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Please read and review! Enjoy the 7th chapter! ************************************************ A couple of weeks had passed since the incident, and it was now mid-November; when the trees were just starting to look like skeletons, and the autumn wind was turning into winter wind. The day when the wind was at its worst was the day that Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to go to their Care of Magical Creatures class with Hagrid. The whole way down the slopping grounds from the castle to Hagrid's hut was a long and slow one. Hermione kept slipping from the amount of her books (also because the sight of seeing that first year hung still had a very strong affect on her), Ron stopped every time she slipped to help her up, and Harry waited for them every time. By the time they reached the hut, the class had already assembled at the shadowy entrance to the Forbidden Forrest. "Listen up, yer' lot." Hagrid boomed. His hair seemed to be a more tangled mess then it usually was, and his face seemed extremely grief-stricken. "Follow me, and turn your books to page 23." He turned around and bounded off deeper into the forrest. "Better look after your girlfriend, Weasley." Cat whispered as she walked past with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. "Don't want a rope around her neck, now do you?" Malfoy and his croonies started sniggering as they walked ahead to catch up with the rest of the class. Harry could feel his temper on its last nerve, and was about to pull out his wand to curse Cat into oblivation, but Hermione put her hand on his arm. "Harry, just ignore them. That'll never happen to me, I promise." She smiled reassuringly at both Ron and Harry, although there was fear etched in her eyes. They walked up to the class and stayed in the far back. "Now, this here animal is called a Chimaera. Can anyone tell me, besides Hermione, what a Chimaera is?" Hermione's hand had shot in the air, but had come down sadly when Hagrid had started speaking. "Yes, you, Slytherin." "A Chimaera is a rare Greek monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a dragon's tail. It is vicious and bloodthirsty, making it extremely dangerous." Everyone turned around, to see who had spoken. Cat's head was held up proudly as she spoke. Immediatly, everyone started whispering about her. "How can a Slytheirn know that much?" "I thought Hermione was the only know-it-all." Harry, Ron, and Hermione were all staring at each other, until Hermione remembered. "Remeber what you told us Harry? She's transfered here from America because she was too smart for that school, and she's younger than us and in our year." " Er, correct. 10 points to Slytherin. Now, yer all goin' to be observing this Chimaera here. Now, he's perfectly trained so you don't have to worry 'bout him. So, I want yer to observe what he looks like, how he eats, how he moves, and the sounds he makes. After yer done with that, write a 36 inch report with your notes. Each topic one paragraph. Understand? Good, start working." Everyone got into groups with their friends, and started talking while they took their notes. "I'm surprised it took Hagrid this long to get an animal this dangerous. I mean, the last one was two years ago." Harry said jotting down his observations. "What animal two years ago?" Ron asked. "The Blast-Ended Skrewts." "Oh, right. Can you believe what that girl said to us before?" "She's a Slytherin, Ron. And, besides she's hanging out with Malfoy." Harry said. "I'll bet you she's only going to get worse. You alright, Hermione?" Hermione's head shot up from her notes which she had been working on rapidly, ignoring Harry and Ron's conversation. "What? Oh, sorry, Harry. What did you say?" "He asked if you were alright, Mione. You've been really quiet lately." "Oh, um, I'm, okay. Don't worry. Oh look, we're going." Hermione jumped up, packed her books up really fast and rushed away from them towards the castle. "What's wrong with her?" Ron asked worridly as he and Harry walked back up toward the castle. "It's probably the hanging. Did you hear what happened to that kid?" Harry asked as they sat down for lunch. "Yeah, he was sent home. He's alright though. His parents just don't want him in Hogwarts anymore. Where's Hermione?" Ron asked looking around the Great Hall. "Hey, guys. Who are you looking for?" Ginny asked as she came to sit next to Harry. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before getting some food. "Ginny, did you see Hermione anywhere?" Harry asked. "No. Why, what happened?" "That Cat girl scared her." Ron muttered angrily. "What did she say to Hermione?" "She told us to look out for Hermione, and if we didn't there might be a rope around her neck too." Harry said angrily. "Why would she say that?" Ginny asked, concerned. "Why do you think, Ginny?" Ron said sarcastically. "And people call me thick." He muttered as an after thought. Ginny rolled her eyes at him "Maybe she'll come later." She said. But Ginny was wrong, Hermione never showed up to lunch, and got Ron and Harry nervous. "What if the Slytherins did something to her?" Ron asked shakily. "They couldn't have Ron. We saw Malfoy and Cat in the Great Hall the entire time. I'm sure she's just fine." Harry reassured Ron, although he never managed to convince himself. When they came to the door of their Defense Against the Dark Arts class, Harry and Ron saw Hermione standing there, waiting for them. "I was wondering when you two would come." She said before going into the classroom. Confused, Harry and Ron followed her in. They took seats in the front, hoping that their real teacher would at least show up to this class. For their first five classes, they had been taught by Snape, and he had made sure to make their life their a living hell. Five minutes after class was supposed to begin, the door opened. A crinkly, withered hand pushed the door open slowly. A small, hunched figure walked through the door wearing a long tattered red robe that dragged along the floor. "Please be quiet, class. I am Professor Murphy, your Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. Oh, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Finnigan, put that away before I start my lesson." Everyone turned to look at Seamus and Dean, who were looking at some sort of Quidditch magazine under Seamus's desk. "Now, can anyone tell me what your last Professor was teaching you?" She reached up, and pulled back