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The family members are the wonderful creation of J.K.Rowling, whilst I can say Fifi belongs to LlewellinMcEllis!

Autor's Note:
I wrote this story in response to LlewellinMcEllis' challenge in the forums. Enjoy your reading!


The woman rushed upstairs holding with one hand the bottom part of her flowing sumptuous robe. She passed the lavish corridors, the marble sculptures of serpents and the imposing panoply with the family crest. She paid no attention to all of these and continued her way, something weighting on her mind. She closed doors, entered cold narrow hallways and follow a complicate twisted path to a special place.

Here lay her hopes, her treasure that needed well keeping. She hung on the door case, contemplating the dim lit room. Feeling a warm, unusual feeling stirring inside, the woman smiled and went towards the bed.

“Are you still up, Draco?”

On the grand king-sized bed lay a toddler who watched with amazement the wild, enchanting dance of the untamed flames in the hearth. So fragile he seemed to the woman who was peering in the darkness of the room; his tiny limbs and fair features were calling for nurturing and affection. He looked as if he were lost in a gigantic viridian satin land, so small and unprotected.

“Yes, mummy.” He said in a low tone looking at his mother.

“My wooby!” he uttered slowly looking around himself. Then, seeing his mother making for the bed, he repeated, on a high-pitched tone:

“Your wooby…” the woman said absently. “Maybe Fifi’s seen it!”

“FIFI!” she called, wearily.

She patted her son’s head, sliding her white lady-like fingers on his blonde, very light braids.

“Where’s fa - ther, mummy?”

Suddenly, she stopped moving. Hiding one arm behind her back, she clenched her fist as hard as she could, her fingernails hurting the skin. She forced a smile, aware that her child had felt her body become rigid, her spirit become tense.

She was right.

“Pro – blem, mummy? Little Draco said articulating each syllable, looking intensely at her.

“No, dear! Father’s on his way home. He comes with presents. He gets your wooby. “
She whispered to him in a calm, pleasant voice.

“Mummy! I want fa-ther!”

“So does mummy, Draco. So does mummy.”

She continued stroking him, trying to feel the warmth of his young body next to hers, the reassuring beating of his little heart. Where are you, my love, my master, my Lucius? Where are you now? Where?

Suddenly there was a loud thump echoing from downstairs. The mother shifted on the edge of the bed.


“No, sweetheart! There is no problem!”

A muffled sequence of angry shouting came to her ears. She tried to make out the sounds. They were louder. Thumps. A metallic bang. The panoply! She thought, there was something going on there. Lucius!

“I’m scared, mummy!

Bang! A heavy object fell somewhere downstairs.
Draco buried his head in her velvet robe.

“Make it stop!” he complained. “Mummy, make it stop!”

“It will go away, sweetheart! Just wait…”

Little Draco clung to her, relaxing a bit at the sound of her confident voice. Narcissa lay on the bed, hugging her son. Inside of her a little girl was screaming in despair and utter confusion. What’s happening? Pray Merlin, what’s happening in my house?

“Mistress! Mistress Narcissa!”

The squeaking of a house elf became louder and clearer. The door flew open and Fifi’s pointy ears and funny-shaped head appeared in the doorframe.
She dashed inside trembling with fear.

“Master! There is murder! Murder! They fight and they fight! They die, mistress! Master! Fifi was scared, Fifi was scared…”

How dared she? The annoying foul creature should know better than to speak like this in the presence of my son!

“Fifi!” the woman spat at her, making the house elf even more terrified.

“Shut up.”

It took her all her willpower not to take hold of her wand and run downstairs. Her responsibilities were here. True, in this room was all that it mattered. She was needed here. The woman repeated that to herself several times, whilst tightening her grip on the wooden bed head.

“Give Draco his toy.”


Then, a familiar voice could be heard by the mother, the son and the servant, making all of them flinch.

Die now! …. Foul…. Rotten… corpse… CRUCIO!

The house elf was standing in the middle of the room with her eyes unfocused, as if she had been petrified.

“I SAID GIVE him the toy, you worthless…” Narcissa stopped mid-sentence, realizing her son was watching her as she glared at the servant. “Fifi. Do as you’re told!”

“Yes ma’am” Fifi replied instinctively, snapping out of her trance, and started searching frantically through a chest-of-drawers.

“Is that fa-ther?”

“Yes, dear! He came home to us.” she whispered reassuringly, with her heart beating wildly in her chest.

“What father do, mummy?”

“He… “ Narcissa continued listening avidly. She could still make out some noise… but wasn’t the silence even worse than the sounds?



“Tell me! Now tell me!” He had grabbed the silver material of her robe.

