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Encounters At The Lamb And Slaughter

Chapter Sixteen

Isn't it just fantastic Harry, we're on the right track." Emily's still buoyant voice broke through his thoughts and, echoing in his ears, pulled him back to the present. Harry nodded unenthusiastically back at her with a small smile on his lips. Then taking hold of one of her hands, his face turned serious. "Emily," he told her hesitantly, motioning towards the paper laid in front of him. "I think you should take a look at this!"

Emily took in his now solemn expression and, leaning over to look at the paper, glanced up at Harry, asking, "What is it Harry?"

"Just read it please Emily," Harry spoke in a hushed tone. "I think it might be of importance."

Emily glanced up again at his vivid green eyes and, on seeing their pleading expression, nodded at him. "Ok then Harry, I'll read," she answered him and, without another word, she began to read.


Emily perused the paper quickly, her eyes widening as she read. Finally, after reading the last line, she lifted her eyes to Harry. "And you think this may be important because..."

Harry shook his head at Emily, "I don't know Em!" he exclaimed. "I just don't know, but something tells me that this is important! Who would want to steal that artefact?"

"Maybe it's just a common thief, who took a chance on stealing it," interrupted Emily eagerly, then lowering her voice and her eyes narrowing in concentration, continued more quietly, "or maybe someone with more sinister reasons?"

"That's just it Emily," Harry whispered back, leaning in closer to her so no one could overhear their conversation. He then pushed his sliding glasses back up his nose and shielding the side of his face with his hand, he continued in a speculative whisper. "What sort of person would want such an item? I mean The Key is considered a dangerous artefact; it was heavily warded! I just can't see an ordinary sneak thief breaking into get it...I think whoever wanted it, wanted it for a - purpose and - probably for an ominous purpose!"

Emily listened carefully to Harry's words, her quick mind soon jumping to an inevitable conclusion and voicing her newly formed opinion aloud, she spoke out contemplatively. "You mean someone like the new Dark Lord -- don't you Harry?"

Harry simply nodded his head in reply, his bright green eyes glowing intently at her from behind his black rimmed glasses.

"We should contact Luna!" Emily suddenly exclaimed loudly, from out of the blue. "Yes, that's it - we'll floo Luna. She will help us!"

Harry blinked back at Emily bemusedly. Luna, Harry thought to himself, perplexed. Why on earth would they need to talk to Luna? How could Luna help them? What was going through Emily's brain? Harry sometimes wondered about Emily. The way her mind worked constantly baffled him and he sometimes got the distinct feeling Emily often confused even herself. Emily was a bright girl, true! Nevertheless, her ever-changing moods and bizarre thought process made her an - taxing person to be around at times. Once, when Emily and Harry had still been together, Emily had told him that her mother had called it, being a bit of a drama queen. However, Emily had told him she preferred to call it, being spontaneous. Harry thought that really, the best word to some up Emily was - guileless, for despite her intelligence and really, she held more than enough common sense in that animated brain of hers, Emily often came over as childlike. Not so much as she was innocent or naive, but that she was terribly open and honest with her feelings and opinions.

Emily's voice calling him brought him abruptly back from of his thoughts. His eyes unglazed and pulling himself back to the present, he began to focus on Emily's words.

"I know what you're thinking Harry," Emily was saying. "But think about it please, it really does make sense! Luna's father is the owner of The Quibbler and Luna would probably have some inside information on things. Plus Luna is terribly clever and just has a really unusual way of looking at things - and I just know, let's just say I have a feeling, that she would be a great help to us and..."

Emily's voice trailed off as she looked at Harry's blank eyed face. "Are you listening to me Harry?" she asked him rather sharply, wondering if he had heard a single word she had said.

Harry nodded to show that he had understood her, hesitated and then slowly opened his mouth to speak. Harry knew that Emily wouldn't like what he had to say, so he silently steeled himself for her reaction. "Emily," he finally said, keeping his voice low. "I think we should contact the ministry."

