Ch 2 Books and Brown?

Lily’s POV

Days passed, turning into weeks. Soon enough it was the beginning of summer term. Since most of my friends were away on vacation, I had nothing to do. So I read non-stop. I read all the books that were in my room. When I was done, I pestered Pet to let me read hers. After a week, she finally gave in. After another week, I was done with Pet’s books and I went to ask Mum if I could read hers. But Mum wouldn’t let read any of hers, saying “They’re not appropriate for a girl your age. Now go play outside.” How typical! They’re probably just cheesy romance novels like Pet’s, and she let me read them. I thought.

When I woke up 3 days later, I was surprised to find a stack of books at the foot of my bed. On top was a card. It read:

Dearest Lily Angel,

Your Mum has told me that you’ve run out of books to read around the house. I thought that I might give you an early birthday gift. So here you go Angel, enjoy!

Love, Dad

I put the card down and looked through the pile of books. The first book was a new print of Alice in Wonderland one of my favorite books. I’ve been meaning to ask for a new copy. The other one’s falling to pieces. There was also Winnie The Pooh, Fairy Tales For All Ages, and a few others besides. When I reached the last book, I squealed with joy. It was Grimm's Fairy Tales, my absolute most favorite book! The last one I had got ruined because Pet left it outside in the rain. I was sooooo mad at her, but she got me a different book to replace it.

I hurriedly put on a pair of shorts and a short sleeved blouse, and ran down stairs. Dad was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of tea. I jumped on his lap, threw my arms around him and kissed him on the cheek.

“Oh, thank you daddy! I love them! How’d you know that I needed a new Grimm’s?”

“ Well, you were moping about the house for a full week when Petunia accidentally left it outside. I thought that you might like it. Now, have some porridge and go have fun,” Dad said ruffling the top of my head.

“Da-ad! I just combed that,” I whined. “ Now I’ll have to comb it again.”

“What else would you like for your birthday, Angel? It’s only a few days a way.” Dad asked curiously.

“Oh nothing dad. Dad? I’m not really hungry anyway. I think I’ll go read in Oaky, alright?” Oaky was the old oak tree in the front yard. I love to sit on a branch and read.

“Alright, Angel. Have fun.” Daddy said after taking a sip of tea.

“ I will. Call me for lunch.” I walked calmly from the kitchen and when I was sure that he couldn’t hear me, I ran to my room.


10 minutes later I was on one of the lower branches with Grimm’s. I was reading about the Princess and the frog, when HONK!! right in my ear, scaring the bejesus out of me. I locked my legs together around the branch and turned upside down. My hair was hanging halfway down to the ground while I was looking around. I saw the source of the honk: a big moving truck pulling into a driveway two houses down.

Oh wow! I Wonder who bought old lady Dursley’s house? Do they have any kids? Oh I wonder if their nice... I thought excitedly as I watched. A tall man with short, dark brown hair stepped out of a car parked on the lawn. A short woman with blonde hair stepped out from the car as well. She’s pretty I was thinking when a shout interrupted me.

“MUM!!! HELP!!! I’m stuck in this stupid Muggle thing!” I heard the woman sigh, frustrated, as she turned.

“Andrew Mitchell Brown!!! Keep quiet! You don’t want them to hear you. It’s a Muggle neighborhood. Jus push the red button!” She turned back around scanning the area. She saw me and gasped.

“What Mum? What is it?” asked a small boy. He looked over to were his mum was staring, at me, and smiled. He looks to be my age I thought. I hesitantly smiled back.. “Hey Mum? Can I go play with the funny looking muggle?” He asked, looking up. What is a muggle and I do NOT look funny, do I? I thought frantically.

“Yes dear, just stop saying the ‘M’ word.” she told him.

The boy ran over to me. “Hi! My names Andrew, but you can call me Andy. Only my mum calls me Andrew. Who are you?” He asked, with his brown eyes looking into mine, and stuck out his hand.

“Uhh...I’m Lily....Evans.” I said and stuck my hand out. We shook.

“Well, Lily Evans, why are you hanging upside down from a tree?” he asked curiously.

“Huh?!?!? OH!! That’s why you’re walking upside down.” I said sheepishly. Great, he probably thinks I’m stupid now. “Well, watch it then, eh?” He stepped back and I let go, landing on my feet.

“How’d ya do that?” He asked surprised.

“Do what?”

“You were hanging by your feet and its only a five foot drop. You landed on your feet. How?”

“Oh, well, I don’t know. I’ve just always done it.” I told him.

“Neat. Wanna play a game?” he asked.

“Sure, how about hide and seek?”” I suggested.

“Okie-dokie.” So we played all morning, until....

ANDREW MITCHELL BROWN!! It’s dinner time. Come home now.” came a shout.

“Oh well, guess I have to go. Wanna come?” he asked.

“Let me go ask my daddy, ok?” I asked. Andy nodded his head. I ran inside.

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