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A/N: Bonjour everyone!!!!!! I was re-reading the story recently, and realized that I had made Danielle say something about a Yule Ball in one of the chapters. And after a little bit of thinking, I decided that THERE WILL NOT BE A YULE BALL IN THIS STORY. Number one, because I can’t find a place to put it, and numero deux, I don’t like “Yule Ball” or “Christmas Ball” chapters in stories, mainly because they almost always turn out the same and are quite boring, and I’m trying to make my story original. Also, in OotP, they didn’t have a Yule Ball, so wouldn’t be kind of weird to have one, then skip it, then have it again the next year? Yeah, so anyway, because of that line (and a couple other parts of the story that I’m not really fond of), I’m thinking of doing a “revised edition” of this fic after I’m done with it, just so that I’ll like it more and so that it’ll make more sense. So anyway…enough of my blabbering, and on with the chapter! Hope you enjoy…

That New Girl
~Chapter 11: Thank you, Danielle.~

Draco lied in his bed in the Slytherin common room, somewhat in a daze. He absolutely couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Hermione Granger, a Gryffindor, had just kissed him, Draco Malfoy, a Slytherin.


Draco felt Hermione’s hand snake around his neck, and pull him closer to her, pressing her lips to his. He took a sharp breath in threw his nose, shocked at what she was doing to him.

She was
kissing him.

Just as Draco began to overcome the shock, Hermione preceded to pushing him against the ledge. After regaining himself, he slyly snaked a hand around her waist and pulled her closer, using the other hand to grab the ledge. Hermione had one hand around his neck and the other on his cheek, and was being rather aggressive for a first kiss. But Draco, for some reason, actually liked it.

Wait, no! He couldn’t…he just…

“Her…Hermione,” he managed to croak in between kisses.

“What?” she asked quickly, barely pulling away before continuing her assault on his mouth.

“You’re not…we can’t-”

“Shut up,” she ordered, pausing quickly once more. “I honestly don’t care. Why, do you?”

He couldn’t answer very well, because she had already come down on him again. Damn, the girl could snog.

“Well…no, but-”

“Well then shut up,” she commanded once more.

“But are you…” he continued, “I mean, do you want to…should we tell?”

Hermione pulled away at this, furrowing her brow and cocking her head, looking down.

“I…I don’t think we should,” she told him. When he started to look confused, she added: “not now, at least. It’s too…”


“Yes…sudden. It’s too sudden, is all.”

Draco pushed her away slightly, furrowing
his brow this time.

“You just don’t want Potter and Weasley knowing, now that they’re actually
talking to you again.”

“Oh, be quiet,” she told him half-jokingly as he began to move away from her.

“Honestly,” he continued, obviously not listening, “I don’t see how those two are so appealing. I mean, one’s got the entire wizarding world either bowing down to him or trying to kill him, and the other’s dirt poor and filthy!”

“Shut up!” she told him, more fiercely this time. “I just don’t want to lose the only real friends I’ve had for the past 6 years, all right? Is that such a crime?”

Draco laughed and empty laugh at her. “Oh, come off it, Granger, you’ve already lost them and you know it.”

“What?” she asked. “I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about. Harry and Ron-”

“Are all about
her now,” he told her knowingly. “Isn’t that right?”

Hermione took a step closer, and glared at him with fierce eyes. But after a couple of seconds, her eyebrows began to relax, and those hard eyes became more glassy, a sad aura surrounding her. She now walked up more closely to him so that they were face-to-face.

“Look,” she told him quietly, “all I’m asking is that we keep in quiet for a few weeks while I try to…oh, I don’t know…while I try to-”

“Win them back?”

“Yes. I…I know it sounds pathetic, but I want to at least try, all right? I want to…give it some time, I guess.”

Draco let out a heavy breath, and looked towards the ground, but he felt a soft hand under his chin, forcing his eyes to search hers. Oh, no…there was that look…

“And if you want this…” she said seductively, kissing his neck, “you can have this…as long as you’re quiet.”

He let out a low chuckle and brought her face up to his. “Fine,” he told her, “I’ll be quiet.”

“Good boy,” she smiled, and she kissed him once more.

It would be tough, but Draco would try, all right. He wanted everyone to know that he was now snogging a Gryffindor, and even better, a Mudblood. The amount of dirty looks he would get would most likely be minute in comparison to how brave and daring he would be seen as by his classmates. Oh yes, it would definitely be a major boost to his already over-sized ego.

But Hermione was better than that. If she wanted him to be quiet, he wouldn’t say another word.

And so it would be.

* * *

Surprisingly, Draco was very good at keeping a secret.

Hermione had thought that he might crack on the first day, but to the extent of her knowledge, he hadn’t done anything of the sort so far.

