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Hermione sat down at the computer with expectation. She had been working on setting it up for some time. First she had had to get all the paper work and permissions. Then she had to find the right computer for her purposes. And finally she had to set it up. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem; she had set the computer at home up for her parents last summer. But there were several special adapters to be added so that the computer could run off the magic in Hogwarts and it didn’t help that everyone kept bugging her.

The adapters had been of her own invention. When she had asked her muggle studies teacher about setting up a computer in all the common rooms the first thing he had asked was how it would be powered. Hermione had been prepared with sketches of the adapters, how they worked, and why.

Project Wired, as it was commonly referred to as, became Hermione’s, Terry Boot’s, Blaise Zambini’s, and Angelica Thayer’s final project. Hermione would have just assumed do it alone, but she needed someone from each of the houses to set the computers up. They had shared every aspect of the project except for these adapters. They were Hermione’s, and she was thinking of sending them in to be patented with the Ministry.

The idea had actually come from the famous Creevy camera. She just didn’t know how Colin got it to work. When she questioned him on it she found that he didn’t use batteries, it just ran on it’s own when he was in the castle. This gave Hermione a hunch on how magic worked. She hadn’t shown anybody else her complete theory on the subject. Once she got everything together she was going to go to Dumbledore with it; she figured that he was the most competent in magical theory in the castle. But for the moment she was happy to just have her adapters work.

Yesterday her professor had shown everyone how to set up a computer as an end to their section on it. When he was done Hermione had shown her partners how to add the adapters. She had been planning on testing them yesterday, but the bell had wrung before she had a chance. She and her partners had agreed to meet in the great hall at 5:00 pm, enough time for even Nevil to set up a computer, not that she planned to let him try it. Part of their project was to find a way to get enough muggle money to purchase the four desk top computers: almost $2,500. It had been a strain to get even that much, she didn’t want to risk Nevil blowing one of them up.

It was 11:30, just enough time before lunch to see if it worked. She pressed the Power button and was thrilled at the familiar sounds of a computer turning on. She went strait to the internet; she would check on the other programs later. The internet connection was actually based at the Leaky Cauldron with a magical transmitter that went to all four computers. This one had been her professor’s idea and invention, he would also be paying the bill, Hermione thought thankfully. He had thought it would be an excellent resource for the Muggle Studies students.

Hermione went to www.jkrowling .com. JK Rowling was actually a wizard that Hermione had met in Hogsmead. She was looking for a job in writing and Hermione had an idea. With Harry’s permission she had fed the story to her and Harry Potter became famous in both the Wizarding and Muggle worlds. Some had found it amuseing, others were outright outraged. She herself had had quite a time explaining things to her parents when they discovered them. Hermione had not been telling them about how many dangerous situations she had been in. She told them that the situations had been exaggerated so that the books would sell better.

From JK Rowling’s site she went to the fan site section. Since she hadn’t been on since Christmas, she wasn’t surprised to find that another one had been added. She clicked on it, having no idea what she was in for. She found herself in the fan fiction section of the site. What in the world is fan fiction?, she thought. She clicked on one to find out.

She clicked the wrong one. It happened to be a VERY graphic harry/draco fic. She scanned through it and actually screamed when she realized what it was. Ron and Harry, who she had earlier sent to the other end of the common room.

“Is the cumpater attacking you?” Ron called over.

“Computer,” she corrected him. “And no it did not attack me. I was just shocked.”

“What do you have on there?” Harry asked.

Hermione quickly exited out of the page. “Oh, nothing,” she replied innocently.

“Nothing shocked you huh?” Ron said, noticing the blank screen. “Mind showing us what you were really looking at? Or is it something private?” His voice was teasing, but Hermione wasn’t in the mood.

“It’s really nothing,” she said. “I’m going to Lunch,” she said while getting up to prove her point.

Little did Hermione know that Harry was actually pretty good with computers. Dudley had gotten a virus that summer and Harry had fixed it when no one was looking. He had sneaked it into his room and said that he had taken to the dump. He sat down at the computer and started to work.

“What are you doing?” Ron asked. “I didn’t know you knew how to use one of those.”

“I picked it up over the summer,” Harry informed him. “I’m pulling up whatever Hermione was looking at when she screamed.”

When the page came up, it took them a while to realize who it was talking about. Ron just stood slack jawed while Harry shouted, “What IS this?” He continued to follow Hermione’s tracks until he figured it out. The next story they visited wasn’t quite as graphic, but very disturbing all the same.

“EW!” they cried as one at the Snape/Hermione fic.

“Who are these people?” Ron wondered aloud.

“They’re muggles,” Harry replied, “who like Harry Potter books.”

“I knew we shouldn’t have agreed to that nonsense,” Ron added. “These muggles are crazy! They’re crazier than my Dad! This is worse than Lockhart! And it’s just wrong.”

“I agree, but we can’t exactly do anything about it. I don’t think that the fans would take to kindly to a sudden stop in the series.”

“But this,” he gestured wildly at the computer. “Something has to be done.”

“Go talk to Hermione about it, it was her idea.”

“Well maybe I will,” he said and walked out of the room.

“Hmm, I wonder,” Harry said when he noticed the character lists at the top of the screen. He experimented with different name combinations and found every pairing imaginable. He also found some that weren’t romance and he almost wished that life was as easy as these people made it out to be. He found chat rooms where people were discussing how he would react to certain situations and who should do this or that. He also noticed that Seamus was gay in almost every one. “These people don’t miss much,” he noted.

He was almost getting bored when Hermione and Ron stormed back in. He got up and said, “It’s really not that bad, I just don’t understand why people would want to do all that.”

“Harry, you’re a hero in the muggle world,” Hermione said.

“You’re a hero in the wizard world,” Ron muttered and got a kick in the leg for his trouble from Hermione.

“Anyway, I would get out of that site and not mention it to anyone; some people might not like it. Especially the slytherins, not leaving out Snape,” Harry told her and went to the dormitory.

Hermione turned to take his advice only to fin that she was too late. Seamus was at the computer surrounded by most of gryfindor house. “Why am I gay in all of these?” Seamus demanded.

“You are gay though,” someone in the crowd reminded him.

“But that’s not in the books!” he protested.

Hermione sighed and went to control the damage.

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