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Chapter 6

Brainstorms and Broomsticks

Rose smiled from ear to ear as her entire family ran to meet her at the floor of the Quidditch pitch after her team made their victory lap. But, winning wasn’t the best part of the day, that would have to be the fact that her father was actually there, looking up to her with the same smile she had on her face.

“Hey, you little fireball, get down here,” Charlie yelled to his niece.

Bill lifted his hand to shield the bright sun, smiling as well. “I haven’t seen a girl block that in ages. And to think she’s only seven year’s old.”

“I hope that I can be good enough to play for Chudley someday,” she announced.

Fred rolled his eyes and patted George. “Not another one.”

“Yes, another one,” Rose mimicked, as she made a face at her uncles, “so get used to it.”

Daisy tried desperately to maintain a happy face, but her thoughts were full of Draco and their situation.

As the family discussed how to celebrate the win, one by one they noticed Mad-Eye approaching them with great determination.

“Hey, Mad-Eye, did you see my granddaughter’s great performance out there,” Mr. Weasley said with a great deal of pride.

“Yes, I did, great job Rose,” he said as he pinched the tip of her nose. “I’ve got news, Arthur, great news.”

Daisy perked up at his words and rushed nearer to his side.

“Let’s meet back at the Burrow so we can discuss this more quietly,” Mr. Weasley suggested, looking around suspiciously for eavesdroppers.


The children were properly fed, as were the adults, and sent off, yet again, to entertain themselves. The room settled quickly, full of anticipation of what Mad-Eye had come up with so quickly.

“I have come up with a brilliant idea, but it will take everyone, and I mean everyone, to pull it off. To begin, Daisy, no one might know this but the Ministry has been watching your family for a very long time, including yourself. It has been a very hard task and we have lost you all many times. When I heard your story, it all made perfect sense. The problem we are facing is the habit of your family to move so much. They are in a different city, even countries in a matter of a week. Watching them will be hard.”

Daisy’s spirit seemed to be lifted. “Then we should be able to get to Draco?”

“Yes, but like I said, everyone will need to help.”

“What do we need to do then?” Ron spoke up.

“After thinking all night and day, I couldn’t for the life of me think of a way to follow them without causing suspicion. But then it hit me, I remembered watching the lot of you playing Quidditch, the amount of talent you all possess is astounding. A Quidditch team would make for the perfect cover. We would be aloud to travel all over, including other countries. So that’s it, A Quidditch Team.”

“I’m sorry Mad-Eye, but did you say Quidditch,” Harry questioned.

“Can the Ministry really do that,” Percy inquired.

“The Minister only needs to approve it,” smiled Mad-Eye. “We do need to hide the fact that the Ministry is supporting the team, of course,” Mad- Eye produced rolls of parchment that contained details of the newest team to the league.

Mr. Weasley folded his arms across his chest, looking over some of the details. “You know I had planned on surprising the family with the same idea of a Quidditch team, but it seems Mad-Eye has killed two birds with one stone.”

“This is how I figure it,” Mad-Eye opened one parchment in front of him with a chart that included everyone’s name. “Harry, you will obviously be our seeker. Ron,” he pointed. “Keeper; Chasers are, non other than the three most beautiful in the league, Cho, Angelina, and Ginny. And who else for beaters than the bash brothers themselves, Fred and George.” He took a slow breathe trying to read their expressions. “Percy, I’ll need you to help with the managing duties, make games where ever we need them. Charlie and Bill, you two can help with the team security and coach them, it’s your jobs to make sure they look good,” Mad-Eye soon noticed the disappointed in Susan’s eyes, she had shown great skill when put to a team just days ago. “Susan, I need you and Hermione to play our brains. We need the word out ASAP. And of course, you’ll double as a reserve player.”

The room remained silent for about a fraction of a second. “Hell, Bloody Yeah, watch out Oliver,” Ron screamed.

You would have thought the room had been the pitch after their first win. Harry dashed to Ron, jumping at him. Ron caught him in midair and Harry threw both arms into the air. Fred and George went mad, joining Ron and Harry. They all soon had the girls involved; Harry pulled Ginny from her seat. Angelina hadn’t needed much coaxing. She missed playing and had secretly dreamed of playing professionally.

A voice soon echoed across the room. “The Weasley’s and Potter’s come together to form the greatest Quidditch team ever. Long live Gryffindor Pride, long live Quidditch,” Charlie screamed. Cho and Susan shot him looks of pure evil. “Uh, sorry, dear, but I think you’re outnumbered,” He didn’t look at her long enough to see the shock play across her face.

“Wait, hold on,” Ginny yelled, trying to get everyone’s attention. “Harry and I have commitments to Chudley,” Harry had completely forgotten. His enthusiastic celebration came to a sudden halt.

Mad-Eye didn’t seem to falter in his confidence. “That’s quite okay, it’s just a scrimmage. The official season doesn’t begin until next week, you two go on ahead. I’m sure the other teams will find out soon enough,” he said with a bit of a laugh.

“Yeah, Oliver’s going to have a dragon. His precious Chudley Cannons up against the best Quidditch players has ever put out besides himself,” Everyone looked shocked at Ron. He had made a semi-negative comment about Chudley, until now they were the team of all teams.


“Harry, Ginny, for the love of Merlin, you’re late,” Oliver yelled at the fill-ins as they walked to the gate that led to the pitch. The team took their positions waiting to be announced. “So, I guess I’ve lost my reserves.”

