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Avarassi took her time heading back towards the Great Hall, perfectly aware that she was late. She walked in, noting that the sorting had already begun. The teachers gave her disapproving looks but said nothing. Avarassi went over to the Slytherin table. She ran a hand through her hair, making several guys gape in awe. She smiled to herself. She loved it that they looked so eager and willing to do anything to be hers.

She made to attractive guys scoot over, so she could sit down between them. Being what she was, surrounding her self with handsome and beautiful things was something she felt a need to do. She didn’t remember the guys’ names, although she was sure she had made out with at least one of them. And she was sure they been amongst the guys who were laughing with Tom after the little incident on the train.

Not laughing now, are we? She thought as she felt their gazes on her.

“Hello boys…” Her melodious voice said.

“Hey Avarassi,” they said in unison, although they faltered a bit, because she chose that moment to send them a sultry smile. Avarassi then looked at the one sitting to her right. She didn’t try hard to remember his name; it didn’t really matter to her. Then she noticed a pentacle behind his ear. An icy blue pentacle.

“I see you’ve had a busy summer,” she noted coolly, immediately recognizing her cousins mark.
“What?” He asked confused at her sudden change of behaviour.

But Avarassi didn’t answer, she was too furious. If there was one thing she hated more than little witches that thought they were better than her, it was her cousin, her Sirene sister Varissa. She did not answer the boy’s questions for the rest of the night. Like hell did she want Varissa’s trash. She ignored his puzzled and hurt expression, and instead turned her attention to the other guy. He took no notice of his friends futile attempt to speak to the gorgeous Avarassi, he was only glad that she would talk to him.

Avarassi liked his pale blond hair and cold grey eyes, and learned later on that his name was Caleb Malfoy. She flirted with him till it was time to head down to the Slytherin common room.

The Slytherins chattered obnoxiously all the way down to the common room. They were giving Avarassi a headache and she wished they would just shut the fuck up. Caleb was trying to impress her with some Quidditch story. Her interest for him was falling rapidly, as she wished that he too would just shut up. The new prefect, a plain looking girl called Bess, kept sending Avarassi these glances, as if she expected her to do something bad. But Avarassi was in no mood for trouble, she was tired and still mad at Varissa.

Avarassi thought about her cousin. Varissa was an Ice-Sirene, and therefore it was natural for the two to dislike each other. Ice and Fire don’t get along. But the two girls were so similar, that the dislike had soon turned into hate. Varissa was just as beautiful and cruel as Avarassi. They were each other’s equals, although there was something deliberate about Varissa’s cruelty that could at times make her seem downright evil, and more vicious than Avarassi. The French Ice-Sirene was not always into guy hunting for sports, she wanted to see how many hearts she could break and how many people she could hurt. It was something she was born with, while Avarassi had become that way later on. Avarassi had often watched Varissa meticulously carry out plans to destroy the lives of young witches and wizards. She admired the coldness in Varissa even though she would never admit it. But that was just the way Ice-Sirenes were: Cold and meticulous. While Fire-Sirenes destruction was more spontaneous and chaotic.

Avarassi frowned, thinking of Varissa.

She has invaded my territory; she thought angrily, that is just not acceptable

She entertained herself with thinking of ways to hurt Varissa. She smiled a grim smile, that made a few first-years jerk back in fear, and even a few of the older students to shiver.

They finally got to the common room after the prefects had said the new password: “Slithering Serpents,” causing the portrait to swing open.

As soon as she got into the common room, Avarassi went straight down to the girls’ dormitories, which was located deep beneath the castle. She was not in the mood for playing games with Caleb.
Her cousin’s mark on the other boy had got her thinking, what if Varissa had done it deliberately? A sign? Although the two hated each other, they knew one and other better than anyone else. Avarassi was familiar with Varissa’s nature and knew that her Sirene sister never did anything unintentionally. Varissa normally stayed away from the guys who went to Hogwarts, and Avarassi stayed away from the guys who went to Varissa’s school. Even if she had relations with one of the boys from Hogwarts, Varissa never left her mark. She knew that if she did, Avarassi would have the right to challenge her, and since the two were so equal in power too, the outcome wouldn’t be pretty. So why had he done it this time?

Avarassi chain-smoked as she paced the room in frustration. She just couldn’t think of a reason as to why Varissa would do such a thing. She finally gave up, but couldn’t shake off the uncanny feeling that the icy blue pentacle was a warning of some sort. She went to bed before the other girls came down, and fell in to a dreamless sleep. A short dreamless sleep.

