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“We need a plan and we need one now,” Tonks said decisively as she marched up and down the kitchens of Hogwarts. Mad Eye was watching her with his good eye whilst he stared through the walls of the castle with his magical one, hoping to see something of more help than the young Auror almost tripping up as she paced.

“Well the first thing is to find out where the hell this Fountain of Youth is,” Mad Eye said, “and the second thing is either to get there before everyone else or simply to hex everyone to a point where they can’t get there before us.”

“As great as that plan is, Mad Eye, how the hell are we going to find this fountain? I mean where the hell are they going to put it anyway?” Tonks mused as she stroked her chin absentmindedly and a small, electric blue goatee began to form on it before she remembered herself.

“Do I, or do I not have a magical eye?” he grinned and walked off out of the kitchen.


Heilia Hooch was thoughtful as she scoured the school from the skies – she was determined that the Fountain of Youth would be in the most unlikely of places and where would be more unlikely than balanced on top of the Astronomy tower. Poppy had looked at her like she was mad when she suggested it but she’d be the one laughing when she found it perched on a rooftop. Then Poppy wouldn’t be so smug!

Heilia narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled grimly at the idea of all that youth, just for her and no one could take it away from her. No one!

After an hour of searching the skies she came to an eventual stop on top of the roof, she hadn’t come any closer to finding what she was looking for but then again no one else had probably managed to find it yet either.

To her right she saw a door in the side of one of the towers. Having never bothered to search the roofs of the school before Heilia wasn’t particularly shocked by the discovery but it would lead inside to warmth and away from the crows that were making faces at her. She pulled her most revolting expression at one of the crows before turning her back on it loftily and marching through the door marked ‘KEEP OUT!’

It was common knowledge in Hogwarts that any doors that one might come upon labelled ‘KEEP OUT’ generally belonged to Argus Filch. It was also generally known that these doors contained treasure beyond one’s wildest dreams. Naturally the doors had always been locked, hence the ridiculous rumours but that hadn’t stopped Heilia from wondering if there really was treasure within.

She was disappointed to find herself in a small corridor which looked disused from the murkiness of it. There was no light and there were cobwebs everywhere. The floor was lined with dust and she sneezed as she stepped inside.

Lum–” She was only halfway through the incantation for light when the corridor burst into life. Flaming torches illuminated the corridor which was lighter than she had thought and battle scenes lined the walls. The screams of the portraits as they hacked at each others with blunt objects (clearly the painter had not been a particularly good one) echoed through the corridor as Heilia walked tentatively down the passageway. She held her wand in front of her but then something happened which she had never seen coming. Never in a million years could she have predicted it. She screamed but there was no one there to hear her.


“Where the hell is Heilia?” Poppy wondered as she walked up and down the Hospital Wing, glaring at the students who dared to take up her free time with their skiving antics. Half of them weren’t even ill anyway. She scowled darkly as Potter entered the room on a stretcher. It wasn’t even the day of a Quidditch match but he had managed to injure himself on the pitch just practicing.

“So what have you done, Mr Potter?” she asked him coolly as she levitated him from the stretcher upon which Minerva had levitated him some time earlier. The head of Gryffindor House stood behind him and narrowed her eyes dangerously at Poppy, who was always looking down upon her Seeker for his dangerous antics.

“Well I was flying and following Madam Hooch because she was flying round the school a lot and I wanted to see if she was okay…” Harry said.

Poppy scowled at him slightly, wondering if he was telling the truth. Come to think of it Heilia had been plotting some half baked scheme involving flying but she hadn’t been listening to it very much. Minerva’s eyes widened at his tale and she was already wondering what it was that Heilia had found up there.

“But then she rested on the roof for a bit and left her broom up there,” he continued, “and there was one of Filch’s ‘KEEP OUT!’ doors up there and she went through it…”

“Oh God!” Poppy groaned and ran out of the Hospital Wing leaving Harry lying on a hospital bed in considerable pain and his story only half told.

“I’ll just go make sure that she’s all right,” Minerva told him as she ran out of the room after him and out into the corridor. She had already lost sight of Poppy and she cursed under her breath as she began to run.

“Thanks for that!” Filius scowled as he lifted himself from the floor. Minerva had just run into him at full speed whilst she power-walked down the corridor at excessive speeds, she had stopped now though and ran back to see what she had hit.

“Oh, it’s just you Filius!” she said, sounding quite relieved; the last thing that she needed was to be scandalised for knocking another student out with her power-walking ways.

“What’s the great hurry for?” he asked her as he brushed himself down.

“Heilia’s found a secret passage on the roof apparently,” Minerva said and Filius nodded.

“Yes, I know all about that of course, it was one of Filch’s old broom cupboards,” Filius explained, “whenever he confiscated a broom from a student he would take it there, I suspect there are hundreds of them in there now.”

