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Hope you liked the first chapter! Tell us if we should continue this story! ************************************************************ The next morning, when Lily, Li, and Brianna were in the Great Hall waiting for Rachel to finish eating, they heard a loud roar from the entrance hall. "EVANS! I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!" "Looks like James has woken up." Brianna said. Li and Lily burst out laughing, Rachel still eating, oblivious to why they were laughing. They all looked up as James came storming through the doors, the odd muggle clothes were gone replaced with his normal clothes; but the pink and green hair remained. He stormed right up to Lily and stood in front of her. She stood up, facing him with a small smile on her face. "Nice hair, Potter. New look?" "Change it back." He growled, as the Slytherins starting roaring with laughter. "Now, James. I don't think I should do that. What do you think, Bri, Li?" Both of them shook their heads, shaking furiously with silent laughter. Lily! Do what he says! Change back my boyfriend's hair immediatly!" Rachel screeched. Looking over at Rachel, Lily rolled her eyes. "Fine. James, go to Remus. He'll do it." Giving him a small wave, she followed Li and Brianna out of the Great Hall. He stood paralized in his spot. 'She called me James! Twice!' his head yelled. "James, you alright? Lily can be such a bitch sometimes." Rachel put a comforting arm on his shoulder, and smiled at him. "But if you're feeling bad, I can make it better." "Ah, no thanks. I'll see you later." Giving Rachel a quick peck on the cheek, he ran out of the Great Hall in search of his friends. ********************************** "Lily, do you realize what you said to James back there?" Brianna asked as they walked around the lake, barefoot. "No." "You called him James. Is there something that you're not telling us?" Lily looked nervously over at Li, who urged her to tell Brianna. "I told Li yesterday. Bri, you must promise to never tell a soul what I am about to tell you." "Alright, I won't tell a soul! Now tell me!" "Well, I like James." Lily said lowering her voice incredibly. "Sorry, didn't catch that." "I have a very big crush on James." Lily said just loud enough for Brianna to hear. "YOU WHAT? I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! AFTER ALL THIS TIME-" "Shut up!'' Lily hissed, bringing her hand up to Brianna's mouth. "Li didn't secream when I told her." "I'm sorry. But it's just surprising, you know. I mean, he's liked you for ages, and now you suddenly like him. It's just weird." "Just don't tell anyone." Li said, "Especially not Rachel." "Yes, especially Rachel. If she finds out, then,.. you know." Lily said "Yeah, why are we friends with her again?" Brianna asked as they started walking back towards the castle. As the three best friends were walking back, they didn't notice a figure slip from out of the bushes. *********************************** "So, Lily likes James then huh? Well, I can't let them get together. Oh, this won't do. The Dark Lord won't be pleased at all. I'll just take care of this, then." Rachel muttered as she came out from the bushes where she had hid after James had left her in the Great Hall. She loved James, and she was NOT going to let some mudblood bitch take him away from her. Never. Walking back to the castle, she tried forming a plan in her head, one that would ensure herself and James together forever. *********************************** When James found Remus and Sirius sitting in the common room, he rushed over to them. "You'll never believe what just happened." "You and Lily got together." Sirius said. "No, but it wish it did. Take another guess." "You broke up with Rachel." Remus said. "Hell, no. Give up? Lily called me James!" "So?" Sirius said. "I'm not getting the importance of this." "It means she doesn't completely hate me anymore! She used my first name! Our plan is working!" James threw his hands up in the air, his smile reaching his eyes. "Oh, Moony. Could you change my hair back? Lily said you would." Sighing, Remus changed James' hair back. "This is insane. I'm going to the library." he said, picking up his books and walking out of the portait hole without a second glance at his friends. "What's his problem?" Sirius asked staring at the place where Remus just stood. "No idea. Hey, where's Wormtail?'' Asked James, who suddenly realized that the fourth member of their group was missing. "Poor bloke, still in the hospital wing. You know, because he was in that duel with the Slytherins. Been in there for a week already." ********************************* The three weeks that were before the first Hogsmeade trip seemed to fly by like the kind of wind that wipped past you, the kind that blew your hair in all sorts of directions. It was the same kind of wind that surrounded the Hogwarts students on their first visit. Lily set out to Hogsmeade around lunch time with Li and Brianna, talking and laughing about what a weird couple the James and Rachel made. "So, where to first?'' Brianna asked, rubbing her hands together. "Honeydukes?" Li suggested. The other two nodded their heads and they set off for Honeydukes. When the girls came out, their pockets were packed to their limits with as many sweets as they could afford; munching them as they continued to walk to the Shrieking Shack. As they roinded the corner to the shack, Lily caught the sight of something she wanted to hear. Turning around, she put her finger to her lips to signal Li and Brianna to be quiet. Getting the hint, the three girls hid behind a tree and listened quietly to James and Rachel's conversation. "So, James. What are you thinking about?" Rachel asked, putting her arm around his shoulders. "Huh? Oh, sorry. What did you say?" "What are you thinking about?'' "Just someone." "Who? Me?" "A person." "It's Lily, isn't it." "What do you mean? I'm dating you, not Lily." "You still like her! How could you? I love you!" Rachel burst out sobbing, and ran away from him. Turning back towards the shack, James started a conversation with himself. "Well, good thing she's gone. You never really liked her anyway. Too dumb." "You still don't have Lily." "Yeah, I know that. Don't rub it in." Lily decied it was time to intervene. "James?" She asked quietly, stepping out from behind the tree. "What?'' He asked, turning around he saw Lily standing there. "H-Hi Lil-Lily." "Hi. You alright? You were talking to yourself." She asked concerned. "I'm o-o-k-ay." He stuttered. James could feel his hands growing sweaty as she walked closer to him. "You're stuttering.What is it? What are you thinking about?" She came up next to him and leaned her elbows up against the fence, turning to look at him. "Truthfully? Why you're standing next to me and willing to talk to me." Lily smiled and a short laugh escaped her lips. "You want to know why?" "Yes." "Well, I'm worried about you, you seem so quiet. And because, because...." Lily trailed off, unable to say anymore. "What?" "I, I, I like you. A lot." She gasped, covered her mouth, and ran as fast she could out of Hogsmeade. Leaving James behind at the Shrieking Shack, as confused and happy as he'll ever be. **************************************** "Lily! LILY!" Bri and Li yelled, trying to catch up to her as they chased her through Hogsmeade and into Hogwarts. They ran along the corridors, following her echoing footsteps to the Gryffindor common room. "Lily! Lily, wait up!" Li grabbed Lily's arm just as she had started running up to their dormitorys. "Let me go! Let me....." Lily fell to the floor, sobbing. "I told him. It just came out, I don't know what to do!" "It's okay, Lil. It's alright. We'll make sure that he doesn't tell anyone. You'll be okay." Brianna assured her. "Thanks. I'm going to go up to bed now." Lily gave her two best friends a feeble smile before walking upstairs and going to bed. *************************************** James stood frozen in the spot where Lily told him that she liked him. This had to be the best day of his life. He had never been happy before. A huge grin coming onto his face, he seemed to walk on the clouds back to Hogwarts.

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