A/N-I'd just like to say thanks 2 all my reviewers! You guys rock! Special thanks to Tubes who's the best brother ever! If you know what's good for you, you'll review ASAP so this thanks can be extended to you to. Yeah, you heard me. Do it and do it now before I throw tacos at you! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ginny looked around the battlefield fearfully. She was deathly terrified, and waiting only made it worse. For her, war meant seeing her family again for the first time in three years. She had also just recently found out that the war would be a simple Order of the Phoenix versus Death Eaters. As soon as she found that out, she knew they could win this war hands down. The Death Eaters outnumbered and overpowered the Order. The only thing they really had to fear was Dumbledore. Ginny felt both happy and sad about that. She felt happy because she would be fighting for the Death Eaters, who were sure to win, but she still couldn’t push away the fact that this was her family. She had a hard time admitting even to herself that the reason she was fighting for the Death Eaters was because she was scared of Voldemort and what he could do. She also knew for a fact that the Death Eaters were going to win, and she felt like she needed an ego boost. She was standing right beside Voldemort. His hand was on her shoulder, giving her a silent and not-so-needed warning not to do anything stupid. Ginny wasn’t going to, though. If she switched sides in the middle of the battle, it could only hurt. Ginny knew what Voldemort wanted her to do. As soon as they arrived, she was supposed to create a distraction by simply running around, which wouldn’t do much, but she had made it very clear that she wasn’t emotionally ready to actually fight. She had wanted Voldemort to put the Imperious Curse on her, but he said he wouldn’t because her natural instinct would be to fight it. He had tested her to see if she could fight it, and she could. She wasn’t as good at it, but she could do it. They waited there for awhile, and then Ginny could start to see a long line of people. The first battle of the Ultimate War had officially begun. Voldemort saw it, too. He pushed her forward, but she was so panic-stricken she couldn’t move. Finally, Voldemort relented. He cast the Imperious Curse on her and sent her out toward the enemy, and then took it off. By then, though, Ginny had enough momentum to keep going. She ran around, feeling like an idiot. She was going to do her part if it killed her, though. Almost instantly, though, the plan didn’t work. She was supposed to create a distraction so Voldemort could sneak in and capture Harry, the thing he wanted the most, but Harry grabbed her wrist, and Ginny found herself wishing desperately that Voldemort was standing right there but when she looked over she saw him at least a kilometer away. “Ginny? Ginny, is that you?” Harry asked hurriedly. Ginny nodded. “Yeah, it’s me.” “Is it the real you?” “Harry, when we were at Draco’s house, I was under the Imperious Curse. That wasn’t the real me.” “Why didn’t you fight it? You know how to fight the Imperious Curse.” “I tried, but I kept feeling like something was holding me back, almost like my body knew it wanted to fight it, but another part was telling me that everything would be okay and I didn’t need to.” “Wow,” Harry breathed. “It takes a very powerful wizard to create an Imperious Curse that strong.” “Draco is a powerful wizard,” Ginny said. “So you’re not really in love with Voldemort?” Harry’s voice sounded hopeful. “I never said that,” Ginny said, though she knew that what she was going to say next would really make Harry pissed. “He acts like I’m his one true love, his soul mate. Really, though, I really don’t love him that much. I mean, he’s nice enough, but…” “Ginny, he killed my parents,” Harry clarified for her, although she already knew. “So? That was a long time ago. Besides, you killed Bellatrix.” “No I didn’t. Neville did. He needed to get his revenge.” “Oh, right. Because she tortured his parents,” Ginny said matter-of-factly. “GINNY! OH MY GOD! GINNY!” Ginny turned and saw her mother running toward her. Knowing that her mom didn’t know what side she was really on, Ginny accepted the embrace her mother offered. “Oh, Ginny, baby. Oh my God. Ginny.” Ginny grinned in spite of herself. “Mum, can I talk to you for a second?” Ginny asked. Her mother agreed, so Ginny led her over to a spot out of Harry’s earshot. “Mom, I have something very important to tell you, but you’ll always love me no matter what, right?” “Of course, baby. You can tell me anything.” Ginny hated how parents were always trying to get you to tell them everything that goes on in your life, but she supposed it was worse because she had been kidnapped and hadn’t seen her mother in three years. “Mom, I’m… I’m… I’m fighting. Mom, I’m fighting on the Death Eater side. I’m not fighting for the Order.” Guilt overwhelmed Ginny, and she felt like she was going to cry. Mrs. Weasley looked stunned. Ginny gave her a pleading look. “Mum, please say something. It’s not my fault, I swear.” “But… W-Why would you fight for Death Eaters? Voldemort kidnapped you, sweetheart.” “I’m not even sure, so there’s no way you could understand it. Just the way Voldemort acts around me is almost, well, human. I know one thing, though. This is going to be a long battle. The Death Eaters want Harry and the Order wants me,” Ginny said. “Just promise me something.” “What?” “Promise me that you won’t let anybody propose an even trade. You know, we’ll give you Harry if you give us Ginny. We would both hate it, so don’t.” “Ginevra Molly Weasley! Are you actually saying that you like being a Death Eater?” “It has its good points. Mum, I’ve learned more from Voldemort in three years then I ever learned at Hogwarts. I’m not saying I like it, but it defiantly doesn’t suck,” Ginny said. She had never really thought about it before, but now that she said it the truth in those words sunk in more than ever. Her face scrunched up. “Scratch that. I love it.” “But Ginny, you’re my baby. I was so determined to have a little baby girl. Then I finally did, but I never expected you to become a Death Eater.” “Mum, I still love you,” Ginny said. Her mother’s words made her feel guilty. “I love you too, Ginny.” Her mother embraced her and Ginny hugged her back. “Ginny, we have to go right now.” Ginny turned around and saw Voldemort standing there with a determined look on his face. “Ginny, we need your help! Come on! It worked! Your distraction worked. We’ve got Harry trapped.” “You captured him?” “Not exactly. We actually technically have no idea where he is. I just got a report that he has a tracker on him.” Ginny grinned sheepishly. “That was my idea. I saw one and put it on in case I got lost, then Harry grabbed my wrist and I guess it sucked itself into him.” Voldemort had never looked happier. He embraced Ginny and pulled her off the ground, swinging her in a circle before putting her down. “That was brilliant, Ginny! Genius! It’s ours! Come on, let’s go.” Ginny cast one last look at her mother, who was crying, then, hand in hand with Voldemort, ran off toward the rest of the Death Eaters, ready to tell them the good news. Ginny had never felt this happy, though if you would’ve asked her three years ago, she would describe this feeling as torture. Not now, though. She was truly a Death Eater at heart. Even if this war was won by the Order, Voldemort will have won one battle. He had officially won Ginny’s heart. It felt good.

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