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A Romantic Interlude...

Chapter Seventeen

"Hello there," Draco whispered softly up to her with a tender smile sitting oddly on his face.

"Hello back," Emily murmured back to him, as she took in the softness of his expression.

Her lips were so tantalisingly close to his and, tilting his mouth up towards her, he touched his lips to hers.

"Would it be too much to ask, if you could stop your canoodling and wait until we are safely inside?" Snape's voice suddenly echoed through the night, instantaneously shattering their moment.

Draco and Emily froze, instantly aware again of the presence of others. Emily quickly scrambled up and casting one final look at Draco's smirking face; she blushed, turned away and began to walk away from him. As she walked onwards, she heard him swiftly scramble up, on to his feet, and follow on behind her and as she kept on walking, Emily smiled herself a secret little smile.


"Come now, Potter," Snape's sarcastic voice echoed out once again. "We have much to do, seeing as you've poked that infernal nose of yours into business you have no right to know once more, I suggest we go into the warmth and discuss - matters..."

Emily droned out Snape's voice, her smile faltering as she finally remembered Harry's presence. Did he see the kiss? she wondered, the thought popping suddenly into her mind. She raised her eyes quickly from the gravel-lined ground before her, and cast an anxious glance Harry's way...

... and Harry's eyes looked back at her accusingly.

His normally vibrant, green eyes now gleamed somewhat dully, which sent a pang of guilt through Emily, making her stomach churn fretfully. It's not your fault Emily, she told herself sternly. You didn't ask him to fall back in love with you, you didn't ask for any of this to happen! However, the guilt still nibbled inside of her, as she knew that she had not been truthful with him over her feelings for Draco. But, how could I have been truthful with him when I wasn't even being truthful to myself, she questioned herself, desperate to push her guilty feelings aside.

Harry's sad eyes lingered on her thoughtfully for a moment more - before he, with a shrug, turned his head away and traipsed on after Snape. He was unsure of his feelings, of whether he felt mostly sadness or anger at the foregone events. He felt betrayed somehow -if not a little exasperated too.

Why did we have to find them now? Just when I was about to tell Emily my feelings, Harry though and shook his head roughly, angry with himself. It was no good thinking about these things now, no good at all! He would talk to Emily later, after he had thought things through -and maybe ask her about that kiss, about what she had meant by kissing that ferret Malfoy!

Gritting his teeth in frustration, he fell into step beside Snape, letting Snape's hushed, acerbic conversation distract him. He had other things to worry about tonight, clarification and answers were what he needed. He would talk with Snape, get his explanations and Emily could wait until later. He would talk to her later on tonight - and with that thought in mind, he passed through the door and into the Lamb and Slaughter.

Emily watched on, as Harry averted his eyes, turned away from her and made his way after Snape. His expression of sadness mingled with anger, made her feelings of guilt intensify and, letting out a small, shuddering sigh, she followed on behind them...

The inn seemed to beckon Emily onwards, with its door now stood open; it emitted a warm, welcoming glow. Eager to be inside and out of the cold, Emily hurried toward the welcoming sight, her shoulders hunched against the biting wind, which had just begun to blow, brusquely again. On reaching the inn's open door, she stepped over the threshold - keen to be amid the warmth - when she felt a hand graze lightly against her back.

Emily froze mid step and whipped her head round - to see Draco smirking down at her. Memories of what had happened last time they had stepped into an inn together came swiftly back to mind and narrowing her eyes, Emily shot him a warning look and by the mischievous glint showing in Draco's eye, it seemed Draco remembered too.

Smirking wickedly at her, he leaned forward and with his lips brushing up against her ear, he whispered teasingly, "Watch your step Emily, you don't want to fall now - do you?"

"Don't even think about it Malfoy," she sparked back at him warningly, jutting her chin out and giving him her most threatening look. However, this failed to stop his slight touch from turning into a small push and quickly; Emily braced herself against the doorframe to avoid tripping up.

Draco snorted out a short laugh from behind her; causing Emily to rankle.

"Damn you, Malfoy," she hissed out at him through gritted teeth and, eager for retribution, pushed back against him as hard as she could. This proved to be another one of Emily's unwise moves. Instead of toppling backwards as Emily had hoped, Draco had instead, clasped his arms round her and pushed back against her most suggestively.

