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Re-Cap:: "If you don't leave the school at once I will have to notify Dumbledore immediately" "That won't be necessary Minerva" Dumbledore's voice said Crystale and I smiled we were thankful that he came

Start: (this is still in Melinda’s POV) “Albus, these girls were roaming the castle, who are they?” Minerva asked

“Well their names are Crystale and Melinda, Hagrid found them on the grounds unconscious and Hagrid and I brought them to the Hospital Wing to recover and as you can see they are both fine, though they say they are in different bodies now” he explained, we both nodded

“why didn’t you tell us Albus?” Minerva asked

“Because no one could know about them for the fear of the students finding out” Dumbledore explained

“Uh-Oh um we kind of ran into two students on our reckless adventure” I said

“Don’t worry you’ll be joining the school starting tomorrow anyway” Dumbledore said

“Ooh, you mean I’ll be at school with that cute boy” Crystale said, I burst out laughing and Dumbledore chuckled

“You’re going to sort them into houses?” Minerva asked

“Yes, I think it’d be best and it’s obvious that they have some kind of magic power, we just have to find out what exactly it is” he said

“Ooh, can we start now ? I really want to see that boy again” Crystale said sweetly

“Okay then, Let’s go get you sorted and Minerva, can you go get me two uniforms?” Dumbledore asked Minerva nodded and took out a stick and said some incantation, Crystale tilted her head and stared blankly at Minerva

“What just happened?” I asked

“I took your sizes” Minerva said as she then turned her heels and walked away

“Follow me girls” Dumbledore said. We both followed him through the hallway always 7 steps behind him.

We soon arrived at a stone gargoyle statue.

“Berty Botts Every flavor beans” Dumbledore said I was about to ask what he meant but then the statue moved and A door appeared the door lead to a staircase.

We walked up the staircase and we got to another door and they walked through it.

They were in an office “take a seat” Dumbledore said

We both took a seat in front of a desk and Dumbledore took an old tattered hat from a shelf .

“This hat will be placed on your head, it will tell you which school house you will be in” Dumbledore explained

“er, okay” I said “Who wants to go first?” Dumbledore asked Crystale and I exchanged nervous looks
“I will” I said trying to be brave Dumbledore placed the hat on my head

“Ah, Da Qiao has chosen you to take her place, to take care of her little sister everyone of her responsibilities are now yours and way…” the hat said wisely ’what do you mean? and wowie you can talk!’ I thought “Yes I can talk now lets get you sorted, Ah you are very brave and loyal and will always fight for those you love, but you’re very smart though no one ever notices, you’re very mature too, I think it better be”

“GRYFFINDOR!” the hat shouted “er, cool?” I questioned

**Crystale’s POV**
‘Melinda got a house called Gryffindor, I wonder if I’ll get it too?’ I thought.

The hat was placed on my head ’ew’ I thought

“ Ah, you like to keep you feelings inside. Always depending on you older sister and husband…” whispered the sorting hat in my ear. ‘husband? Older sister?’ I thought, worried. “Oh, yes, a thirst to make your life worth fighting for, constantly searching for something that isn’t there…Ah, and you only have courage when friends and family are around. I also see that the lovely younger sister of Da Qiao, Xiao Qiao had chosen you of all people” the sorting hat chuckled “Yes and I see why, ;but you wil find out why soon. But where to put you? Hmm …should be…HUFFLEPUFF!” shouted the sorting hat.

“Oh, bloody brilliant” I said

“ where did you get that from?” Melinda asked “I heard it from one of the students” I answered

***Melinda’s POV***

‘Me and Crystale are in different houses how strange’ I thought as Minerva entered the room

“Ah, Minerva would you take Crystale to the Hufflepuff dorms and add Melinda to your list of Gryffindors but under the name of Da Qiao and tell Sprout to put Crystale under the name of Xiao Qiao” Dumbledore said to Minerva, she nodded “follow me” Minerva said to Crystale, she followed Minerva out of the room.

I was upset that Crystale and I weren’t in the same house but it didn’t bother me to much, I knew we’d still see each other

“ Well Melinda I think I’ll take you to your house dormitory” Dumbledore said I nodded as he led me out of his office, we went to the seventh floor, I counted this time and we ended up in front of the fat lady in pink AGAIN.

(((that’s enough for now I think no I know well PLEASE REVIEW!!!!!!!! IF YOU DON’T I’LL CRY AND THEN DELETE THE SERIES [[well maybe I might I said MIGHT keep it because I like writing this one]] )))

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