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The moon shines above, casting a silver ribbon upon the Earth, the eyes of the night look down upon the green fields that roll beneath it. The stars seem to be dulling no longer wanting to shine down as strong as the radiant moon. The land is still dry, the city is still full of muck and the people of the land now pray for there family for there selves for and for their safety. They can sense a new threat heading toward them. They can sense the hazards that lay within the rays of light that come with every passing day they are no longer safe and know that some one has been brought forth to condemn them.

"Hurry you must come quickly!" these words echoed through out the night leaving behind chills as screams spread through out the room. Two figures are seen running through out the fields each gasping, sweat trickling down there tired faces. The screeches get faint but the sound of pain still remains clearly in their minds. The fright they felt before still lingers in them as they run not wanting to stop in fear of finding what may happen.

"Where are we going?" the second person calls finally finding a voice. There's no answer other then the sounds of footsteps trampling the ground. "Please I need rest, I can't go on any longer!" the voice calls once more. It holds frustration with every word it speaks. Silence one more fell upon the land as the running subsides and all that is left are the ragged breathing of the two strangers.

"I need you to keep going with out me." The 1st voice replies through hard breathing. "Leonora you must go on with out me." The voice pleads on every word it speaks begging the other person to do as it says. There is a small stifled sob let out as the second person refuses to believe they must truly leave behind there fellow man.

"I can't leave you not in this time of need." Leonora whispered trying to hold back the hot tears that where now ready to cave down upon her flushed cheeks. Streaks of light filled sky it is no longer pitch black.

"We can't stay together they'll find us just go with out me!" the voice said once more. As much as it wanted to demand Leonora to do what it pleaded it just couldn't for they themselves didn't know what would happen and if it was the best choice to make in a time of combat. "Go and I can promise we'll meet up soon enough." There was a small sigh let out of Leonora as she wiped away a tear that was daring to escape.

"I can't proceed with out you, I just can't." she answered trying to find another way of moving on.

"Don't worry love I can fend for myself. Just move on as it was planned we can't let a small thing as this get in our way" the streaks of light now caved down upon the two foreigners letting their features shine through. The one known as Leonora was standing proudly her head held high. Her nest of brown hair fell down upon her slender body.

He also stood tall his green eyes penetrating into her own hazel ones. "Do it for me...for us" his words where soft as velvet assuring her he wasn't lying. She nodded slightly her mind was swarming with thoughts of what might happen from there on. All though he himself was worried about the dark future that seemed to lie before them he made himself smile. He didn't do it because he was trying to lie to himself and think that he would actually make it out of this alive he did it for her. She was so innocent so pure that he didn't want to see her this way.

He knew that nothing would matter if she where to die. His cause would be lost how ever his death would mean nothing...or so he thought. He'd risk his life any day for her, she who had nothing to do with this cold war that raged on.

A new sound enters their presence, as twigs of devil snare snap. "Go now!" he says with out warning he turns his head to where the sound is coming from. Just as he suspected, they where being followed. Before Leonora knows it he pushes her forth trying to get her moving. As if on instinct her mind starts racing her, heart skips a beat and she finds her self running forth not looking back in fear of what she might find laying before her.
Delicate scent of lavender fills the air, the rays of light cast down upon her graceful figure which lies in a new found bed. Small sounds of laughter fill her mind causing her eyes to unbolt. How could this be? How was she in such a place when her last thoughts where filled with anything but what lay before her.

"She's awake!" some one exclaims causing her to sit up her head snapping the direction the voice had come from. Her eye's widened as she saw a girl her age to be staring at her. Her brown frizzy hair was flowing freely, her bright brown eyes shined with joy. "I didn't mean to scare you" the girl said kindly walking forth.

"Hermione you're scaring her!" a second voice calls. Leonora's eye immediately turn to gaze upon a boy with flaming red hair, his face was covered in freckles and he wore a scowl.

"Will you to stop bickering! You're both scaring her!" once more she turns and there lay's before her a second boy this time with wild messy raven black hair falling upon his head. His bright green eyes entranced her, he seemed to be tired and frustrated but he smiled down upon her.

"Where am I?' Leonora asks trying to figure out where she was. Her surroundings are nothing like she remembered. She was no longer in the heart of the forest running for her life. She was now situated in a large room, the walls bare except for some dirty, ragged old paintings which looked to be hundreds of years old.

She was no longer panting, sweat running down her face but was sitting quite comfortable in a large feather soft bed warm covers wrapped around her. "Who are you?" she asked her eyes falling from face to face taking every feature that lay before her.

"I'm Hermione Granger" the girl with brown messy hair answered with a warm smile "that's Ronald Weasley," she gestured to the boy with red hair who shot her a glare and turned his attention back toward her. "And that's Harry potter." Once more she motioned this time to the boy with raven black hair. "You're at grim..."

"Hermione!" Harry yelled causing Leonora to jump she hadn't expected any one to yell. She didn't know who they where and that scared her even worse."Your not suppose to tell her about you know what!" he hadn't noticed how shocked Leonora was never being in a place as this or with people she didn't know. "May we ask you name?" he asked finally acknowledging her presence.

"Leonora, Leonora Callaway" the words where mere whispers for her throat was dry and she couldn't find the strength to sit let alone carry on speaking. Hermione nodded along with the Harry and Ron who seemed to be puzzled with her.

"You must be starving, won't you come down for some food Leonora." Hermione smiled trying on the new name. "Ron go warn Mrs. Weasley she's awake." Hermione said sternly to the boy with red hair. He merely mumbled something under his breathe but did as he was told. Harry on the other hand was still staring at her his penetrating green eyes making her feel as if he could see right into her.

"Please call me Lena." Leonora said weakly trying to avert Harry's gaze. She felt naked not literally but as if she was a frog right before it was being dissected. Leonora's was blinking twice as much as she should she was puzzled still trying to figure out how she had ended up in such a place. She wanted to know who these new strangers...well people where. Her thoughts traveled back to the night before.

There was no reason for her to be here. The forest in which she had been hidden for so long wasn't any where near a village or any life for that matter. She had made sure no one where to find her where about so how had they found her?

"Lena? Are you all right?" Hermione asked concerned for her as she had zoned out. "Come on lets go down to the dinning room." She spoke kindly which reassured Leonora that she would be safe here where ever HERE was.

A/N: As you can see the character so far is a mystery but i assure you it gets better you'll just have to read to find out who she is what shes doing there. so many questions to be answered keep reading to find them out. Please comment on it for it is my first fan fic lots of love xXxTormentedxSoulxXx

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