Corruption of the Golden Child


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Ginny and Harry followed a large group of Hogwarts students down the path to Hogsmeade. It was a beautiful fall day. The sun was shining brightly in a clear blue sky while a slight breeze cooled the heated rays. The couple chattered amiably as they strolled towards the Three Broomsticks. As a waitress seated them both, Ginny caught sight of Draco Malfoy sitting directly in front of her, behind Harry. His silvery eyes pierced hers then his gaze narrowed visibly when turned upon Harry. Harry, on the other hand, was oblivious to the fact that Malfoy was sitting directly behind him.

Harry and Ginny talked for a while about random things, such as school and Quidditch. All the while Ginny was trying to ignore Malfoy, who was staring at her over Harry’s shoulder. It was quite unnerving, but nonetheless, Ginny found herself staring back. Maybe she was just staring to see if he was staring, but she was still staring. Ginny scolded herself when her gaze connected with Malfoy’s again and commanded herself to pay attention to the words that were coming out of Harry’s mouth. Her concentration was broken once again, however, when Hermione and Ron plopped themselves in their booth. Ron roughly pushed Ginny over with his body while giving her a smile. Hermione pushed Harry with her hands giggling merrily the whole way. Ginny watched Hermione and Harry interacting and decided that Hermione shouldn’t be touching Harry in such a way. She didn’t like it.

When the waitress came, Harry ordered butterbeers for all of them and immediately started talking to Hermione and Ron. Ginny sighed and shoved her face into her hands. It was just like every other time. She was supposed to be on a DATE with HARRY. Not with Harry, Ron and Hermione. Malfoy’s silvery eyes caught her attention once more. He was smirking at her with a look of mock-sympathy as he nodded at Harry. Ginny glared at him before turning her attention back to the trio. She may be the Golden Child with some weird amazing power, but they were the Golden Trio and completely indestructible. No one could breech their walls, not even Ginny — and she was related to one, good friends with another and supposed to be on a date with the third. Hermione’s musical laughter drifted into Ginny’s ear and she watched as Hermione placed a hand on Harry’s bicep while laughing happily and gazing in his eyes. They looked as if they were sharing a private and intimate joke. It made Ginny’s blood boil. Harry was here with HER. Not Hermione. Hermione was practically dating her brother.

Ginny glanced over at Ron to gauge his reaction, but the red head was laughing just as hard. She rolled her eyes irritably and glared at Hermione. All of the above went unnoticed by the three. Malfoy moved behind Harry, and Ginny watched as he pointed to both Harry and Hermione then made a smoochie face. If Ginny hadn’t been so mad she would have cracked up at the sight of a Malfoy making such a face, but she opted to glower at him instead. Hermione was now leaning over Harry to get a napkin out of the dispenser and brushing up against him.

‘She’s trying to steal Harry from you,’ a voice in her mind spoke softly.

‘Hermione wouldn’t do that. She’s a friend. Besides, she’s going to be dating Ron,’ Ginny protested.

‘Then why is she all over Harry?’

‘They’re best friends. She’s just being friendly,’

‘It’s making you jealous. Why would you be jealous if she was just being friendly?’ The question hovered in her mind.

‘She’s, uh…’ Ginny trailed off unable to counter the remark.

‘She’s betraying you,’ the voice continued. Ginny looked from Ron who was smiling happily to Hermione, who was drinking out of her butterbeer glass, and finally to Harry, who had just bent down to whisper something in Hermione’s ear. Ron was yelling that secrets where no fair while a slow smile spread across Hermione’s face. Both Harry and Hermione looked smugly at Ron before sharing a secretive smile.

‘She’s betraying me,” Ginny thought angrily as she watched the encounter. She felt her anger building. It had started earlier and was now mounting to a raging fire burning inside her. The familiar warm and enchanting feeling began to seep through her body as the energy began to flow. The golden hue began to form around her. The butterbeer Hermione was holding shattered to everyone’s surprise. Hermione gasped in pain and looked at her hand. Shards of the bottles glass had embedded in her skin from the force of the break and tiny beads of blood had formed upon her palm, some meshing together to form tiny crimson streams. The faint light that was radiating from Ginny had caught Ron’s attention now.