“Look’s that way,” Harry chuckled. “Boy, news travels fast.”

“Just remember me should you need another player. I been honored to play with you lot again.”

“Sure thing, Coach,” Harry said as he and the others mounted their brooms as the gate opened.

“Ladies and gentlemen, you’re Chudley Cannons,” they shot out onto the pitch in formation and went into an aerial show. “This year the Cannons are led by Keeper Oliver Wood. This team has had some trouble but we are expecting a great season from them. Two reserve players are filling in tonight, in the seeker and chaser positions, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley-Potter. This, tonight, will be their first and last appearance as members of the Chudley Cannons,” oh no, thought Harry. Come on, not now, we’re here for Oliver right now. He looked at Ginny who shrugged her shoulders as she went into a dive.

“The two have just yesterday signed contracts with a new team. Details have not yet been released, but rumor about the Ministry is the entire team is made up of Weasley and Potter family members. That should make for a great show,” Harry made his way passed the press box to see none other than Lee Jordan, who else but him to go on about them. He looked directly at him, pulling a finger across his throat to indicate he wanted him to stop. “Hi’ya Harry,” Lee waved. “And now, the other chasers tonight for Chudley are Pearl Sheffield and Helga Harvey. Beaters are Pete Pinner and Bud Bagder. Original members, chaser Simon Taylor and seeker Stan Tice will return in time for the official season starter. Now, out comes the box, it’s opened and away we go.”

Harry felt like he was back at Hogwarts as the crowd screamed his name. The adrenaline rushed through his veins as he made several passes of the field. He refrained from watching Ginny. He had to be professional. They would be playing every week together. He had to stay focused on the task at hand, the snitch. He watched as Oliver demanded the chasers to speed up. Oliver swayed back and forth defending the three hoops behind him. Harry then noticed a bludger headed straight at Ginny. And to his relief, Pinner jumped between it and Ginny, sending it to the other end of the field. ‘Damn’, he thought, ‘He’s good’.

An hour and seventy points later he began digging in, shooting up and down the field trying to spot the snitch. Wisbourne was trailing them by thirty points and Oliver hadn’t planned on letting them through again. Harry glanced at the game as Ginny snatched the quaffle and with great ease put it through Wisbourne’s hoop. The crowd echoed even louder, now chanting ‘Ginny, Ginny, Ginny’. She was awesome. Just as the thought crossed his mind he saw a glimmer coming from the area beside his head. As soon as his glance bolted in that direction the snitch zoomed to the ground. The other seeker was oblivious to the fact that the snitch was right underneath Harry’s nose. He dove with the greatest of ease and picked it right out of the air as though he were picking out a new quill. He never remembered it being that easy. The crowd roared as Harry gracefully landed at the midpoint of the pitch. The rest of the team began landing at his side one by one. He watched as Ginny came down closer but about two meters from a safe landing she tumbled off her broom, eyes shut as she slouched forward.

“Ginny!” Everyone turned to see what Harry was screaming about. Harry rushed to her meeting Mediwizards. They tried to keep him back as they loaded her onto a stretcher.

“Mr. Potter, please, let us get her in, she’s fainted, I believe.” The Mediwizard patted his back.

The Weasley’s had made their way to Harry. He felt as though he might pass out now. He believed that if Ron hadn’t gotten there when he did he would have.

The Weasley’s, Harry, Mad-Eye and the Cannons all sat outside the door, waiting fro what seemed an hour.

Harry slid down the wall, sitting with his elbows propped on his knees and his face in his hands. He raised his head, running his through his hair. “Damn it, what’s taking them so long?”

Hermione sat beside him, holding one arm and patting him gently. “She’s going to be okay Harry,” she whispered. “She just got too excited, that’s all.”

“I sure hope to hell you’re right,” he looked at her and a tear was beginning to form in his glazed over eye.

The door opened and everyone bustled to the door. Harry crawled through legs and jumped up in front of the crowd. “Ah, Mr. Potter, Mrs. Potter is asking for you. She’s still a bit weak. Just give them a moment,” he said to the others as he escorted Harry to where she was lying. “Just behind that screen, sir,” he had motioned to the last bed in the team hospital.

“Thank you,” was all he managed as he rushed to her side. “Ginny!”

As he looked onto the bed covered in stark white sheets, he saw Ginny sitting up holding a wet cloth to her head.

“All right?” he muttered as he sat on the edge of the small, narrow bed, gently.

“I’m fine, Harry. I just got a bit dizzy and passed out,” she smiled, “but, they say I still need to visit St. Mungo’s.”

“What for, if it was nothing,” he said worryingly.

“Well, it seems that you’re going to be a father, Mr. Potter,” she looked deep into his eyes, waiting to see some sort of gleam of joy from them.

“Holy Merlin,” he shouted, causing her to jump a bit and giggle. “Why, did you wait to tell me?”

She laughed under her breath. “Do you honestly think that if I knew I would have risked getting on that broom tonight? Really Harry, I would have told you.”

He now had more than one tear, “I was so worried we wouldn’t be able to have children of our own,” before long the rest of the family was allowed in to see Ginny.

Harry turned to them. “We will be going to St, Mungo’s shortly.”

Mrs. Weasley gasped. “What is wrong?” She leapt forward to her daughter’s side.

“It seems Ginny will be giving you another grandchild.”

“Oh my stars,” Mrs. Weasley cried, but that’s all that could be heard. There never managed to be a quite discussion where this group was concerned. The Mediwizards had finally given up on trying controlling the crowd.

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