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When Harry opened the door of number twelve Grimmauld place, Ron Weasley and Hermione hugged him hard. Then a second later Dumbledore entered holding three letters.
"I have been holding on to your O.W.L. results until you were all together," He said quietly passing out the letters.
Harry quickly ripped open his letter and there were his results on a piece of card:

Mr Potter, I am pleased to inform you of your satisfactory results. Also you have qualified for the ability to be an Auror.
Harry's heart gave a leap of joy and he continued reading his letter.

Practical Written Overall
Charms E O O
Transfiguration E O O
Herbology A A A
Defence Against the dark arts O O O (Top in year)
Potions E E E
Care of magical creatures O O O
Astronomy E A A
Divination D D D
History of magic D D D (bottom of year)

Professor Snape has accepted you on terms and conditions he shall discuss with you when you next see him. You must improve on potions to continue working as an auror. O is supposed to be the only expectable grade, however Professor Snape has been most generous.

Prof M. McGonagall

"Well done, Harry," Ron and Hermione said in unison as they looked over Harry's shoulder.
"Thanks, how did you two do?" He asked. Hermione glared at him.
"I can't believe you got lowest in the year for history of magic. I got O and top of the year for everything except Defence Against the dark arts where I got second highest. I wonder who could have beaten me…….." she said trailing off, but she was smiling at Harry.
"Yep, I beat you," Harry laughed.
"Does this mean that you accept the fact that you are not perfect?" Ron asked Hermione.
"I think you be worried at the fact you got lowest in the year for Divination, Ron!" She told him. Harry and Ron laughed.
"I don't think I care, I did badly on the written exam, on purpose. I never want to see that old bat again." Ron chuckled.
Hermione glanced at Ron disapprovingly and the trio went into the hall.
Harry looked at the moth eaten curtains knowing Sirius's mother's portrait was there. Tears stung Harry's eyes and Ron put a hand on his shoulder, while Hermione looked at him sadly.
"Where is everyone?" Harry asked them.
"Order meeting, in the sitting room. Apparently big news. It is due to last an hour," Ron replied.
"OK, lets go in."
"What?!" Hermione jumped. "Snape personally warned me and Ron, that if they were disturbed they would make us worst than dead."
"Oh I am so scared," Harry replied in mock horror.
"So um, we breaking in?" Ron asked nervously.
"Nope, due to the fact being under twenty five makes us children, even we have all faced Voldemort, they wouldn't mutter a word in my ear. Only Sirius understood….." Harry trailed off, fighting the overwhelming sadness, that slowly rose inside him.
Ron and Hermione listened to Harry's instructions and followed him upstairs.
"Is this the room directly over the sitting room?" Harry asked Hermione as they climbed the stairs.
"Ok, now which one of you would like to cast magic?" He asked them.
They raised their eyebrows.
"Harry, V-v-Voldemort could trace the magic here. So could the ministry of magic. They would send you an owl. Remember last summer with your hearing," Hermione said feebly.
"Yeh, mate, I mean Fudge would find some way to expel you," Ron added.
"Although," Hermione said in deep thought. "They could excuse your magic like in our third year when you blew up your aunt." Harry and Ron grinned at each other.
"No, no, the ministry would trace the magic here," Hermione said finally.
"I doubt that a lot. If Dumbledore is powerful, than he will have made this unplottable and loads of other things," Harry said.
"So you are going to do magic?" Ron asked. "I mean Hermione could do it for you, they would never expel her."
"No, I am going to do it." Harry said firmly before Hermione could speak. "Hermione what is the spell to quietly rip off the carpet and floor boards and then make the ceiling not soundproof and make it able to support our weight?"
Hermione glared at him for breaking the rules but and Ron told her they didn't care.

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