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***Melinda's POV***
I was truly happy that Crystale was up and alive at that. "Crystale should we go by Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao now?" I asked her" I uh don't know...I look like Xiao Qiao but, I trully don't know" she answered " neither do I" I said "We'll leave you girls to chat but I'll be back later to see what we can do with you, oh and Crystale i'm Albus Dumbledore I don't think you knew that yet" Dumbledore said. Madame Pomfrey left the room with Dumbledore. As soon as they left I got out of bed, Crystale did the same. "Want to explore?" I asked her with a smirk "er...okay, sounds fun!" she agreed "Hey your outfits different!" I said she was wearing Xiao Qiao's orange and yellow outfit (in DW5 its her 2nd one sorry it wasn't described) "Hey yours is too!" She exclaimed at me, it was Da Qiao's red outfit (her first one in DW5) "This is so cool!" we said in unison "well lets go explore!" Crystlae exclaimed happily, she skipped out of the hospital wing while I walked out calmly as I smiled to myself, for once in my life I felt truly beautiful. 'Wow this place is huge' I thought as I excited the room "What way should we go?" Crystale asked excitedly "Er...just follow me Xi- Crystale, I'm so sorry I don't know where that came from" I was strange how I almost called her Xiao Qiao "it oh-kay" she said as if not knowing what I was apologizing for. I led myself and Crystale through the halls, even though i didn't know where I was ging my feet were leading me, though my feet seemed to have a good sense of direction, we seen how beautiful this place was. "Look sissy were in a castle again it's been so long!...holy shit, I have no idea where that came you think Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao are inside us now?" Crystale asked "Well I
never thought about it but it's possible" I answered "that'd be so freaky!" Crystale said "Ahem, shouldn't you girls be in class?" we heard a voice ask "um class? What class?" Crystale asked "Oh, that's right this is a magic school, whopsie" I said remembering what Dumbledore said, I looked at the lady she had cat eyes and spiked gray hair "don't play mind games with me you know you should be in class" the lady said strickly "er...hasn't Dumbledore told you about us yet?" I asked nervously "What do you mean?" the lady asked annoyed "You know that that well he found us on the schools grounds unconscious" I said "no, he didn't and if it WAS truehe would of told us staff members" the lady argued, we both knew we were telling the truth but this lady wasn't going to give in so we looked at each other with a look that said we better take a run for it, Crystale was counting on her fingers, one-two-three. We both sprinted away from the lady, we heard her shout "Get back here this instant!" but we kept running not even knowing where we were going until we got to a flight of stairs we looked up the gigantic staircase some of the stairs were moving I looked at Crystale "should we?" I asked she took another glance at the stairs "okay" she said, we ran up a lot of the stairs until we found ourselves in a hallway with a portrait of a fat lady in a pink dress, we were standing in front of it staring at it until it said "Are you going to say the password or what?" "e-excuse me?" I asked "Mel I think we've gone insane, the portrait just talked" Crystale said "er, yeah she kinda does that a lot" a voice said from behind us, we turned around to see a girl with bushy brown hair, she was looking at us like WE were crazy "Are you new or something?" she asked "No, we were fo-" she was caught off by me placing my hand over her mouth Yeah,were new" I said the girl gave me a curious look but said "oh, well welcome to Hogwarts" "thanks" I said smiling weakly
the girl smiled and said "your welcome" "well we uh better go back to Dumbldore's" I said "okay, bye" the girl said Crystale and I took off like bolts of lightening down the same path we came or at least we tried. Pretty soon we were looking face to face with a boy with pale blonde hair and blue eyes.

***Crystale's POV***
'Wow...' I thought as I looked at the boy in front of us..."'Allo" I said with a smile. He looked at me with a frown, "So...I heard you are new?" a grin spread across his face as the held out his hand. I could sense that Mel was already annoyed with's that sisterly connection we have. I took his hand and he squeezed it, "I'm Draco Malfoy" he grined at me. For some reason I caught myself heat up with the rise of a blush. "Alright, Crystale let's go." Mel took my hand and we started to run around the school again, but before we turned a sharp corner I took a glance at him. As we ran like hell, through the halls, we ran into a couple of other teachers and hall monitors and we ran right by them all as we giggled and whooped through those huge halls. 'This is sooooo fun! I don't want this to ever end!' I thought.

***Mel's POV***
'I know it's not right for me to judge on first impression but I really didn't like the way he grinned and I could fell him
mocking us' I thought as we we came back to the fat lady, again. "How did we get back here?" I asked as we looked for a secret button or something or for something to happen "Yeah, I know, we took different eays on stairs and stuff!" We were both giggling again "Ahem!" came a voice from behind us. We both looked at each other, counting to three 'one-two--" "Don't even think of it" The voice was more stern. I turned around slowly and saw an old woman with blue eyes with brown graying hair that was in a tight bun. "um, are we in trouble?" Crystale asked sweetly "Of course you are, wondering around the school when you don't belong here! Where did you come from anyway?" the lady asked angrilly "Well Dumbledore took us to the hospital wing with some Hagrid person and we were nursed back to health there" I explained "If that was true Dumbledore would of told all of the staff members" the lady argued. Crystale and I exchanged worried looks the lady gave us a very stern look and said "If you don't leave the schoolat once I will have to notify Dumbledore immedietly" "That won't be necessary Minerva" Dumbledore's voice said Crystale and I smiled we were thankful that he came
(end chapter 2)

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