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Sirius snapped out of his gaze, shaking his head to sense.
“Stay with me!”
“Mum!” He shouted, turning pink, “I’m eleven, I’m fine!” And, without realizing it at first, he said quickly, “Can I have that?”
Sirius indicated the “Cleansweep” model with his finger that he’d been gawking at.
“No, Sirius. First years aren’t allowed to have racing brooms. We’re here to get what you need.”
“You told Regulus that he could get a broom when he got into Hogwarts!” He spat.
“Yes, but he’d be keeping it at home… and you’re brother doesn’t talk back to me.” She added hastily.
Sirius could not control his anger this time; hate and annoyance was pounding wildly in his veins, building up quickly inside of him.
His mother glared dangerously at him, but Sirius glared right back. He wouldn’t doubt it if she slapped him right then.
His mother was narrowing her eyes, calculating what to say to him next. Her lip began to quiver like mad.
“Well…” She began coldly, but in a satisfied sort of way, “Then you can just go live with a nice mudblood family and see how THEY TREAT YOU!!!” She yelled so loudly that Sirius was sure the whole alley heard.
“I WILL!” Sirius screamed so loudly he felt his throat growing coarse. “They’d treat me much better than you people ever would anyway!”
His mother’s face was beat red and now looked like her head was about to explode. She thrust her hand into her purse, pulled out her change bag, and grabbed both of Sirius’s hands so that they formed a bowl out in front of him. She tipped the bag upside-down, spilling all of the contents into his hands and returning the bag into her purse that was dangling from her forearm.
Then she grabbed both of his wrists in her hands, digging her nails into the backs of them painfully.
“Go to school in September, and don’t bother sending an owl you ungrateful little…” She broke off, not thinking of a way to finish the sentence. She never finished the sentence, but he knew that was final; and with a loud crack, she disappeared out of sight. She had disapparated.
Sirius stood still; still clutching all the money his mother had just given him out in front of him. As the crowd that was watching them began to disperse, he let out an aggravated sigh and unceremoniously shoved all the money into his front pockets.
He felt so strange; his mother had just practically kicked him out, leaving him on his own until school started in about a week. Where would he stay? What would he do? He began to ponder this until he noticed that somebody was standing in front of him that he had been too distracted to notice.
“Are you okay?” He heard a gentle voice call to him.
He looked up, and instantly wondered how she had not gotten his attention right away; the girl was strikingly pretty.
“Uh… yeah. Yeah, I’m fine.” He managed to say. He let out a deep breath and ran his hands through his hair, letting all his emotions just leave his head.
She looked deeply concerned and was frowning slightly, but a little sign of relief began to form on her face.
“Oh… okay.” She said, uncomfortably. “Well, I’ll just, er—see you later, then.”
Sirius smiled politely and gave her a slight nod.
“Yeah, thanks by the way.” He called as she turned and started to walk away from him.
He wanted to ask her something to get her to come back, but he couldn’t think of anything. Instead, he just watched her as she met up with a group of girls. They started to giggle while she arrived, casting looks at Sirius for a moment, and then they all headed into a store called ‘Flourish and Blotts.’ He assumed that they were obviously getting their schoolbooks for the year.
Sirius peered around the alleyway, eyeing all of the stores and wondering where to go first. He reached into his pockets and pulled out the money again, noticing that his mother obviously wanted to make sure he wouldn’t be heading back to Grimmauld Place anytime soon; he had a ton of galleons.
He put the money back into his pockets and then pulled his Hogwarts letter out of his back pocket. He took out the list of things he needed to buy from the envelope and eyed all of the items on it. He thought about going into the store that the girl he had just seen had headed into, but he didn’t want her to think he was following her or anything, so that was out. After reading down the list again, he decided he’d go get his wand first.
He headed up the street and then turned right into a placed called ‘Ollivander’s.’ He entered and saw a man standing behind a desk with his back turned to him, adjusting long narrow boxes on a shelf right behind the desk.
“Uh… Excuse me?” Sirius said quietly, trying not to make the man start.
The man turned around.
“Hello there, young man.” He said, mystically. “Mr. Black, correct?” He said, a smile creeping up the sides of his mouth.
Sirius stared at him, puzzled.
“How… How did you know that?”
“Ah, Mr. Black. I remember every wand I’ve ever sold.” He explained. “I see the resemblance of your mother and father well in you.”
“I wish you didn’t.” Sirius said, as a tape measure came out of nowhere and started to measure him all by itself. Sirius had expected this; when his parents weren’t giving him orders or criticizing other families, they were telling him all about school.
“Mr. Black, you will find that one day the importance of family will rule over anything else you may care about because their love for you will not die.” He said from behind one of the shelves.
