Emma walked onto Platform 9 3/4 at last. She couldn't believe how much she had gone through to get here. Her head was buzzing with everyone talking and shouting around her. Suddenly, everyone was rushing past her onto the train while the whistle was blowing. She hurried with her trunk to join everyone else on the train. As she walked down the corridor looking for somewhere to sit, she thought about what it was going to be like to be able to use the wand that Mr. Olivandor had so carefully helped her pick out and how in the world she was going to remember all of the spells in the textbooks she had bought from Flourish and Blotts. She had reached the very end of the train to a compartment that was completely empty. "At last," she thought, lugging her trunk into the compartment and sat down. Suddenly, the compartment door slid open and two identical freckled faces peaked in. "Uh, can we join you?" one of them asked. "Sure, why not," she answered, a little startled. One of them walked into the compartment while the other yelled down the corridor. "Oy! Lee! Over here!" She heard footsteps and a guy with dreadlocks walked in. "Hi!" he greeted her. "Who is this?" he whispered into one of the redhead's ear. "That's just what I was wondering," the other one grinned. "Oh, I'm Emma," she blurted. "And you are…" "Fred-" said one of the twins. "And George," said the other. "And I'm Lee Jordan," the boy with the dreadlocks held out his hand. Emma awkwardly shook it and then leaned back against her seat, staring out the window. Fred, George, and Lee exchanged glances. "So… what house are you in?" Fred tried to start up a conversation. "House?" Emma said confused. "Yeah, house," said George. "You're not a first year are you?" asked Lee, raising his eyebrows in doubt. "I have no idea," she said, a little freaked that these people were asking her so many questions. "Oh, so you're a muggle-born," Fred realized. "I guess," Emma said. "But you sure don't look like you're eleven," George chuckled. "Yeah, you're younger than our little sister Ginny," Fred joined in. "I'm not eleven," said Emma, a bit confused. "I'm thirteen, almost fourteen." "Then how come you don't know what house you're in?" asked Lee, raising his eyebrows once more. "I guess because I don't have one," she replied. All of the guys looked confused. "Oh, well. It'll sort itself out once we get to the castle. Anyone up for a game of chess?" While the guys all played chess for a few hours, Emma amused herself by looking out the window and occasionally looking through some of her textbooks, wondering how she could learn so much about a completely different world. She thought about life back at home and how her parents had forbidden her to come. She knew how angry they would be at her for coming anyway as soon as she sent home her first letter. There was a knock at the compartment door and a fat witch slid it open. "Anything from the trolley, dears?" she asked as she indicated the piles of food on a cart outside in the corridor. "No thanks," the guys all replied, however, Emma, who was starved swept over to examine the food. She looked for things she recognized, but after finding none, she asked the witch what was good. "Oh, my favorite are the chocolate frogs, dear, they're two for a Knut." "I'll take ten." For the next hour she spent eating her chocolate, although on the first try it was hard for her to get the enchanted chocolate frog inside her mouth, but after a few tips from Fred, George, and Lee, she got the hang of it and enjoyed reading about the famous witches and wizards on the cards inside the Chocolate Frog boxes. Soon, the sun went down and the lights inside the train were lit. Emma took out her portable CD player and started searching for a CD out of her backpack. She looked up and saw Fred grinning in her direction. "What?" she asked, wondering what was going on now. "Uh, you know you won't be able to use that once we get to the castle, don't you?" he asked with a mocking smile on his face. "Why not?" she asked, disappointed. "There's some enchantment on the castle that makes it so electronic stuff doesn't work around it," George explained. "Here, let me see it," said Lee. "I know a spell that will make it still work." Fred and George looked at him quizzically. "My grandmother saw one in a muggle store and thought it would be cool for me to have it for my birthday," Lee explained. "Obviously, I wanted to use it here." Emma handed her precious CD player over to Lee while he pulled out his wand. He muttered a few things under his breath and handed it back to her. "There, that should do it," he gave her a big toothy smile. "Thanks." Emma took it back and stuck a CD in. Suddenly, the train started slowing down. "Looks like that was just in time," Fred said. "Hold on. We couldn't be there yet," George's eyebrows furrowed as he glanced at his watch. Suddenly, the lights flickered and went out. Into the darkness a high-pitched scream echoed.

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