She awoke two hours later with a start. She could feel someone’s eyes on her, and her heart raced. For a moment she thought it was Varissa, but once her eyes got used to the dark, she saw it was someone she wanted to see even less. It was him again, and he was in her bed. He pinned her to the bed and clamped a hand over her mouth before she could let out a surprised yelp. His touch raised goose bumps on her golden skin. Then she felt his lips on her ear as he whispered:
“Shh… You wouldn’t want to wake the others, now would you?”

She shook her head hoping that it would make him let her go. His hand moved, but he stayed on top of her. He played with a strand of her hair, wrapping it around his finger.

She savoured his touch, as she no longer wondered what he would do to her, but what she would do to him. Just when she was about to give in and kiss him, he got off her and settled himself in the other end of her bed. Again she was confused as to whether she should be relieved or disappointed.
“We have to talk,” he said in a hushed voice, his eyes gleaming in the darkness.

“Talk?!” Avarassi said angrily, sitting up to face him. “We have nothing to talk about1 Leave now!”

Every inch of her skin prickled at his nearness, he had to leave before she did something stupid.

“Oh we have plenty to talk about,” he said mysteriously. Before she could shoot him a snide remark he said:
“I heard you speaking to the threstral.”

Avarassi’s jaw dropped.

“You did WHAT?!” She hissed loudly.

“Hush girl, you’ll wake the whole House!” Tom said dangerously.

Avarassi glared daggers at him.

“How did you hear what I told the threstral?” She asked, her voice taking on a deadly soft tone. The longing for him was gone she wanted him dead.

“There are spells for those sorts of things. Even you should know that, Sirene.” Tom said in an amused voice.

“If you tell anyone, I swear to Goddess I’ll…” Avarassi began her voice rising again.

“I won’t tell, that’s not why I’m here,” Tom interrupted her coldly.

“Then why are you here?” Avarassi asked, fearing what he would do with his newfound knowledge.

“Your story was interesting, kinda boring… But when you said ‘Some people deserve to die,’ it hit me: You and I are one of a kind. You are the only person at this school who knows what it’s like to murder. Besides me.” Tom grinned wickedly at her.

Avarassi’s eyebrows shot up, but before she could ask him who he had killed he continued.

“I knew then that I could tell you my story, and you would understand. Remember that girl Myrtle? The filthy mudblood who was always whining?”

Avarassi nodded, seeing where things were headed.

“I have this gift,” Tom went on in his callous voice, “It enables me to speak to snakes.”

“Parseltongue,” Avarassi interrupted with a whisper.

“Very good Sirene,” Tom said condescendingly. But Avarassi was too interested in what he had to say, to take heed to his remark.

“I called upon an ancient snake-like creature who lives beneath the castle, and to my big surprise, it did what I told it to do. Before I knew it, the little mudblood was dead,” Tom finished, his eyes glowing with satisfaction.

Avarassi waited for her mind to react to what he had told her. She waited for the horror to settle. But it never came. For some reason she couldn’t quite pinpoint, Tom’s story didn’t bother her. And then it hit her: Myrtle was just a mortal, why should Avarassi care if the already short life of a mortal ended earlier than expected?

Sirenes weren’t mortal. Or at least they could chose not to be. If a Sirene wanted, she could stop the aging process whenever she wanted, and live forever. Avarassi’s own mother looked no older than 25 although she was almost 40.

So what if Myrtle was dead? So what if a mortal died? They would die sooner or later anyway, and they weren’t Avarassi’s problem.

He is a murderer like me… Avarassi thought in wonder He understands the joy of killing…

Avarassi then recalled the joy of the hunt and the kill. She recalled the others who had died at her hands, whose deaths had been more enjoyable than her first murder. The Huntress was in her blood, as it was in all the Sirenes. The vampire part of them, the werewolf, the shapeshifter and so many other things. The blood of her ancestress’ past lovers, that made her enjoy killing. And then she saw something in Tom that she had never seen in any male: a true hunter and killer. She looked at him as though she had just discovered who he really was.

“I knew you would understand,” he said with an evil smile.

“Why did you kill her?” Avarassi asked in a voice filled with cold interest.

“She was just a filthy mudblood, and mudbloods don’t deserve to live.” He said harshly.

“I see,” Avarassi said in a detached voice. She wasn’t sure she agreed with him on that, but that was beside the point. Besides she still didn’t care that the girl was dead. All that mattered was that she had found a guy who was just like her. And it felt as though she had finally found something she’d been looking for her whole life. Suddenly her mothers warning no longer mattered, Avarassi thought as she reached out for Tom. All that mattered was him, her last thought echoed as their lips met.

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