Ron was bored. He was sitting in his room staring at a piece of parchment and a quill. He wanted to write a letter to Harry but didn’t know what to say. Harry was coming to the Burrow in two days and so was Hermione and he was excited. He hadn’t seen them since the end of his dramatic fifth year at Hogwarts.

Dear Harry,
I’m glad you’re coming to my place for August. I’m really bored here all by myself; Ginny can’t keep quiet cause turns out she’s a prefect. Percy has gone on some stupid trip to some stupid place and I can’t wait to be with someone my own age.
Sincerely bored,

Now he had to write a letter to Hermione. He was nervous that it would be all awkward between then if he wrote her a letter. That was something 12 year olds did but not 15 year olds.

“Oh well I’ll make it brief.” he said out loud.

Dear Hermione,
Why do people always start letters with dear even if the person isn’t dear to them? Maybe that’s just one of the countless questions life has to offer. Ginny is itching to see you so you better come soon or she’ll die.

That was definitely the unfriendliest letter he’d ever written in his life. Oh well, he was uninspired. Who could blame him being cooped up inside with his annoying younger sister for a month?

He attached the two letters to Pigwideon’s foot and watched as the ugly owl flew out the window.

“RON!!!” an annoying voice called from the kitchen “COME HERE!”

Ginny had taken on a whiny tone to her voice ever since she’d gotten into a fight with Molly, her mother. Every day it was the same routine for Ron: Get up at around 1:00 pm, Go have breakfast or what the others would call it, a late lunch, sleep some more, then be woken up when Ginny was having one of her late afternoon temper tantrums. Then he would go eat some more food, then go to sleep again until morning.

“I’m coming!” Ron whined back, matching her annoying tone just to annoy her.

It was pretty low that he had to resort to annoying his younger sister as the only source of fun in his day.

He got up and slowly started walking down the stairs. Then he smelt something awful and he realized he hadn’t taken a shower for two weeks or changed his pajamas in that long. When he reached the bottom of the stairs, there was Mrs. Weasley standing there plugging her nose.

“Go take a shower then come right down here after!”

With that she whacked him hard on the butt to make him start moving. He felt like a robot just doing everyone’s commands. By the time he had walked up the fifteenth stair and put his foot on the landing, he was so out of breath that he had to take a seat on the stair. He hadn’t been outside for five days and he was majorly out of shape.

When he got out of the shower he felt wonderful. He put on some clean clothes and joyfully flung his dirty clothes into the laundry basket that was empty because most of his clothes were on the floor.

With a sigh of relief he walked downstairs with confidence. Funny what showers can do eh? He thought to himself.

(A/N Please R&R this is my first fic, the next chapter is coming soon. I really need suggestions and criticism. Thanks so much for reading!)

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