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Darkness crept Kasey’s hospital room as she laid there restlessly in a cold sweat. Her pajamas were drenched. Many nights she wandered out of her bed and slept at the corner of the room with only a pillow for her head and the cold floor for her blanket. The rustling of the trees made her stay awake at night, banging loudly by the window.
She slowly sneaked wolfishly out of her bed and descended to the bathroom. The cold floor felt sticky on the bottom of her feet which made her even more aggravated by each step she took. She silently tried to feel her way against the wall because the room was very dimly lit except for the star shaped figures on the walls that illuminated on the ceiling. Right about now she wished she’d had her wand gliding through the tips of her fingers and with a light flick could’ve turned on the light to the room. She shook the idea from her mind.

“Ouch, damn it! Stupid chair, why does everything have to piss me the hell off, can’t I just get to the damn bathroom in peace!” She stomped angrily on the floor in a heaving fit, and kicking the chair as hard as she could, only for the chair to fall loudly to the floor.

“Is everything alright in there Miss James, you should be in bed, resting?” a voice behind the hospital room called out to Kasey.

“I’m quiet alright, I just needed to go to the restroom, no fire here.” Sarcastic frowned shined on her face.

She finally reached the bathroom and opened the door jerkily and went inside. She stopped by the sinks mirror and for the brief moment of shock to dissipate. Nothing, for that moment in time could have moved her, shake her, or ever prowl her out of her trance. The bruises, cuts and stitches on her face and arms said it all, she was hurt rather badly. “No, Kasey, this is not real, you’re seeing things, just…..just close your eyes for a couple of seconds and everything will be gone. You’ve had a rough few hours that’s all, you’re delusional.” She closed her eyes for a few seconds, thinking; just maybe, maybe it wasn’t true. Her eyes must be playing tricks on her. She let out a little moan hoping when she’d open her eyes, nothing would be there. She exhaled.

“This is just great, I’m not even dead and I look like I’ve been dead for 50 years.”

She brought her fingers to her lips and shakily anticipated the agonizing pain she would feel on her bruised swollen lips against her cold clammy hands. She winced at the touch, and twitched back her fingers; she shivered at the experience. The back of her head was pounding excruciatingly.

“I must have been hit by a 2X4, I truly feel like shit.” She lowered her head down and began to massage her neck in counter clockwise motions.

She raised her head up and turned on the faucet water to splash some needed water on her face, and neck. She grabbed a near by towel and dabbed the corners of the cloth with ice cold water, to clean the dry blood on her lips and chin.

“Owwwwwwwwww! That stings!” She jumped up in down in pain.

“Damn old habits die hard.” She drew the cloth back to her face again.

“Owwwwwwwwww! For the love of Merlin!”

“Miss James, what do you think you are doing, and with a rough rag in your hands.” A stern voice came from beyond the bathroom, irritated.

Kasey was startled and put her rag behind her back “Nothing, I was just ……um…..what’s the word?”

“Lurking out of your bed in the middle of the night, and causing mischief?”

“Yeah that’s it, I mean no, I needed a glass of water, honestly.” A big grin appeared on her face.

“There is plenty of water in your glass Miss James by your bedside, where you are supposed to be sleeping and resting.” She had a stern frown across her lips.

“I’ve already drank the rest of my water, I needed some more.” Kasey clenched the wet wash cloth tighter in her hands.

“And how were you supposed to supply your thirst without your cup, were you going to lick the dirty faucet, or use the loo like a dog?” Folding her arms across her chest.

“I was going to use the rag and squirt the water out of it, duh? Good idea though, didn’t think about using the loo.”

“Miss James you are trying my patience, if this nonsense keeps up I will deeply consider putting you in the psycho ward. Now go back to your bed or I will change my mind”

Kasey threw a deep frown at the nurse and dragged her feet slowly without a care in the world; as she giggled under her breathe.

“How about I get Bruno to come in here and put you into bed, huh?”

Bruno was a giant that was about as tall as Hagrid but without the kindness. Kasey skipped and then ran to her bed and pulled the cover over her.

You know, I think I do need my rest, I’m feeling rather, groggy!” She stretched her arms out with a big yawn and flew back down on her bed.

“Better make sure you aren’t lurking around, I will be checking in on you periodically Miss James.” She closed the door to her bedroom.

Imitating the nurse’s voice, “Don’t be lurking around, I’ll be checking up on you.”

The door opens rapidly, “Miss James! Great Merlin, you are testing me with last bit of patience I have for you, I will not ask you again!”

“Honestly, if you were in my position, you would be going mad right about now. No walking, no lurking, no talking, no moving…… only rest….rest………rest…………”

The nurse decided to shut the door, already annoyed by Kasey insistent blabbing and complaining to herself.

“And another thing, do I have to have these blasted portraits looking at me all the time? “They freak me out, they stare at me, they cough, they laugh, they talk, they snore, and they are dead.” Doesn’t anyone listen to me here, it’s like I’m talking to a brick wall.” She felt the screams of frustration rise in her throat.


