Impulse? * Chapter Three: Welcome Back * “ Words” ‘ Thoughts’ Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of its characters, but if elected I promise I will forbid the consumption of all hedgehogs. Hermione woke up when the light from the window poured across her face. She made a move to get up but suddenly stopped seeing the young slytherin boys body underneath her own. Questions immediately came prancing into her head like Santa’s reindeer (AN: They always keep me up at night pawing at the roof above my head. I think they know it makes me want to do the electric slide… IT”S ELECTRIC!) ‘ Where am I? How did I get here? What is he doing here? Why am I sleeping on him? WHAT DID WE DO? …What time is it?’ Hermione carefully stood up taking extra care so as to not wake Draco, if he was grumpy during the day she’d hate to see him freshly awakened. ‘ And Where Did These Come From?’ She had finally noticed the kittens curled up by Crookshanks. Slowly the previous days events came pouring back to her. Most were shocking. Some not so shocking. And others she’s pretty sure she was drunk when the happened. Especially the part about Malfoy being nice! Oy she needed to get a grip before she fainted. A few hours later Hermione was showered dressed and comfortably reading a book in the common room. Or at least she was trying to read; she was making some progress …kinda. ‘Get Out! Get Out! Get Out! I don’t wanna think that he’s cute when he’s sleeping. I don’t wanna have naughty visions of him half clothed! Bad ‘Mione Bad!’ Draco chose that moment to wake up. At first her glared at her, then he opened his mouth to speak, but then it seemed he had remembered they were friends and went up the stairs to the bathroom. Later he emerged with a towel around his waist. “ Granger! Have you seen my wand!’ At the sight of him Hermione turned beat red. “ No, but I… er… have seen something else of yours.” She turned even redder ( if that was possible). “What the hell are you-.” He looked down at the fluffy towel that had been concealing his complete nudity; it was now around his ankles. “Shit!” He bend down quickly and snatched it up. He noticed Hermiones look of pure embarrassment and decided to play on it a bit. He turned around to face her towel still in his hand and asked “ What ? Never seen one this big before? And he walked in to his room with Hermione scarred for life. Over the next few day the two ( barley speaking to each other) planned Balls, Visits to Hogsmeade, and other fun events for their peers. They had a great time together, laughing and cracking jokes. This nearly caused Dumbledore to have a heart attack. But Hermione knew it would be even harder on Harry and Ron. But it wasn’t until she saw them walking towards her with tons of questions that she really got nervous. “’Mione!” They both greeted her at the same time. After the sorting hat ceremony and the large feast she headed in the opposite direction from her friends and they asked, not having been paying attention when Dumbledore had announced it, to busy talking about quidditch, who the head boy was. “ Oh, it’s…um… Draco.” She walked briskly down the hall before they could open their mouths. “ I don’t know what to be more shocked about, the fact that the ferret got head boy or that Hermione called him by his first name.” Ron said “ Did I miss something?” Harry asked. I’m so sorry I haven’t written recently. I’ve been so busy, well that ,and I’m grade A lazy. I’ll try not to make you all wait this long again. Thanks for being patient with me. And Thanks to kimmalfoy for the lovely banner, although it may not be up yet. - HybridDemon

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