Emily just stared at him, her forehead wrinkled into a frown and Harry hurried on to avoid the disappointment in her eyes. "Really Emily, think about it," He continued. "We have nothing much to go on here and the Ministry would help us...or we at least could owl Hermione."

By the end of his little speech, Emily's frown had lessened, but the disappointment still showed in her eyes. "Why Harry," she asked him softly. "Why bring the ministry in just yet? We have no real concrete evidence and as soon as they were involved they would take me from the case, even possibly resulting in me losing my job - why Harry?"

Harry ploughed on, avoiding her unhappy eyes. "Because Emily, I simply can't think of how we are going to proceed. We have little to no evidence on where the gruesome twosome are heading to...and the only solid thing we have to go on is The Key and, well - the ministry knows plenty about that and could help us..."

"Help you," Emily interceded sharply. "Help you Harry, not me! You are their golden boy, not me. Oh no, I'm one hundred percent certain that as soon as they find out about my involvement their mouths will remain firmly shut!"

"But Em, Hermione would help, she's clever! She would be a great help to us..."

"As much as I love Hermione, Harry, I know for certain as soon as she found out about Snape and Malfoy's involvement, she would inform higher ministry members."

Harry thought on this for a moment, concluding that Emily was right on this point. However, Harry desperately wanted to contact Hermione. Hermione had been one of his best friends for years now and when sticky situations arose around Harry, her intelligence and support had become invaluable. Harry had definitely, over the passing years, come to depend heavily on Hermione's good advices. He needed to speak with her badly, but what Emily had said was only too true. When Hermione heard about the missing Slytherins, she would most definitely inform the higher authorities. Harry let out a heavy sigh, uncertain of how to proceed.

Emily, sensing his hesitation, decided to press forward her point. "Anyway Harry, would it really hurt to talk with Luna first? You never know, we may find out something invaluable - something more solid. We may even get a clue about their whereabouts; a little more time here may change things completely! Think on it Harry, one morning is hardly anytime at all, if you think about it. Let's give it an extra day or so and, I promise, if we find nothing at all in a couple of day's time - I will come back willingly to the ministry with you..."

Emily broke off to watch Harry's compteplative expression and, sensing imminent victory, pressed on some more. "It would mean so much to me to find Malfoy, for many reasons Harry. Firstly, the ministry laid this at my door, literarily! - and I feel a certain reasonability to find him. Plus Harry, this is the first adventure I have ever been involved in..."

"Adventure isn't all it's made out to be Emily," Harry interjected a little sourly. "People get hurt, die even, it's not all fun and games Emily."

"I know that Harry," Emily almost wailed back at him. "I'm not stupid, I'm not being foolhardy! However, can't you see, I just want to be involved somehow. I'm sick and tired of being ignored and overlooked! Can't a girl have a little adventure and mystery in her life?"

"A mystery called Malfoy," Harry grumbled under his breath, throwing Emily a guarded look. "Is that what you mean Em?"

Emily rolled her eyes and sighed heavily in exasperation. Harry would just not let this go, she thought wearily to herself. However, she was not going to let Harry know her true feelings on Malfoy, no, not just yet. Emily still had a lot of working out to do on that front herself. Sighing shakily again, Emily decided to go on with caution. "Harry," she told him firmly. "I know you hate Malfoy and I know that, for some reason, you think I have some feelings for him; but I assure you Harry, that as soon as I know my own feelings for the bloody ferret, I will tell you immediately. Right now though, I must confess, my feelings are mostly ones of murder and other very villainous things!"

Emily finished her words with an impish grin, which managed to pull a genuine smile to Harry's lips. Typical, thought Emily, somewhat amused. Mention Malfoy and murder in the same sentence and Harry was suddenly cheerful again! Hiding a very amused smile, Emily widened her eyes into her most irresistible look (or so Emily thought!) and asked Harry very sweetly, "So Harry, what do you say?"

