I won’t. Please review! Disclaimer:… I STILL do NOT own harry potter…. Siiigh ….. just my other characters and my plot RECAP Anna stood up and retrieved her potion from the cabinet. She looked up at the board and copied down the instructions on to a spare bit of parchment. Then began working on her potion. She and Draco worked on their potions with a silence between them for about ten minutes. Finally, Anna could not take the silence any more and she turned to Draco and said, “Tell me what happened.” Draco stopped working on his potion and turned to look at Anna. He took a deep breath and began his story. “I received a letter from my father the day before the end of the term. He told me it was time to follow in his footsteps. I knew what that meant; it was time for me to get the mark, even if I didn’t want it. He sent a portkey for me and a few select others to use at nine in the morning while the rest of the school was attending breakfast. I reluctantly took the portkey and found myself at my house surrounded by Death Eaters. The Dark Lord was not there at the moment and wouldn’t be there for sometime so I went up to my room taking my time and stayed in there for a while. My mother came and found me. She was always very concerned for me, much more compared to my father’s affections towards me. She asked me what I was doing in my room while everyone was downstairs waiting for the arrival of the Dark Lord. I told her I didn’t want to become a Death Eater, and I would never be like my father.” Draco said the last part about his father bitterly. Anna had completely forgotten about her potion by this time. She had sat down and was staring intently at Draco waiting for him to continue. He took a deep breath and continued with his story. “She knew that I didn’t want to be a Death Eater… she knew I would never be as evil as my father was – and still is. She didn’t want me to be like my father. She secretly gave me an illegal portkey, a knut, to use if there was an emergency. She said all I would have to do was tap it with my wand and it would send me to the Leaky Cauldron so I would be far enough away from the Malfoy Manor to escape. I do not think my mother knew just what was going to happen that night though. She told me to use the portkey then go into hiding. Before I could ask her what she was going to do, my father came and told me the Dark Lord was there, and I was to be presented to him. I walked as slowly as I could, and I can remember slightly shuddering when I met him for the first time. His red eyes still haunt me to this day. He informed me and the few others of what the task was to be worthy to receive the mark. We were to go to a powerful wizard’s home and kill all of the people there. He said that the wizard was not only powerful, but a close ally to Dumbledore who needed to get out of the picture. He said his name was Mark Jameson. I knew immediately that he was your father because I remember you speaking highly of him.” Draco stopped talking again and looked at Anna. Her eyes were glistening with tears but she was trying to prevent them from falling. Anna nodded at Draco telling him to continue. He took another deep breath and continued on with his story. “The Dark Lord would not be accompanying us, and neither would any of the Death Eaters. We were in charge. It was an all or nothing. There were six of us in all, and out of the six I was the most powerful and was the most dominant. It was an unsaid agreement between the other five that I would be leading them through this. We took a portkey and landed just outside the house. It was snowing and cold, but we weren’t shivering because of the low temperature. No, we were shivering in anticipation and excitement, or in my case: fear and apprehension. Through the window we could see a man and a woman putting Christmas decorations up in the house and on the tree. They looked so happy and cheerful with the light from the roaring fire reflecting in their eyes. I remembered the portkey my mother had given me, but I had no idea what I was going to do. I had to save them, but I wouldn’t be able to do it with out getting into serious trouble with my father and the Dark Lord. I decided it was worth it and I put my hand in my pocket and fingered the knut my mother gave me. I looked towards the others and nodded. Because of their eagerness and excitement, they rushed into the house blasting the door down. It took me several seconds to realize that I might not be able to save them. I ran in after them towards your parents pulling out my wand and the portkey. Before I could reach them several killing curses were sent out, and they both fell to the floor. No one realized what I had tried to do. They saw my wand out and figured I had sent a killing curse as well. I vaguely remember the cheering going on around me. The scene flickered oddly before my eyes. The radiant glow from the decorations made it feel as if I was caught in a dream and couldn’t wake up. There in the midst of several teenagers were two dead adults; their wands lying far off on a table. They had no way to protect themselves. I stood there with out moving as if I were paralyzed. The next thing I knew, we were back at the Malfoy Manor. That night I received the Mark with no choice. There was a celebration after the receiving of the Marks, but I found myself in my room where I wrote you that note. But here I am now, a Death Eater with the death of the parents of the girl I love which will forever make me feel guilty.” Draco looked at Anna and met her eyes which were unable to stop the tears that were now falling silently down her face. “What did you just say?” Anna asked him whispering softly. Draco broke their eye contact and looked down at his feet before muttering, “I said, ‘so here I am now, a Death Eater with the death of the parents of the girl I love which will forever make me feel guilty.’ Anna, I’ve told you before that I love you. I also said that nothing, not even my father could stop me from loving you.” After he said this he met her gaze again. Anna took a step forward and wrapped her arms around him for a hug. “Thank you so much for trying to save my parents.” Anna whispered into his shoulder. Draco held onto her as she started crying harder and tried to soothe her. “Ahem.” A coughing noise came from the door way of the room. Anna and Draco broke apart. As Anna was wiping her eyes on her sleeve she looked up and saw Harry standing next to Snape with Goyle standing behind the two. Snape looked oddly happy as if he knew that Draco told Anna what happened. Harry couldn’t have looked less like Snape. He looked confused, hurt, and angry. “Sorry, Professor,” Anna muttered. “I have a strange feeling that the two of you do not have your potion ready tonight,” Snape began with a slight smirk. “Although I do hate to tell you this, Mr. Malfoy, the two of you will be receiving zeros for you potion seeing as how tonight’s assignment was necessary to be done tonight to make the potion correctly. There will be no need for the two of you to come any more at night. The two of you may now leave.” Anna nodded not really caring that she got a zero on her potion. She could care less. She got rid of her potion with the wave of her wand and walked out of the classroom before any one could say anything else to her. Blinded by tears, Anna stumbled through the empty corridors. She didn’t know where she was going, but it seemed like her feet were carrying her somewhere. When she stopped, she wiped her eyes and looked to see where she was, in front of Dumbledore’s office. Anna took a deep and shaky breath. Yes, she needed to speak with Dumbledore. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? He would help her. There was only one problem, though. Anna didn’t know the password. Before Anna could think of what to do, Anna heard a voice behind her. “Miss Jameson, what a delightful surprise!” Anna turned and saw Dumbledore smiling at her. “What can I help you with, my dear?” “I was wondering if I could talk to you,” Anna asked in an uncertain voice. “But of course! Why don’t you follow me into my office.” He then turned to the entrance of his office and said, “Acid Pop.” The entrance then opened, and Anna followed Dumbledore uncertainly to his office. “Please, sit!” Dumbledore said indicating a chair that was positioned right in front of his desk. Anna sat down silently. Dumbledore then sat down across from Anna and looked at her expectantly. “Professor,” Anna began. She couldn’t manage to meet his eye so she focused her gaze on her ring. No, no! She couldn’t look at that, not now at least. She came here determined to tell Dumbledore something. Thinking of Harry would not be a good thing at a time like this. Anna inhaled deeply and exhaled deeply once more. She then looked up into Dumbledore’s trusting and comforting eyes. “Professor, I can’t stay here anymore.” “Where is ‘here’, Miss Jameson?” Dumbledore inquired. “Here… in…London. I can’t stay here anymore.” “I see… and where will you go?” “Back to America, sir,” Anna said in a soft whisper. “And when do you wish to leave?” Anna took one last deep breath before saying, “As soon as possible.” “Well, Miss Jameson, I can help you on your way at any time, now even if you would like, but there are things that you must consider before deciding the time you will leave.” Dumbledore told her. “Like what, sir?” “Well, if you left for America right now, then you would need to be enrolled in a new school and take your NEWTs there, but you could stay here for the remainder of the year and take your NEWTs here. The decision is yours, but my I give my opinion, Miss Jameson?” “Of course, sir.” “I recommend staying here for the remainder of the year. If you changed to your old school in America or a different one, it would cause immense amounts of stress and no one needs extra stress at the time of NEWTs.” “You’re right, and I don’t think I need more stress, but I think staying here would be stressful for me. There are too many things here that I don’t want to deal with.” “Well, Miss Jameson, it sounds like you’re trying to run away from your problems.” “And what exactly is wrong with that, sir? You hear people saying all the time ‘you can’t run away from your problems’, but I say why not? Why can’t I leave here and forget about everything and everyone?” Anna said choking back a sob. “If you believe leaving is the right thing for you to do, Mrs. Jameson, no one can stop you from making that decision. Only you can decide where your future lies. So, Miss Jameson, when do you wish to leave?” Anna thought to herself about all of her options, but no matter which way she looked at it, she could only see one answer to his question. IMPORTANT A/N BELOW! :D aaah!!! Ok theres one last chapter!! Please please please let me know if I should do a sequel! Please please please review!! Thanks so much!! I love yall soooo super much! <3 elle_est_belle

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