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Chapter Four

No Rest for the Weasley and Potter

The Weasley men were all hearty eaters and another characteristic that they shared was the fact they seldom slowed down to chew their food, much less taste it. Although Ron was the youngest of them, he could very well be the leader when it came to bad table manners.

There hadn’t been much discussion seeing that everyone seemed famished from the day’s events. So, when Mr. Weasley stood up from his chair and cleared his throat the family took notice.

“Before any of you decide to dash off, I would like to request you all return tomorrow night.”

Rumbles began to erupt around the table. “Come on, Dad,” Fred had been the brave individual to protest verbally.

Mrs. Weasley shot a piercing glare in his direction. “Fred Weasley, if your father says you are to come here tomorrow, you will, without a single complaint.”

Soon thereafter, couples began to collect their children with the exception of Harry and Ginny. Although Harry desperately wanted children, they had not yet been blessed as of thus far. There had been several mediwizard visits but there had yet to be a diagnosis. The Mediwizards, along with Healers thought it could be a side effect of “the curse”. They had all taken to calling it that and whispered as though it were contagious or some secret making Harry feel even more self conscious than normal. No matter the reason, Ginny had promised to stand by Harry. She had plenty of brothers, and they would produce more than enough children for them to help with should they like.



Ron felt his eyelid being forced open by very small fingers.

“Are you in there? Come on Daddy! Mum says breakfast is about ready.”

Ron had to squint as he opened his eyes. The sun flooded in and came to a rest across his bed. He ran both fingers through his head and once his eyes adjusted themselves he looked at his bright eyed beauty. “Good morning, Sunshine.”

Rose tugged at the arm closest to her with great force to urge him out of bed. “We have practice, you promised, remember?”

“I sure do. I am ready to see just how good my little girl is.” He jumped to the edge of the bed. He didn’t bother to dress just yet; he scooped up his pride and carried her to breakfast.

Hermione had just arranged the plates on the table and sent the teapot, as well. She could hear Ron’s large feet bounding down the stairs, sounding a bit like a heard of charging hippogriffs, then, through the door, entered a tall and handsome Ron with a very excited child in his arms. He set her to the floor and she bound into her seat at the table. Ron’s hair had a mind of its own, standing on end, showcasing a very prominent cowlick. He was sporting a very rugged looking pair of Chudley Cannon pajama pants and a black shirt that said, ‘Support the Ministry, Kiss and Auror Today!’

Hermione smiled and walked to her husband. “Let me do my part in supporting the Ministry, Auror Weasley.”

“Every little bit helps,” Ron said sheepishly picking her up allowing her feet to dangle just out of the reach of the floor, and kissed her.

“Pa…lease,” Rose shouted, making a face at her parents. “I’m trying to eat here.”

They both laughed, continuing about their morning.


Harry and Ginny sat in the lounge, one on either end of the sofa with their feet propped in the center and toes just touching. The mid afternoon breeze swept in the open window, carrying with it the sweet smell of the honeysuckle that grew up the exterior wall. Both of them had parchment rolled open in front of them, diligently studying the contents. As Ginny took a slow sip from her tea, Harry furrowed his brow.

“Did you see formation 27?” Harry shook his head as he too began sipping on his morning tea.

“Absolutely, but you wait until you see 39,” She wrinkled her nose and squinted her eyes as she tried following the little dot that was intended to represent herself.

“I always thought Oliver was a bit insane, but now I know he is absolutely mental. Someone could get themselves killed making some of these moves,” Harry turned his parchment in several directions, trying to find a better angle.

“You are definitely getting old, Mr. Potter, you would have never thought about how dangerous a move was when you played in school,” Ginny teased.

“Oh, is that…”

Just as Harry began to retort with a remark a knock reverberated from the front door. They looked at one another wondering, one, who would be knocking at their door, and two, who would do it in the middle of the day when most were working.

Harry lay own his parchment on the sofa table and placed his socked feet to the bare wooden floor. Skating his way to the door, Ginny laughed at his graceful skating techniques. He pulled the door open, laughing, and there with a child on either side of her, stood a tear stained faced woman with drooping eyes. The smile fell from Harry’s face as Ginny sat her parchment down to join Harry at the door.

Harry took a second, and then spoke. “Daisy…WH…what,” Before he could finish his question, her knees buckled as her eyelids fluttered and eyes rolled into the top of her head. Harry lunged forward, catching her just before she hit the stone of the front step.

Ginny rushed forward to offer any assistance and gather the children. As she led them trough the door she took a quick peek trying to see if anything out of the ordinary was going on outside. As she led Granger and Winnie into the hose, Harry had already placed the small framed woman on the sofa.


“George, have you finished with the supply list.” Fred yelled from the office. “We need to start on inventory for the third store.”

Fred and George, with a great deal of help from their wives, were now planning a third shop to their already extremely successful shops. The second, in Hogsmeade, was doing exceptionally well and even better on Hogwarts weekends. Since Mr. Weasley had become Minister, Ottery St. Catchpole was gradually becoming a hot spot for wizardkind. They had invaded and taken over, moving in and building up their own businesses. Fred and George decided that it was about time to join in by placing their own there.

“Fred, have you forgotten about your parents?” Angelina walked in, carrying Annabelle who was crying. “It is time to close up shop and get going, and George, Susan said she and Samantha will meet you there.”

“Thanks,” George called at her.

Angelina didn’t know for sure, but she had a suspicion that the ‘thanks’ was for getting him away from Fred rather than the message from Susan. “Anytime,” She winked, and she then knew it was for getting him from Fred. George smiled, shook his head, and made a mad dash for his cloak before apparating.

Angelina walked into the office, where she placed Annabelle on the floor before walking to Fred’s desk. Tea cups sat all over stacks of invoices, stains forming on them. A large parchment sat, rolled out, displaying plans for the new shop. Fred had a quill stuck behind one ear and another between his lips. He spoke from one side of his mouth as the quill flopped up and down in his mouth.

“Is it that late already, I feel like I just got here,” He cocked an eyebrow and scratched his head.

“Yes, so let’s get going.”

Fred threw down the quills and stood up from his seat. “A bloke can’t get anything done!”

He led Angelina and Annabelle to the fireplace. “Come on pumpkin, Daddy will take you with him,” He kissed his wife’s cheek and stepped into the fireplace, and Angelina followed soon after casting the locking charm on the shop.


The family soon arrived one by one into the fireplace of the Burrow, instantly making their ways to the table set up with appetizers. Curiosity was high amongst the children not knowing what their Dad had in store for them. Rose was standing on the sofa mimicking the moves she had tried that day at practice for her uncles and cousins. Mrs. Weasley fussed over the smaller of the children, while Hermione and the other ladies laughed about the way the men were acting at the thought of Quidditch.

Mr. Weasley say back enjoying the sight of his enthusiastic family wondering what was taking Harry and Ginny so long. He was bursting to the gills with anticipation of his announcement and didn’t think he could last much longer. Just as he was about to raid the table of food a knock came at the door. He crossed the room and opened the door to find nothing there but the wind. Just as he threw the door forward it stopped with a thud against…Harry and his invisibility cloak, carrying a woman. The blaze from the fireplace produced Ginny along with the children that had appeared at their front door earlier that day.

Ron noticed immediately who the woman was as stepped for ward to help Harry who obviously looked as though he needed it.

A/N: I would like to thank all of you for your patience while I finished up my semester. And I am sorry that the update was not made yesterday as I promised, but I needed a day break from the keyboard and monitor. So instead I spent the day tweaking my chapter by the old fashioned way with pen and ink. Hope you enjoy.

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