her hood, revealing long, white hair that fell gracefully behind her back, and a face that looked as if a face of a thirty year old was put on her. Her skin was as pale and as clear as sand, and she had beautiful hazel eyes that moved around the room constantly. "Yes, Ms.Granger." "Our last Professor, Professor Umbridge, was having us read each chapter in our textbook." Hermione answered promptly. "And? Is that all?" Propfessor Murphy inquired, her arms folded across her chest. "Yes." "Tisk, tisk, tisk. Not what I expected from a room full of O or EE O.W.L. scorers. Alright, lets start off on something easy today, shall we? Now, the spell that I am going to have you master is the Fire Spell. Now, there are other fire spells, but, this one is specifically used for fighting your enemys. The incantation is Rosi Carne. Repeat after me, Rosi Carne." "Rosi Carne." "Very good, lets try it again." "Rosi Carne." "Excellent. Now, you are going to get one or two partners, and start practicing the spell. The fire won't burn the ground, just make sure that it doesn't touch your partners. The fire'll die down eventually. Begin." The sounds of spell practicing was heard around the room, and dancing flames soon consumed the floor. "Rosi Carne." Ron muttered. His wand simply sputtered ashes. He growled and tried again "Rosi Carne." Only ashes came out. Getting angrier, he said it again, this time more forcefully. "ROSI CARNE!" Flames erupted from the end of his wand, and a large grin came onto his face. "Excellent, Mr. Weasley. 5 points to Gryffindor." Professor Murphy said as she passed by. "Come on, Mr.Potter, your turn." Harry got up from the desk he had been sitting on with Hermione and walked in front of the professor. "Rosi Carne." Harry said simply, and large flames came from out of his wand. Professor Murphy smiled. "I would expect nothing else, Harry. Lily and James were exceptional in this class. CLASS DISMISSED!" She shouted, walking towards her office, leaving Harry shocked by her comment. "How does she know your parents?" Ron asked. "No, idea. Come on, let's get to dinner." Harry breathed, picking up his bag and following Ron and Hermione out of the classroom towards the Great Hall. ***************************************** "You gonna eat that, Harry?" Ron asked him as Harry stared off into space. "No, here Ron." Eagerly, Ron grabbed Harry's unfinsished chicken leg and started devouring it. "Ron, you are disgusting." Ginny spat as she watched her brother eat like he had never eaten before. "What?" He asked, pieces of chicken coming out of his mouth. "Ugh." Ginny rolled her eyes and got up. "I'm going back to the common room. Coming Harry?" "Coming. See you guys in the common room." Harry went to get up and follow Ginny, but Ron grabbed his arm. "Harry, don't you dare try anything with my sister up there. If you do, you'll never see the light of day again." Harry laughed at Ron's over-protectiveness. "Don't worry, Ron. Nothing will happen. I swear." Seeming satisfied, Ron let go of Harry and he went back to eatting. When Harry finally arrived at the common room, he saw Ginny sitting patiently on the couch. "Hi, Harry. What kept you?" "Ron." "What did he say?" Ginny narrowed her eyes, an angry look coming onto her face. "He told me not to try anything with you, unless I never want to see the light of day again." Her eyes seemed to be electrified, they were so full of anger. "I HATE when he does this! He does this with every guy I go out with!" "Calm down, Ginny. He's just worried about you. He doesn't want anything to happen to you." Harry sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulders. "I just wish that he would stop." "He can't, it's his job." The two of them sat in a comfortable silence for awhile, staring into the fire, each of them wrapped in their own thoughts. "Oh, Harry. I almost forgot. Did Ron tell you that we might be going to Grimmauld Place for Christmas?" "No, it must have slipped his mind. What do you mean "might be going"?" "Mum isn't sure about it yet. The Order's not sure if it's safe to go." "Ginny." "Yeah, Harry." "Something odd happened today." "What is it?" Ginny sat up and turned around to face him. "When we were in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Murphy said to me that she expected nothing but the best from me. Because my parents were really good in that subject. Do you think she was their teacher?" "I don't know. We could look in the Room of Requirement. If we ask for the records of the teachers and students that went here, I'm sure we'll find her." "That's a great idea, Ginny. Will you go with me now?" Harry asked excitiedly. "Sure. We should take the Marauder's Map and your invisiblity cloak, though." "Good idea. I'll be right back." He jumped up from off the couch and ran to get the map and cloak. When he came down, Ginny was waiting for him at the portrait hole. He threw the invisiblity cloak over them and they walked out of the portrait. They soon came to the corridor where the room was located and Harry walked past it thinking carefully of what they needed. 'We need a place where there is all the records of all the students and teachers that were ever at Hogwarts'. After the third time of walking past the wall, Ginny shouted. "Harry! The door's here!" She pulled open the door, and inside was the biggest libaray that Harry had ever seen. There was wall to wall bookshelves filled with all the records of the students and teachers at Hogwarts. There was also two large wooden tables, with chairs to sit down in. "We should look for teachers in the 70's, first." Harry suggested. They walked over to the bookshelves, and found the records of the students and teachers from the 70's. Harry started on the book of teachers, and Ginny started on the record of students. "Wow, McGonagall was here in the 70's. So was Flitwick and Dumbledore was the headmaster!" Harry exclaimed, he looked through the entire book, but he couldn't find a Professor Murphy. "Uh, Harry. I think you should take a look at this." Ginny said shakily. He rushed over to where she was sitting, and looked where she was pointing. Gryffindor Seventh Year: Sirius Black Lily Evans Remus Lupin Li-Emy Murphy Peter Pettigrew James Potter Brianna Wickham Rachel Wisteria Harry stared at the page in shock, his eyes as wide as his forehead. "Harry, Professor Murphy was in Gryffindor with your parents." Ginny breathed, just as confused as he was.

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