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Quidditch Game! Gryffindor vs. Slytherin! ************************************************************ The next day, the sun came over the horizon shinning a perfect pink and orange color. Not a cloud was in the sky, and the wind blew at just the right speed; a perfect day for a Quidditch match. When the sun shone through the seventh year girl's dorms, Lily woke up smiling. The events of last night played over and over again in her head. She touched her lips and a gigantic smile came onto her face. She couldn't wait to tell Bri and Li. Pulling the hangings away from her four poster, Lily climbed out and went to Li's bed next to hers. She pulled the hangings open to find both Bri and Li sitting and talking quietly. "Morning." Lily said cheerfully as she plopped down next to Li. "Hey, Lil. What's wrong with you?" Li asked, moving over closer to Brianna. "What do you mean?" Lily's face was lit up in a huge smile, and her emerald eyes were sparkling. "You're smiling rather profusely. What happened last night with you and our Quidditch captain?" Brianna asked smirking. Lily widened her eyes and a scarlet blush came onto her cheeks. "Nothing, h-happened. We went for a walk, and we talked a little." "Nothing, happened. Right." Brianna said rolling her eyes and gave her a 'I-don't-believe-you-so-tell-me-what-really-happened' look. "And, we, kissed." "Aha, I knew it!" Brianna yelled, falling off the bed. Li and Lily looked at their friend before bursting out laughing. "Will you shut the bloody hell up!" Rachel yelled, stomping over to the bed and glaring down at them. "Sorry, Princess." Li remarked, standing up and doing a mock bow on the bed. Lily and Brianna smirked slightly at the comment. Looking appallad, and angry, Rachel walked away muttering, "So, imature. Those gits, how dare they." "Nice comeback, Li." Brianna said as she regained her balance, and sat on the bed. Turning to Lily, she said, "So, what was it like?" "It was, well, wonderful, no perfect, no, there aren't any words to describe it." "It sounds to romantic." Li sighed. "It sounds so gushy." Brianna remarked. "I wouldn't be talking, Mrs. Black." Lily said teasingly to Brianna, who blushed a deep scarlet. "He doesn't know, so don't tell anyone!" "You like Sirius! That's almost as unexpected as Lily liking James!" Li said. "You think I don't know that already!" The three friends continued their talk about the Marauders until Brianna complained of stomach hunger. ************************************** "Prongsie! Earth to Prongs!" Sirius yelled at James, who was staring off into space while they where eating breakfast in the Great Hall. "What?" He asked annoyed. "Dreaming about Evans kissing you?" "More than dreaming." James said quietly. "You mean, the two of you got together?" Sirius asked shocked. "Last night." "Speaking of Lily." Remus pointed to the entrance of the Great Hall with his spoon, and sure enough, Lily, Brianna, and Li were walking towards them. "Hey, Lily." James said to her as she sat down next to him. "Morning James." She gave him a light kiss on the cheek and smiled slightly. "Aw, look at the new couple." Sirius said in a cutesy voice. "Speaking of couples, Padfoot, what about you and my keeper?" James smirked. Sirius's eyes grew wide, and his mouth started moving up and down; but no words were coming out. "We-well. I-I was going to-to ask- but I didn't know if-" "Hi, Sirius." Everyone looked up to see Rachel standing behind Sirius, her clothes way too tight and low. Sirius's mouth parted a little bit as he stared at her. "H-Hi, Ra-Rachel. What do you want?" He stuttered. "I was wondering if you wanted to go for a walk with me before the match." Sirius nodded eagerly and followed her out of the Great Hall, not once looking back at his friends. Everyone looked over at Brianna, who looked close to tears. "Oh, Bri." Lily said, hugging her friend. "I'm so sorry." "It's okay. He's a guy. I think I'm going to go out by the pitch and practice." With that, she rushed out of the Great Hall, and outside. "Poor, Bri." Li said sadly, shaking her head. "She likes Sirius, doesn't she?" James said worridly. Lily nodded sadly in response. "We should be getting to the field, Moony, could you find Padfoot please?" Remus nodded and left the table. "Good luck, James. I'll be watching." Lily gave him a quick kiss on the lips before he departed for the field with Li. A little while later, Lily left for the field. She wasn't a huge fan of Quidditch, and had only gone to the games before to cheer on Bri and Li. She climbed into the Heads box and waited for the game to start. The stadium started filling up, and the more crowded it got, the louder it became. Finally, the game was about to begin. "Welcome to Hogwart's first Quidditch game of the season! Todays game, Gryffindor vs. Slytherin!" The commentary today was being done by Lauren Jordan, a Gryffindor sixth year. "And here comes the Gryffindor team! Murphy, Wickham, McWilliams, Burke, Black, Bloom, and Captain Potter!" The Gryffindor side of the stadium erupted in cheers so defining, that Lily saw several teachers covering their ears. "Here comes the Slytherin team. Sullivan, Bianco, Coyne, Yanio, Higgins, Black, and Captain Malfoy." Lauren said without emotion. "You're going down Slytherin team! Die!" "Jordan! Could you not show favoritism?" McGonagall said. "You're here to do the commentary." "Whatever you say, McGonagall. Anyway, here comes Madame Hooch with the balls, and she's giving the rules, blah, blah. Could you start the game alrea- sorry, Professor. The bludgers and snitch erupt, the quaffle's in the air, and the game begins! The quaffle's caught