The trio retreated downstairs for the bright smelling aroma of Mrs. Weasley’s cooking. Smells of bacon, sausage, eggs, hash browns and waffles filled the air and through everyone’s senses. Fred and George slid down the rails of the stairs backwards and pushed there way ahead of Ron, Harry, and Hermione. Ron darted through the living room past the twins and up to the kitchen as Mrs. Weasley was setting the table with the delectable breakfast feast. Ron’s mouth was watering just at the sight of the food. His stomach began to rumble and tumble just waiting to gorge. Everyone else was at the table. Mr. Weasley was in a deep conversation with Charlie and Lupin about the most recent updates of muggle technology and how he thought it was fascinating to drive a piece of wiring through a box with wheels and cut the grass with it. Tonks was clumsily breaking dishes in the kitchen as a loud “sorry” came out from the kitchen. Mrs. Weasley shrieked with the fear of everything in the kitchen would ever cease to exist. Mad eye and Kingsley were looking at a magical blue-print of the next attempt on catching some death eaters that evening.

“If we take the Sneering Witches Path, we will only be led into a dead end, how we could possibly have any sense of taking your path, I have no Merlin clue.” Kingsley stroke a heated debate as Mad Eye circles around a glass of water.

“Ay, laddie, but I do know a secret passage way that constructively leads out of the Sneering Witches Path, passed Dragons Quartet, down passed the Swampy ditches of Mahogenslew, and finally to the site of their ghastly meetings.” He pointedly said as he streamed across the blue print with his eye ball rolling around to get a better look of the map.

“Alastor, please, put that thing in its proper compartment, this is an eating table!” Molly stared bugged eyed at the rolling ball moving in circles around the map.

“Sorry Molly, just trying to explain to this lad about another easier path that leads to tonight’s hunting’s.”

“Seeming as it may be, I must say it is inappropriate for the children to have to see…….

“Oh wow, cool trick Mad-eye, do it again!” The children stared wide-eyes except for the women who looked rather nauseas at the spinning eye ball.

“Eww, gross mad-eye haven’t I told you how utterly disgusting and considerably revolting it is when you play with your eyeball.” Tonks begins to hold her stomach as if to hurl at the presence of the eyeball.

“Alright! Alright! I’m putting it back where it belongs.” Mad-eye, stabbing the eyeball behind the back of his cloak, and smirking wolfishly.” “You know, I do have eyes in the back of my head. I’m watching you!”

Everyone began to laugh even Tonks and Molly blew a half smile and chuckled softly.


Kalendra and Kasey approached the door of Sirius’s old mansion. It was cold and rainy and Kasey was sure to have smelled a soft aroma of sweet musk coming from the rain. Didn’t exactly know why rain was giving that affect on her, but it was either that, or something nearby. She shrugged it off, pretending to ignore it. Kasey was about to turn the knob, and Kalendra placed her hand over her daughter’s.

“Kasey honey, let me ask you a question. Do I or have I disappointed you as a mother?”

Kasey’s heart struck a cord of utter surprise and astonishment; she never thought she would here those words coming from the lips of her mother. She looked down, staring at the door knob, like it was her only means of escape rather than entrapment. She stared for a moment at her reflection that was giving out from the silver sterling door knob. There was a shot of complete silence from the both of them and only the soft wind caressing through her hair. Kasey was speechless; hadn’t needed to explain herself what she felt about her and her mother’s relationship. All she ever needed to do was the yelling and arguing and that was that. She let the knob slip slowly through her hands and released it. She intertwined her hands together and deeply sighed as she came in contact with her mothers baby blue eyes, full of guilt. Kasey looked back down for a brief second and to realize how much of her was from her mother; uncomfortable with serious conversations, feelings and above all direct eye contact.

“Mom, I having nothing to say, I know that I feel let down and given up on. After dad was gone, you never once asked me how I felt. It was like I was dead to you. I felt abandonment on your side, no one to talk to. But, I’m fine now, so you conscience can be put rest!” Kasey turned back around to the door, her eyes were heating up.

“Kasey, I know I’ve made so many mistakes I need to account for. First as a mother…..” she was interrupted by Molly opening the door.

“Hello, my darling, how are you my dear? Molly gave one of her warm big hugs to Kasey.

“I’m quiet well Mrs. Weasley. I’m very glad to be out of the hospital, that’s for sure.”

“My dear, you look pale. They haven’t been feeding you, but you’re just in time breakfast is waiting on the table, everyone is in the kitchen.

“Thank you Mrs. Weasley, I’m very hungry.” Kasey putting her hand to her stomach signifying her hunger.

“Well then my dear, I won’t keep you, run along now.” Kasey stepped in the mansion and walked slowly through the entrance way.

“Hello Molly!” It’s always so wonderful to see you; we’ve got much to talk to.”

“I know dear, why don’t we step into the sitting room, let Kasey get reacquainted with everyone.”

