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(Especially for Rosie (minniemcmouse) whose been asking for more info on the link and more Harry/Remus time ; )

Chapter 22: Enlightened.

The next morning, Harry woke up late. It was Monday morning and the full moon would be that night. He felt groggy and lethargic; the effects of the cycle of the moon already taking effect. He dreaded how Remus must be feeling, if this was how he felt.

Much like yourself I suspect, Harry. Remus’ voice echoed in Harry’s mind.
Morning, Remus Harry yawned.
Morning, Harry. Why don’t you get some breakfast and then head over here to my office? Remus suggested. Apparently Snape’s come up with some kind of potion that could relieve you of this ailment. Mind you, I don’t fancy Snape attempting to pluck hairs whilst I’m in full-form later this evening! Remus shared with a hint of amusement at the thought.
Harry sniggered aloud. Okay, Remus. See you in a bit.

Harry washed and dressed as quickly as possible, which was hard as his limbs felt like lead weights hanging from his small frame. He noticed too that Ron and the others in the dormitory hadn’t bothered to wait for him, but then reminded himself that they, unlike him, had lessons to get to as he had been excused from all lessons that were to fall upon the days of the full moon.

Harry entered the Great Hall and was quickly greeted by a flustered Hermione and tired Ron, apparently they were running late having stayed up late last night, causing Harry to smirk and bow his head from view at Hermione’s questioning glare.
He watched as Ron tried to stuff an extra slice of toast into his mouth whilst Hermione pulled him along by the crook of his arm. He was about to pour himself some orange juice when he felt someone kick his left shin under the table.

‘Ow!’ he exclaimed as he looked across the table to see who had kicked him. He found Ginny’s playful smile dazzling back at him, and all pain was suddenly forgotten. ‘What did you do that for?’ he asked with lacklustre accusation.

Ginny nodded her head toward where Ron and Hermione had previously been stood and then whispered across the table so quietly that Harry had to strain his ears to hear her.
‘Am I missing something or are those two up to something?’ she asked suspiciously.

Harry smirked and gave her a knowing look, causing Ginny to yell, ‘Really!?’ across the table at him and half of the Great Hall to turn and look in her direction.
‘Yes, really. But don’t say I told you to them, I only caught them yesterday in the library…’ Harry began quietly.

Ginny erupted into a fit of giggles, her face turning red in the process.
Harry couldn’t help but laugh along with her as the memory re-played itself in his mind, unaware that back in his living quarters, Remus was also trying to contain his laughter as Harry and his mind connected with the passage of thoughts.

‘Oh my Merlin! Ron and Hermione!!’ Ginny squealed, too loud. Soon enough the whole of Gryffindor table and beyond had begun whispering with the rumour and the whole school knew.
Harry sighed as he gave Ginny a pretend angry glare.
‘Oops!’ Ginny laughed, as Harry shook his head. What were Ron and Hermione going to say?


‘Remus?’ Harry called as he pushed past the door to Remus’s living quarters. With a quick glance around the luxurious room, he deciphered that Remus must be in the bathroom, and went to go sit in the living area; exhaustion grappling him.

‘Hello Harry,’ Remus smiled as he exited from a door Harry hadn’t known was there before. Harry surveyed Remus’s face and realised how very old and tired he looked even though he was in his late 30’s he looked like he could pass for a lot older.
Harry sighed. He knew that it must be the strain of being a werewolf that was causing the aging process to accelerate, and it saddened him to think that perhaps Remus wouldn’t live as long as a normal wizard should.

Throughout Harry’s thoughtful ramblings, Remus had moved to the seat across from him and was now staring at his hands, subconsciously mimicking what Harry himself done when feeling awkward. He was beginning to hate the link that connected himself to Harry and vice-versa. Not only that, but it meant that Remus was now also connected to Lord Voldemort, not something that he particularly liked, to say the least. For many nights now he had been having trouble sleeping. High-pitched cackles and grotesque visions had plagued his sleep. He only hoped that Harry wasn’t able to channel those thoughts as he had done when Harry had entered the room. I need to talk to him. We need to talk about this link, before it drives us both insane.

