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The rain that had fallen over Little Whinging for the past week had so far shown no signs of decreasing. Unlike last summer, the residents of Privet Drive had so much water in their lawns, that they had to build trenches to keep the water from flooding. All the residents were inside their homes, with not a care in the world, happily watching television and sipping thier tea with their loved ones. But on the top floor of 4 Privet Drive, one could see a teenage boy's face staring impassively out the window. For the 3 weeks that Harry Potter had been forced to reside at the Dursley home, he had stayed locked up in his room (much to the Dursley's happiness), and had only come out when he was starving or when he had to use the bathroom. The death of his godfather, Sirius Black, had hit Harry hard, especially since he believed that he was the one to blame. If only Harry hadn't believed Voldemort's stupid, fake visions of Sirius being tortured, then Harry wouldn't have thought to play the hero, and had fallen into Voldemort's trap. Then Sirius and some of the Order came to help Harry and his friends, and then Sirius was hit by a spell by his deatheater cousin, Bellatrix Lestrange, and then fallen through the veil to never be seen again. It was all Voldemort's fault, although Harry would never admit it. Voldemort. His name was feared by many, but hated by more. It was his fault that Harry was an orphan and had to live with his aunt, uncle, and cousin who hated him. It was his fault that Harry could never be a normal teenager. It was his fault that Harry had to be a murderer or be murdered, and it was his fault that good and innocent people had to die because of their backround. Harry's train of thought stopped suddenly as he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror that hung crookedly above his dresser. A depressed and pale looking 15 almost 16 year old stared back at him with piercing emerald green eyes behind wire rimmed glasses. His unruly black hair was messier and longer than ever, and was concealing his lighting bolt shaped scar on his forehead rather well. As Harry's eyes traveled up to his forehead, his expression changed to a scowl. He hated that scar, he absoultely hated it! He angrily got up and kicked his dresser as hard as he could, later regretting it because of the pain in his foot. While muttering a few choice swear words, and rubbing his foot, Harry sat down on his bed and surveyed his small and messy bedroom. It had the normal things that a bedroom required: a bed, dresser, closet, and desk. But what made his room most unusual was the open trunk at the end of the bed exposing black robes, assorcited spellbooks, a broomstick, and a cauldron. His desk was littered with pieces of parchment, quills, ink bottles, a rather messy cage that belonged to his owl Hedwig, and Harry's O.W.L. scores. When his scores arrived, just yesterday, Harry had believed that he had failed them and was expecting a letter saying that he had failed and had to take his fifth year over. But when he opened them up, Harry was happily shocked to see his scores: Defense Against the Dark Arts: O Transfiguration: EE Charms: EE Care of Magical Creatures: O Divination: D Astronomy: A Potions: O History of Magic: D Harry couldn't wait to go back to Hogwarts and see the look on Snape's face when he came into his classroom. But his O in potions was the least of his happiness. His dreams of being an auror skyrocketed when he found out that the claases he passed were the ones he needed to become one. Suddenly tired, Harry lay back in his bed hoping for a "Sirius-free" nap. Just as sleep was coming on, the doorbell rang and Uncle Vernon's shouts could be heard. " WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! BOY, GET DOWN HERE NOW!" Harry angrily sighed and trudged down the stairs to the front door. Standing in front of the open door was Uncle Vernon and assorcited members of the Order: Lupin, Tonks, Moody, Kingsley, Fred, and George. " Harry!" Fred and George said happily and walked over to him. " How you doing old chap? Simply splended to see you-" Fred said before George cut him off. " Lovely to see you. Had to come and get you, for old times sake." Harry gave Fred and George Weasley a fake smile and looked around at the other memebers. " Alright Harry?" Lupin asked giving Harry a weary smile. " Yeah. I'll just go get my stuff." He walked upstairs to his room, and packed up the few belongings that he had taken out of his trunk. Five minutes later, Harry was back downstarirs and ready to go. " I think we'll take it from here Mr. Dursley. Do you mind if I could borrow a kitchen appliance?" Lupin calmly asked Uncle Vernon. Uncle Vernon looked like he certinly did mind, but went into the kitchen and got Lupin a fork. " Thank you. Now Harry, you'll be traveling by portkey, and we'll apparate and see you at Grimmauld Place. Got it?" Harry nodded to show that he understood. Lupin muttered a spell, and tapped the fork lightly with his wand before handing it over to Harry. " Bye then." Harry said to Uncle Vernon who didn't even aknowledge his presense as Harry felt the familiar tug behind his navel, and landed on the floor of 12 Grimmauld Place.

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