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Thank you to forsakephoenix, my most marvellous beta reader.
The End Of Something

Chapter One

The Daily Observer – Friday 23rd February 1981

The local people of the Kapet Islands received quite a shock this afternoon on their train journey across the ocean when a sighting of The Dog occurred. Such a sighting has not been recorded in almost two days which is record timing for the area. We interviewed many of the people around the scene to hear of their experiences today.

“It was strange…” said a man who calls himself China, one of the passengers aboard the train at the time. “I noticed the snow outside and then there was a roar but no one took much notice of it, I mean they never do anymore. Then the track shook and a moment later the last carriage (which I was in) flew off the rails,” he said, telling just part of the horrific experience.

“It was a tragedy waiting to happen but fortunately only one person was injured today. A young woman in some sort of goo, believed to be saliva, appeared on the platform. She was suffering from shock but was the only casualty from the experience,” Thomas the Tank Engine, the train in question, informed this reporter. When asked about the day’s events, the Fat Controller refused to comment but he is thought to be denying the existence of The Dog despite today’s evidence…

Thomas sped over the tracks, each of them carefully laid across the deep waters of the Kapet Sea on his journey towards Chayre Leg. The journey was one which he had made many times and although there had been some … mishaps … in the past, they were few and far between.

The Fat Controller stood on the station tapping his little black feet and examining his stopwatch as he waited for Thomas the Tank Engine to pull into the station. The time was permanently set to five o’clock on his watch which was, oddly enough, the exact time at which Thomas was due in. Thomas had never been late according to his excellent timekeeping and, true to form, he pulled into the station moments later.

“Five o’clock precisely,” The Fat Controller said triumphantly as he always did when Thomas was on time. He put his pocket watch into his jacket and stood to the side to allow the passengers to step onto the platform.

He took off his top hat to a young woman who stepped off first and she smiled an almost plastic smile at him as she crossed the station to the arms of a young man.

“How was the journey, love?” he asked her as she leant stiffly in his arms.

“It was … interesting,” she concluded and the man she was with gave her a strange look. He enquired as to what she meant and she went on to say, “I was dozing off when I happened to look out of the window and I’m sure my eyes were playing tricks on me but I thought I saw something… it was like a giant dog.” The woman shuddered slightly.

“A giant dog?” the Fat Controller asked, unable to resist joining their conversation. The crowd around them looked slightly nervous at this information but stayed silent and focused on overhearing the rest of their conversation. “Madam, I assure you that there are no giant dogs in these parts.”

“That’s not strictly true,” a young man said, butting into the conversation. “My cousin lives on the edge of Faire Place and there have been multiple sightings of The Dog around there.”

“Nonsense. Everyone knows that those from around that area are almost always delirious from the heat,” the Fat Controller said and accompanied it with an uneasy laugh.

The man who had spoken muttered something darkly about slander before the sound of Thomas’s whistle pierced the air. He turned away from the Fat Controller with so many others and boarded the train.

“Well, I’ll tell you something, I’m not going on that train again,” the young woman said. She stared into the distance but she saw no trace of The Dog as she left the station. There was a flash of green light in the vague direction of Faire Place, accompanied by thunder moments later.

Lily yawned as she dusted over the coffee table and smiled lightly at the vision of her son tugging at his father’s hair as he sat on James’s chest.

“I don’t know why you bother to dust the Muggle way, Lily. Surely there’s a magical way to clean efficiently,” James said, his wand in his hand, and cleaning ideas in his mind.

“Really? Then I’d love to hear about it,” she said coolly. There was a flash of green in the fire and she added, “Hello Sirius.”

“Good afternoon all,” the man identified as Sirius said as he stepped out of the fireplace and promptly fell over the fire guard. It had been there for seven months – since Harry’s birth – but Sirius always managed to walk into it. Harry made a series of happy gurgling noises at the sight of his godfather who grinned in return.

“My kid’s a genius… speaking Gobbledegook at such a young age,” James said and Sirius’s laughter boomed out across the room.

“Don’t laugh so loudly, Sirius, I’ve already got a headache,” Lily said as she put down the duster on the table before sinking into a chair by the fire. “Go get me some tablets, would you?”

“I would but I’ve got to catch up with my godson,” Sirius replied, taking Harry from James and sitting down on the floor with him. “James’ll do it.”

“Oh he will, will he?” James asked dryly but went to the kitchen despite himself, muttering to himself all the way. “—Muggle tablets, don’t work anyway…”

“So how do you feel about the front page of The Prophet?” Sirius asked Harry. “Very entertaining, don’t you think?”