Caught off guard, Emily let out a breathless gasp as an old, familiar warmth tingled throughout her body; beginning at her abdomen, it worked its way up enticingly to her now flushing cheeks. Flustered and embarrassed, Emily started to try to pull away Malfoy's hands. Slapping at his knuckles and trying to prise his fingers off her, Emily hissed out heatedly, "Get your bloody hands off of me you bloody idiot - Right this minute!"

Draco stayed right where he was, completely non-pulsed by her battering hands. Chuckling into her ear, which an extremely ticklish Emily shiver, he pulled her even closer, whispering, "You know you like it Carlisle - Why bother with the charade, it's not for Potter's benefit - is it?"

Emily was just about to respond to him with her most scathing answer, when Snape's voice suddenly barked out again caustically, "Will you two children please desist with whatever bizarre mating ritual you're meant to be performing and kindly make your way over here." His face showed clearly that he was a man near the end of his tether; so with one final, sharp kick aimed directly at Draco's shin, Emily threw Draco's arms off her and made her way over to where Snape was standing.

Draco, muttering indecipherable curse words, rubbed gingerly at his shinbone as he scowled calculatingly at Emily's retreating back. Then, on seeing Snape's glare still lingering severely on him, he straightened himself up, regained the famous Malfoy posture and with a slight sneer held firmly in place, he made his way to the others - who were now all huddled around the bar. And, as Snape set about purchasing three rooms for all four of them, he kept himself amused by giving Emily little, sly pinches along her mid-drift.

Sniggering heartily at her enraged expression and feeble jabs back (which he easily avoided,) Draco was completely unaware of the murderous glances that Harry kept sending his way, he was enjoying himself much too much to take any notice of Harry. So, Emily and Draco continued with their little battle of jabs, slaps and pinches until Snape turned his wrathful glare on them again.

Both stopped immediately, as naughty, little children caught in the act do, and decided to glare at each other instead until Snape, done with his transactions, beckoned the mismatched group forward and led them all to a small table hidden in a shady alcove.


They all sat themselves down; Snape sat himself swiftly, stroking his chin thoughtfully, with a preoccupied look to his eyes, Harry sat next, scowling darkly as he cast dark glances Draco's way. Next to sit was Emily - who looked extremely irritated as she pulled a chair out nosily and plonked herself down on it, frowning angrily at the floor; followed lastly by a languorous Draco, whose eyes sparked mischievously as he lowered himself gracefully onto his chair.

The squat, moustached proprietor appeared suddenly at their table and quickly took their orders from them. Each of them ordered promptly, as hunger now nibbled at their famished stomachs. The food and drink came quickly; three plates of shepherds pie and potatoes, four Butterbeers and one dish of game, and they all tucked in heartily. They ate quickly and in silence, knifes and forks clattering nosily on their plates, until every plate was scraped clean and then sat back to enjoy their drinks, as the efficient proprietor cleared the plates promptly away.

Each sat, sipping their drinks and lost in their own thoughts until Snape, eyeing them all intently, broke the easy silence by uttering quietly, "And now I think the time for discussion has come..."


Emily sat, staring blankly ahead, as the heated discussion rolled on. The hushed conversation and urgent whispers, broken only by the odd, exasperated exclamation or derisive snort still continued. Emily's presence was not needed nor wanted; Emily knew that. Although no one had as yet told her so, the fact that no one had asked for her opinion or glanced her way since Snape had asked her to relate her conversation with Luna, confirmed her suspicions. Bored and indignant, Emily stared ahead at a peeling piece of wallpaper hanging limply from the wall.

Harry had started the conversation off, telling them all that had happened to them so far. Harry had related the matter of the Key of Loth to the cynical Slytherin's, which had caused Snape's eyebrows to rise sceptically. Then, with a thoughtful sheen in his eye, Snape and the boys had fallen into deep conversation, theorising what it all could mean, while, after relating her conversation with Luna, Emily had sat forgotten.

As time had passed, Emily had felt her anger rise, as every time she had tried to give her opinion, to enter the conversation, they ignored her or sent irritated, little glances her way, as if she were a non-entity. I might as well be invisible, Emily had thought edgily, upset at being left out of the conversation. I'm part of this too, yet they treat me as if I'm some sort of nuisance they want out of the way!