Harry blinked, sighed and silently conceded on seeing Emily's pleading eyes. Although he thought the best plan was to seek out Hermione, Harry knew that a day or two more would hurt no one and he also knew that conceding to Emily would make life a little easier for him - at least for the moment. Silently forming his own plans, he nodded his assent to Emily. "Ok then Emily," he finally agreed. "We'll give it a few more days..."

Emily's eyes lit up and, squealing with joy, she threw her arms once again around Harry's neck. "Oh thank you Harry! Thank you so much," she breathed happily into his neck, making the hairs on his nape prickle and stand up.

"That's alright Emily," Harry replied rather self-effacingly, feeling suddenly abashed as butterflies unexpectedly awoke in his stomach.

Completely unaware of Harry's newly awoken feelings, Emily pulled away from him and gave him a chaste kiss on the tip of his nose. Harry trembled inside. Then pulling him into a tight, little hug again Emily breathed out yet another, "Thank you!" Harry savoured the moment and, patting Emily's back awkwardly, enjoyed Emily's sweet scent and delicious touch.

Then all too soon, Emily was gone, leaving Harry with a strangely empty feeling. Rubbing at his newly throbbing temple, Harry watched as Emily almost skipped her way to the bar. On reaching the bar, Emily called over old Nobby to her, asking him non-to discreetly, if she could use his floo system for it was a matter of the uppermost urgency! Harry watched on as old Nobby nodded his agreement and led Emily away to the room they had been in just an hour before and as Emily disappeared into the back room, Harry began to plot devices of his own.


"Who was here? Whom were you talking to? What in Merlin's name has happened?" Snape snapped out sharply as he moved purposely over towards Draco, only to be cut off by Draco's chilling laughter.

"Oh, Severus," his shameless charge mocked him derisively. "You've just missed all the fun!"

Snape's face turned thunderous and anger sparked in his narrowed eyes. "Do not dare to mock me boy," he warned in low, dangerous tones. "Now, tell me what has occurred, you impudent boy!"

Draco was unused to being scolded by Severus in such a manner; in fact, as Draco remembered well; it was the manner he used to use on Potter and Draco was greatly incensed by this fact. Hiding his anger behind an impeccable Malfoy façade, Draco drawled out quietly, "I was merely stating Severus, that you seem to have missed the fun again! Tell me please, does your protection towards your charges always go this well? I must say, I do believe that even that ditz of a girl Carlisle, could have done a better job of it..." Draco abruptly broke off his words on seeing Snape's face change drastically.

His eyes narrowed into the smallest of slits and his face turned pale. His lips pulled tight and almost disappeared into a thin line. Two pinpricks of colour burned high on his cheeks and, on seeing his taut expression, Draco knew he had overstepped the mark - and by a few thousand miles by the look of things!

Draco somehow knew that he had just managed to injure Snape in some terrible way. His words had been stupid and harmful and he had somehow managed to change something vital in their tentative relationship, of that he was sure. Draco thought that maybe he had lost Severus' respect and this for some unknown reason, smarted him terribly.

Draco held little respect, within himself, for anyone - and apart from the former respect, he had held for his then faultless father, Severus was the only significant other who had earned it. Draco knew he had to rectify the situation quickly, before the damage became un-repairable. Pushing aside his famous Malfoy pride and, taking comfort from the fact that his father would abhor what he was going to do, Draco apologised. "Sorry Severus," he stated simply, hoping his sincerity would shine through.

His apology was a simple, short sorry and it touched Severus, who caught the authenticity of his words. He suddenly realised, just how much that Draco had really changed. A year or so ago, wild horses could not of dragged such honest words from the boys lips and Snape secretly wondered if the Carlisle girl had something to do with this? In many ways Draco was still so very like his father; selfish, conniving and gave little thought to others and their feelings. However, Draco had now visibly softened and showed signs of a newly found maturity - and with maturity came a more astute side of him. His father would very well delight in the newly found prudence his son now showed, but Snape very much doubted that Lucius would applaud the newly found humanity that came with it. Then, clearing his head of such useless musings, Snape snapped back to life.

