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A/N: This is Lisa with the author's note. I'm sorry if you think it took long for us to update, I really am. We worked constantly to get this chapter up ASAP. Liz did the majority of the writing for this chapter like she did for the last. But I contributed a couple of pages and tons of ideas. So it evens out. This chapter was kinda rushed so if there are places that are akward please inform us. Hope you enjoy reading this chapter, cause there are lots of important things. If you read it carefully enough some details are revealed.

It was a fairly hot day in the month of June that was soon coming to an end. Every single Weasley gathered at the Haven for another one of their wonderful weekend gatherings. Everyone except for Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley of course. None of the Weasleys had talked to Ron since the day he left, just a few letters here and there. Unfortunately, nobody could communicate with Harry. He was off in top secret challenges that were unspeakable in auror training. Sending and owl would only give away his position They were both out fulfilling their dream jobs and training hard for what they wanted to become. Everyone missed them dearly, especially their loved ones. But they were strong and did not want their husbands to leave their training just to come home. The two knew that their husbands would regret it if they did.

Hermione was in the kitchen preparing more snacks for the younger Weasleys, while fixing up some tasty lemonade to satisfy the adults thirst. “Nothing but delicious lemonade on a hot June day.” Hermione said aloud, not realizing that someone was watching her.

“You are certainly right my dear,” Mrs. Weasley said startling Hermione, causing her to drop the spoon, letting it clatter and fall to the floor.

“Oh my, Molly you gave me quite a scare.” Hermione said while bending down to pick up the spoon. Only to be stopped by Mrs. Weasley helping her back up.

“Hermione, you shouldn’t be bending down like that. Especially since you’re due next month, it’s not healthy for your back or for your darling baby.” Mrs. Weasley advised.

“Oh, I’m fine really. You shouldn’t be worrying about me Molly. Why don’t you go outside with everyone else and I’ll bring the lemonade out as soon as I finish.” Hermione said politely and turned back to continue making the lemonade.

“Actually, I wanted to talk to you about your baby.” Mrs. Weasley said in a serious tone.

“What about my baby?” Hermione turned around cheerfully at the thought of her child. But that large smile soon faded when she saw Mrs. Weasley’s serious face and knew that this conversation wasn’t going to be good. “Oh, ok then,” Hermione replied quickly.

“Maybe it would be best if we step into the family room and talk there. You can rest your back for a little bit.” Mrs. Weasley suggested.

“Yes, that would probably be best.” Hermione agreed as she settled the lemonade pitcher on the kitchen counter, while they both walked in silence to the large, vacant family room. Hermione glided through the open way that led to the family room. She looked down at her rather large stomach as she swiftly rubbed her hand across her belly. Mrs. Weasley pulled Hermione's hand off her stomach as she led her to the sofa that had plenty of fluffed pillows. Hermione hated how Mrs. Weasley treated her like a valuable porcelain doll from China, it deeply aggravated her.

Hermione steadily sat down as she made herself feel comfortable. She wore a simple, but elegant sundress that made her look very pretty that tugged on her beautiful body at all the right places. Even for someone who was currently eight months pregnant she was always glowing. She wore a pink diamond engagement ring that Ron had proposed to her with. She loved it dearly and always admired how beautiful it looked, but also how simple it was. Her hair had remained the same; very bushy. But when she wanted to tame it out, she had very elegant, straight hair that looked stunning. Her chocolate brown eyes are always twinkling, but right now it had lost its usual glow.

She knew that the conversation with Mrs. Weasley would not be pleasant. Hermione’s eyes followed Mrs. Weasley as she sat on the sofa that lay across from her. Molly had aged over the years, but she still remains as pretty as before. The famous Weasley red hair now had a few white hairs here and there. Molly still dressed as though she were still a young and fun person. She wore a knee-length white skirt and a simple white polo shirt. She always wore clothes that made her seem younger, because she always seemed to act younger. Molly might still act as if she was young, but some of her thoughts were still very old-fashioned. Like what she was about to tell Hermione.