“Ginny! You’re glowing!” he gasped in a bewildered voice.

“Ginny, what’s going on?” Harry asked in confusion. Hermione was staring at Ginny as well a shocked expression on her face. Ginny’s eyes had just begun to haze over, but the process was interrupted by the sound of Ron’s voice. When Harry spoke she was jolted back to her normal self the golden hue diminishing and her anger began to subside clearing her head. The trio was staring at her with mixed expressions of fear, accusation and awe. The only one that seemed to not be condemning her or afraid of her was Draco Malfoy. He was just watching with an unreadable expression on his face.

“Ginny, you, you, what have you done?” Ron sputtered looking from her down to Hermione’s hands.

“What are you talking about, Ron?” Ginny asked evenly with no remorse.

“You cut Hermione’s hands! You hurt her, that’s what!” Ron hissed.

“Why is it always about Hermione? Here she is trying to hit on Harry right before your eyes, Ron, but you are too daft to even notice,” Ginny growled back, throwing a heated glance of disgust at the brunette.

“Ginny, what are you talking about? I would never hit on Harry,” Hermione protested.

“Shut up, Hermione,” Ginny snapped.

“Ginny, I think you should apologize,” Harry cut in looking angrily at her.

“I think you should stay out of this, Harry. I wasn’t speaking to you,” Ginny responded coldly.

“Ginevra Weasley, you change your attitude right now!” Ron yelled, standing up from the booth as he glared at his sister.

“You know what, Ron? I think I won’t,” Ginny said snidely.

“Ginny, what has gotten into you?” Harry asked concerned. Ginny turned her gaze upon her supposed date.

“I told you to stay out of this, Harry,” Ginny said threateningly. Harry looked taken aback and glanced at Hermione, who gave him a helpless look.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t a little spat amongst Hogwarts finest,” Draco’s smooth voice cut it. “How unfortunate.”

“Get out of here, Malfoy. This doesn’t concern you,” Ron said through clenched teeth.

“Actually, Weasel, it does. Ginny is leaving with me,” Draco announced. All eyes turned to Ginny waiting for her to blow up at Malfoy and refuse him.

Ginny looked over at Draco her eyes narrowed suspiciously. Sure she was really mad and had done some not-so-nice things to her friends, but she didn’t think she was so off the wall that she would actually leave with one of her enemies. Then again, maybe she was. His silvery eyes were fixed on hers and seemed to beckon her. He was staring at her waiting patiently for her reply, but the slight smirk across his face revealed that he already knew what she’d do. Ginny squared her shoulders and glared once more at her three companions before shoving Ron out of her way. She exited the booth and joined Draco at his side. Draco smiled haughtily at the trio before placing his hand on at the swell of Ginny’s back and leading her out of the Three Broomsticks leaving everyone in complete shock.

Ginny turned around immediately after they exited the pub pulling herself out of Draco’s grasp. She was beginning to rethink her decision to leave with him. She must’ve been really out of it this time. Draco still has that trademark Slytherin smirk on his face and his silver eyes were bright with mirth.

“Alright, Malfoy, why did you do that?” Ginny hissed.

“You needed a way out,” he shrugged nonchalantly.

“Since when do you help Weasleys?” Ginny questioned him. Draco ignored the question and instead peered at her through his platinum blond bangs that had fallen into his eyes.

“I was wrong about you, Ginny,” he said simply.

“Oh, so it’s Ginny now huh? Doesn’t my name put a putrid taste in your mouth or something to that extent?” she mocked.

“Wait a minute,” Ginny paused, rewinding his words. “What did you say?”

Draco smirked again before answering.

“You have power, Ginny. I can feel it.”

“What’s it to you?” Ginny asked eyeing him suspiciously.

“Don’t you know?” Draco said stepping towards her. “I’m attracted to power.”

He leaned in closer until his breath tickled her ear.

“Very attracted.”

Ginny shied away from him as twinges of nervousness flitted around in the pit of her stomach. His breath had been hot on her skin and the sudden warmth had made her shiver slightly. Draco’s lips had just barely brushed her ear and Ginny wasn’t happy with the reaction her body gave.

“Don’t you think you are trying to ride the wrong broomstick, Malfoy?” Ginny said backing up a little bit as she emphasized his last name. Draco didn’t seem phased, but just loomed closer.