by Gryffindor chaser, Li Murphy, and she's speeding towards the Slytherin goal, Slytherin chasers Malfoy and Higgins on her tail. Go, Li! Come on, girl, score a goal! Yes! GRYFFINDOR SCORES!" The Gryffindor supporters erupted into more cheers and chants; Lily was one of them. "Slytherin chaser Yanio has the quaffle, speeding down the pitch, Black hits a bludger towards her, but Slytherin beater, Bianco hits it away, Damn it! It was supposed to hit her!" "Jordon!" "Sorry, Professor, but you want Slytherin to lose as much as I do. Yanio still has the quaffle, she shoots, and Wickham blocks! Go Brianna! James Potter has the quaffle, he's speeding down the pitch, and doesn't he look cute, girls? I mean-" "JORDAN, KEEP TO THE COMMENTARY!" McGonagall yelled, her glasses slipping down her nose. "Alright, keep your hat on Professor, I'm just saying what every girl here is thinking, except Lily Evans, of course. James scores! Go James!" Lily, who was sitting a few seats behind Lauren, was getting annoyed at her remarks about James, and the remark that she made about her. "Gryffindor winning 20 zip. Ha, you Slytherins suck! You can't even make a goal!" The game went on for a long time after, the Slytherins eventually gaining the lead. "And Slytherin leads 80 to 50. Come on Gryffindor! You can beat them,.. wait. It seems that the seekers have seen the snitch! Gryffindor seeker Bloom, is going into a dive, followed closely by Slytherin seeker Coyne. Come on, Jessica, you can do it! JESSICA'S CAUGHT THE SNITCH, GRYFFINDOR WINS!" The scarlet section of the stadium ran onto the field, hugging the cheering for their players. Lily rushed out with the rest of the Gryffindors, and ran right into a screaming Li. "Lily, we won!" "I know! That was a great game!" As she hugged her friend, Lily felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to find James standing and smiling behind her. She gave him a huge hug and kiss. "Not bad, James. Not bad at all." She gave him a huge smile, which he returned. "Not bad? Is that all you can say?" "Yes." Lily leaned back in to give him another kiss, but there was a loud cough from next to them. They saw Sirius standing there with his arms folded, and a smirk on his face. "Party in the common room. Although the two of you look happy enough without the party." "We're coming, Padfoot. Hold on. I have to change. Will you wait for me out here?" Lily nodded and walked with him to the entrance to the locker rooms. After he went in, she sat down on the grass to wait for him. "Well, well. What's a mudblood like you sitting out here by herself?" She looked up to see Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix Black, and his croonies (Crabbe and Goyle) standing in front of her. "What do you want?" Lily snarled standing up. They didn't scare her, although they thought they did. "What do we want, Lucius?" Bellatrix asked him. Her voice sounded like nails on a blackboard, and made Lily cringe. "We want all the mudbloods to be dead, of course, Bella." His pointed nose was in the air, and his slicked back white blonde hair was so shiny that it looked like a mirror. "What do you want, mudblood?" "I want you to leave." "We can't do that. Dark Lord's orders." "I always knew you would end up as one of his pathetic slaves." "Watch who you insult, mudblood. Let's go." Malfoy beckoned to his croonies, and the four of them stalked off. Lily's face was set in pure anger, but there was fear in her eyes. "You okay?" James asked as he saw his girlfriend's face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Let's go to the party." James took her hand and they walked back to the common room. *********************************** When they arrived back at the tower, the party was already in full swing. People were dancing, and there was a table filled with food and butterbeer. "You know, we really shouldn't allow a party like this to go on, James. We are Head Boy and Girl, and it's our job to-" "Oh, relax Lily. We have parties like this whenever we win. Lighten up, have some fun." James gave her a smile that made her knees go weak and she agreed. "Alright, fine." "Excellent. You want a butterbeer?" "Sure." Lily and James walked towards the table to get butterbeers, and then made their way over to the couch. James took a swig of his butterbeer and looked at Lily. She caught him looking at her. "What?" "Um, I know this might not be the time to ask, but, do you, if your parents don't mind, of course, do you want to spend Christmas with my family? Sirius'll be there too." James asked hopefully. Shocked, Lily had to think this over. It would delight her sister if she didn't come home for Christmas, her dad would probably be on a business trip, and her mum would want her to be happy. "I would love to come, James. I'll owl my mum and ask her. Is it okay with your parents?" "Yeah, I already asked them. I'm so happy that you want to come." He leaned in and kissed her, deeply. "Well. Never thought that I'd see this." They broke apart, and saw most of the party had stopped and were staring at them. Lily saw that it was Lauren who had spoken and had her hands on her hips. "Go away, Lauren." James and Lily said together, annoyed. She marched away, back to her group of friends. The party went on until well past midnight, when James, Lily, Remus, and Li were able to get everyone clam (or stunned) and up to bed. Sirius and Brianna tried their best to keep the party going, but failed when Remus stunned the both of them, and they were brought up to bed. The rest of the remaining group bid each other goodnight, and went up to bed just as the last star came into the sky.

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