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DISCLAIMER: the first 7 chapters of this story belong to Miss_Morals who is in no way related to me. I simply loved the idea and ran with it. All origional characters belong to the genious of J.K. Rowling.

On the table set all of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s
favorite foods, along with some foods they had never
seen. Dobby then jumped up on his chair and
“Lunch is served!” with an excited squeal.
“ Thank you Dobby. It looks marvelous.” Hermione
stated with a smile.
“ What is that crispy stuff Dobby?” Ron asked with a
furrowed brow.
“ That is Baklava, it is a Greek dish sir… while Dobby
was on vacation he got a new recipe book to try.”
Dobby beamed.
“ Thank you Dobby! That was a wonderful idea!” Harry
said through a suppressed laugh
“ Lets eat!” said Ron with excited bounce to his voice
“ Yeah, Dobby will you join us?” Harry asked with a
“ Yes Sir Harry Potter! Dobby would be honored! But
can I serve you too?” he asked meekly.
“ Of course you can Dobby, but make sure you eat as
well. I wont have you going hungry.” Hermione said
with an understanding smile.

Harry and Ron looked at each other in confusion and
then to Hermione who was dropping a spoonful of mashed
potatoes on her plate. This was the first time she had
ever been willing to have any house elf serve her
without first putting up a slight hesitancy to
allowing it.

“ Well don’t just sit there in shock, tuck in.” She
said looking at the boys.


After eating and chatting lightly for about a half an
hour Harry and Hermione looked at each other
significantly and shared the thought that it was time
to let Ron in on all of the happenings of the past two
nights. As Ron finished up the last bite of his
treacle tart
“Why don’t we go sit in the living room to talk.”
Stated Harry.

The mood suddenly changed from light and happy to
anticipative and heavy.
“ Sure mate” Ron replied matter of factly as Dobby
grabbed his plate and piled it with the rest of the
dishes. Hermione took out her wand and easily said
“ Scurgify” all of the dishes were wiped clean and
with a snap of Dobby’s fingers they were neatly
arranged back in their shelves. Harry smiled at the
little routine that Hermione and Dobby started when
Dobby began working for them. As the three walked into
the living room Ron automatically took his favorite
chair next to the fireplace, as Harry led Hermione to
sit at the couch.

“ So what happened?” Ron asked bluntly.
“ Well it all started when Harry and I were sitting
here in the on the couch we were talking when a letter
came in from an owl we didn’t recognize when he opened
it black smoke filled the room and he dropped to the
floor as Duncan and I passed out. I don’t remember
anything after that but I do know that Harry took us
up to the hospital wing.”
Hermione explained all of this with occasional glances
at Harry making sure that he didn’t want to step in.
“ Where did it come from?” Ron asked sounding as
though someone had insulted him greatly.
“ We don’t know. Dumbledore said that it was a form of
ancient Chinese dark magic and that he thinks
Voldamort had gotten a hold of it.” Harry explained
tired of talking about it.
“ How does he know it was Chinese?” Ron asked
“ There was a symbol on it.” Hermione chimed in.
They all shared a significant look and were deep in
thought at what it would bring. After sitting in
silence for a few minutes Harry said cautiously not
wanting to hurt Ron’s feelings
“There’s something else” Ron looked fearfully at him,
and asked,
“ Wh…What, is it Duncan? Is he ok?”
“ Duncan is fine… Its us…” Hermione said meekly.
“ What’s wrong, did it affect you worse or what…?” Ron
asked with mounting worry at the state of his best
friends. Hermione cast a worried glance at Harry, and
looking back to Ron said carefully,
“ Ron, were well…” Harry then cut in and said quickly,

