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Chapter 8** Finished Potion and Back Through Time

Corbin and Trista sat side by side in Snape's cold classroom. Today was the day that they would test their potion. Neither of them could wait to see whether they had done it right. When it was their turn they threw the necessary pages into the cauldron. The potion turned a bright pink and they both filled cups and downed it in one gulp. Before they knew what was happening they felt a tug in their stomachs and knew that it had worked. They were going back to the war! They were finally going to see what had actually happened, even the parts that Ginny had found to horrible to mention in her diary. They would see what had really happened at Hogwarts that day.

When the tugging stopped they were standing on the grounds at Hogwarts just beside the lake. They stared up at the castle that they knew so well and loved. They knew that there would be questions asked as to why no one knew them and how they had come to Hogwarts, but they also knew that Dumbeldore would be waiting for them in his office. He had told them about being there when they had come the first time. He had given them the necessary alibi. He told them just before they took the potion that they should not allow their judgement to become clouded and that they should follow their hearts because their hearts would know what to do. Neither of them had understood exactly what his meaning was but they knew that they would soon find out. They looked at each other and headed up the grounds towards the castle. They linked hands for support since they were in a time that they knew no one beside Dumbledore and their parents. They were slightly nervous now that they were there.

They heard noise coming from the Great Hall where everyone was having breakfast. Instead of stopping in and rousing curiosity on the part of the students. They headed straight to Dumbeldore's office. He met them outside. "All right. Welcome Mr. Malfoy, Ms. Potter. Let's go to the Great Hall. I'll explain to everyone how you are transferring from another school and tell them what houses you are in. I'm sure that the sorting hat will place you in your respective houses again. While you are here you are Trista Jones and Corbin Taylor. You are to reveal your true identity to no one. Follow me." He turned and led them down the hallway towards the Great Hall once more. They entered and he nodded for Professor McGonagall to bring the Sorting Hat forward. He motioned for silence and everyone in the hall quieted.

"I would like to introduce our two newest students. They are transferring here from Salem School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in America. Their names are Trista Jones and Corbin Taylor. They are sixth years." Trista sat on the stool first and the hat was placed upon her head. After a few moments of the hat debating he placed her in Slytherin yet again. Next Corbin sat on the stool. The hat began whispering into his ear. "You are destined for great things. You will help to tip the balance in the war ahead. You will decide whether or not Harry Potter will defeat the dark lord. You are very brave and loyal yet you have a cunning mind and a ruthlessness that are very becoming in a Slytherin. Where to put you. You seem to be the most difficult to place since Harry Potter himself." Finally after much debate the hat decided that Corbin Taylor was to be a Gryffindor lion. He quickly jumped up to join the rest of the Gryffindor table. He knew that he and Trista were going to have their work cut out for them. They had set it up to where they would have a few days to settle in before the attack. This was shaping up to be a very interesting year indeed. He was looking forward to it. He smiled at Trista across the hall. She smiled back at him and he was struck once again by her beauty. She was so amazing! He had never met anyone like her and didn't think he would again. God help him! He had fallen in love with her! He knew that he was in for it now. How would he ever hide his feelings from her now that he realized them? He hoped that he wouldn't begin to act strangely now that he knew he loved her.

The breakfast went by smoothly and Corbin found himself making friends with many of his aunts and uncles. They had all been so friendly and accepting when they were younger. Everyone that he met was extremely kind to him. They all helped him find his classes aftre breakfast. He was shocked to find himself in classes with his mother. She was absolutely brilliant! She knew almost everything about all of the subjects that she took. He figured that he wouldn't be in classes with his parents or Trista's yet here he was sitting next to a seventeen year old Hermione Malfoy. Sorry. Granger. He was absolutely thrilled to find that he also had classes with Trista and her mother. How weird was it that he was sharing classes with his parents.

They day flew by relatively fast. He met up with Trista just before dinner outside of the Great Hall. It was so good to see her since they had had only one class together all day. It was nice to see someone that he was used to. He knew now that he was crazy sick in love with her but at this exact moment in time all he could think of was that his childhood friend was here with him.

As they parted ways to go to their respsctive tables he found himself wondering how in the world they had ended up hating each other. All he could remember was that one day they had simply stopped being friends. He remembered them flirting as children. He had always had a crush on her in their younger years but then it had just stopped. He hadn't even noticed at first how she was drawing herself away from him because it was so gradual, but he noticed now that after they had started at Hogwarts and she had become a Slytherin and he had become a Gryffindor she had started to draw back. Now he realized that it was most likely because of their houses. The Slytherins and Gryffindors had never gotten along. True it was much better in their time than it was in the time of their parents but there was still interhouse fighting. He figured that the other snakes in her house had convinced her that there was no lion worth trusting. Those bastards had turned his best childhood friend against him!! That really grated his nerves to the last. He could only breathe a sigh of relief at the fact that they were back together now and he would never let anything tear them apart again. He figured that after what they were about to go through there would never be anyone or anything that would be able to tear their friendship apart again. All of a sudden he understood what dangers lie ahead of them. He would do everything in his power to protect her. He wouldn't lose her again. No way would he lose her.

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