Which was good, for both her and Draco. Imagine what Harry and Ron would say if they found out she was doing what she was doing…and with Malfoy! It was a devastating thought.

And Lucius…oh, Hermione would love to see the look on his face if he ever found out. Although, she was pretty sure Draco wouldn’t like it as much.

And so, after their little row in the astronomy tower (which had been quite made up for by the wonderful snogging), and the decision had been made, they had been keeping they’re dirty little secret from everyone for almost two weeks now.

And, surprisingly enough, it was rather exciting.

They had been sneaking around everywhere imaginable for the past 14 days (and nights) to snog one another, and sometimes, just to, oh what was the word…hang out, without having to be cross-examined by their peers. They would just…talk, about nothing and about everything, just as if they were very good, old friends.

Only they were more than that now, and Hermione knew it. Yes…when you snog someone, whether you like it or not, you’re more than a friend, with or without society’s consent. Even if she denied it, Hermione knew that in the back of her mind there would be a little voice somewhere that whispered to her and made her heart skip a beat every time she saw him.

But she didn’t want to deny it at all. Oh, she would give anything to be able to shout to the whole world that she loved Draco Malfoy. She loved Draco Malfoy.

Yes, she loved him…right? No…yes! Wait…no, no she didn’t. Did she? Yes! NO! She didn’t love him.

Oh, who am I kidding. I don’t know. I’ve never been in love before. What does it feel like? Does it feel like this? Could I love him, and just throw away all of the hate that’s been building up for five years? Just…throw it away, just like that. No, I can’t. I still hate him. But do I love him? No!

She remembered that line she’d read in a famous Muggle book of some sort a few years ago…“My only love sprung from my only hate! Too early seen unknown, and known too late.” That was once of her favorites…but did it apply here? Did it apply to her and Draco?

No…no, it didn’t. Of course it didn’t. How silly of her…

Right…she didn’t love him.

Yet, anyway.

* * *

They’d been just about everywhere on the grounds so far…the empty classroom on the fourth floor, the trophy room, behind the statue of the gargoyle near McGonnagal’s room, and even Moaning Myrtle’s toilet. But once place they hadn’t been yet was the Quidditch Pitch, Draco mused.

It was pouring rain outside, and still, Draco insisted on continuing to practice. He needed to beat Potter in the next match, or Gryffindor would take the lead, and Slytherin would drop to third.

He flew in circles for a while, thinking of different strategies and techniques he’d read about in some of his father’s books, and occasionally practicing the ones that he managed to remember.

But eventually, the rain got a bit much, and Draco could barely see ahead of him. So much so that when he had landed, he couldn’t figure out who the figure running towards him was until she got about 5 feet away.

“What in bloody Merlin’s name are you doing out here?” Hermione yelled at him through the heavy rain. He hair was dripping wet and clinging to the sides of her face, and she was soaked to the bone. Draco imagined he didn’t look much better.

“Practicing,” he yelled at her simply, as if that justified the matter.

“Not in the rain, you’re not!” she yelled back, grabbing his arm and dragging him towards the castle.

They finally made it into what could be called a sort of courtyard…it was open towards the grounds of the castle, but was sheltered so that no rain fell upon them, and there was a door leading inside the castle, which was currently open.

Laughing, Hermione pulled Draco around so that he was facing towards her, and backed into one of the walls. Draco automatically dropped his Quidditch things so that he was able to pin her hands above her head, and came down upon her. They kissed softly at first, until Draco made the first bold move and slid his tongue across her soft lips, asking for entry, which he immediately got. Now the kiss was becoming a lot more passionate, and Hermione began pulling him as close to her as possible, so that there was almost no space in between the two bodies. There was a fire burning between them that neither was willing to put out.

Little did they know, there was someone in the castle who was willing, and she was only a few feet away.

* * *

Danielle could not believe, at all, what in the hell she was seeing.

Hermione was kissing Malfoy.

She stood there, perplexed for a long moment…a very long moment, with her mouth hanging open, her facial features fixed in utter disgust. She felt as if she was going to vomit.

She almost turned away, but thought better of it and turned back towards the door. She’d better make sure Malfoy wasn’t hurting her…

Nope, Hermione was definitely kissing him back. And she couldn’t let her do that.


* * *

Draco jumped backwards, and Hermione looked towards the voice in shock, realizing at once that it was Danielle. DAMN IT!

“How could you?!” the blonde cried, still standing in the doorway, a surprised and disgusted look on her face. Oh shit oh shit oh shit…

“Danielle! I…we…you can’t-” Hermione babbled, not knowing at all what to say. She looked at Draco for some help, but he looked just as horrified as she was. What could she do?!

