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You only see what your eyes want to see How can life be what you want it to be You’re frozen When your heart’s not open You’re so consumed with how much you get You waste your time with hate and regret You’re broken When your heart’s not open Mmmmmm, if I could melt your heart Mmmmmm, we’d never be apart Mmmmmm, give yourself to me Mmmmmm, you hold the key Now there’s no point in placing the blame And you should know I suffer the same If I lose you My heart will be broken Love is a bird, she needs to fly Let all the hurt inside of you die You’re frozen When your heart’s not open

Sobs silently streaked from her dark brown eyes,
‘Why doesn’t he love me?’ she asked as her makeup smudged her cheeks, she brushed her black hair out of her face, Parvati Patil sat on her bed in the girls dorm crying her eyes out, her best friend lavender brown sat next to her and shook her head.
Parvati woke up the next morning, it must have been early she could hear the low breathing of the others in her dorm, she slid out of bed and changed into her robes, wearing black trousers and her white shirt, she may be at school, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t look good. She pulled on her robes then pulled her hair into a pony and added some makeup.
She swung her brown side bag decorated with badges over her shoulder and left her dorm, her wand tucked in her pocket.
Parvati was what you would call very pretty, long shinning black hair and deep brown eyes and tanned skin, she was slim and curvy, but why is it that one boy doesn’t want her?
She headed down to the great hall for some breakfast.
It was completely empty in the hall, parvati sat alone at the gryffindor table and silently ate her toast, knowing that soon she would be in potions with the one boy that’s plagued her dreams and thoughts day in day out since third year, she was now in sixth year, and that’s an awfully long time.
Parvati finally glanced down to her watch and wondered why she didn’t when she woke up, it was 7am she let out a bored sigh, then she jumped as the doors swung open, there he was, his hair tousled, he looked very tired as he let out a huge yawn and stretched, his robes were worn and he looked very bedraggled, he slumped in at the gryffindor table, he gave parvati a small smile, she gave him a weak one then felt her cheeks burn and continued to eat her measly slice of toast.
This boy was in her opinion perfect, his freckles looked so cute, his bright red hair covered his ears, he was so tall as well, his name was Ron Weasley, a Gryffindor prefect, best friends with Harry potter and that nasty Hermione Granger.
Parvati had only one best friend and that was Lavender brown, she had long wavy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she was in any case a stunner, she suffered the same type of boy troubles, She had been in love with one boy since second year, they’d been out about 11 times since then, always breaking up for some reason, this boy was Seamus Finnegan, a quite fit boy in gryffindor with sandy hair and an Irish accent, he’s halfblood, much unlike ron whom is pureblood, lavender doesn’t care after all she’s muggleborn, Parvati however had a twin sister in ravenclaw named Padma, the pair were pureblood.
Seamus and lavender were always breaking up then back together; Seamus dumped her for many other girls, Two being in gryffindor 6th year too, Amy smith a girl who looked a bit like mouse with a rather funny nose she was tiny with brown hair and freckles also halfblood, the other girl was in 6th year gryffindor too named Frankie Reads a sort of chubby girl with blonde hair and buck teeth.
Parvati stared up at Ron who was ramming food into his face, then he looked up and spoke
‘OiParffatywotawegwotfwirst’ he said through a mouthful
‘Excuse me?’ parvati replied politely ‘God he’s cute’ she thought to herself.
‘Sorry’ he said swallowing ‘what do we have first’ he said climbing under the table to join her.
‘Oh potions’ she said blushing.
Later that day parvati sat in the common room it was finally the end of 6th year; she’d spent most of her day staring absentmindedly at Ron.
Just as she started to drift into dreamful daze in her armchair by the fire in the common room lavender pelted over, nearly tripping as she did.
‘Parvati I’m so sorry’ she gasped sitting down in an armchair next to parvati
‘Pardon?’ asked parvati raising an eyebrow
‘You haven’t heard?’ she gasped, there was no need for her to answer; parvati saw what she was talking about. A couple just walked into the common room, the girl was heading up to the girls dorm, but before she did, she kissed the boy on the lips and he smiled after her. Parvati felt her heart ripped into pieces, tears streamed down her face again. And only one phrase left her lips.
‘I hate to love’
‘I’m really going to miss you’ said parvati tears streaming down her face as she hugged Lavender, it was the end of term feast, it had finished, and they sat in the common room,
‘Look babes don’t worry, I got my job in the ministry and you’ve been signed for chaser in chudley cannons’ laughed lavender Parvati smiled
‘Fair point’ then the common room door opened, in came hermione and ron, hand in hand with harry straggling behind all three laughing at some joke ron had obviously told.
It was July, end of 7th year, Hermione had been head girl, Ron head boy, the pair had been a couple since the end of 6th year, parvati still loved him, more than that- that mudblood ever could she thought maliciously. Ron glanced at her then turned away quickly.
By 1am nearly all the 7th years were in tears and started to return to their dorms for the last time ever. Parvati knew this was her last chance to ever tell Ron. She moved towards him cautiously.
‘Erm Ron, can I have a word?’ she asked
‘Erm ok’ he smiled and shooed hermione and harry off, they left for the dorms, it was completely empty in the common room.
‘Ron’ parvati started, she could feel a lump in her throat but she continued
‘Look ever since….’ she said finding it very hard to talk now, ron just stood in front of her staring with his blue eyes.
‘Look the fact is, I love you’ she said feeling tears in her eyes Ron stared blankly, leaving a very awkward silence.
‘But I’m with hermione’ he gulped
‘I know’ parvati sniffled
‘Look come here’ he said pulling her into a hug, this had never happened before, it felt so warm and reassuring
‘I just thought I’d let you know’ she said a muffled way still hugging him, refusing to let go.
‘How long?’ Ron asked
‘Since third year’ she said tears flowing down her tanned cheeks Ron stared at her she stared back then in one strange moment their lips met, in one quick embrace, a sudden passion bursting.
‘No more’ he whispered as he pulled away. ‘I’ll always hold a place for you in my heart, but for now, no more’ and with that he left, leaving parvati stood there alone in the dark common room, the one thing she’d wanted for 4 years had happened and like that it was over.
Parvati left hogwarts with no boyfriend just one cheap kiss, lavender left on a recent break-up.
That was it; parvati was left alone, the one love not loving her. Now she knew why she hated love she was going to die alone,
But then the compartment door opened and Ron stood there looking very distraught
‘Parvati I dumped hermione, I love you’ he wailed then he took her in his arms….
‘Parvati come on wake up, the trains stopped, its over no more school ever’ lavender smiled.
Parvati and lavender got off the train and walked out the barrier, parvati turned her gaze to Ron and hermione, and she could over hear them.
‘Ron I really love you, but I cant have a boyfriend if I take this job I’m so sorry’ she said tears streaming her face and she turned and fled ron reached out a hand to where she had just been and a single tear dropped from his eye lash.
Then parvati heard him say something very quietly
‘I hate to love’


Well thats my pitiful one-shot done, it was nagging me, I made it at half 11 pm I'd had a lot of coffee and it reminded me of my own boy problems lol please review kindly!

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