Don’t forget the dark haired boy

Bet you have never heard of me… well that wouldn’t surprise me; I’m one of those people with no friends. I’m one of those people who got and gets beaten up by the ‘gang’ in school, one of those people that nobody will even talk to in case they begin to think that we are friends. Not that I really blame them, I might have done the same myself, if I ever had friends to start with, if I ever had been just another person in the class.

Then again I did have a friend once, I think that that’s how it all started all those years ago… so many years ago. Could it really all be because I sat beside the wrong person on my very first day of school? I was just five, like all the others that first day; that’s so long ago now, only five. I sat beside a boy with dark hair, really dark hair and it was kind of long. Why I remember these things I’m not sure, that’s just the way it is. We were still to young to worry about how to make friends or to judge each other straight away, maybe it would have been better if we had, better for me. Lord only knows what we talked about now, but talk we did and play. Then came break time and things were still going fine, me and this boy were still playing out in the yard, the yard that I would learn to dread in the years and even months to come. Then things went wrong, way wrong…

Some other guy from the class came over, I didn’t know him, I didn’t know anyone in the class except my new friend with the dark hair, who was fun to play with. This boy was bigger then us, way bigger. He stood in front of me and even at that age I must have already understood about hating because I knew that he hated me. He put a hand on my shoulder and pushed, I was too small to stop it and I had never been pushed like that before, what was I to do? What would I have done, if I had known what giving in that first time was going to lead to? But I didn’t know. How could I have known? I landed on the cement ground of that yard, hard. Before a tear had the chance to fall, the big shadow over me spoke and sealed my fate for the rest of my school days.

“He’s not allowed have friends, so your not allowed have friends” He pointed right into my friends face as he said it, then he pushed him back hard between the eyes, so that he fell onto the ground next to me. As he pushed I hear the sound of my friends round glasses snapping in the middle, over the next few year the two of us would become experts at sticking those glasses back together.

“Oh, mum and dad are going to lock you up for this tonight Harry” and with that he was gone, but I knew he would come back, he would always come back.

In the days, months and years that came and went, it turned out that Dugley was right we weren’t allowed to have any friend and it was he that made the rules. We never counted how many times we were chased in a week, why bother when next week could be more? We always ran, sometimes at school one of us got away, a lot of the time it was Harry. I don’t know how he used to do it, but things would happen to help him get away, then again at least I got to go home to my home. Harry, well Harry didn’t have a home, he had a house he slept in and occasionally ate in and a lot of the time got beaten up by Dugley in.

Well the years pasted as the years do, we were ten, we were still friends. I know you could say that it was because we had no one else but we really did get on well, but then came eleven and Harry went away and then it was just me. I didn’t know where he went; I tried to find out, but was only told something about some criminal school and that only by the very few people who would talk to me. My one friend was gone, even if it had been a secret friendship, he was still my friend.

I started my next school life; my parents thought that it would help me more to send me to a privet school. Little did they know that they were sending me back to the monsters that had ruled the last few years of my life. Yes; I went to the same school as Dugley again. But this time it was a little better and a lot worse. Sure the gang left me alone more then they ever had, on instructions from Dudley, the idea behind which I never understood. Why did he not want to make my life a complete hell any more?

But there was no Harry.

The year passed and he came back for the summer and things were like before, but he wouldn’t tell me the one thing I so desperately wanted to know – where had he spent the year? Where had he gone, a place that was away from Dudley, a place without me?

And so it went for the next three summers, even thought I hated the fact that he was keeping something like this from me, when we had always been open with each other, well we used to be all the other had. Even with this we still got on as well as ever.

But this year, five full years after he went away that first time, this summer was different. I guess he just couldn’t take it any more. He broke down. It all came flooding out of him, before he could stop it, as if some dam inside of him had finally burst. Sure I was shocked, but some how or other I accept everything that he told me without ever questioning any of it, some way it all made sense even through it was completely changing my whole outlook on life.

The pressure, the anticipation, the challenges, the taunting, the singling out….everything he had dealt with…the fighting…the pain…the death…everything came out. I don’t know how long it took, time was irrelevant, but we got through it all and I helped…I hope.

Well after something like that thing never go back just how they were, but now things got better. I’ll leave it to you to imagine how that first kiss came about, cause that’s one of those moments that we will keep just between us, since it is one of the very few things that nobody can take away from us. We were happy, but fate it seems as a cruel sense of humor, for our happiness was not two last.

It didn’t take us long to realize that the feeling we were both experiencing was love and the moment we shared that with each other should have been one of the happiest, but as I have said, that was not to be. As those fateful words were uttered from our lips, Harry was filled with more power then had every being inside one singular living being before. I now know that it was the power of pure love that filled him, but that was irrelevant at the time, while at the same time it wasn’t.

The power was strong and it due the power seeker, the dark lord to Harry on that night. I will not go into the battle, there is no need for that, books will be written by many people, many of whom will be wiser then me. All of the wizirding world will know of the story, Harry’s story, the story of the boy-who-loved. I am hoping to let the few who read this know of the story of my friend, a dark haired boy that I loved and because of this love he was able to kill the darkness that so many feared and then he was able to rest in peace at last.

But I cannot let him go alone, it was our combined love that was the power that the dark lord knew not, but all of that power was needed to bring an end to this war, now with these last few words I feel the power of life fade from within me too, but the love is still strong and growing stronger. I am going with him this time and we shall forever and always be together…

Never forget what Harry did for you all…do not let the story of the little dark haired boy be lost, in the middle of the epic tale of the boy-who-lived…

Who am I?

I know now that that doesn’t matter, all that counts is that I loved Harry Potter with all of my being and he loved me back…

When the battlefield was being cleared of all the bodies, two were found in the middle of the destruction; this, a single page of paper was held tight in the death grip of the young nameless girl, who in turn was held in the arms of Harry Potter.

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