The conversation had gone on, eventually turning to thoughts on Zabini (a Slytherin boy Emily had barely knew) and then to the Dark Lord, when Emily had suddenly felt the weight of six pair of eyes boring into her. Tearing her eyes from a piece of peeling wallpaper that had held her attention for the past five minutes, Emily turned to see all three men looking at her intently. Narrowing her eyes at them, wondering at their intentions, she folded her arms protectively round herself, leant back in her chair and glared. A silence ensued...

"Miss Carlisle," Snape ventured after a few minutes had elapsed.

"What?" Emily snapped back petulantly, knowing instinctively, which question was coming.

"We just wondered if you would..." Harry coaxed, looking rather uncomfortable as he caught Emily's eye.

"Yes Emily," Draco interrupted with a delighted smirk. "Harry was wondering if you would kindly disappear for an hour or two..."

"Shut it ferret..." Harry had snapped back, throwing daggers back at Malfoy.

"Really Potter, I was only voicing aloud your thoughts..."

"What do you know of my thoughts...?" Harry shot back, but was interrupted by a loud screeching noise, as Emily kicked her back her chair.

Emily, with cheeks flushing dangerously and her teeth clenched, rose from her chair. Looking as though she was going to explode at any moment, her determined eyes flickered dangerously over them, darting from face to face.

Harry flinched under her heated glare, Draco's smirk faltered slightly, while Snape merely took it in his stride. Closing his eyes, his forefingers tapping against his chin, Snape issued an exasperated sigh. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by Emily's next words.

"Fine," Emily hissed out through gritted teeth, surprising the people sat around the table. No one expected her to comply so swiftly and all expected there was more to come. Harry shifted uncomfortably in his seat and waited for the expected explosion. However, Emily surprised them all again, by not uttering another word and, biting down hard on her lip (as if she was holding back angry words,) she simply left the table.

"Em," Harry called after her apologetically, feeling a sudden stab of guilt, as she strode away. Nevertheless, Emily just ignored him, wanting only to escape the suddenly, stifling atmosphere of the inn, to escape the heat of her mounting ire.

"Bloody idiots," Emily muttered angrily to herself, as she strode towards the door. "Let them talk about the Dark Lord, I don't care, I'm not upset - I'll just Apparate home!" Yet, as she left the warmth of the inn, Emily knew she was fooling herself - she cared very much, very much indeed. Sinking down on a near by bench, not caring if the covering snow sank into her skin, she buried her face in her hands, swallowed down a sob, and started to think.


Sometime later, a hand landing firmly on her shoulder startled Emily from her morbid thoughts. Not bothering to find out who it was, Emily kept her head buried in her hands.

"Crying are we, Emily?" a cool voice questioned mockingly, causing Emily to stiffen under his touch. "Doesn't poor, ickle emmy-wemmy like being left out?"

"Oh, just sod off Malfoy," Emily mumbled from behind her hands. "Just leave me alone!"

Draco watched Emily thoughtfully and removing his hand from her shoulder, he walked around the bench and perched himself beside her. Resting his elbows on his knees, he leaned forward and turning his head towards her, asked softly, "Come back inside Emily."

"Why should I?" Emily exclaimed loudly, finally lifting her head from her hands, then continuing in a more subdued tone. "Why do you care anyway?"

"Oh, I care Emily," Draco answered quietly and, brushing his fingers gently against her cheek, he leaned forward and kissed her.

His soft lips met with hers in a feather light touch, which caused Emily to shiver and as he deepened the kiss, his lips parting hers, Emily felt herself yield. Melting into the kiss, Emily lifted her hands to his face, pulling him closer - when a thought hit her. Abruptly breaking away from the embrace, Emily wrapped her arms round herself, defending herself from his now sullen stare and voiced her thoughts. "Why is it always like this," she asked him. "Why don't you ever talk to me?"

"Do you want to talk then Emily," Draco asked, looking at her oddly. "If you want to talk, we can talk."

"Humph," was all that Emily could rejoin, watching him distrustfully, as she bit down on her lower lip.

"If you have something to tell me Emily..."