The only thing that separated them was a shimmering coffee table that had a few books and a teddy bear. The bear grabbed Hermione’s attention. She stretched her hand out to grab it, hoping Mrs. Weasley would not notice. For if she did, on with the next lecture. Hermione grabbed the bear with her right arm. She took a careful look at the bear, and for an instance she almost didn’t recognize it.

It was Hermione’s favorite teddy bear which she had grown with as a child. The bear that had comforted her in her time of need; his name was Ryan. Except now, the teddy bear looked new, thanks to Ginny, his buttoned eyes were not out of place and the fur from the bear had grown into a new refurnished color and tone. The most apparent part from the bear was the shirt. Ginny had made the miniscule shirt herself. It was a shade of blue that depicted the words, “It’s a Boy.” Hermione smiled to herself as she cuddled with the bear, which Ginny had redecorated independently.

“Hermione.” Mrs. Weasley snapped to grab her attention, and she succeeded. Hermione had dropped the teddy bear on the carpet floor, and she dared not to reach for it. Mrs. Weasley stared at Hermione directly in the eyes as she crossed her legs. Calmly, she pulled her hands together as she opened her mouth wide-opened. No words came out.

“Yes.” Hermione replied looking awkwardly at Mrs. Weasley. Hermione blew some air out of her mouth sending her bushy hair in all direction. To prevent it from occurring again, she tied quickly tied her hair in a ponytail as she looked at Mrs. Weasley.

“Dear, I wish to talk about not you, but your baby. Your decision to keep it from Ronald is concerning me very much.” Mrs. Weasley began. Hermione had already decided for the past months that Ron would not find out until his return.

“Molly, we’ve discussed this loads of time, it’s becoming constant. I have already decided that this is best for my child, and Ginny thinks the same way. If we were to tell Ron and Harry, they would come running back. Then what, we wouldn‘t be able to provide for our babies. We wouldn‘t have money for food or for this house” Hermione said truthfully. As much as she felt guilty for not telling Ron, she thought it was best for her family and Ron.

“Hermione, money is not the problem, Arthur and I would provide that. So, can you really tell yourself everyday that this is best for your baby? That keeping this child a secret from his father is for the best?” Mrs. Weasley was interrupted from a door slam that had come from the kitchen door, but she simply ignored it.

It was Ginny. Ginny was always as pretty as ever. She had grown up to be a more proper woman, but she still kept her features that made her very unique. Her red hair still glowed and her brown eyes still shined like it does everyday. She still had the same number of freckles that Harry loved to count constantly. Ginny wore a loose yellow dress that made her body features look wonderful. Even though Ginny had grown up and slightly changed in her thoughts, some things never change. For instance, her love of family. That is one thing she will never change. Ginny had a habit that she had constantly been doing ever since Harry left. Every time she was thinking about Harry she would spin and twist her ring to remind her that Harry loved her and would soon be back. They would have the loving, happy family that she wanted.

She had been wondering where her mother and future sister-in-law had gone. They had just disappeared from the garden. Ginny saw a glass pitcher of lemonade lying on the kitchen counter. She walked over to counter to get herself a glass hoping her large stomach would fit through the kitchen way. Yes, Hermione wasn’t alone in keeping her pregnancy a secret, but so was Ginny. Nobody outside the family knew about any of their pregnancies. It has been kept a secret from the day they discovered they had been in fact carrying children. Hermione had been the first to make the decision upon not telling the fathers, Ginny had followed along in support. Now, she had been doubting it all.

Ginny reached the counter. She carefully grabbed the lemonade pitcher. From where she stood, she saw her mother and Hermione. They looked deep into a conversation, Ginny thought she could help with a few glasses of lemonade, so she grabbed the pitcher and walked to the family room. Mrs. Weasley abrasive voice grew louder and louder.

“Hermione, you know this is the wrong thing to do. You have to tell Ron before you give birth.” Mrs. Weasley practically demanded. Hermione’s back pain grew worse as stomach pains began to increase, except her pain was made unnoticeable to Mrs. Weasley. She felt her heat temperature begin to rise as migraines began to develop.

