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Chapter 28 Title: Tell me

umm... please dont hate me...

Disclaimer: … I still don’t own harry potter much to my dislike…

“He probably thinks I’m some weirdo for jumping out of bed when I hear his name.” Anna said out loud.

“I would rather you jump into bed when you hear my name,” Anna heard and her eyes snapped open to see none other than…

…the tall, blonde haired boy who was slowly but surely turning her life into a hell on earth.

“What are you doing here Malfoy?” Anna spat angrily at him, her guard going up immediately at the sight of him.

“Have you forgotten already? I’ve got Transfiguration with you.” He said with the slightest hint of his trademark smirk playing on his lips.

“Don’t you flash that hideous smirk at me! Do you want to be hit again, Malfoy?” Anna asked sweetly as she smiled fondly at her memory of hitting him.

“No,” he said simply.

“Then what are you talking to me for, because I am so close to hitting you again.”

“I think I would rather have you hitting on me, Anna.”

“What is wrong with you, Malfoy?” Anna said exasperatedly. “You’re acting even more strange than usual! I honestly did not think that it was possible, but here you are… proving me wrong.” Anna said in a bitter and angry tone.

“Ok, ok, ok.” Malfoy said. “You’re right, I am acting weird, but maybe it’s because I don’t know how to act around you any more.”

“Well, I don’t know how to act around you either,” Anna began. She then looked both ways to see if any one was around. “You bloody killed my parents!” she said while glaring at him.

Malfoy closed his eyes and had a look of pure grimace on his pale but attractive face. It was as if he was remembering something he didn’t want to remember. He then opened his eyes and looked Anna straight in the eye. “You really need to know my side of the story, Anne.” He said quietly and almost pleadingly.

“I know all I need to know.” Anna said shortly.

“No, I want you to know what exactly happened. Why do you think Snape left us alone last night? He knows that I need to tell you what happened. He also knows that you need to hear what happened.”

Anna began to hear footsteps off in the distance. She could vaguely make out voices coming her way, but she didn’t care about them right now. She was wondering if she should hear what he had to say.

“Malfoy, what are you doing here?” Anna heard a voice to her left say angrily. Anna turned and saw Harry standing next to her ready to protect her from Malfoy like he always did. She also say Hermione and Ron standing a bit off to the side watching the situation but deciding not to join in and complicate things even more than they already were.

“Talking to Anna, Potter. What does it look like? Not only are you disturbed in the mind, but you’re losing your sense of eyesight as well.” Malfoy retorted.

Harry turned and looked down at Anna. “Is he bothering you, Anna?” He asked sweetly.

Anna turned and looked between Malfoy and Harry. Anna could see Harry’s “I must protect Anna from evil things” guard up when she looked into his eyes. When Anna looked at Malfoy, she could see him pleading with her to let him explain what happened.

“I don’t think so...” Anna answered Harry quietly. “No, no he is not.” Harry raised his eyebrows in disbelief.

There were a few moments of awkward silence but it was broken by the loud sound over head of the bell signaling the end of lunch.

“Right then…” Anna said. “Shall we go in?” she asked tilting her head towards the door of the classroom.

Harry shrugged then brushed past Anna with Hermione and Ron following close behind him leaving Draco staring intently at Anna.

“Will you listen?” he asked simply.

Anna thought for a second then decided she did need to know. “Ok.” She said quietly. Anna looked up at him and could tell he looked really relieved.

“Thanks,” he said. “We can talk tonight when have to work on our potions right?”

“Yeah…” Anna said with her voice trailing off. “Well, um, I think I’m going to head into class.” She said as she saw people coming their way to go to class.

Draco nodded and then followed her into class. Anna found her friends in their usual seats and took her seat between Hermione and Harry.

Hermione looked up and saw that Professor McGonagall had yet to come to class and there were about three minutes before class started so she turned to Anna and asked, “What the hell was going on in the hallway, Anna??”

Anna groaned and put her head in her hands. “Draco was asking me if I would listen to him about what happened that day.”

Anna didn’t have to say which night; Hermione knew she was talking about the day her parents were murdered. “And what did you say?” she asked in a shaky voice because she could tell the answer with out Anna saying anything.

“I hadn’t said anything when you three showed up… but just now after you walked into the classroom I told him I would listen to what he has to say when we work on our potions again tonight.” Anna said quietly waiting for and outburst, which was exactly what she got, but not from Hermione.

“Anna what are you playing at?” A voice erupted from Anna’s right. She turned and looked into the eyes of a very upset Harry. “What if it’s a trick? This IS Mafoy we’re talking about here.”

“Harry, please lower your voice, people are starting to stare.” Anna started calmly. “I can do what ever I want and talk to whomever I wish. I feel like he has something he really needs to tell me, and I want to know everything I can about my parent’s death. I might be blaming the wrong person, Harry. I need to know what happened.” Anna said her clear, light green eyes never leaving his emerald bottle green ones.

“Fine, do what you want, Anna. See if I help you out of this one.” He hissed angrily.

Anna rolled her eyes and was about to retort back about how she didn’t need him to be her hero, but was never able to because McGonagall walked into the room and instantly beginning class.

All class Harry didn’t say a word to her which was just fine with Anna. She didn’t pay that much attention to the lecture on changing the texture of a surface into a completely different texture. She couldn’t help but look at Draco multiple times during class. It was as if her eyes were drawn to him. So many thoughts were running through her head that at one point she was staring at him for over five minutes lost in thought, and Anna didn’t even realize she had been staring until Hermione elbowed her hard in the ribs.

Class was over before Anna knew it. She looked down at her parchment meant for notes and saw that it was blank. She hoped Hermione would let her borrow her notes, but had a feeling she was going to get a lecture on paying attention in class. She couldn’t ask Harry because he was blatantly ignoring her, and it would be pointless to ask Ron to borrow his notes because he had never taken notes that Anna had ever seen. Anna groaned and wondered how she was going to do the homework for the night with out any notes as she slowly stood and grabbed her books. She trudged along after Hermione to their dormitory where they left their books. Anna quickly reapplied her makeup and brushed her hair before heading down to dinner.

Some how dinner and working in the Common Room on homework flew by and in no time Anna was making her way down to the dungeons to meet Draco to work on their potions. She arrived about a minute early and found Draco and Snape were once again already there waiting for her. Anna took her seat next to Draco, and Snape cleared his voice.

“I am sorry to say that I will once again not be here to supervise, but I trust each of you to some extent. By the time I am back, you should each be finished with the night’s assignment for you potion. You will find the instructions on the board. Good luck to you both.” Snape said then walked out of the class room his black robe swishing behind him as he walked.

Anna stood up and retrieved her potion from the cabinet. She looked up at the board and copied down the instructions on to a spare bit of parchment. Then began working on her potion. She and Draco worked on their potions with a silence between them for about ten minutes. Finally, Anna could not take the silence any more and she turned to Draco and said, “Tell me what happened.”

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