"It's not that," interrupted Emily exasperated. "It's just - it would be nice to talk. All we ever do is kiss and fight - one minute you're the nastiest git in the world, the next you're all over me! It would just be - nice to talk..."

As Emily's words trailed off, Draco took her hand in his and suddenly stood - pulling Emily up with him. Searching her eyes intently, he seemed to be considering the situation carefully. "Cone on then Emily," he spoke finally, "Let's go inside and talk."

Emily had no time to protest as, with her hand caught up in his, she felt herself being tugged along. "Where are we going," she asked him rather breathlessly.

"Your room," he answered shortly.

"Why my room?" Emily squeaked out in protest, trying to pull free of him.

Draco stopped and turned towards her, his eyebrows lifted in frustration. "Because Emily," he bit out, as if talking to a child. "You don't want to pour your little heart out to me with your favourite professor listening in, do you?"

Emily saw sense in this, but still did not want to be beaten. "We don't have to go to your room either," she explained. "We can sit down stairs in the bar..." Emily found her voice trailing off, as Draco looked at her, rolling his eyes in disbelief.

"What's the matter with you, don't you trust me Emily?" Draco asked, obviously irritated with her protests.

"No, I bloody don't trust you Malfoy," Emily retorted quickly, secretly thinking she didn't trust herself with him either. "Why on earth should I trust you? What have you ever done to earn my trust?"

Draco stood glaring at Emily for a moment and then turned and walked to the inn's door. Remaining there, he leant nonchalantly against the doorframe and waited for Emily to follow- and to his secret delight, Emily trotted after him - just as he had planned.

He quickly hid his smirk as Emily approached him tentivly. Her eyes were watching him cautiously; he noted as she came up and stood beside him. Draco waited for her to speak.

Tilting her head up to look into his impassive face, Emily asked him quietly, "Are you angry with me Draco?"

Draco shook his head and remained silent, hoping his silence would force her words.

Emily huffed out an exasperated sigh and poked him hard in the chest. "Are you going to talk to me Draco," she asked again, adding. "Or are you going to sulk all night?"

Draco, smirking triumphantly, caught hold of her jabbing finger with his hand and, curling his fingers around hers, yanked her forward, causing her to fall against his chest. His arm encircled round her, holding her tightly against him and, trailing his fingers through her hair, he smirked and whispered seductively. "Well, that all depends on you Emily."

"mmmyoubsmelllikewoobandcoffeeb," Emily mumbled indecipherably into his chest, not moving an inch.

"What was that Emily, I didn't quite catch it?"

Emily moved her head slightly from its comfortable resting place and spoke again, this time more audibly. "I said - you smell like wood and coffee," she rushed out quickly, glad that the dark night covered her blushes.

Draco snorted out a short burst of laughter at her words and, feeling very amused and somewhat pleased with himself, continued to torment her mercilessly. "Well Thank you Emily," he teased. "I'll take that as a compliment, but it didn't really answer my question." Draco snorted with laughter again and continued to chuckle happily to himself.

Emily, finally, pulled away from him and glared heatedly back at him. "Just what is wrong with you Dra - Malfoy!" she almost yelled. "Is it impossible for you to be nice - Is it against some strange Malfoy law or something?"

Draco continued to laugh and Emily was sure she heard him mumble words - such as, 'wood and coffee' between splutters. Draco finally calmed down somewhat, under Emily's baleful glare, and smirked mischievously at her. "Oh Emily," he jibed, still clearly amused. "I never knew you had such a sweet tounge - you have such a way with words!"

Emily stood and stared at him for a moment, feeling torn between slapping him and running away to hide. So, I'm no poet, she thought to herself, feeling incredibly embarrassed. But, he just had to go and rub it in! As things stood, Emily decided. Her best option was to run away - and with that decision, she turned and fled - with a still sniggering Draco following at her heels.


Emily ran up the rickety stairs, two at a time, with Draco right behind her, she could almost feel his hot breath tickling at the back of her neck. She reached the narrow hallway and hurtled all the way down to the other end of the corridor. Trust my room to be right at the far end, she thought abstractedly to herself, as she fumbled with the key. Open, open, OPEN - DAMN IT! she pleaded silently, as the key turned uselessly in the keyhole and, craning her neck round, she saw that Draco was rapidly gaining on her. Slamming her fists against the door in extreme frustration, Emily was overjoyed when the door suddenly flew open. Must get in, must get in, must get in before he reaches me, ran through her mind like a mantra and, throwing herself through the doorway, she slammed the door shut - but it was too late! Draco had managed to slip in after her.

