CHAPTER TWENTY-NINE- Start of Holidays You were let out of the Hospital Wing the next day. Weeks went by and you were avoiding everyone. The whole school knew about what had happened. You had tried to manipulate fire again, but the only thing that you accomplished was getting burnt. You started to think that Dumbledore had been wrong, that you weren’t a fire manipulator. You had even been distant with Harry since the night in the Hospital Wing. You didn’t know what had happened and you hadn’t asked if he had felt it too. You just wanted all of it to end. You were happy when Christmas holiday finally came and almost everyone had gone home. The morning that the holidays started you slept in. When you came down to the Common Room, Harry was waiting for you. “Good-morning Kat” he said kindly, kissing you on the cheek. “Good-morning” you said sitting down on the rug by the fire. Harry sat down next to you and wrapped his arm around you. You leaned your head against his shoulder and took in his scent. It had been awhile since you two had just sat down in silence like this. You looked up at him. He lightly brushed his lips against yours and you smiled. After a few more minutes he broke the silence. “Kat, I’ve been thinking about what Dumbledore said.” You looked up at him and nodded. “So have I Harry.” “Have you been able to do anything with fire since then?” he asked quietly. “No. I don’t even think it was me. I think it was the dragon’s doing, not mine.” You said. “But they said that Norbert changed your blood somehow. If it wasn’t you then why is your blood different?” he asked. You looked into the fire and remembered what had happened. “I don’t know”
That afternoon, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville, you, and a girl from Ravenclaw named Luna Lovegood went onto the grounds to have a snowball fight. Hermione didn’t really get into playing. Instead she sat on a large rock with a jar of blue fire in front of her reading a book. You walked over to her after nailing Ron in the head with a snowball. “What are you reading?” you asked her looking at the cover. It had a giant cloud of purple and blue intertwining smoke on it. “Magcal Levitation Through-Out History. I’m trying to be able to levitate. It’s really complicated though. You have to find your center, and once you’ve found it you have to be able to go into a deep meditation called Cal-no-ream. It’s amazingly difficult. You have to be One with everything around you.” She said very frustrated, and closed her eyes. You went back to play with the others leaving her be.
The game ended abruptly that night when someone threw a snowball at Hermione. She was knocked out of thin air, as she had managed to levitate after only an hour, and floated off to the castle screaming. Ron went running after her. After that everyone seemed to think it was a good idea to stop the game. You went up to the Great Hall hand-in-hand with Harry. There were about five or six people left in each House that hadn’t gone home. And you were very upset to see that they all turned their heads and stared at you until you sat down. “Just ignore them Kat. They’re not worth it.” Harry whispered in your ear. You nodded and looked around. “Where’s Ron and Hermione?” you asked still looking for them. Harry looked around too. “I don’t know. Maybe they weren’t hungry.” “Yeah, maybe.” You loaded your plate with food. You were starving after running around outside all day. You went up to the Common Room with Harry about half an hour later. What you found was not welcoming. When you walked into Harry’s dormitory you saw Ron and Hermione on his bed. Hermione had no shirt and Ron had no pants. They looked up at you with terror written all over there faces. “OH MY GOD” you screamed turning away and covering your face “I am so sorry.” You said then ran out of the room. Harry was still standing there gaping at them. Of coarse it would be a shock for him. They were his two best friends. You ran back up and pulled him out. “Come on Harry!” He reluctantly came with you. You knew that if you hadn’t of pulled him out he would have started to yell at them. They never came down. You did, however, hear doors opening and closing upstairs. You knew that Hermione had gone to her own dormitory. Neither you or Harry wanted to go up and face them, so you both fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.
You woke up the next morning and saw that Harry wasn’t there. No one was. There were, however, red rose petals all over you and the couch. You smiled and looked down. There was a trail of rose petals leading to the bathrooms. You stretched and got up to follow them. When you opened the door to the bathroom you let out a laugh. There were hundreds of roses there waiting for you. And in the middle of them all was Harry. “Good-morning Kat. Did you sleep well?” he asked. You smile. “Yes, I did. Did you?” you ask smelling a rose. “No, not at all. But seeing you smile like that today has definitely made up for it” he said wrapping his arms around your waist. You laugh and turn around. He smiles at you and you bite your lip. A voice in your head started talking. Hurry! Do it now! KILL HIM! You're alone, you can make it look like he slipped. You shook your head to make the voice go away. “What’s wrong?” asked Harry. You shook your head again and leaned up to kiss him. He was a bit surprised at first, but returned the kiss. It seemed to last forever. You were both too scared to brake it, afraid that the chance may never come again if you did.

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