Harry looked up abruptly to face Remus as his thoughts mingled with his own.
‘Harry, we need to talk,’ Remus announced gravely. Harry nodded solemnly.


Remus and Harry spent most of the day talking about various things, but mostly about the link that bound them to one another, and Remus to Voldemort because of the link that Harry and Voldemort shared in Harry’s scar.

Remus explained, somewhat hesitantly, about the nightmares that Voldemort had been sending him through their link to one another and that was partly why he was so tired lately, as well as his condition.

‘I wish none of this ever happened,’ Harry cried.
Remus, who was now sat next to him on a plush sofa; pulled him into a one armed hug. ‘I know. I know,’ Remus whispered as he cradled Harry’s head against his chest.

‘I think we need to test this link, Harry,’ Remus whispered next to Harry’s ear.
Harry shifted so that he could better see his guardian’s face. ‘What do you mean?’ he asked, whilst straightening his glasses.
Remus began to stroke Harry’s rather long hair, moving a few stray bangs away from his eyes. ‘I mean, I think we should talk to Dumbledore and see about testing the limits of this link. Who knows, maybe we can use it to our advantage somehow?’ Remus offered optimistically.
Harry snuggled closer to Remus as his hand continued to stroke Harry’s hair soothingly. ‘I guess. But…’ Harry frowned.
‘But what?’ Remus asked softly.
Harry sighed. ‘What if it doesn’t work? What if something goes wrong? I d-don’t want t-t-to loose you Remus.’ Harry sniffled. I can’t loose you too.he thought desperately.
Remus placed two fingers under Harry’s chin, making him have to look at him. ‘Listen to me, Harry. You are not going to loose me, Harry. Understand? I’m not going to leave you. Not again,’ Remus stated fiercely. Harry nodded, a prickling feeling welling up behind his eyes.
Harry smiled softly up at Remus, as he was dragged into yet another hug. ‘I love you, Remus,’ Harry whispered as his eyes started to droop, exhaustion finally wearing him down.
Remus smiled in return as he placed a kiss on the top of his charge’s head. ‘Love you too, Harry.’


It wasn’t until a rather loud banging on Remus’ door could be heard that Remus awoke, still lazing on the sofa with the sleeping form of Harry, wrapped up next to him. Remus sighed. He didn’t have the heart to wake him, so pulled his wand out from his robe pocket and flicked it at the door. He reasoned that it must be Snape, or Dumbledore… or both, as they were the only people that he was expecting.

The door to his private chambers creaked open slowly before being pushed abruptly aside by the tall figure of Severus Snape, and behind him, Dumbledore whose eye’s twinkled more brightly than ever as he took in the scene before him, of Remus and Harry snuggled up together on the sofa.
Snape’s lip curled.
‘Sorry to break up the family reunion, Lupin, but you were suppose to be down in my dungeons a half hour ago!’ Snape reprimanded, loudly.

‘Now, now Severus,’ Dumbledore began as he stepped between his two staff members. ‘I’m sure it was an honest mistake, and as you can see, there’s no harm done. So let’s be getting on with it, shall we? Hmm?’ Dumbledore asked serenely.

Snape snarled as he moved toward the sofa. ‘Potter. Potter! Potter, wake up!’ Snape prodded Harry as he spoke loudly next to his ear.
Harry, startled by the rude awakening nearly fell off of the comfy seat, if it were not for Remus who still had an arm wrapped around him.
‘P’fessor? Harry asked groggily. Tired weariness biting at him, as the lunar cycle’s effects flooded inside him.
Remus glared at Snape for awakening Harry in such away, but remained silent as he helped Harry to sit up. His own weariness slowing his movements enough so that, Snape, grudgingly had to help too.