Flinging herself against the door, Emily pushed with all her might, hoping against hope, that she could push him out - but alas! It was all in vain - Draco was firmly wedged in between the door and doorframe. She gave one final heave, but with neither Draco nor the door yielding, she finally gave in. Turning to face his triumphant smirk, she decided to throw herself against him instead.

"I hate you, I hate you, I hate you," she cried, flailing at him with her hands and fists, which were caught quickly and much too easily - and swiftly pinned to her sides. She struggled against his vice like grip, twisting and turning, but to no avail. Finally, giving in to him yet again, she rested her throbbing head against his chest. "Why does it always have to be like this?" she whispered to him, feeling defeated and a small sob hitched in her throat.

A moments silence passed slowly and, feeling the rise and fall of his chest against her cheek, Emily was lulled into dreamlike trance. "I'm sorry Emily," Draco whispered soothingly, while gently stoking her hair. "I'm sorry for being a bastard."

"You're like Jekyll and Hyde," she told him wearily with no trace of rancour. "One minute your being your normal, nasty self - and the next you're a different person - an almost nice person!"

"Almost nice?" Draco murmured.

"Yes - almost nice," Emily confirmed.

Loosening his grip on her wrists, Draco let go of them and slipped his arm round her waist - holding her lightly, yet firmly. His other hand reached for her chin and, tilting her face towards him, he brought his lips down on hers.

It was the lightest of kisses, but it awakened a yearning inside of Emily.

Draco brought his lips down again and, between teasing, butterfly kisses - brief kisses that traced languidly along her jaw line; he spoke to her softly - punctuating his words with kisses'

"I -" kiss

"can -" kiss

"be -" kiss

"nice -" kiss

"Emily. -" kiss

"Let -" kiss

"me -" kiss

"show -" nip

"how -" kiss

"nice -" kiss

"I -" nip

"can -" lick

"be." Then capturing Emily's lips with his, he moved her towards the bed. He gripped her head in his hands and, massaging her scalp with his fingers, he pulled her in closer, whilst deepening the kiss. The kiss was filled with passion, was filled with unbridled hunger - and into her willing mouth, Draco slipped his tounge, eliciting a rapturous moan from Emily's throat.

Emily's hands travelled up to his head, tracing frantically over his hair, his brow, his cheekbones, his jaw line - enjoying every sweet contour of his face. Breaking away from his lips, she trailed her mouth over his jaw, to his earlobe and down his neck to his collarbone - nipping, kissing and sucking all the way down.

Stopping at his fastened collar, Emily grappled at his buttons with fumbling fingers - almost ripping them off in her haste and as one by one they came undone, Emily trailed hot kisses along his well-defined chest.

Draco's breathing hitched and shuddered and, with his hand still tangled in her ruffled hair, he pulled her back up to see her face. Her eyes were half-lidded and sparked with desire, her cheeks were flushed with a pinkish hue, and her lips were parted and reddened, clearly inviting him for another kiss. Taking his hand form her hair, he cupped her cheek, while the other lingered lightly round her waist. Looking down at her intently, his eyes hungrily drinking in every feature, he spoke quietly and truthfully. "Emily," he whispered hoarsely, "If we go much further, I won't be able to stop."

Emily ignored him, choosing instead to nuzzle her head into his hand, while making some oddly, enticing purring sound.

Draco swallowed and tried again. "E -E - Emily," he stammered breathlessly. "Did you hear me?"

Removing her head from his hand, Emily now began kissing and sucking his at fingers and answered between kisses. "Yes, I heard you Draco..."

He issued another shuddering sigh. "...and?"

Emily finally withdrew her attention from his fingers and looked up into his face. "And I don't care!" she told him boldly, scraping her teeth provocatively along her lower lip.

Draco trying desperately to ignore her alluring stance, decided to give her one more chance to say no. "But I thought you wanted to talk to..."

"We can talk later," she purred silkily.