“I do what I want, Weasley and right now I want you,” he whispered, his silvery eyes staring at her intensely before snaking his arm around her waist and drawing her to his side. Ginny’s brown eyes widened in shock, but didn’t have enough time to protest before Draco’s lips descended upon hers possessively.

She struggled against his grasp trying to break them apart but he was too strong. His grip on her was iron and his attack on her lips was beginning to unwind her. Her skin felt on fire where his hands were touching her and his lips were full and soft against her own. Ginny felt herself slowly responding to him, matching his intoxicating rhythm as he began to assault her mouth with his tongue. Desire began to pool inside of her and Ginny felt herself becoming heated. This time the energy filled her before spilling over to Draco who moaned at the intensity of it. The golden light swarmed them, binding them together. Ginny gasped into his mouth as his hands wandered over her body, eliciting pleasurable reactions. It was bliss; something she never knew she could feel was heating up in her. Draco nipped her lips and sucked on the bottom one before pulling away. Ginny felt in a daze, opening her eyes, which had turned into a soft golden color, lazily peering at Draco. He had the same intense look in his eyes as he did moments ago and his lips curled back into the familiar smirk.

“Don’t do that again,” Ginny said in a shaky voice.

“I can’t help it. Your power beckons me. Seduces me,” he replied huskily. He trailed his thumb over Ginny’s lush, red lips before curving it around the smooth pale skin of her cheek and tracing her jaw.

“You’re beautiful,” he whispered his eyes dark with desire. Ginny began to tremble in his arms. His touch was successfully undoing her.

‘This shouldn’t be happening,’ her mind screamed.

‘It feels so good,’ Ginny replied in a daze. An image of Harry smiling flashed in her mind then was replaced with one of him dead and lifeless on the cold stone floor.

“No!” Ginny cried out pushing Draco violently away. She was breathing heavily as she backed away from the man who was tempting her.

“I won’t let you do this to me! I won’t let you influence me!” Ginny yelled before turning around and taking off running as far away from Draco Malfoy as she could. She didn’t trust herself around him anymore. Her body had betrayed her. Ginny was afraid that before long, so would her heart and mind.


Draco moved silently across the room and joined his master’s side, bowing to him first in greeting. Lord Voldemort nodded to him and returned his gaze to the night sky.

“She is beginning to change,” Draco said aloud.

“Her anger is what brings the greatest power,” Voldemort replied. “It is the key to unlocking the path to her mind.”

“She put on quite a display today,” he announced. “I take it you had a hand in that?”

“Her anger takes control of her, as does the Golden Child. It is growing stronger. She is easily swayed. Her mind could not distinguish my thoughts from her own.”

Voldemort turned and looked at his youngest follower.

“What of your mission?”

Draco smirked and answered. “She’s weak. Her body has betrayed her. I already have her partially in my control. It won’t be long now before she gives herself completely over to me.”

“Well done my faithful servant.” Voldemort praised him. “When this is done you will be greatly rewarded.”


Ginny strolled into the Great Hall head held high. Immediately the loud chattering usually present at suppertime died down with her entrance. All eyes turned to watch Ginny walk over to the Gryffindor table. Harry, Hermione and Ron angrily refused to acknowledge her. News had spread through the school about Ginny’s anger and new power. The other Gryffindor students shied away from her. Colin was the only one willing to sit by her.

‘Draco wouldn’t be afraid of you,’ a voice murmured in her mind.

‘Draco wants to use me,’ Ginny retorted as she moved over to Colin and sat down. Colin gave her a smile before resuming his glaring at the supposedly “brave” Gryffindors who were ignoring Ginny.

‘Draco is the only one who can understand you. Who can understand your power,’ the voice reasoned silkily. ‘He wants to help you. You both are a lot alike.’

Ginny turned her gaze automatically toward the Slytherin table. Draco’s silvery orbs peered back at her as his lips drew back into a seductive smile. Ginny felt her heart being to race and her body grew hot at the memory of their last encounter.

“Ginny,” Colin’s voice broke her focus.

“Yeah, Colin?” she replied

“What exactly happened to make the trio so mad at you and the entire school scared of you?”