The mother took a deep breath and gave him the biggest smile she could muster.

“Remember the story I told you? Father is fighting a troll right now!”

“A troll?” Draco’s eyes widened in amazement.

“Yes, you heard me well, Draco! The troll is big and fierce, but don’t worry! Father knows what to do.
He attacks the troll to defend you and mummy. Father is very brave.”

“Brave! Ugly troll!”

“Yes, the troll is ugly but father rides a … A hippogriff! She exclaimed, trying to captivate him.
“…and can defeat the troll. Father takes out his wand…”
Narcissa gestured enthusiastically with her arms, holding an imaginary wand.
“And then… swish and flick!”

“No troll!” Draco smiled gladly.

“The troll is down and father comes to see mummy and Draco!”

Draco clapped his hands.
“Father! Father!”

Yes! See… like this…” Narcissa cast a spell on the wall and the shadows took the form of a hero riding a beautiful steed and battling a larger shadow which resembled a troll.

Both of them watched the amazing game of light and darkness on the empty stone walls. The shadowy hero came to his child and wife, two small, moving patches of black.

During the story, little Draco hadn’t noticed the disturbing sounds from downstairs. Nevertheless, Fifi had.

“Fifi!” Draco clapped again as the house elf came next to him handing a white teddy bear. “My binky!”

“Yes, Fifi found your Binky, dear.”

“Little master’s binky.” the house elf said awkwardly. Narcissa assumed she still was in a state of shock. She quickly motioned her to go.

“Leave, Fifi!” She said calmly.

“Fifi, mummy!” Draco said, looking helplessly in his mother’s eyes.

“Fifi goes now dear. She needs her rest!” Narcissa looked closely at him, trying to convince him of the truth of her words. Make this end sooner, please, Lucius, please… take care...


Thump. Loud banging.

“Avada Kedavra…” echoed through the mansion, the cold, reverberating sounds recalling a bad omen.

“Is the troll gone?”
“Yes he is, dear.”

Narcissa continued saying sweet platitudes to her child. The troll was gone and in the land of Magic peace had come once again. He needn’t worry, mother was there with him and she’d buy him a troll toy and a broom to fly away when he’d grow.

She held him to her chest and then the door flew open.
The woman gasped and covered her son’s body with her own, preparing for the worst with her hand clenched on her wand.

Lucius Malfoy entered the room dripping with blood.

“He followed me that bloody bastard, that fucking Auror! And I didn’t notice him until it was to late, that piece of scum! Murder! “Murder”, he said, “you are a murderer!” I’d kill that worm again, that would be my …

“Lucius! Narcissa stood up distressed. “Draco’s here!”

Only then her husband noticed the blonde boy who resembled him so well. The same grey eyes, the same light-hair.
Draco’s eyes were vivid, full of an untainted innocence.
Luciud’s cold orbs had almost turned into slates due to his anger. Slowly they returned to their usual size.

“Ma chere! I…I didn’t see him.” Lucius stood motionless in front of Narcissa.

“Mur-der? What’s a mur-der fa-ther?”
Draco crept to the edge of his bed towards his father.

For the first time since they had married Narcissa saw an expressionless look on her husband’s face. He no longer knew what to do, what to say. He simply stood there, his robe torn, his hair tangled, numerous scratches and superficial wounds on his body. His forearm revealed a black mark, slowly fading away into his skin.

Her child uttered again, playfully.

Lucius approached the bed and kissed his child on his forehead.
“Sleep well, my son.”

His calculated eyes were filled with a hazy glow that wasn’t there before.

“Forget this word, Draco.” He told him gently.
He touched his little arm with caution, as if he was afraid not to break it.

“Father will stay with you and mother tomorrow. We’ll all go to the lake. “

“The lake! Do you like that, Draco? Narcissa intervened, standing behind her husband.

“Yes, mummy!”

Lucius looked again at his young son and covered him with his blanket, and then he and Narcissa left the room. Hearing Draco’s moaning and crying, she glanced at her husband, pretending not to have noticed the helpless look in his wet eyes, dashed inside, put the “binky” in Draco’s arms and magically conjured a cloud of light to encircle his bed.

And Draco drifted to a land of pleasant dreams, remembering his father’s kiss, his mother’s touch, having no care in the world. Everything was his and he slept peacefully. He had love.

Somewhere in the darkness of the night, among sinister shadows, full moon and unsafe places… another child was ripped apart from the ones who loved him. That very night another little boy was marked with a scar on his forehead and would soon be known as “The Boy Who Lived”.

Autor's Note:
Well... thanks for reading my story and I hope you like it! Leave a review please!

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