"Aren't you being a bit i -impulsive?" he inquired, licking his lips in anticipation. That was her last bloody chance, he decided lustfully, his mind pushed to the brink. She would be his tonight and that was that! No one teased a Malfoy and got away with it - no one... Emily's voice suddenly broke through his thoughts, drawing his attention back to her.

"No, I wouldn't call that impulsive," she was saying with a wicked gleam in her eye, then without blinking an eyelid, she yanked her tee shirt over her head. Stood there in a pure, white bra, with her hand paused on the top button of her jeans and nibbling most (seemingly) artlessly on her thumbnail, she looked the picture of innocence. "But, would you call this impulsive?" she teased.

On hearing, the low, deliberate growl emitting from the back of his throat and seeing the determined look on his face, Emily let out a little, alarmed squeak and bounded, giggling, on to the bed - and with a wicked smirk curling on to his lips, Draco pounced after her.

Landing on the bed with a terrific bounce, he grabbed tightly hold of her and pulled her down underneath him. Both toppled over at full force, landing on the soft, white sheets with a crack - as the foreheads met.

"Ouch!" Emily screamed, holding on to her head tightly and giggling uncontrollably. "You're meant to be seducing me, not killing me!"

Draco, sat above her, rubbed at his poor head. "I could always change my mind," he growled, eyeing her menacingly, but there was not real threat behind his words.

Emily removed her hands from her face to stare up at him and, on seeing his hair all ruffled up and falling into his eyes and the petulant expression underneath all that floppy hair, she burst into near hysterical giggles.

"Do you find this funny," he growled again as he glared down at her, but, the sight of her giggling away, underneath him, made him smile in spite of himself.

"Dear Merlin!" Emily exclaimed between giggles and continued to tease him. "Is that a genuine smile I see? Whatever is the world coming too? I mean, a Malfoy smiling - who would've thought it!"

Draco stared down at her, his attractive smile turning in to a knowing smirk. He leaned down over her, bringing his lips closer to hers and Emily closed her eyes, held her breath and waited in anticipation...

Draco lips came within inches of hers - and Emily could feel his warm breath tickling her chin, but, at the last moment, Draco missed her mouth deliberately and sunk his teeth into the soft, flesh of her neck.

Emily's eyes flew open and she let out a little squeal. Feeling more surprised than hurt, she gasped out. "Dear Merlin! You didn't tell me about your vampiric hereditary!"

Draco smirked against her skin and, saying nothing, he bit softly into her again, a little further along the neck.

Emily let out another little giggle and began to run her fingers through his hair.

Draco moved further down, planting little nips and kisses along the way and, on reaching her shoulder, he took her bra strap between his teeth and pulled it down.

"Oh," Emily gasped out breathlessly and, gripping his head in her hands, she pulled him up to face her.

Draco looked down into her shining eyes and tenderly stroked a misplaced lock of hair from her brow. Tracing a finger along her jaw line gently and with a wicked glint in his eye, he told her mockingly, "I always knew you were beneath me Emily."

"I'm not beneath you Malfoy," Emily retorted, pulling a disgusted face. "I just happen to be underneath you at the moment!"

Draco smirked even more and, leaning down, kissed the tip of her nose. Moving his lips to the side of her face, he whispered huskily into her ear. "And I'm so very, glad that you're underneath me Emily."

Emily blushed at his words and, turning her head towards him, planted a kiss on the tip of his ear.

Her small, tender gesture brought another smile to Draco's lips and, as previously unknown tender feelings coursed through him - warming him from head to toe, his lips found hers in a gentle kiss.

In time, the kiss deepened - becoming more passionate and taking leave of her lips, his mouth sought other parts of her body. He kissed and suckled down her body, somehow, managing to remove her bra in the process and, entranced by her small, rounded breasts, he decided to focus his attention there.

Urged on, by her little moans and gasps, Draco lingered there a while, with his little nips and kisses sending her to heaven. Emily held on to him tightly, never knowing someone to give her so much pleasure. Yes, at the age of 19, she was no longer a virgin, but no other boyfriend had given her so much pleasure, no other boyfriend had taken so much time to please her.

Emily writhed underneath him, holding him close, never wanting to let him go. However, underneath all the mounting pleasure, a little voice nagged at her. You're moving too fast, it told her. You're getting in to deep! Next, you'll be telling him you love him... Emily pushed the voice to the back of her mind, to far gone to care.