‘Not everyone is afraid of me,’ Ginny whispered in her mind taking a quick glance at Draco.

“You mean you haven’t heard?” Ginny said bitterly turning her attention back to Colin and raising her eyebrows. “Well, let me inform you then.”

Colin listened patiently as Ginny explained exactly what occurred inside the Three Broomsticks leaving out the part that happened outside. He whistled lowly when she finished.

“Whoa, Ginny. That’s not good,” he said. “You’re letting the Golden Child control you through your anger. That’s bound to end up badly.”

“Ok, so I got a little angry, but I wasn’t being controlled,” Ginny denied.

“And I thought we agreed that you were going to stay away from Malfoy,” Colin continued. “Why’d you leave with him? What happened?”

‘He’s trying to control you,’ the smooth voice cut in. ‘Colin wants to keep you away from Draco because he knows it will make you more powerful.’

‘He is not. Colin is just concerned about me,’ Ginny argued. ‘And Draco is not going to make me more powerful.’

‘Then why did the energy intensify when you were with him? He brings out the full extent of your power.’

‘Don’t be silly. Draco does not affect me and Colin is not trying to control me,’ Ginny argued weakly, not really believing what she thought.

‘If he’s not trying to control you, then why does it matter who you speak with?’ the voice questioned smugly. ‘He wants to control your power.’

Ginny remained silent mulling over the words still hovering in her mind.

“Ginny, answer me,” Colin said, sternly knocking her out of her thoughts. Ginny looked up at him, irritated.

“Since when did you become the keeper of my life, Colin?” Ginny snapped in annoyance. “I don’t have to explain myself to you.”

“Wait a minute, I’m not trying to control you, Ginny. Where did you get that idea from?” Colin asked, bewildered.

“You’re trying to control me,” Ginny said, her temperament beginning to rise. Her eyes flashed golden causing Colin to turn pale.

“No Ginny! I would never do that to you!” he cried. “Please believe me!”

‘What am I doing? This is my best friend! I will not hurt Colin,’ Ginny told herself firmly. A cool breeze washed over her and she calmed down. Ginny blinker and her eyes reflected her normal coffee color. Taking a deep breath she turned to Colin.

“See? I have control. The Golden Child does not control me,” Ginny said before turning to her plate and eating.


“We must time this perfectly,” Voldemort’s cool voice spoke out.

“When shall it happen?” a raspy voice asked.

“Tonight, Avery. Tonight,” Voldemort replied. “You will lead the attack against them when they are most vulnerable. When they are gathered together in one place.”

“What about her? Will she condone an attack against her home? She is not completely turned, Master,” Avery questioned.

“The Golden Child will resist. Her anger will be directed at us first,” Voldemort admitted. “But I have a heavy influence on her mind. Do not fear, Avery. Her anger will be redirected. The once and for all, she will be mine.”


A heavy wind stormed through the hall, chilling the students causing most of them to freeze in the middle of their dinner. It was always warm in the hall, never cold and definitely never windy. Dumbledore and some of the professors were standing up now looking curiously at the entrance to the Great Hall.

That’s when it happened.

Death Eaters, clothed in black robes and masks stormed into the Great Hall, wands brandished and firing curses left and right.

The students panicked, screams erupting in the air as they ran around, trying to escape the intruders. Dumbledore seemed shocked by the fact that the dark wizards found a way into Hogwarts; it was unimaginable. Minerva McGonagall pulled the aging wizard down behind the refreshments table, grasping the back of his black robes, barely saving him from a curse sent their way from one of the Death Eaters. That knocked him out of his stupor. Rage as fierce as the winds in a white squall wracked through the headmaster of the school, his eyes lit with blue fire. He pulled out his wand and charged.

Harry had jumped up immediately from the Gryffindor table and targeted his first attack at a large crystal chandelier that seemed to be floating in the air. His spell caused it to lose its weightlessness as it careened towards the floor, smashing into two Death Eaters, knocking them out cold and quite possibly for good. Hermione’s robes were billowing out in tune to her wrath and her sharp eyes scanned the hall for her victim targeting a Death Eater about to kill a first year. Shouting a few quick words, Hermione’s spell lifted up the Death Eater into the air and propelled him into the opposite wall. Ron fought fiercely alongside them and all the Professors and students who were all trying desperately to save their home.

