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A/N Here's a nice little chapter to tide you over. Nice and sweet. lol, hope you enjoy it, i got so many nice reviews on the last one, so thank you very much! I'm smiling right now if you can't tell. But anyways you can expect more regular updates from now on, and i mean it. Thanks to all of my loyal readers, you flatter me just by reading my stuff. On to the chapter...

Disclaimer - I give credit to J.K. Rowling. As i should. Because she totally deserves is.

Ch. 7 You is a smart one, Moony.

“I thought you sound-proofed his room?”

The words hung thickly in the air as the three occupants in the common room sat frozen on the spot, each one unaware of what to do, or just how bad the situation actually looked.

The boy at the top of the stairs had now had enough time to take in his whole surroundings and was currently thinking he was going a little mad. There in front of him were his friends gaping up at him. Now normally this wouldn’t have bothered him as his friends as well as himself were well known for gaping up at people, but this time it was different, even a little creepy perhaps. And not to mention a tad uncomfortable. The first person he saw was sitting below him and was looking as if they had something to hide. Well he recognized him as Remus of course. And next to Remus, was someone who seemed to think that if he didn’t move at all, he would be unnoticed. Well he also recognized this person in less then a second. Less then a millisecond perhaps, for he had grown up with the boy. It was Sirius. But what was sitting next to Sirius was what was the confusing part, and the cause of the current silence. There was a black dog. But not just any dog, it was Sirius’ animagus. The boy on the stairs could distinguish Sirius’ transformed self anywhere, even in pitch darkness, (as he had to do on more then one occasion), and was positive that this dog was sitting next to its human form. But as he thought more about this, he found that it started to clutter his mind too much, making him too tired to think properly as it was late. And the more he thought about it, the more he seemed to forget what he was thinking about in the first place. So, in an attempt to keep awake, and remember what he was supposed to be thinking about, the boy closed his eyes and rubbed them hard before slowly reopening them again. As he opened them, he remembered about the two Sirius’ in the different forms that had confused him, and was a little shocked to see that the dog had vanished from his view. As if he had just vanished into the silent, secretive air. The thought amused the boy for some unknown reason as he pondered it, since no one was talking to him anyways.

Sirius it seemed had taken a chance and had actually gone and hid behind one of the chairs furthest from the situation that was about to unfold when the onlooker had closed his eyes for the few precious seconds. It appeared that Sirius had always been quick on his toes, and this proved to be no exception. Now Remus on the other hand looked to be quicker in the mind as he slowly turned his face from the intruder, mouthing to Lily to ‘just relax and follow his lead’.

This was because Lily had started breathing very fast as she was not at all used to having secret midnight meetings where there was a chance that she could get caught. But at least she was in Sirius’ body, which seemed to not show stress or fear as much as her own would have. But as she mentally asked herself ‘what would Sirius do’, her breathing started to return to normal, even if her heart was still beating faster then ever.

But her heart always beat fast when she was in close distance to the boy who was now walking down the stairs towards them. If the fast beating was because of her anger towards him, she didn’t know. She had a faint suspicion that there was another reason to the thumping in her chest though. She just didn’t know what it was yet. And after all, it was a very faint suspicion.

Lily and Remus watched a shirtless, sock-less James walk off the last step and stride toward where they were seated uncomfortable on the floor. He stopped in front of them, and then proceeded to sit down cross-legged in a somewhat childish position. But it was what made him comfortable, and it wasn’t like he ever cared what people really thought of him anyways.

Lily and Remus exchanged a look, wondering why James was so calm, and why he hadn’t blown up at them for being out of bed at night without him. Or why he hadn’t just commented on seeing what were unmistakably two different forms of Sirius talking with Remus in the dark.

No this was definitely not normal James Potter behaviour and even Remus had a concerned look on his pale face. That is until he waved a hand in front of James’ face and got no reaction. And everything somehow became clear as if some sense had been knocked into him at last. Remus then made to address the tired, yet spaced out Potter who was now smirking directly in front of him and looked as if he were in some sort of weird daydream.

“You’ve taken your dreamless sleeping potion tonight, haven’t you James?” He asked, confusing Lily even more then she already was.

And now the silence and tension had finally been broken.

“You is a smart one, Moony. It’s not much use though is it, seeing as I’m not exactly asleep, eh?” James replied before laughing to himself at what he thought was funny.

“Ok, what does a dreamless sleeping potion have to do with anything, Remus?” Lily asked, wanting to have at least one of her questions answered tonight.

“Well Lil…I mean Sirius,” he started, while rolling his eyes at the slip up that almost occurred before continuing on with his explanation, “You should know better then I that James sometimes takes dreamless sleeping potions prescribed from the nurse when he has something on his mind.” Remus began trying to explain the situation at hand here. “And you should know, Sirius, that if he uses the potion and doesn’t fall directly asleep, or wakes up during the middle of the night for example, there can be side effects. We’ve seen them in James before, remember?”