Harry’s only response was a series of indecipherable sounds.

“Yes, I am amazing, aren’t I? But back to The Prophet…” Sirius said and Lily hoped James would return quickly; her very sanity was at sake.

“—sue for slander…Preposterous!” The Fat Controller said as he nodded at Thomas. The train slowly began its journey back towards the isle of Cophey Taibal and a young man with thoughts of slander on his mind glared at the Fat Controller as they began to cross the sea. This was not his day – so far he had been ridiculed at the station and had been attacked by a large fly. Could things get much worse?

“You’ll never get a penny out of him you know,” an old man said to his left and he turned to regard him. “He’s got the best lawyer around. He goes by the name of Ken and he’s the most intelligent guy this side of Living Room.” The man’s accent was thick and rich. It made the younger man think of cowboys, although he didn’t know why. “So, what’s your name, son?”

“Made In China,” he replied, lifting up his foot to show the words printed there in large writing. “And how do you know about Ken?”

“Nice to meet you, China,” the elder of the two replied, using only the man’s last name. “You can call me USA. So you’re from across the pond, then?”

“It’s hardly a pond.” China laughed as he gazed through the window at the sea of blue below them, the thin tracks the only thing which separated their carriage from what would probably be an unfortunate and untimely end. “Besides, you still haven’t told me about Ken.”

“It’s a funny story…” USA began but China wasn’t listening all that much. There was another flash of green and this time no thunder accompanied it.

“Snow?” a young girl asked towards the end of the train and China smiled slightly at the small flakes which settled around them. He pulled a face at the girl he knew vaguely as Shelly before their whole world went upside down and thunder roared around them.

“Hello Peter,” Lily smiled as a man stepped through the fireplace. She was relieved that someone else would join her, someone not intent on criticising her Muggle ways and not attempting to talk about politics with her seven month old son.

“Really? That’s a fascinating opinion but Fudge will never make it as Minister. It’ll be Crouch, you mark my words,” Sirius said to Harry. Peter raised an eyebrow before crossing over to the sofa.

“Have you found the tablets yet?” Lily pleaded as Sirius launched into something akin to an argument with Harry about why Crouch was better than Fudge, although oddly enough he appeared to be losing.

“Yeah, hang on!” James called back to her and he appeared in the doorway a moment later holding tablets and a glass of water. His feet slipped on the lino flooring in the kitchen turning what could previously have been described as an almost-graceful walk into a rather amusing fall. James, water, and two tablets fell towards a small train track below.

Reverto.” Remus said idly as he stepped through the fireplace into the madhouse on the other side. James, the glass of water, and the tablets leapt back to their former positions.

“Good afternoon, Remus.” Lily smiled slightly at him as Remus summoned the water and Lily’s much needed medication to him in order that James would not trip and throw it over Peter. “Thank you.” She smiled and quickly took the tablets.

“I’ve got it,” James said suddenly and Remus looked at him with interest. “Ha… you and your Muggle cleaning, Lils.” Sirius stood up with Harry to get a better view of what was going on. James briefly wondered if he would have the time to cast a summoning charm and then create a minor vacuum milliseconds later but decided to try anyway.

Accio dust!” he said loudly and opened his mouth to speak the second incantation but he never managed to raise his wand.

Silence filled the room, broken a moment later by Harry’s happy ramblings as he crawled across the room to his father. James shook the dust off him and smiled sheepishly as the dust settled on the floor and the train tracks below him.

“You idiot,” Lily said simply and Peter, Remus and Sirius laughed.

“I’m going to go take a shower,” James said dully as he turned to walk away and caught his foot on the enchanted train which had previously been moving along the tracks.

“What’s going on?!” China shouted as he clung onto his seat. The last carriage of the train had been lifted high into the air by some unidentified force and it was his luck that he was on it.

The only replies he got were in the forms of screams as everyone in the carriage suddenly found themselves lying in a heap on the ceiling.

“It’s over,” USA breathed and everyone relaxed for a moment. The next second they were flung against the far wall and a giant eye appeared at the end of the compartment.

“James, what are you doing?” Sirius asked him before he transformed into a giant dog and followed Harry across the room. He found his godson sitting on the floor, looking at the train in confusion as it lay still on its side.

“There are little people in it!” James grinned as he looked down at the small toy people in the carriage he was holding. On the floor, Harry reached out towards one of the people who had got out of the train and happily put its head into his mouth. He pulled a face and spat the small woman onto the train station instantly.

“Plastic not to your taste?” Sirius asked as he turned back into himself.

“It’s probably the dust,” Lily said pointedly and James took the hint. He set the carriage onto the tracks and went upstairs for a shower and a clean set of robes.