Draco, suddenly, broke from his heated caresses and, as if he had heard her thoughts, he moved up to face her. "Do you want to stop now Emily," he asked his eyes intent on hers. Never had she looked so beautiful to him, never had he wanted her more, yet as much as he wanted her - needed her, he wanted her to be sure. Draco, You're loosing your mind! What in Merlin's name are you thinking, a voice that sounded terribly like his father had invaded his mind. Draco batted the voice away and concentrated on Emily. She was looking at him with those wide eyes of hers and, involuntary, his member pulsed against her- and she gasped.

Looking into his beautiful, grey eyes, Emily gasped when he throbbed against her. Her feelings jumbled together inside her mind and the warmth that began in her abdomen tingled its way up her spine. Yielding herself to the sweet sensation, Emily whispered wantonly up to him, "No, please don't stop Draco."

Draco caught her lips in answer and, moving slowly, his hands trailed down to her hips. Massaging them gently, his finger slipped under her panty line - Emily let out a shuddering groan. In between fervent kisses, Draco murmured suggestively into her ear. "I can send you to nirvana Emily, would you like that?"

Feeling unable to breathe, let alone speak, Emily simply nodded, her hooded eyes closed.

At her words, Draco's hands gently tugged at her knickers and, moving a little away from her, his head descended downwards...when the door was suddenly thrown open!

"Emily," a familiar voice called. "I think we should talk now... "

On recognising the voice, Emily gasped aloud - throwing Draco off her and murder glinted in Draco's eyes, as he turned to face the untimely intruder.

"Get your filthy hands off her Malfoy," Harry shouted furiously making a step towards the bed.

Emily grappled with the sheets to cover herself, while trying to placate Harry. "Please Harry," she pleaded. "It's not what you're thinking!"

"Then what the hell is it?" Harry exploded - with a pulse throbbing wildly in his temple.

"Please Harry, just go - I'll come and explain things to you later, I ..."

However, Harry was undeterred and carried on advancing on Draco. "How dare you lay your hands on her..."

Draco seemed to be the only one not ruffled. Placing his arms behind his head, he answered Harry unhurriedly. "Well, she asked me to," he mocked.

Harry, at these words, exploded and, with the vein in his head throbbing furiously, he advanced on Draco. However, before he could reach him, Emily had flung herself over Draco protectively.

"Just go Harry!" she screeched, her eyes seeming to condemn him. "Just leave Harry; I'll come to you later."

"But - but ..." Harry stammered.

"Go Harry," she yelled again. "You don't need to protect me - just go! I'll explain things later..."

Harry was unsure what to do, but on seeing Emily's accusing eyes - he stepped back.

"I'll leave now Emily," he spoke quietly. "But, you have to promise, you'll come and explain things later..."

"I promise," Emily told him quietly and, trusting her word, Harry spun on his heels (with a million thoughts running through his mind) and left the room, leaving Emily and Draco alone again.

Emily sat on the bed and curled herself in to a protective ball, thinking about all that had happened. She hated her life now; she hated what she had done.

Draco's hand lay gently on her shoulder and he spoke to her gently. "Emily," he inquired. "Are you feeling...?"

Emily shook his hand off her shoulder and urged him to go. "I'm not in the mood for sex now Malfoy, so you might as well go," she told him bitterly.

"I don't want sex now," he told her truthfully. "I just want to stay with you for a little while; I want to be certain you're alright."

Emily lifted her eyes to his and, seeing no malice, no ulterior motive - just seeing, what seemed like genuine concern, she moved closer to him. "If you want to stay a while, just hold me - please," Emily sobbed, suddenly feeling choked and desperate...

... and in answer to her silent plea, Draco wrapped in his arms and pulled her down on top of him. "Just sleep a while Emily," he spoke to her soothingly. "Just sleep for a while and dream sweet dreams..."

Emily allowed herself to be pulled to his chest and, feeling oddly safe and secure in his arms, was lulled in to a peaceful slumber. Just before her heavy lids and overwrought mind closed, she found herself whispering. "I think I love you," and before her overused brain could spring into action, her exhausted mind fell promptly asleep - and dreaming sweet dreams, she slept peacefully in Draco's arms.

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