And he stopped his little speech to give Lily some time to make a reply.

“Er…right.” It was all she could say before he went on, because she was trying to comprehend what she had just been told and apply the information to the situation.

“Well anyways, it seems that he is in a very ‘happy’ mood right now, as you can see. Kind of drowsy and not really able to comprehend what exactly is going on. The potion also makes him extremely tired though so he should be falling asleep any time now. But as for now, he’s obviously in his own little world, and I wonder if he still realizes that I am talking about him.”

Remus paused, waiting for James to acknowledge him or something. When he didn’t, Remus and Lily both turned and saw him starring at the flames in the fireplace with a sad smile on his face, eyes drooping.

“Point Proven,” Remus stated before laughing a small laugh, “he should start snoring any time now. Tomorrow he’ll just have a faint memory of what happened tonight. Won’t remember the details of what he saw. Hopefully that is.”

“You’d make a good teacher Remus.” Lily stated before James interrupted them with a noise.

It seemed that he had chosen that moment to drop his head on the ground and place himself into a curled up position on the floor. The next second Remus and Lily knew, James was in a deep, dreamless sleep.

“Oh the things you get yourselves into…” Lily remarked, obviously amused by the whole situation now that she knew that James wouldn’t be mad or suspicious. After all, it wasn’t everyday that one got to see James without his cocky attitude or even his intelligence for that matter.

Just then, Sirius, still in dog form, came leaping from behind the couch transforming back into the body of Lily.

“And that is what we call ‘Marauders’ Luck’, Lily” He stated.

This caused them all to laugh for a short happy while before the most sensible marauder noticed that it was going on 1:30 in the morning and stopped the giggling.

“We should carry James up to bed Lily, for he might blackmail us silly if we leave him stranded on the common room floor asleep until morning where the other girls can get to him.” Remus addressed Lily.

“Right you are. Even though I don’t think he’d mind much. Night Sirius, you better go and get your beauty sleep…” She said to Sirius as they all stood up around the body of James.

“I wouldn’t be too smug if I were you, I’m not the one that has to carry that load of bricks up to his bed,” Sirius teased.

And with that, he ran joyfully up the stairs towards the girls’ common room and out of sight before he got asked to help.

Now Lily stood with Remus above James, alone in the dark room.

“Ok I’ll take the legs, and you can grab the arms. Be careful not to wake him.” Remus instructed as if he had done this loads of times. But Lily reminded herself that he probably had done this loads of times. Or at least more then once.

He then lifted James’ legs off of the ground with ease. Remus was stronger then he looked. Possibly even stronger then Sirius, Lily guessed.

“You know, you’re going to make a good father one day, Remus,” She pointed out.

“Nah, I doubt I’ll ever have kids, Lily,” he told her truthfully.

“That’s too bad,” Lily said more to herself then to Remus.

“What was that?” he asked.

“Oh, Nothing. Lets get this lug upstairs.” She said, quickly changing the subject.

“Alright,” he agreed before he smiled at the girl in Sirius’ body then continued talking. “So you never did answer my question then Lily. Why didn’t you sound-proof James’ room?”

“But I did Remus.” She said, wondering herself why her spell hadn’t worked.

“Hmm, interesting. I guess that James just wanted to go for a walk or something. He does that you know, leave in the middle of the night to come and sit by the fire to think. But usually never when he takes his dreamless potion. I wonder what’s on his mind lately.” Remus said.

“Or why he needed the dreamless potion tonight in the first place…” Lily added as an afterthought.

They had now lifted James up the stairs and were entering their room. Heading for his bunk, they made sure not to wake Peter as a cranky Peter was never fun. Once there, Lily laid James’ upper body on his blue sheets feeling slightly embarrassed at touching his bare chest, (since he was shirtless after all), while he was asleep. If only he knew it was her. Remus on the other hand, put his friends’ legs down on the other end of the top bunk that was reserved for James before turning to face Lily one more time.

“Alright, so you know the plan for later tonight then? Pretend you have detention so that Sirius can sneak outside in his dog form and meet us in the willow. Hopefully James won’t suspect a thing.” Remus whispered to her through the darkness.

“Got it. By the way, it’s still kind of hard for me to believe you’re a werewolf Remus. I mean it totally caught me off guard, and I don’t know what to think really. But I’d like to learn more about the condition sometime, do you think you could teach me?” She whispered right back.

“Anytime Lils. But you know…James knows a lot about it too, and I know he wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to spend some quality bonding time with you.” He added, and Lily could tell, even through the darkness that he was smirking.

“Great. Glad to know you care.” She whispered, making her sarcasm evident through the tone of her voice.

“You know I do. We better get to sleep however Lily, so see you in the morning I guess. I’ll make sure James doesn’t jump on your bed and wake you again. Unless you liked that of course…” he finished as he started climbing into his own bed.

“Goodnight Remus,” Lily said as she herself crawled into the bunk under James’.

“Night. Oh, and Lily?” He asked.

“Yeah?” she replied.


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