Kasey walked slowly towards the kitchen and saw everyone engulfing the pleasurable feast on the table. Ron looked as if he was having the time of his life; 8 pancakes with syrup and butter flowing bloodily on his plate alongside 3 bacon strips, 6 pieces of toast with jam and too many eggs to account for. Harry and Hermione were staring at Ron with awe struck eyes as they dug into there breakfast. Remus and Mr. Weasley were drinking tea. Mad-eye and Kingsley were still going over plans. Tonks was picking up the last shards of broken plates that she had dropped in the kitchen, and then the twins were finally finished and excused themselves from the table and went through the back door. Kasey was not noticed and tried to slowly creep out from the kitchen towards the stairs.

“Miss James, I presume! Do you care to join us for a spot of breakfast?” Remus raised his cup and his eyes hammered to hers before she could make another move.

“Damn I was this close!” Kasey muttered underneath her breathe.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and all eyes were on Kasey. She felt a sudden urge of anxiety flow through her body. She hated the attention she was getting brought upon herself.

“Hello, everyone, happy breakfast hmm I think that’s how you say it. Nice to see you, tootles!” She started for the stairs again.

“Aren’t you going to introduce yourself, it’s only polite?” Mad-eye stared at her curiously through his magical eye.

“Oh well, um okay! For those who don’t know me.” Pointing and counting to the people she did not know. “Which is practically 50 percent of you, I’m Kasey Camellia James. I’m from America, just transferred to Hogwarts, I’m 16, brown hair, and hazel eyes…..hmm what am I missing? I will get back to you.” She said practically everything sarcastically.

“Told you she was feisty and sarcastic, she’s got bite to her, reminds me of her mother.” Remus gave her a tiny smirk.

“Yes, she does have that fire in her, true Gryffindor hopefully!” Mad-eye said with pride.

Kasey softly bit her bottom lip and rolled her eyes considerably rude. “Um, okay I’ll keep that in mind. Oh my gracious, how the hell did you do that? You’re a metamorphmagus aren’t you?” Striding the conversation to Tonks whose hair was changing from red straight hair to straight ebony hair that was passed her knees.

You are Nymphadora Tonks, aren’t you? My father told me so much about you!” Kasey smiled warmly.

Please, call me……” interrupted by everyone else

Tonks! Everyone said at the same time

Kasey was so excited that she tried to transform her hair like her. She was worried she would fall right on her ass, but she concentrated and squinted like she was in deep thought. Her hair was magically flowing through her head and she was surprised spinning around and round, smiling. She opened her eyes and her straight long brown locks turned into blonde curly locks past her waist.

“Ha, I did it! Yes!” She jumped up and down happily.

Everyone was in awe, especially Harry who was staring in shock and disbelief. Harry looked at Kasey as she twirled around and around happily like a free spirit, not caring who was seeing her. He thought she was so graceful and beautiful not even letting a second of his dark emerald eyes leave her sight. Ron’s pancakes fell through the fork and his mouth was left opened while Hermione closed it shut. No one could deny it, she was beautiful, and everyone smiled and clapped. Everyone approached her and shook her hand.

“Hello Kasey, how are you mate, do you feel better? Ron smiled still with amazement.

“Of course I am Ron, thank you for asking, and for visiting. I don’t remember though but I got the 411 on everything.” She gave Ron a huge hug.

“Please to meet you Kasey, I’m Hermione Granger!” She extended her arm smilingly.

“Hello Hermione, have I met you before?” She gave her a hug instead, and smiled.

Hermione, was caught off guard, but returned the hug tightly and smiled. “Yes, we’ve met before, but don’t worry; we will catch up with each other.

“Oh that sounds great, Hermione!” Kasey gave Hermione a warm inviting smile.

“Hello, my name is Kasey; may I ask your name?” She said sweetly to Harry as she approached him, cocked to one side for the first time with out hostility.

Harry went blank, his senses were out of whack and wasn’t sure he would be able to blurt out a thing. His heart began to race and his eyes were darting every part of Kasey’s body, her curves swaying back and forth like a slow seductive dance, her smile, her eyes, her full lips.

“Uh munameisharry!” He blurted in one syllable

She looked confused but smiles slightly, and made sure she ignored his nervousness between them. “I think what I got was that your name was Harry, am I right?”

“Yes, it sure is!” His voice went up a notch or two.

“Well, it is nice to meet you Harry; you’ve got extraordinary beautiful eyes by the way!” She slowly looked into his eyes.

Harry turned crimson and ruffled through his hair and looked down. Kasey turned to the rest of everyone and returned her hair back to normal. The scent of sweet musk lingered her senses touching the rims of her lips. She breathed in for awhile and closed her eyes. It was near by but she didn’t know where it was coming from. It drove her crazy, but the thought released her mind and shrugged her shoulders. Her sense of smell was extraordinary.

“Mum, you should’ve seen Kasey, she turned her hair blonde!” Ginny said excitedly to Molly.

Tonks was overjoyed and went to Kasey and gave her a big hug. “Kasey, I’m so proud of you, you are really coming around!” She smiled widely.

“Thank you Tonks, I didn’t think I had it in me!” She smiled right back at Tonks.

“Strong like her father, he’d be very proud of you, young lady!” Dumbledore appeared in the kitchen and smiled.

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