Danielle, still looking repulsed, laughed a very shallow laugh through her nose, her jaw fixed as if to say something, but she obviously thought the better, because she quickly turned and ran in what Hermione knew was the direction of the Gryffindor common room. Oh, God, she’s going to tell them…

She looked to Draco, a worried look on her face. “Draco, she’s going to tell them! She’s going to tell Harry and-”

“Well you have to stop her!” he cut her off. She stared at him for a moment, until he told her: “GO!”

Hermione nodded, and immediately fled into the castle, running as fast as she knew how. She had to stop that bloody girl...

Oh God, she’s going to tell them! Oh, Merlin! Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit! she told herself over and over again. She had to stop that bitch…

She ran extremely fast, her robes billowing behind her, and her mind was set only on stopping Danielle.

She had to catch up, no matter what. Her heart was racing faster than her feet, and she was quickly running out of breath. Thankfully she was almost there…but she saw no sign of blonde at all. Oh no…

She reached the fat lady and spit out the password so fast that the portrait had to ask her again, and Hermione yelled it so loud this time that the woman jumped in shock, and immediately flew open, revealing the hole in the wall, and Hermione scrambled through.

She was there already. Hermione hadn’t been fast enough. Luckily, Harry and Ron weren’t in sight.

Danielle looked backwards and spotted Hermione, a frustrated look on her face. She immediately ran for the boy’s steps, as did Hermione. They raced to the bottom of the stairwell, both reaching it at the same time, and they both began to race up it at the exact same pace. Danielle took the opportunity to push Hermione’s shoulder, slowing her down, but Hermione was quick to recuperate.

“Bitch!” she yelled at the blonde, and at that moment, did the thing she had been most wanting to do for the past eight months.

Hermione grabbed the other girl’s hood from behind, causing her to fall down a few steps, and when she was in position, punched the arse wipe as hard as she could in the exact center of her perfect face.

Danielle made an “Uuh!” sound, and immediately used one hand to cover her already bleeding nostrils, while using the other hand to try and trip Hermione by grabbing her ankle. Hermione simply shook herself free and proceeded as fast up the stairs as humanely possible, leaving Danielle in her dust, lying on the stairs.

She burst into the boys’ room and was a bit taken aback for a moment; Harry was sitting on his bed, pulling up his pajama bottoms, with only boxers on and no shirt, and Ron was pulling off his jeans, again, with no shirt.

“Hermione!” Ron yelled, “What the bloody hell do you think you’re-”

“Don’t believe anything Danielle tells you!” she burst out. “It’s not true. None of it’s true, and she’s just trying to make you like her more than me! It’s all a lie, and she’s-”

“Hermione slow down!” Harry commanded, pulling up his pants completely and walking over to her. “What do you mean, she-”


Hermione turned around to face a bloody Danielle, limping up the stairs, a determined look on her stained face.

“Danielle!” Harry cried, walking past Hermione over to the other girl. “What happened to-”

“She kissed him!” she told him, and then turned to Ron. “She kissed Malfoy! I saw her…she-”

“Shut up, you filthy bitch!” Hermione spat.

Ron moved closer to Hermione. His cheeks were turning beet red. “Ron, you have to-”

“Malfoy kissed you?!” he asked in rage. “I’ll kill him! I’ll kill the slimy git! Don’t worry Hermione, he won’t be able to hurt you again. I’ll get that no-good bloody bastard and-”

“Ron, please! It’s not necessary!” she yelled at him. “RON!” she yelled again when he didn’t answer. He was making his way towards the door, looking awkward in only his boxers, Hermione mused. But this was no time for jokes.

“What?!” he asked her, turning around.

“She doesn’t want you to hurt him because she kissed him back,” the blonde hissed, staring daggers at Hermione. Hermione glanced at Harry briefly. He wasn’t saying anything, just looking around at everyone with a blank face. Hermione couldn’t tell what he was thinking, as usual.

“Harry,” she told him, taking a step closer, “you don’t believe her, do you? She’s…” she said, pausing to laugh nervously, “she’s crazy! She doesn’t know what she means…I wasn’t even with Draco tonight! I-”

“Draco, now, eh?” Danielle spit. Oops…

“You kissed him back?” Harry asked with an unchanging face. When Hermione didn’t answer, Ron stepped in.

“You kissed him back?!” he asked her. “You kissed the arrogant bastard back?”

Hermione didn’t know what to say. Her two best friends were believing Danielle, a girl they’d known for about a year, over Hermione, whom they’d known for what seemed a life time. Not to mention that Danielle was right, but that was besides the point, because no matter what, they should be believing her, Hermione, not some other American scum arse wipe bitchy two-faced slut who was pretending like she actually cared.

