Albus Dumbeldore glanced worriedly at the Sorting Hat on the stool. He had heard the entire conversation between the Hat and Hope. Dumbeldore fondly remembered the first year he had become Headmaster; hearing the Sorting conversations had scared him into thinking he was hallucinating. He smiled at the humorous memory of trying to convince Poppy Pomfrey that he was ill, but his thoughts soon returned to the present. This new entanglement was disturbing, and Dumbeldore wasn’t sure what to make of it. The Hat had mentioned a similar magical presence to Harry Potter, bringing out even eerier coincidences. Harry looked just like his father and Hope looked very much like the Lily Evans of old. Dumbeldore frowned in thought as he remembered Harry’s own Sorting. Something rang a faint bell in Dumbeldore’s mind and he made a note to himself that he had some research to do on some particular Dark magic spells. Meanwhile, there was other business to attend to. He cleared his throat and the chatter died slowly and reluctantly. “Miss Rowanwood, I do hope you will enjoy your new home at Hogwarts.” He solemnly declared as the girl nodded happily, holding Ron Weasley’s hand. “Now students, as we begin this year, there will be a few changes made to the basic rules. One, being such that, Hogsmeade trips require a partner. A student can not go about the village without another. Large groups are encouraged; the larger the number and the more talented the students, the better for us all. I do not think I need to remind anyone that certain Dark wizards have reemerged in our world. Protecting yourself is hardly a trivial matter.” Dumbeldore paused as he looked pointedly at three particular Gryffindors. “Secondly, I request that anyone who knows anything about recent events; please tell a teacher or myself. Even if you have only a suspicion, it could become very useful later on. If you wish name anonymous, leave a note if you must. Information is knowledge and knowledge is power. We will need talented wizards and witches to defeat evil; I am sure that each and everyone of you can help make the difference.” He saw Harry blush in the corner of his eye. “On to more pleasant news. Our teaching staff has been slightly reorganized. Professor Snape, who has been the Potions Master for many years, will now be taking the presently vacant role of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor.” The Hall burst into noise with loud exclamations of surprise. Snape had been trying for years, but no one had ever considered that he would actually get it. Even the newly sorted first-years knew that Severus Snape had once been a Death Eater. Dumbeldore waited with patience that reflected his years as the din receded, “Professor, I hope you fare better than the last five teachers to hold that position.” A still slightly shocked Snape abruptly smiled smugly and nodded politely at Dumbeldore as the ancient wizard continued, “Since our Potions position has now been vacated, I am pleased to introduce your new Potions Mistress. Donna Leffergee.” The students, still not over the shock of Hope’s Sorting and Snape’s newjob, clapped very distractedly at the now standing woman. They barely gave her a passing glance before returning their chatter about the exciting events that had just occurred. They didn’t notice how pale Donna had become in a few short minutes nor did they notice the tiny beads of perspiration on her forehead. Donna Leffergee smiled weakly at the crowd of chattering students and tried not to look at the newest Gryffindor. She waited until the weakly scattered applause completely quieted before she sat down. Sitting in her rather comfortable chair and playing with her black robe, Donna noticed her hand was shivering with fright. She knew why. Her past had come back to haunt her; and this time, there was no way to fix it.

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