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    “Where is my mother?” A tiny raven-haired child looked into the eyes of a woman. She was sitting on the top bunk in an orphanage. The pair’s eyes were level.

    “She’s gone.”

    “And my father?” For being only eleven months old the child was extremely advanced.

    “He’s with your mother.”

    “They’re dead.” She stated the fact simply, her voice not shaking or holding any emotion at all. The woman looked shocked. Children her age didn’t talk much less understand the concept of death. Who was this tiny girl who was at the front door this morning?


    Harry Potter woke bright and early. It was going to be another hot summery day. He looked around trying to find his jeans then changed into them and a tee shirt two sizes too big. Looking in the mirror Harry tried to fix his unruly black hair. He didn’t know why he even tried…just that he had a feeling that today was going to be different.

    There was a sharp tap on his bedroom door. “Get downstairs and make breakfast!” his aunt screeched.

    Hedwig affectionately bit Harry’s finger as he fed her. As he turned to leave he murmured, “So much for today being different.”


    Harry bent over his aunt’s prize rose bush. The sun was high overhead, pounding down on his red neck. The rumbling of a truck engine broke the stillness and silence. Harry looked up to see a moving van pull into the driveway across from number four Privet Drive. A red car followed the truck. The car parked on the street and the three people inside got out.

    Harry gazed curiously at the small family. The mother and father got out at the same time. They stretched and went swiftly into the house where movers had already begun to leave boxes. The girl took a few seconds longer to step out of the car. Harry noticed that her appearance was quite different than that of her parents.

    He had noticed that the girl’s parents had sandy blond hair and creamy skin. The girl, however, had long raven coloured hair and deathly pale skin. She looked around with her wide blue eyes a tiny furry thing wrapped in her arms. The girl caught sight of Harry staring at her. She looked back, smiled and waved.

    Harry didn’t wave back. He didn’t have the chance to. A slender hand came out of the window where he was working and grabbed his ear. There was inaudible shrieking. Two beefy hands came out after the first and dragged Harry through the window. The girl frowned and turned to enter her new home wondering just what was going on in the house across from her.


    Zenia opened the door and entered her new home. It was much smaller than the ranch they had been living on fro the past six years in Sydney Australia. Sure this was England and she was closer to her huge extended family but that didn’t mean that she had to like the size or closeness of everything.

    “Zenia? Is that you?” A kind looking lady poked her head around the corner.

    “Yes Mom. Did you need anything?”

    “Just to tell you that you’re off the hook on packing. Dad and I have it. Your stuff is in your room. The window is spelled so you don’t have to worry about the Muggles seeing any of your wizarding things. Why don’t you and Zeke take a walk and meet some of the kids around here?” Zenia turned to leave. “Or you would unpack. Or decorate…” the door opened and shut. “Okay! Have a good…oh what’s the use…” Zenia’s mother shook her head and returned to the kitchen to unpack.


    Zenia looked up and down the street petting Zeke. She couldn’t figure out what to do. There didn’t seem to be many kids, much less teens in the area. She secured Zeke in her arms and marched up to the door of number 4 Privet Drive where the black haired boy disappeared. Zeke crawled up to her shoulder as Zenia rang the doorbell. The shrieking she had heard earlier started again. She reached out to ring the doorbell again when it opened to reveal the dark haired boy. His eyes opened wide.


    Zenia smirked. “Hi!” she reached out her hand. “I’m Zenia. I just moved into the house across the street.”

    “WHO IS IT!!!” a woman’s voice came from the kitchen. The boy turned away and Zenia caught a glimpse of something on his forehead. She smirked. Zeke chattered.

    “It’s the new girl from across the street.”

    “Would you mind showing me around? It seems like you need a break.” She guessed that he and his family didn’t get along very well. The shrieking had started again along with some clanking of dishes and scurrying of high heels on the floor. Zenia grabbed his wrist. “C’mon!”

    The boy smiled. “Aunt Petunia! I’m leaving with a really pretty girl and you can’t stop me!!” He slammed the door and ran dragging Zenia with him.


    “Slow down Harry!” Zenia called laughing when they got to the centre of town. She readjusted Zeke on her shoulder as Harry turned around.

    “How do you know my name? I haven’t told you.” She touched his forehead and flounced away.

    “Everybody knows you, Harry Potter.”

    “Wait!” Harry ran after her. Entering a pub the pair sat down in a back corner panting. They ordered and sat waiting for their drinks to arrive. Harry decided to put his heavy questions aside for later as Zeke climbed off of Zenia’s shoulder and onto the table to eat some nuts.

    “So what is Zeke exactly?”

    “Zeke is a pigmy marmoset. My family rescued him from a zoo in Australia.” Her slight accent mingled with the smoke in the bar.

    “You lived in Australia?”

    “Yeah. My family moved there from here and then we had to move back. Dad does accounting work for a set of Muggles and mom works part time as a cleaning lady. We went to Australia for a bit of adventure and because of dad’s other job.” The last bit of this statement made Zenia turn slightly away.

    “Sorry. I didn’t mean to pry.”

    “It’s okay. Mom and dad and I just don’t usually talk about his other job. There weren’t very many witches and wizards in Australia. And the ones that were there were on the bad side. Voldemort’s side.”

    “I understand that. The funny thing is he’s really not that powerful or scary. He is just able to intimidate people into submission.”

    “he’s just evil. He hurt a lot of families.”

    There was a huge empty pause. The weight of their conversation hovered in the air around them mixing with the smoke, talk and laughter.

    Zenia smiled as Zeke offered her and Harry a nut. “Thank you sweetie!” She took the nut and petted his head.

    “So, Australia…” Harry began.

    “Yeah Australia! It was so much fun with the animals and the big open spaces…” the pair drifted into friendly conversation as the afternoon drifted away.

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