Ginny lifted up her head when the eruption of high-pitched screams reached her ears. These weren’t the normal screams of excitement that had been shouted earlier, but blood curdling screams of terror. Ginny froze, her brown eyes now wide in disbelief and fear. A low, raspy chuckle filtered in her ears chilling her to the bone. Slowly turning her head to the right, Ginny discovered beady yellow eyes gleaming at her behind a thick black silk mask. A gasp escaped through her dusty pink lips as she stared at the black robed Death Eater. Ginny reacted quickly, sending sparks shooting out at the Death Eater with a force powered by anger and fear. The Stunning Spell hit the Death Eater mid crackle.

Anger began to consume her as Ginny realized exactly what was happening. She felt her skin growing hot as the energy coursed through her body lighting it on fire. Her eyes transformed to their eerie golden hue and she paused letting the power consume her. Turning her head she noticed another Death Eater right in front of her.

Life seemed to have stilled, time was moving in slow motion. Her beautifully carved wand glinted in the hallway lights showing its magnificence as it sailed through the air, cutting the wind with a melodious whistle of death. Ginny’s face was set in grim determination aligned with a mask of pure hatred as she dashed towards her prey. The Death Eater stood stolid, facing his opponent as he drew his own wand from his black robe and brandished it in front of him. He observed Ginny as she sped towards him; strands of her auburn hair had come loose from her bun, outlining her smooth face. Her bright golden eyes were lit with anger and darkening her features, her mouth tight. She looked wild and in that moment, Draco saw her raw beauty.

Tightening his grip on his wand, Draco bent his knees, readying himself to spring into action upon her attack. Ginny was bearing down upon Draco, not knowing exactly whom the Death Eater was that she was facing, the Great Hall passing by in a blur of silver. When she reached him, Ginny swung the wand in a wide arc towards his head, firing a spell, but Draco sprang up and dodged the attack. He refused to fire back. He wasn’t allowed to hurt Ginny. She needed to join their side.

Ginny raised the wand over her head and brought it down towards Draco, but he rolled out of the way and the spell embedded itself into the floor with an earth-shattering crack as one coursed through the entire hallway from the force of her spell. Ginny grunted in annoyance because the Death Eater kept slipping away from her. Draco flipped off the floor to his feet trying to figure out a way to get her to stop attacking him without revealing himself. The answer came in the form of one of his colleagues who disarmed Ginny with a spell. Her wand was thrown out of her hands and sailed it across the Hall where it hit the wall and clattered to the floor. Ginny was stunned at the sudden loss of her weapon, but came to attention when she realized the Death Eater was attacking her again. She quickly put up her hand as a stream of pure golden light formed at the palm and shot at the Death Eater. The light went right through him and he fell to the floor with a ghastly scream.

The Death Eater that had been escaping her earlier had snuck up behind her and grabbed her from behind. Ginny struggled against his grasp, but he was too strong.

“You will be an asset to us, Ginny,” Draco whispered in her ear as she struggled to release herself from the unknown Death Eater.

“I will never join you,” Ginny spat angrily.

“I wouldn’t be too sure of that,” he said, a diabolical smile spreading across his face. Quickly he shoved her away from him and lost himself in the sea of fighting bodies before she could turn around. Ginny growled at the loss of her prey, but only for a moment because she soon turned her attention to saving fellow students.

The fighting lasted for a long time and everyone felt themselves growing weak and tired, Ginny most of all. Her powers were not fully developed. Not at their full strength and her body was growing weak from using them. The golden aura was flickering as she felt the energy slowing draining from her. It would be only moments before she gave out. A noise behind her alerted her attention to a Death Eater that had appeared.

“Give it up, little girl,” the Death Eater hissed. “You are growing weak. Would you dare take on me? Join us and I’ll let you live.”

“I dare,” Ginny replied, staring evenly at him. “Expelliarmus!” she screamed firmly, raising her wand to the Death Eater as sparks of light flew from her wand to disarm him.

Stupefy!” the Death Eater yelled at the same time, pointing his own wand at Ginny. His spell hit Ginny’s, but wasn’t powerful enough. Her charm defeated his with a crash of sparks and threw him roughly to the ground. Laughing, Ginny lowered her wand arm and walked towards him who was sprawled dazed on the floor.