“Ginny and I have been talking….” Mrs. Weasley was once again interrupted but by Hermione, who held her hand against her waist.

“You and Ginny have been talking behind my back, why?” Hermione said as she knew what Mrs. Weasley was going to say, “Is Ginny gonna tell Ron and Harry?”

“As a matter of fact she has made that decision to do so. We talked for hours just like you and I are doing, and I hope you will change your mind as she did. She will only tell Harry, it’s best for the babies. Now, I hope you will do the same for yourself, Ron, and the baby. ” Mrs. Weasley said. Hermione’s pain only got worse, and she wished they would go away.

“I refuse to tell Ron. This is best for my baby and our future. Ginny is making the wrong decision.” Hermione said, but she wasn’t sure she believed herself. Her stomach pain grew more painful and aching. The heat and sweat in her body had increased. More stomach pains aroused in her left side of the stomach.

“Ron as your baby’s father must know Hermione. I’ve been holding off my opinion and what’s right for the past eight months of your pregnancy, and now I think it’s time you tell Ron.” Mrs. Weasley said as Ginny walked into the room with lemonade. She looked at the angry Hermione and her mother. They both looked at her.

“Ginny, please tell your mother that not telling Ron and Harry is for the best.” Hermione pleaded wishing for support. By the look of Ginny’s face, she knew she wasn’t going to receive any.

“Hermione, my mother’s right we have to tell them,” Ginny said as Hermione let out a small whimper, “What we’re doing isn’t fair to Ron, Harry, or our babies.” Hermione let her tears fall down. Her pain had become worse. A searing pain had been growing stronger in her stomach. It was the baby.

“Ahhh,” Hermione wailed in pain as she slowly began to fall off the sofa.

“Hermione!” Ginny yelled as she dropped the glass pitcher of lemonade on the floor. The dish clattered making a loud noise of destruction. The pieces of glass clattered across the floor as the lemonade spread. The carpet had become saturated with lemon juice and glass crystal. Ginny moved as fast as she could to help Hermione.

“I think the baby is coming.” She screamed. Mrs. Weasley stood up as she helped Ginny with Hermione as Ginny yelled for Charlie’s help.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~St. Mungo’s ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“Bloody stupid bludger! Knocking me off my freaken broom! I swear I’m gonna get it back!” Ron silently muttered to himself. Ron was frustrated because he anticipated what to do when the bludger was heading towards him. For the first time, he just froze and didn’t move. ‘Maybe Quidditch isn’t the best thing for me. It seems as though I’m actually getting worse.’ He thought to himself. But another part of his mind said, ‘But this is your dream and this was your first mistake. You will train some more and you won’t freeze up.’ “Ahhh, stop it!” Ron yelled in frustration because of the internal argument that was going on in his head.

“Well Mr.Weasley you may now leave, but you cannot go back to Quidditch training until next week. I may have healed your leg, but it needs to stay down on the ground. I just owled your coach and he said it was fine. As long as you got some rest, he’ll let you come back to training next week I suggest you go home and spend some time with your family. I’m pretty sure they really miss you,” Healer Klein informed Ron as he turne around and pointed his hand to the direction he faced, “There’s the loo if you wish to change.” Ron nodded as he slowly stood up directing his eyes toward his knee and the door to the loo. He grabbed his clothes and began to walk away.

Ron wanted to moan and groan since he was going to be away from his training for at least a week. But as soon as Healer Klein reminded Ron that this time could be spent with his family; his mood completely changed. He was indeed very happy now. “Thank you Healer Klein,” said as he was walking “I’ll be apparating after I change.” When he retrieved his wand from the pocket of his pants Healer Klein screamed back at Ron and started walking back towards him.

“Are you crazy? You can’t possibly apparate anywhere with that leg of yours; you can easily get splinched. And I don’t want to have to deal with you again anytime soon. Just floo home, it’s not exactly safe but at least it’s better than apparating.”

