"Dora, wake up" a little voice said in her sleeping ear.

"Go away!"

"I do not mind picking you up and carrying."

"If you do that Remus John Lupin, I will transform my weight three fold. Great, now I'm awake and thinking, what do you want?" she said testily.

"To marry you, right now. Get up we're going."

Tonks and Remus were married that night at the stroke of midnight. There was slight confusion on what Tonks was to be called now… Lupin? Remus wanted her to be called Dora, but she said that was to be a pet name just for him. In the end she would keep Tonks, but in full she would be Tonks Lupin. Who needs that terrible name Nymphadora anyways? She was going to have it legally changed, but Andromeda scared her enough not to. For an Auror, she was a bit of a chicken around her mum.

Three years later they had their first child, a boy they named Sirius. He took after his mother's clumsiness and his father's keen sense of smell. Even though he wasn't a werewolf, the full moon would affect his moods and actions. Once he made it into Hogwarts, he certainly lived up to his namesake. He was a troublemaker like the school hadn't seen since the Weasley twins, and he had help. It seems, that for the first time the greatest troublemakers the school had ever seen, combined forces in there children. There was Greg and Ford Weasley, sons of Fred and George. These cousins ran Filch ragged but none more so then their other cousin Analese Angelica James (don't let the name fool you.)
Tonks and Remus waited five more years before having another child. They wanted to see first how the moon would affect Sirius. Finally they decided they could have more children, and boy did they. In order from oldest after Sirius to youngest goes, Drake, Tomas, Faron, and finally a girl, they named her Aisya. Aisya took after her mother as a metamorphmagus. Once she learned of the reason for her name she refused to change her form from the leggy blonde girl she once found a picture of.

The evening of September 1, 2018, Tonks and Remus celebrated their 22nd Anniversary together. Their youngest child had been sent of to Hogwarts that day. She was so excited.

"So Remus, what do you think?" Tonks asked over a candlelit dinner.

"I think I'm the luckiest man alive, I think everyone thinks I'm a cradle robber when I go out with you and I think that Sirius is going to get himself killed now that he's finished Auror training."

"Well, you are the luckiest man alive, because you have me. You should appreciate me more when I look twenty years younger. And I agree with you about Sirius, he's as clumsy as me. The only reason they let me through training was because I was a metamorph. He does not have that attribute. I think the minister of magic was way too lenient in letting him in, just because of his name."

"Dora? Shut up and kiss me" and she did.

A/N The end officially. I tried to sum everything up and allude to events that might happen in my other story. Thank you to all my loyal readers who have stuck with me. I love you all… sniff.

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