“This is for threatening my home,” Ginny said steely as she raised her wand high in the air. The Death Eater glared at her defiantly and raised his head proudly. He whipped out a wand from his waistband and shot a hex at Ginny, who was a few feet in front of him, but a pain in his shoulders had weakened him and he couldn’t steady the wand. The spell torpedoed towards Ginny and she had little time to react as it sliced through the skin of her left shoulder, cutting her deeply.

“Ginny!” a voice called to her as she was struck. She could barely hear the voice above the white-hot pain screaming in her head. Ginny gritted her teeth through the pain and looked towards the Death Eater who was grinning at her eerily. He had gotten up from the ground and was advancing towards her.

Avada Kedavra,” a controlled voice called as green sparks flew past Ginny towards the Death Eater’s. Draco cursed. The idiot. He wasn’t supposed to kill Ginny. Voldemort would have had his head if he did. Draco killing him was actually doing him a favor because it was quick and painless. Voldemort wouldn’t have been so forgiving.

“Ginny!” the voice called again and she could hear the pounding of feet against the floor behind her as she put her wand down. She felt a little drained and dizzy and she reached out to steady herself on a nearby wall, but missed and fell to the floor. Strong arms encircled her body as she collapsed and brought her against a muscular chest. Hands smoothed the hair away from her face and caressed her cheek.

“Draco?” Ginny said, puzzled as she tilted her head and looked at the handsome boy holding her.

“It’s ok Ginny, you are alright,” Draco whispered into her hair. He grabbed her chin and moved her face so she was looking into his silvery eyes. He leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips, supporting her head with a hand at the back of her neck. Ginny closed her eyes and kissed him back welcoming the familiar rush of energy that had left her.

“Draco, I need your help. Help me finish this,” Ginny whispered weakly.

“With pleasure,” Draco said, his eyes betraying the motive. Ginny was too drained to notice that as well as the fact that he was dressed in Death Eater robes and not his black school robes.

Draco did not protest when she leaned into him and touched her lips to his. Ginny’s dusty pink lips were soft and full, urging him on. She wrapped her arms around his neck drawing him closer to her. The tips of her fingers plunged into his silky platinum hair. Draco was gentle, unsure of how far to push her, but Ginny opened her mouth willingly and Draco slipped his tongue inside mesmerized, by the way she felt pressed up against. She tasted sweet in his mouth, like lush ripe berries. He moaned, running his hands down her back, drawing her closer to him. Ginny felt his hands on her and everywhere he touched seemed to burn like fire. She had never felt this way before in her life and it scared her. The heat that was generating between them began to swell with energy and Ginny could feel the familiar tingle as it surrounded them in its golden light. Draco moaned in her mouth as the euphoric feeling of power swept through them both. Ginny began to feel her strength returning to her and she poured it into their embrace. She felt the energy stronger than she ever had and the ground around her began to tremble from the force of it. Ginny released Draco’s lips and leaned back in his arms breathing heavily.

The foundation of the school began to stir and shake because of the power welling up inside. Ginny opened her eyes and stared into Draco’s. His silvery orbs flickered with emotions as did her golden ones. Ginny could feel the tremors of the school and effortlessly a golden sphere of light formed around the Great Hall. She was shielding everyone so the school didn’t collapse on them. Ginny’s focus returned to her and through her powerful haze she singled out the Death Eater’s still alive and fighting. Ginny closed her eyes in concentration. Gathering power to her she was about to release a burst that would kill the nearest ones when a hand grabbed onto her arm breaking her focus. Ginny turned angrily to whoever had disturbed her and found herself face to face with Albus Dumbledore.

“Don’t do it, Ginny,” he pleaded with her, “You could kill innocent lives. You’re power is getting way out of hand and you don’t have the means to control it.”

Ginny looked around her in uncertainty. There were a few students near here, but mostly Death Eaters. She could control it. She knew she could control the power to only hit the Death Eaters.

‘He’s trying to control you. They all are,’ the voice whispered in her mind. Ginny froze.

‘Dumbledore wants to make you weak in order to steal the power for himself,” the voice continued.