“Do you think he plays with that train set when Harry’s not around?” Peter asked as they watched Sirius set the train back onto the tracks and Harry made noises they assumed were of delight as the train began to move again.

“I don’t know but I hope James has learnt his lesson about cleaning,” Lily said as she watched Sirius playing with Harry and the trains.

“What? That you’re better at it?” Peter asked and Lily gave him a surveying look.

“And why would I be better at it than he is?” she asked him lightly.

“Well because you clean more often,” Peter said, “And you’re a wom–”

“Put your spade down and step away from the grave!” Remus said quickly before Peter could finish.

“I’m alive…” China said dimly as the realisation that the train was moving again hit him. “Well, not alive as such,” he added when USA raised an eyebrow.

“It’s all thanks to the gods,” Shelly said at the end of the train and pressed a kiss to the window. China shook his head in disbelief as he glanced out of the window towards the middle of the track where the people had erected a large statue of their gods. Barbie stood on the platform with Action Man at her side; both of them were smiling widely and looking as if they could do great things, such as banish giants and The Dog.

“I can’t believe we saw The Dog!” China said suddenly, once he realised what had happened.

“And we’re still in one piece,” USA added.

“Sadly we’re also going back to the station… we’re going the wrong way,” China noted as they sped back towards the station at Dore Weigh.

“Polly Pocket – reporter for The Daily Observer,” said a woman wearing various rubbery clothes as she threw herself forward to those who hurriedly got off the train. She caught hold of China and began her interview whilst a group of women shook their heads in disgust nearby.

“I remember the days when she was just a little girl, only a centimetre high or so,” said one of the elder figures and tried in vain to fold her arms. She wished that she had elbow joints and perhaps, one day, she would have the ability to fold her arms and put her hands on her hips in irritation.

“Ah, yes, back when she used to have those little houses, you remember?” said a man close by.

“Yes, she used to play in that little shell but now she’s turned into a clothes obsessed reporter!” the woman said and tutted as Polly tried to get an interview from the woman lying in a pool of saliva. She had been half eaten by a giant child and was recovering on the station.

“Why is there a Polly Pocket here?” Lily demanded as she picked the small doll up from the train and looked accusingly at Sirius.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that!” Sirius scowled. “Peter’s the one with the secret…” he trailed off but it was enough so that Peter was blushing furiously and Remus was in hysterics.

Remus tried and failed to speak through tears of laughter. Peter glared at him before Apparating out of the room which only made Remus laugh harder and it was becoming almost painful.

The Fat Controller stood on the station, desperately trying to calm the people down as they ran around in panic. Polly Pocket, the reporter in the area, had just been plucked off the platform by an unidentified giant and there were two more close by. Chaos reigned as people ran around, unable to leave the platform due to a number of charms upon it and not desperate enough to get back into the train in which they had almost been killed earlier on.

“Everyone calm down!” the Fat Controller shouted and suddenly everything was still.

“Put the train away now, would you Sirius?” Lily said and the man dutifully tore his gaze from the miniature people who were running around on the train station.

Finite Incantatem,” he said, waving his wand and the charms were instantly removed from the set. Harry looked disappointed when everything became still and so Sirius quickly transformed into a dog to amuse him.

“How are you going to put it away if you’re a dog, Sirius?” Lily asked him but smiled; it seemed like Sirius had enough trouble to be going on with. Harry had wrapped his little arms around his neck at his first opportunity. Remus grinned as he watched Sirius trying desperately to pull away and get the young infant off him but it didn’t appear to be working. He turned back to Lily.

“So, Peter has a secret collection of dolls…” He grinned. “Did you know about this?”

“As a matter of fact, I did.” She smiled. “Fancy going to take a look?”


The station was still and the many people who had been rushing about on it before lay on the ground. The train had stopped moving, the Fat Controller had stopped shouting, but one unfortunate woman was still covered in saliva. In the background, a giant child released The Dog from its clutches and crawled off towards the far off region of Dore Weigh where it settled down to rest. Beside it, The Dog did also.

Thomas the Tank Engine whistled quietly as he raced around the track which was miraculously still intact. There was a flash of green from somewhere in the room and he was still instantly. Laughter could be heard as two giants appeared on the opposite side of the room.

“Barbies… hundreds of them! This has made my year!”

China sighed inwardly as he was picked up from the floor by the giant child moments later when he had escaped the clutches of The Dog. He found his feet were slowly being gummed by the large thing, and although he was not being eaten, he was becoming rather wet. China decided that this definitely was not his day.

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