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Disclaimer:: I ADMIT IT I DON’T OWN ANYONE NOT EVEN MYSELF!!! WAHHHHH ;_; Just kidding well I own Melinda but that’s it I swear (unless you count the plot well whatever)

Re-cap:: I was upset that Crystale and I weren’t in the same house but it didn’t bother me to much, I knew we’d still see each other

“ Well Melinda I think I’ll take you to your house dormitory” Dumbledore said I nodded as he led me out of his office, we went to the seventh floor, I counted this time and we ended up in front of the fat lady in pink AGAIN.

(still Melinda’s P.O.V)

“Wow I certainly run into you a lot” I said to the portrait

The fat lady in pink looked at me wide eyed and asked “password?”

“Mermaid” Dumbledore said

The portrait opened

‘wow’ I thought this place was so awesome with the moving stairs, talking portraits that open up as doors, hats that talk that seem to know you better then yourself and tons more

I followed Dumbledore into the doorway that the portrait opened

We entered a room decorated completely with red and gold

“it’s so pretty” I said amazed at the rooms beauty

“I’m glad you like it” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eyes

I looked over and seen a fireplace with a couch in front of it and on that couch was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen, he had emerald green eyes and messy jet black hair that made him look so cute.

He looked over to Dumbledore and I.

“Hello Harry” Dumbledore said to the boy “hello Professor” the boy named Harry said

Dumbledore looked to me and smiled “Harry this is Da Qiao, she will be joining us for the rest of the year, I was wondering if you could show her around?”

“Sure Professor” Harry said looking at me with a smile ‘wow such a gorgeous smile to, he’s so cute’ I thought

“Okay, I will be off , oh and before I leave Da Qiao, you and your sister will be getting your wands this weekend, until then you can just hang out around the school, or go to your classes to check them out, but whatever you choose is alright, just don’t go into the forest that’s outside the grounds, well I think that’s it, have fun” Dumbledore said, I nodded in understanding

Dumbledore left and I looked at Harry “um this may sound funny but, what day is it?” I asked

“Thursday the 12th of October” he answered “Really! I was unconscious that long?! I can’t believe it!” I said shocked

“How about I show you around now” Harry said, I nodded

****Crystale’s POV****

I followed Minerva through twist and turns of the school day-dreaming the whole way there.

“We’re here now, Ms. Qiao” Minerva said

I snapped out of my day-dream and looked around there was a portrait of a lady wearing a yellow dress

“password?” the portrait asked

“hippogriff” Mcgonagal said.

I looked at Minerva, confused. “What’s a hippo-uh… brift?” I asked.

Minerva looked at me blankly as the portrait opened to reveal a room full of yellow and black curtains and walls, “Wow!” I exclaimed. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful sight in my lives!” Minerva looked at me and that’s when I noticed that I had said something weird.

‘How could I have said lives? Am I really her? Or is she really me? Or…? Uh…’ I huffed about as Minerva frowned, “What is your problem?!”. I stopped in my little hop I was doing ((I was on one foot while the other was in the air)),

“I am getting myself so confused!!” I huffed out.

“Your room is up there” she pointed up some stairs, ignoring my attitude. Then said that the dorm. Was on the left hand side and the boys was the right. I went up stairs and opened the door to find more stairs.

‘Geezeez! Don’t they think that they have enough stairs?? Sheesh!’ I wondered as I walked up the stairs. I opened the door at the top to reveal a huge room full of beds. I walked over to the bed that had my stuff on it and picked up the tiara Mel and I had placed upon our heads. ‘How long has it been? How long were we blacked out for?’ I pondered on these questions and many more, as I heard a soft voice from behind me.

“Hullo, er… who are you?… Are you new?”

I turned around to face a girl with freckles and bright red hair. I stared at her; not saying a word.

“What’s your name?” the girl asked. I continued to stare blankly at her.

“My name is Susan…” she introduced. I blinked a couple of times… I was being stubborn.

“Well, … er… are you gonna talk?” she asked.

“Yea…” I said.

“Well, are you gonna introduce yourself?” she repeated.

I looked down at the tiara I picked up earlier and said, “I would if only I knew.” I seriously didn’t know what to think of myself. I was scared that I didn’t know who I was. “Um… what’s today??” I suddenly said, with such enthusiasm that it frightened me.

Susan looked at me and smiled, “It’s Thursday the 12th of October.”

My eyes went big as I said, “WHOA!!!!! It’s been two weeks!!! Wow!!”

Susan giggled, “So are you new?”

I looked at her and smirked, “Yea, new to this…” I motioned to myself as she looked at me with curious eyes.

“Where are you from?” She asked me.

I smile and replied, “I don’t know!” I laughed.

*Mel’s P.O.V.*

“Oh wait! Before we go, mind if I check out my dormitory? And do you mind telling me which way I go?” I asked

“Um sure the girl’s dormitory is the one on the left” Harry answered

I nodded and ran to the left door and when I entered there we’re more stairs ‘oh my really how many stairs can a place have this is totally barbaric’ I thought

I entered the dormitory and found a bed with my tiara I found on it, I looked at it curiously ‘how did this get us here? It did do this right?’ I thought I ran my index finger across the jewel, it glowed a really bright red ‘whoa this thing is strange with a capital S’ I thought amazed

I placed the tiara on the right of my bed post table. And went back down the stairs so Harry didn’t have to wait for me

“Thanks for waiting” I said to him as I came down the stairs, I noticed that now there was the girl Crystale and I ran into earlier and a boy with flaming red hair.

“Your welcome, oh and this is Ron and Hermione” he said gesturing to each of them.

“nice to meet you I’m Da Qiao” I introduced feeling strange calling myself Da Qiao because it really wasn’t who I am, or is it?

Harry, Ron, Hermione and myself walked out of the Gryffindor Common Room

(that’s all you get for today It’s long enough though I must admit it’s not a very good ending but I have to change somethings in the story Mystick613_Annie2 noticed something was wrong [FYI she’s the one who writes it with me] so yeah READ AND REVIEW please?)

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