‘No, Dumbledore is one of the most powerful wizards alive,’ Ginny protested.

‘That was until you gained your power. You are a legend. You are the Golden Child and he seeks to take your power and use it to strengthen his own.’

‘No, he wouldn’t,’ Ginny cried out in her mind. Images began to flash through her head. Hermione brushing up against Harry, laughing. The trio giving her angry glances and pushing her away. Colin demanding her around and questioning her life. Dumbledore trying to stop her from using her power. They were all trying to control her. They hated her. Feared her. They wanted her weak so they could use her for their own means.

“NO!” Ginny yelled throwing Dumbledore’s hand off of her arm violently. “I will not let you control me!”

She quickly gathered up the energy to her as Draco held on to her tightly. The golden aura glowed getting more vibrant by the second. Soon the pair was vibrating violently as the ground shook. Ginny lifted up her head and stared straight at the ceiling as she released her power. A golden shockwave exploded from her, knocking down everything in its path. The sphere began to weaken and grew smaller as the ceilings and walls gave out crashing to the floor. Screams erupted as students tried to flee the heavy pieces of stone that were raining down. One last explosion went off, encasing everyone in golden light before everything went silent.

Dust and smoke drifted heavily through out the room. Groans of pain and screams of grief began to echo through out the room as people began to push rubble off of them. Dead bodies littered the Great Hall. Some died valiantly fighting while others were killed by an energy blast or crushed beneath tons of stone. Ginny lay still on the floor, a small golden halo of fire burning around the place where she and Draco had been locked in an embrace. Ginny opened her eyes to find a figure looming over her dressed in all black except for silvery eyes and platinum hair. A leather-gloved hand was reaching out towards her. Ginny’s golden eyes were steeled and had a haunted look in them. She reached out her own pale hand and clasped it with Draco’s, who hauled her to her feet gently bringing them close together.

Ginny looked around the room at the death and destruction that filled the Great Hall. Professor McGonagall was helping Albus Dumbledore up a few yards away. Harry and Hermione were clinging to each other next to an unconscious Ron. Ginny felt her anger bristle as she looked at the pair holding each other out of shock and grief. Draco placed a hand on her chin and turned her face towards his.

“Come with me, Ginny,” he said huskily. “Come with me to a place where you will not be controlled.”

“Don’t do it, Ginny,” Dumbledore’s hoarse voice spoke from where he stood weakly. Ginny looked at the old man and scowled. He was weak. She was powerful.

“Come with me, Ginny,” Draco urged her, his silver eyes darkening. Ginny’s golden eyes narrowed as she stared at Dumbledore.

“No one controls me,” she hissed before turning back towards Draco. Her golden eyes flashed as she nodded her head at him their hands still clasped. Draco smiled before pulling Ginny tightly against him and somehow Apparated The magic that was once flowing through Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was broken.

Dumbledore watched helplessly as Ginny Weasley disappeared from his view. It was over. The Golden Child was lost to them now. Somehow he let her slip through his fingers. The Darkness had gained a tremendous power. One that Dumbledore wasn’t sure they could defeat, for even after that display, she was still nowhere near her full potential.


Ginny was in a dark room lit with only a few burning flames that surrounded the entire room. The faint light cast an eerie glow on the occupants in the room. Tall, dark frames lingered in a semi circle before him, their heads bowed before one proudly standing figure. Draco’s robes rustled in the draft in the room, alerting the others to their presence as he and Ginny walked towards them.

“Welcome young one. Take your place among us. The time of great power has come,” the soft, melodious voice drifted into Ginny’s ear as Lord Voldemort raised a hand and beckoned them to him.

Ginny moved towards the half circle, her shoes barely making a sound now against the floor as she walked languidly. She reached the circle with her head held high and stopped in front of the Dark Lord. Ginny accepted the hand he offered her and joined him by his side, looking out across the expanse of his followers who cheered at their new allegiance. Her golden eyes reflected eerily against the dim lights, and no element of Ginny Weasley remained in their depths. A voice floated inside her mind possessively.

‘You are mine.’


I hope you guys liked it. A little different and unique from what is normally expected out of a D/G fic. I hope you enjoyed the change. By all means, please let me know!! Reviews are not a sin!!


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