And then it dawned on her…why should she care? Why should she care what these three think, or the rest of the bloody school for that matter, when it’s what she herself thinks. It shouldn’t matter, because she was with Draco now, and that was that. Why was she lying about it in the first place? Who, honestly, cares?

But, they’re my best friends. They’ve been my best friends for the past six years. I should care what they think.

But for the past couple of months, they have been anything but friends to me. Danielle’s my replacement now.

But should I just, throw it all away?

But, they’ve already done that, haven’t they.


Okay then.

“Yes, Ron. I kissed him back.”

Harry’s face grew cold, and his green eyes became cold, and still he was silent. Danielle stood there, looking like she’d just won the lottery, wearing the most conceited and defiant face Hermione had ever seen. But Ron, on the other hand, exploded.

Inside, anyway. Hermione could tell.

He became more red than Hermione could ever recall seeing him, and his eyes became rather glassy. He shook his head a bit, and Hermione could hear him mumble: “No…”. He turned around slowly, and ran down the stairs. Hermione hoped he wouldn’t head for Draco, but she couldn’t think of that right now.

“I told you, Harry. I told you she’d-”

“Why?” Harry asked quietly, not once looking away from her eyes. Hermione was a bit scared.

She took a deep breath, and began: “Because, I-” but was cut off by Danielle again.

“Oh…” she said mockingly, taking a few steps closer to Hermione, her face still dripping with blood, “let me guess. He’s changed, has he? Become Mister Goody Two-Shoes and thrown away his arrogance,” she snapped her fingers, “just like that? Has he joined our side, and decided to deny his name, and has he decided that he wants to be re-sorted, because Gryffindor might better suit his new personality? Have you turned him around, Granger? Has he changed?”

Hermione thought for a moment, her expression changing to one that showed her true hatred towards the girl. It was a hard, cold stare that could freeze even the hottest fire, and it was aimed straight at Danielle.

“No, he hasn’t changed at all. Not once single bit,” she told her. “He’s still arrogant, and he’s still the Prince of Slytherin. He’s still on Voldemort’s side to my knowledge, he still hates Harry and Ron more than ever, and he still hates you, as do I. He’s still Malfoy.”

“So I guess you’ve changed, then?” the other girl replied, just as fiercely.

“No, I haven’t actually. Not at all.”

Harry finally spoke up at this one.

“So what the bloody hell is up, Hermione? If you haven’t changed, and he hasn’t changed, how are you snogging him now when a year ago, you couldn’t stand his writhing guts? How could you do this, Hermione?” He said it calmly, but she knew he was hurt. But she couldn’t get soft now. She had to tell him.

“Draco hasn’t changed, but you know what?”

“What?” Danielle said rudely.

“I’ve managed to dig up a side of him that I really don’t think anyone’s ever seen before. Or maybe people have, I don’t know, but either way, I was too blind to notice it. He’s got a different side to him, is all, and now that I’ve found it, I’m beginning to like it.”

“And you discovered this ‘other side’ how? By making-out with him, I suppose?” Danielle spit.

“Actually, Danielle, I’ve got you to thank! Thanks a lot for taking my place as next year’s certain Head Girl! Thank you so much for stealing every single one of my friends away, including Harry and Ron! Thank you for making me think so much about how I hated you that I met Draco in the Astronomy Tower that night. And thanks for letting us go to Hogsmeade together, since Harry and Ron were obviously too busy. Oh, and thanks for banging Draco up against that post a couple of months ago…it boosted his hatred for you as well, so that we had something in common to talk about. And thanks a bunch for coming here in the first place, I’m sure Hogwarts would be a lot less boring and frustrated without you.”

Danielle was obviously shocked, her mouth open slightly, and her eyes widened. Harry looked confused, but angry as well; perhaps he’d finally gotten the gist that it was because of his new little girlfriend that Hermione was with Draco, and they were too far now to stop it. Perhaps a revolution had finally dawned.

“Excuse me,” Hermione said, fully satisfied with her speech. She walked around the two and made her way down the stairs. She didn’t know where she’d go, but she wanted to go the hell away from there.

A/N: Congratulations, me, on finishing my longest chapter ever! It took up 9 and a half pages on Word, 3,400 plus words I believe. I feel so awesome. Haha but anyway, this definitely was my favorite chapter so far, and I really enjoyed writing, especially the race between Hermione and Danielle. It was so…satisfying haha. But yeah, I’m pretty sure that the next chapter will be the last =( sorry, but unless I think of some really cool twist, I know how it’s gonna end. BUT DON’T WORRY! I am doing a sequel yayyyy! But I’m afraid you might have to wait a while…I’d like to do some work on “Draco Who?” and another one-shot I’m writing, so it might take a good amount of time. But there definitely WILL be a sequel, and it will be gooooooood. =D Haha, anyway, please review, good or bad, I like them all. ^_^

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