He reappeared from behind it shortly, holding several long narrow boxes. He set them down on his front desk and beckoned Sirius over to it, who was thinking that what Ollivander had just said was almost laughable; he could never see himself getting along with his family.
Sirius walked up to the desk as Mr. Ollivander took the lid off of a scarlet-colored box to reveal a long wand made out of what looked to be willow because of its light color. Ollivander took it out of the box gently and held it out for Sirius to take.
“Phoenix tail feather, Willow, eleven inches… very good for charm work.” He said as Sirius took it from him.
Sirius waved it around. Nothing happened. He gave it back to Ollivander.
“Okay… how about this one?” He held out another wand.
Sirius took it.
“Unicorn Hair, Holly, ten inches… whippy… great for Transfiguration.”
Sirius pointed it at a nearby quill. It caught fire.
“Uh—no… I don’t think that was it.” Ollivander said, using his own wand and reciting a spell, which emitted a little stream of water to put the fire out.
“Sorry.” Sirius muttered.
“Hmmm… what about this?” Ollivander suggested, holding out a dark-colored wand. “Heavy, but powerful. One of my more accurate wands… twelve inches, yew, dragon heartstring.”
Sirius liked the look of this one; he reached out for it quickly, screwing up his face with curiosity. He took it in his right hand and held it out in front of him, instantly feeling warmth spread throughout his body to his fingertips; he had found his wand. Sirius smiled brightly up at Ollivander.
“Very good… very good.” Ollivander said, smiling.
Sirius paid six galleons for the wand and then headed out of the shop. He decided to go to “Madam Malkins” for his school robes next. After that, he went into “Flourish and Blotts” to get all his books, hoping that the girl was still there.
After he re-emerged from the shop (unfortunately, not finding the girl), he was now carrying several packages. He wondered how he was going to carry all the rest of his things around with him. He thought for a while, and then it hit him; he hadn’t bought a trunk yet, so that’s exactly where he went.
After about a half hour later, he had gotten everything on his list, except for a pet, but that was optional and Sirius didn’t know if he could afford that and a weeks worth of meals too.
He dragged his trunk full of his school things, his wand in his pocket, over to ‘Florence Fortescue’s’ and sat down at one of the outside tables.
“Whew!” He said, mopping the sweat off of his forehead with his palm and sliding his trunk underneath the table. He looked around at the other people sitting outside; there was a young girl and her mom sharing a cup of ice cream behind him, and a boy he guessed was about his age walking out of the shop with a large ice cream cone. Sirius tried desperately to think of where he was going to stay for the next week. He thought about staying with his favorite cousin, Andromeda Black, but then he realized that Andromeda’s Mom and Dad and two sisters, Narcissa and Bellatrix, had gone on holiday in Paris all this week and Andromeda was staying with some friend of hers until she went back to school, as she hated both her sisters.
Just as he was questioning the idea of just going back home, the girl he had seen earlier was making her way towards him with her group of three other friends.
“Hey.” She said, smiling broadly.
“Hi.” He said, looking into her eyes.
They were a beautiful bright green and were almond-shaped… he had never noticed just how pretty she was.
“Um, listen… d’you have anywhere to stay tonight?” She asked. One of her other friends started to giggle, and then elbowed her from behind. Sirius looked up at them all and, at once, recognized the girl standing on the right side of the giggler. He did not point it out right then though.
“No… actually, not for a week.” Sirius said as smoothly as possible.
“Oh, um… well, would you like to stay at the Leaky Cauldron with us?” She asked, running a hand through her long, (beautiful, Sirius noticed), red hair.
“Sure… in—in one room?” He stammered.
“Oh, no, we have two rooms, but the four of us could just stay in one and you could have the extra.”
“Oh. Okay, cool.” Sirius said a little relieved, yet slightly disappointed. “Are you guys staying here alone?”
“Yeah. My Mum and Dad are on holiday and they’re letting us stay the week until school starts up.”
“Yeah, I’ll room with you then.” He said with a wink.
This made the girls start to giggle even harder as Sirius began to blush. So did the red-haired girl.
“Hey, what’s your name by the way?” He asked curiously.
“Lily.” She replied.
Sirius stood up from his seat to shake her hand like a gentleman. He wanted to give her a good impression of himself.
“Nice to meet you, Lily.” He said casually, “My name’s Sirius.” They let go and Sirius noticed just how pink her face had gotten. “And, who are you?” Sirius said, looking up at the other three girls.
“Daveigh Abbott.” The giggly girl replied. She had blonde wavy hair and a nice smile.
“Gloria Clearwater.” A girl with dark brown shoulder-length hair and brilliant hazel eyes said who was on Daveigh’s left.
Sirius spoke for the girl on Daveigh’s right before she even had a chance to open her mouth.
“And my dear cousin, Andromeda. I know you. What’s up?”

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