“Okay, if it makes you feel better.” Ron said as he accentuated the word you. He walked a little closer to the door to the loo, and it seemed as if it was eternity. Of course, the room was shaped like a perfect square but the distance between the walls could not be much. Maybe his injury slowed him down, but it was already healed. Ron walked a little further across the room to the door directly across the entrance to the gleaming white room with linens spread everywhere. He had been practically dragging his leg at this point. As soon as he reached the door, he heard a distant scream. He entered the loo practically ignoring the yell, closing the door behind him.

“Ginny, help me!” Hermione pleaded as tears of pain strolled down her tinged cheeks. The people who stood on the same floor gave her a pity look practically saying ‘So young.’ Bill grabbed Hermione as her hands were wrapped around his shoulder. Mrs. Weasley had sustained two hot towels around Hermione’s stomach as well as her forehead. The heat had no effect on her; she was still in excruciating pain.

“We need to get a healer,” Mrs. Weasley said as she spotted the closest room, “There!” she yelled as she pointed to the door of the room. The sign said ‘Orthopedic Healer, Healer Klein.’

Luckily, a healer from St. Mungo’s that specialized in gynecology saw Hermione and her hand digging into her stomach. She immediately walked over as she grabbed a few of her materials.

“What’s the problem?” the female healer who wore her nametag with the name Healer Persephone. She examined Hermione giving a careful analysis. The healer opened the door to get Hermione to a comfortable bed as soon as possible.

“What the hell does it look like?” Hermione snapped. Her sweat began to build particularly around her face. Ginny, Hermione, and Mrs. Weasley walked into the room while Charlie left home to inform the others. The healer added clean new sheets to the bed as she conjured a bowl of hot water and another silver liquid substance. She assisted Mrs. Weasley with Hermione as they both helped her onto the white linen bed.

The healer pulled a few different vials from her hand. Steadily, the bowl of hot water levitated as she began to drop the liquid within the vial into the bowl. As her finishing touch, she added a bit of the silvery substance. She handed the bowl to Hermione.

“It doesn’t have the best taste, but it will help.” The healer told Hermione. Hermione had paced her breath as she held the bowl. She took a sip of the medicine, and was disgusted by the taste of this horrid substance that just slivered down her throat. But within a second the effects took place and she had begun to calm down. Her pain had decreased, and she was no longer crying out loud.

“Nothing to worry about,” the healer informed, “Simply, a false alarm, you can’t give birth unless your water broke,” the healer looked at Hermione in her clothing, “and I’m quite positive that didn’t happen.” Hermione grabbed the hot towel Mrs. Weasley had been holding as she wiped her face. She leaned forward reaching over the bed. The healer took a few minutes to examine Hermione and the baby to make sure nothing was wrong with them.

“You and your baby are fine; don’t worry you’re still due next month. Just to be on the safe side, I will advise you on a few things,” The healer said, “Avoid anything that can bring harm such as work, depression, or stress.”

Hermione looked over at Ginny and Mrs. Weasley. They were the ones to be blamed for the stress, but Hermione had herself to blame about the depression and work.

“You can really harm your child if you don’t take care of yourself Mrs…”

“Granger.” Hermione informed. She stood up as she felt a rise of afternoon sickness. She stood up from her bed only to be stopped by the healer.

“What did I tell you about work, anything that involves too much energy can harm you.” She informed once again.

“I’m sorry, but I feel a bit sick. May I use the loo?” Hermione asked. She felt like she was about to faint. The medicine had helped her plenty, but she still felt ill. She was still pregnant so she had these common feelings of sickness. Hermione walked over to the bathroom. She walked at a very slow pace until she eventually reached the door. Her hands stretched over to the door knob, but for some odd reason it was moving itself. Hermione moved a little back. The door swung open as she saw a familiar person inside.

“Hermione?” Ron gasped as he examined Hermione’s body.

A/N: I know it was a bad place to leave off on. And it's gonna take awhile to update. Liz was made valedictorian of the class of '05 so everyone say congrats to her. That would be our excuse to why it's gonna take forever to update.

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