‘Potter, it’s a good job you won’t remember this in the morning,’ Snape growled, as he helped hoist a practically comatose Harry to a sitting position.
Snape rolled up Harry’s left sleeve to the crook in his elbow, preparing to take the necessary blood for the potion he would brew.
‘Albus, pass me the syringe, would you?’ Snape asked as he used his wand to take a quick stats report on Harry.

‘Certainly,’ Dumbledore replied as he handed Snape the syringe. Remus had wrapped his arm around the back of Harry’s shoulders to stop him from toppling forward.
Snape gently inserted the syringe and withdrew a small amount of blood. He waved his wand to quickly heal the area that the needle had been inserted before rolling his sleeve back down. ‘He’ll have to go to the Infirmary overnight, Albus. In the morning we can asses the…’ Snape stopped mid-sentence as his eyes glanced over the back of Harry’s left hand.
With a raised eyebrow, Snape turned to look at Albus questionably. ‘Have you seen this before, Albus?’ he asked with an unreadable expression.

Dumbledore lowered himself to a kneeling position next to Snape and peered at Harry’s hand as he held it in his own. ‘No. I have not seen this before, although I should like to know why Harry has, ‘I must not tell lies’, engraved into the back of his hand,’ Dumbledore said seriously. Snape continued to look at Harry’s hand with a distant look, as though he were remembering a long forgotten memory that now threatened to surface again.

‘Well, Remus, you should take your Wolfsbane potion before it’s too late. Severus, I’ll leave you to take Harry to the infirmary, I’ve a pressing engagement tonight, which I cannot miss. Good evening, to you both.’

‘Severus. You should go. Take Harry with you. I don’t want to risk anything… even with the potion… I...I…Well, you never know for sure, do you?’ Remus whispered tiredly.
Snape, lost in his thoughts nodded and moved to scoop Harry up. Had Remus not been so exhausted or busy taking his potion, he may have noticed that Snape decided not to use a hover charm, and carried the sleeping boy in his arms instead.

As Snape slowly lowered Harry to one of the hospital beds, he surveyed his face. Afer some musings and whilst unconciously removing his shoes and glasses for him, he decided that perhaps, it wasn't right to blame the boy for all of his father's sins against him, and that perhaps maybe, just maybe he had been wrong about Harry Potter?

Snape stopped mid-thought as he realised that he had just placed Potter, the son of his fallen enemy on a hospital bed, whom he had carried, in his arms and then cared for by taking off his shoes and glasses and placed beneath the covers!

With a moments pause he resumed placing Harry under the covers, deciding that no one would know that it had been him, and would just assume that Madam Pomfrey had done it.

With one last glance at the sleeping boy, he turned on his heel and exited the room. Leaving a thoroughly shocked and amused Madam Pomfrey in his wake, who had witnessed the proceedings from her office window.


Hey Guys. Hope you liked this one. I do, it’s got a lot more focus on what the story is really about. And that’s the Link between Harry and Remus. Also, this chapter could be considered a turning point in the story… with Snape’s character at least. You’ll be noticing a difference in him from now on; one that I’m hoping you’ll all going to like. But don’t worry; he’s still going to be Snape – snarky, self-reliant, cloaked in black, Snape, lol.

Don’t forget to review!! I love hearing from you guys, so tell me what you do/don’t like, what you want to see in future chapters etc, etc.

Also, if you haven’t already, but want to be on the mailing list for this fic, then please leave your email addy so I can tell you when I’ve updated! :D ~Sam

Okay, a few recommendations:
Fics: Lightning from the Clouds by Sketch17 (A brilliant fic that I’ve just discovered, written by the previously named ‘Clouds_Paw’ – a faithfuil reviewer of The Link - and I recommend that you all go read it, it has an original OC and a fast-paced plot line that you can’t help but want to read more and more of!)

Books: Waywalkers by Catherine Web (A teen fantasy book, that I’ve just finished reading. It was brilliant and I couldn’t put it down, so I recommend it to all. Plus, there’s a sequel that I plan to read sometime soon as well.)

PS) SUMNER means: One who summons and calls.

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