“ Were in love. We didn’t even realize it until last
night just before the owl came.”
The look of relief that came over Ron’s face surprised
Harry, he knew that Ron had feelings for Hermione
since their third year and couldn’t believe that he
still wasn’t turning red from a feeling of betrayal.
“ Is that all? You sure did make a big deal out of it.
I thought you two would have said that ages ago.”
“ W…Wait, You knew?” Harry asked quizzically. Stealing
a quick glance at Hermione.
“ Yeah mate it’s been obvious for ages. You two have
been making soft eyes at each other since the third
week here.”
“Your not… mad?” Hermione asked cautiously
“ No, not at all, at first I was but then I started
hanging out with other people and well I got over it.”
Ron said with a slight shrug of his shoulders.
“ That’s good, Listen mate I’m really sorry we haven’t
made much time for hanging out. Now that Duncan is
older and such maybe we could leave him with Dobby on
occasion.” Harry said with relief in his voice.
“ That would be great! Hogsmede is going to be coming
up next month again, Woops… don’t say anything… I
wasn’t supposed to.” Ron brightly stated.

After their conversation the mood in Harry and
Hermione’s suite lightened considerably and they all
made it a deal to hang out one night a week, even if
the Marauders had to help them sneak out. So it was
set next Thursday the trio would take their own trip
into Hogsmede alone they would slip out just before
supper and would go have their own in the Hogs Head.
Duncan would be left in the capable care of Dobby.


“ Come in Mr. Potter.” Dumbledore called from his desk
as Harry walked in.
“ Sorry I took so long sir. We had a lot to talk
about.” Harry said looking at his feet.
“ I knew you would. Since you have had much on your
plate the last few days I will be quick. I saw all
that you put into the pensive and not only was I
saddened by the lack of information we received but I
was also relieved that you and miss Granger do infact
love each other. I knew you were incredible friends
but I could have only hoped for such deep love that
showed in your memory.”

Harry turned pink at the realization of letting such a
personal memory slip into the pensive for others to
see, but he was also glad that he would not need to
explain the reason for him to not need a new bed in
the suite. After all he and Hermione were doing fine
in the same room. Why did they need another bed.
“ I do love her sir. Very much.” He hesitated. “ Sir?”
“ Something wrong Harry? ” Dumbledore stated patiently.
“ Sir, Hermione and I we were… well we were wondering
about the adoption papers, we would like to teach him
to call us mum and dad before well before …” Harry’s
voice trailed off.
“ I understand and that is the particular reason that
I wanted to speak with you. In order for you and
Hermione to adopt him legally we will need both your
guardians present to do so, since both families are
muggles, I have written both the Grangers and your
aunt and they are willing to meet us in muggle London
over winter break to sign papers, to allow you to
adopt him, we also need the Dursleys to sign over all
rights to Duncan and we need them to do the same for
both the wizarding world and the muggle world. Your
aunt wrote me back assuring me that they will meet us
on the first day of break at a café near kings cross
station.” Dumbledore finished with a smile.

“That is a relief sir. We were getting worried that he
would never be considered ours.”
Harry said smiling widely.

“ There is only one more thing standing in the way
Harry.” Dumbledore said with some hesitation.
“ Whatever it is I’ll do it!” Harry said with
“ Are you sure?” Dumbledore asked cautiously.
“ YES!!! What is there to think about? I love Hermione
more then anything and Duncan is the only other one
who comes close.”
“ Harry you two will have to get married before
signing adoption papers.”
Harry’s face went white with shock. After a few
moments of silence he spoke.
“ If she will consider it I would love to marry her.
But when?”
“ You would have to do it before we leave for London.”
Dumbledor explained.
“ Could you maybe tell her? I don’t know how too. And
I am not so sure that I want to see the look on her
face. If she doesn’t want to.” Harry said with doubt
in his eyes.
“ Certainly. I will find her tomorrow.” Dumbledore said
with a new concern in his voice.
“ May I go Sir? I think I need to walk for a bit.”
Harry asked.
“ You may. Have a good night Harry, and have faith.”
Harry nodded before he disappeared through the door.

Sorry Guys, i know it is short but the next one should be longer. Please review i like comments to tell how i am doing. Thanks**

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