“Oh, that’s not quite as exciting as I hoped,” she said, sounding distinctly disappointed, “Right then, let’s go find Lupin and we’ll get to that Fountain before anyone else even knows it exists.”

She power-walked off in the opposite direction for a moment before she realised that she had left Potter lying in a deserted Hospital Wing in considerable pain. Minerva sighed as she marched off back to him.

“It’s really not fair to leave him in such agony,” she said as she looked down at Harry.

“But you don’t know any Healing magic,” Filius reminded her and she gave him an amused look.

“Who ever said I was going to Heal him?” she asked and by this point Harry was quite worried. His worry did not last long however, as there was a flash of red and the stunner from Minerva’s wand hit him hard in the chest. “Oh for Merlin’s sake! What are you doing, Filius?”

She turned away from Harry’s unconscious form to see Filius was prodding various medical books on one of the bookshelves at the end of the room.

“I’m trying to find the secret passageway. Every bookshelf in this school has a secret passageway behind it for the purposes of convenient escapes and passages leading to places which hold things you’re not meant to find,” Filius said as he pulled out another book.

“By ‘things you’re not meant to find’ do you mean the Fountain of Youth by some small chance?” she asked and he nodded as he put the book back and took out another, “Reducto!” she cried and the bookshelf disintegrated from the powerful spell to reveal… a stone wall.

“Well maybe not every bookshelf…” he said and she scowled at him slightly, “and naturally those were highly valuable medical texts.”

“If you’re looking for a secret passageway then there’s always that one over there,” Filius and Minerva looked to where Harry was pointing and true to his word there was a passageway in the corner of the room which appeared to lead down into darkness.

“Hang on a minute, I thought you stunned him!” Filius said, “he should be unconscious!”

“He is unconscious…” Minerva said and for a moment they both stared at Potter’s still form which didn’t look awake enough to give directions to teachers.

“Let’s prod him!” Filius said and had already brought out a stick which he used especially for prodding unconscious students and dead things in the road. A sharp look from Minerva told him that this was probably not the best thing to be doing however so he put his stick away and made his way across the room to the passageway.

A yell from the other side of the room alerted them to the fact that they were no longer alone. Remus ran over to them from Harry’s bedside and opened his mouth to say something but Minerva cut him off.

“We’ve just found a passageway into what could be the location of The Fountain of Youth,” she told him.

“And Minerva stunned Harry,” Filius added causing Remus to scowl; Harry was the reason he had come to the Hospital Wing in the first place, although he hadn’t been told by anyone, he had just appeared. How terribly convenient.

“Anyway, let’s go see where this goes,” Minerva said and before Filius could open his mouth and say anything else she added, “and talking is not necessary.”


Severus was beginning to regret his decision to take on Sybil and Argus as his assistants in crime as they searched the school for the Fountain of Youth. It was a well known fact that all the passageways in the school usually lead to one chamber far into the school which could change itself at will, more often than not into the Chamber of Secrets. Theoretically, all he had to do was to search around for a bit and take the first quite secretive looking passageway which went down into the school and he would find the Fountain. It was as easy as charming billowing robes, he decided.

The only problem was that he was still stuck with Argus and Sybil, neither of whom were likely to be great assistants to him in the scheme of things, unless he could somehow use them to save his own skin. But would putting up with them for what could be quite a long time be worth it as they searched?

“I predict that we will find what we are searching for soon,” Sybil said as she followed Severus down the corridor, “I can practically See it.”

No, it was definitely not worth it, Severus decided.

“Oh my god!” Severus cried, “Is that the grim?!”

Sybil was not as stupid as she looked and only turned around for a short period of time before turning back to where Severus had been standing moments before. The thing was that had she been slightly smarter she might not have turned away from him at all and would have easily been able to pursue him through whatever passageway it was he had taken.

Argus had also gone, along with his irritating cat. It was not just the students who desired to give the cat a good kicking; they just had more self control. Sybil smiled to herself slightly at the realisation she was all alone. She would find the Fountain of Youth before any of the others, she was certain of that. After all, she wasn’t known as Sybil Trelawney, Secretive Supermind for nothing!

She pulled the Marauders’ Map out of her pocket and examined it with the slightest of smiles on her face. The rest of the staff would be very annoyed when they were outsmarted by her. She glanced quickly over the floors and, seeing where she should be heading, she wiped it and tucked it back inside her robes. She grinned inanely as she meandered slowly down the corridor towards her youth.

A/N: 'I'll update in a few days' she says, back in March. It's now 29th May (for those of you who don't know the date) and it's been quite a few days but I finally reached that unbearable stage of boredom where I just had to do something even if it was update this!

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