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Ron woke up the next morning feeling a little bit more relaxed. And why was he feeling more relaxed? Because now, there was a person that knew his feelings for Hermione: Harry, his bestfriend., and in some way, that was giving Ron a little bit more strengh and courage. Well, Harry already knew for a long time Ron´s feelings for Hermione, but Ron never admited it to him, so this was a important moment for Harry too. Ron looked at his watch. "´s only 6:30 AM." he muttered, since Harry was still sleeping and he didn´t want to wake him up. As Ron couldn´t sleep more, he stood up and decided to go downstairs for a glass of milk. When he arrived at the kitchen, he picked up a glass of milk and had a seat on the dinner table. Suddenly, he heard someone snoring. He turned his head to the place the snore was coming from, and it was from the other room. "Strange..." he thought, since that in the room next to the kitchen there was no beds, but just come sofas and little tables. He drunk the milk and decided to go investigate. He entered the living room, and made his way to the sofa and saw a beautiful girl, with a bushy hair, but still a beautiful girl, sleeping like an angel......snoring. "Geez...I didn´t know she this!" Ron thought to himself. The problem was that the snoring beauty was only wearing...well, a tiny tank top and mini shorts. Ron had to use a lot on inner strengh to control himself. He then decided to cover Hermione with something, but he saw no blankets around. He thought for some minutes, admiring Hermione, and he thought that the best think to do was to take her upstairs, to Ginny´s room. The problem was taking her. He didn´t want to touch her, he was afraid of, well...loosing his control and do something crazy like kiss her, or something like that. He had this same problem when he and Hermione felt asleep in the Burrow´s garden. "Bloody hormones..." he muttered. A few moments later he decided to go and get a blanket from upstairs. "Where were you?" asked Harry, who was awake when Ron arrived from covering Hermione with a blanket. "I couldn´t sleep, and went downstairs for a glass of milk." he admited. "And you needed a blanket for that?" asked Harry, who was awake for more time than Ron thought. " was cold and....oh!" Ron stoped lying when Harry stared at him with piercing eyes. "Ok ok...Hermione was sleeping on the living room next to the kitchen." Ron confessed. "How did you know she was there?" asked Harry. "She was...erm..." Ron didn´t want to say Hermione snored. "Yes?" insisted Harry. "She was...was...snoring." Ron finally admited, blushing a lot. Three seconds later, Ron and Harry were laughing out loud. "Wake UP wake UP" ordered a bossy voice to Ron. "Grounfffff" replied Ron, covering his head with his pillow. Something touched him...a delicated hand rested on his shoulder...unfortunately, it wasn´t to caress him or something like, Hermione had orders to wake him up. She grabed his shoulder strongly and began to shake him. "WAKE UP...THIS....INSTANT!" she ordered again. "Arrrrrgh...ok...ok!" he finally gave up, standing up quickly. "Good morning!" said Hermione happily. Making her way to the door. "Did you know I have a bad awakening?" asked Ron to her. "No, I didn´t." she answered. "Well, next time, be nice!" he suggested. "Like...the way you did tonight?" she asked with a soft voice. "What are you talking about?" Ron asked, confused. "The way you covered me with a blanket, and gave me a peck on my cheek" she simply said, stepping closer to Ron. "How do you know? You were snoring!" Ron asked, blushing. Hermione giggled. Now she was really close to Ron. "I was sleeping without snoring, when I heard someone making his way to the kitchen. It could be only you, since you are always hungry." started Hermione. "Hey...that´s not true!" he tried to defend himself. When he said this, Hermione placed her arms around his shoulders. Ron blushed even more, and almost lost his control. "Then, as I had no blanket, I decided to make some noise so you would come and cover me. Well, actually Ronald, for your information, I don´t snore. I just did it so you could hear me. And as I thought, you came, and covered me." she admited. "Why didn´t you just went to bed?" he asked, desperate to get rid of Hermione´s soft arms, who were still resting on his shoulders. "That´s a good question...!" admited Hermione. "I don´t know..." Ron looked suspiciously to Hermione. She was being sincer. "Anyways, thanks for the blanket." she said, kissing Ron, near his lips...AGAIN. "Control yourself Ron..control yourself." begged Ron to himself. "She´s just being nice, she´s just being nice...nice..." Before Ron could lost his control, Hermione took her arms off Ron´s large and strong shoulders, and made her way to Ginny´s room. "That was close!" breathed Ron " I don´t know how am I going to resist the entire year..." he thought. Ron and Harry were packing their stuff to Hogwarts, when Harry asked: "So, did Hermione thanked you for the blanket?" "Yes, more than you think..." admited Ron, starting to get nervous. "Oooh" Harry grinned. " How?" he asked. "Kissing me..near my lips, again!" he confessed, blushing a little bit. "What do you mean by..again?" Harry asked, now more curious than never. "She kissed me like that at Kings Cross, when you left." he admited. "Oh, now she did it again?? Ron, you´re so bloody thick..." Harry said. "Hey!" complained Ron. "Ron, and you still have doubts if she likes you or not. Hermione never kissed me like that!" said Harry, closing Hedwig´s cage. "She..didn´t?" asked Ron, feeling a little bit happier. "Nope." Harry admited. Now Ron was extremely happy. "Did you guys packed your things yet?" asked Ginny, entering their room. "Almost!" answered Ron, happily. "Why are you so happy?" asked Ginny. "Nothing special.." lied Ron, closing his Hogwarts trunk. "There, I´ve packed." Ron said. "Ok, now let´s go, Lupin and Tonks are waiting for us." Half an hour later, the trio was already sitting on their own compartment, on the train, with Ginny, Luna and Neville. Ron and Harry were playing wizards chess, Neville was watching their game, Luna, Ginny and Hermione were talking about girl´s subjects that the boys didn´t want to hear at all. Suddenly, Hermione quickly stood up, and announced: "Me and Ron have to go now. Head duties!" she said proudly. "Wow, I didn´t know you too were Head Boy and Girl, congratulations!" congratulated Neville. "Does that means you too have a common room all for your own?" asked Luna, with her dreamy voice. Ron and Hermione blushed a little, and Ron answered: "Yes, sort of. Now let´s go Mione..." he said, to avoid more questions. They exited the compartment and unfortunately, faced someone they didn´t want to. "So, the pidgeons are Head Boy and Girl..." said Malfoy with a disgusting voice. He was obviously jeaulous. "Yep, something like that Malfoy. Pity that you weren´t chosen!" said Ron. "Who would like to spend most of the free time with that mudblood, anyways?" asked Malfoy. Ron placed his right arm around Hermione´s shoulders. "Me, for example." admited Ron " Now, bugger off Malfoy, or I´ll transform you into a flying ferret, but this time, there´s no McGonnagal to save you!" threatened Ron. "You will regret that, Weasley!" he said, while stepping away rapidly. When Malfoy disappeared from their view, Hermione said: "Thanks Ron, thought you had to lie a little bit..." she said. "No I didn´t." Ron confessed. "What, you would like to spend all of your free times doing Head duties with me?" she asked, placing her arms around Ron´s shoulders again, obivoulsy flirting with him. "Damn...not again!" Ron thought. "Why not? Your one of my best friends." Ron said. Hermione quickly pulled her arms away off Ron´s shoulders. Maybe he only liked her as a friend...she thought, depressed. The Head duties were given to Ron and Hermione, and when they exited the Head compartment, the train was stopping. "Geez, it´s night already!" Ron said, astonished. They met Harry and the other peers and made their way to the castle. When the sorting was over, and everyone had their seats, Dumbledore started a speech and at the end of it, he announced: "Plus, I decided that it would be wise to make a Xmas Ball for all students, day 24, around eight o´clock." he said " Now, let´s eat!" "A xmas Ball?" exclaimed Ron. "Guess so mate...ask her now!" muttered Harry. "Are you crazy or something Harry? She´s not going to acept!" said Ron. "Ron, c´mmon, why wouldn´t she acept? She´s crazy for you, and you for her!" insisted Harry. "Ok Harry, I´ll ask her. But if she rejects me..." he started. "Yeah, I´ll let you kill me. I didn´t forgot our deal yet." finished Harry, with a wide grin on his face. "Ok...this is it!" muttered Ron. He looked to Hermione, who was chatting hapily with Ginny, in front of him. "Cehem.." Both Hermione and Ginny turned their faces to Ron. "Yes?" asked Hermione, picking up some pumpkin juice and taking a sip. "Would you like go to Xmasballwithme?" Ron quickly asked. Hermione obviously heard him, because she spit the pumpkin juice to Ron´s red face. "Ops, sorry Ron!" she apologised. "Geez Weasley, you must be really bad, if even a mudblood rejects you!" said Malfoy, who obviously heard everything. But it was too late. Ron had already cleaned his face with a napkin, and made his way to the Great Hall entrance door. "Oh no..." Hermione said, depressed. "Go catch him Hermione, or he´ll kill me..." Harry begged. Hermione didn´t understand what Harry said, but she did ran after Ron. "Ron...RON!" she yelled, while Ron was entering the Head´s common room. Ron closed Sir Cadogan portrait in Hermione´s face. "The password?" Sir cadogan asked. "" Hermione thought. "Oh yes, the password is: Study" Hermione said, desperate. "Go in then, he looks really depressed, you know.." Sir Cadogan said. She entered the room, running like crazy, and saw no one in the sofas. She climbed the stairs, and heard a door closing. "Ron, open up!" begged Hermione, punching Ron´s bedroom door strongly. Ron didn´t answer. "ROn, PLEASE! I´m sorry, I didn´t mean to...well... to spit the pumpkin juice on your face, I WAS just suprised that you asked me for the Ball, I WASN´t expecting that!" she admited, still punching the door. Her hands began to hurt, so she decided to: "Alohomora" she pronounced. Ron was laying on his bed when he noticed the door was actually openning. He stood up and decided to face Hermione, but said nothing. Tears were running through her face. She threw her arms to Ron´s shoulders. "She must really love my shoulders" he thought. But then he realised that he was humiliated by her five minutes ago, so he pulled away from the hug. "Ron, please..." she begged " Don´t be like that, you know I didn´t mean to spit the juice on your face! I was just suprised!" she insisted. "You humiliated ME, in front of Malfoy!" he said, furious. "So? It´s just Malfoy, I don´t care what he thinks about you and me, and you shouldn´t either!" she said. Ron said nothing. Hermione stepped closer again, but quicker. Ron stepped back. Hermione stepped closer. Ron stepped back, until he hit the wall with his back. Before Ron could run away, she threw herself to Ron´s face and kissed him. "Bloody hell! " Ron thought to himself. He automatically place his hands on her waist, and deepened the kiss. "Ron is actually kissing me back!" Hermione thought, feeling in heaven. Two minutes later, Ron pulled away from the kiss, feeling that he would never be sad again, and asked, trying to look serious: "Do you know what this means?" "What?" asked Hermione. "That I´m not going to kill Harry."

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