"Apology accepted Draco," he told the boy dryly with a small, yet sincere smile on his lips. "Now come, please tell me what has occurred?"

Draco, pleased that the damage seemed to be intercepted, proceeded to tell him all without pause.

"And you're quite sure it was Zabini?" Snape questioned for what seemed the hundredth time.

"Yes Severus," Draco answered wearily again, wondering when the questions would stop. "I'm quite sure. Azkaban did not addle my ability to recognise old friends." Draco found, that now weary from too many questions, he could not keep the mockery from his voice.

Snape ignored the boys tone and continued. "And you said he gave you warning. - Do you trust him?"

"Yes and no," Draco rejoined shortly, answering the two questions at once.

Snape stopped and meditated, while Draco couldn't resist rolling his tired eyes.

"Then to Knarlesdale we must go at once!" Snape concluded abruptly.

"Knarlesdale?" Draco questioned dubiously, narrowing his eyes. "Isn't that near Scotland?"

"Yes," Snape retorted promptly, "and we must Apparate! there at once..."

"No!" Draco snapped back sullenly, finally reaching the Malfoy limit. "No way! I'm not going..."

"Malfoy," warned Snape cautiously.

"I'm not going Severus and you can't make me," Draco continued and not caring if he sounded like a spoilt child, continued with his infantile rant. "I've been dragged away from a perfectly nice dwelling place, been told the new Dark Lord is after me, forced to spend the night in the worst inn in England, fell asleep in a chair, only to wake up with the pounding head from hell! Yes Severus, I know that bit is my own fault!" Draco admitted on seeing Snape's eyebrow raise sardonically at him, but carried on with his rant anyway, needing to be heard.

"However, you can't blame for that, any normal person would have done the same thing! Also, not content with the abject misery I already had to put up with, you then proceed to take me away from the worse inn in Britain, which was at least some form of shelter, and drag me through the worse marsh land imaginable, on the coldest, wettest day of the year, before the bloody cock had time to crow! I've had to crawl though brambles, cope with a Death Eater attack! My clothes are absolutely ruined!" (This thought made Draco want to kick the nearest someone - hard!) "Moreover, I'm sick and tired of it all! I want a bed! I want some clean clothes and most of all I want..." However, Draco didn't finish this and left his final requirement unspoken, needing this essential need of his to remain his alone.

Snape stood and watched his young charge rant away with his eyebrows raised sceptically. However, as the rant went on, he felt pity for the boy stir within him. Heeding an instinctive feeling in his bones, that any immediate danger had passed, Snape swiftly decided to let the boy have his way on this point. So, when Draco's tantrum had come to an abrupt halt, Snape's decision was already made.

Nodding his compliance to a momentarily stunned Draco, Snape agreed promptly, if not a little caustically. "I will concede to your wishes on this matter Draco, for I see no immediate danger ahead. There is a homely inn in a near by town that I'm quite sure will meet to your high standards! It is a few hours walk away, so if you are willing to concur with these arrangements, I suggest we move on swiftly."

Draco, uncharacteristically lost for words, simply nodded his acquiescence.

"Then let us be on our way," requested Snape and turned to leave without a moment's hesitation...

...and thanking his lucky stars, an almost satisfied Draco followed.


At first, Emily and Harry had walked to the nearby town of Otley, quite contented. The sun had shone brightly overhead, spreading its golden beams over a perfect winter's day. They had chattered away, eagerly, about their forthcoming plans and their hopes for the immediate future; discussing everything that had happened on that very eventful morning. Well Emily had chatted and Harry had listened.

However, the day had turned to drizzle and the sun decided to hide behind the stormy grey clouds, leaving Harry and Emily to walk along in a dark and dismal twilight. The day was dull, the sky glowered gloomily and storm clouds above threatened them ominously with an imminent down pouring of rain.

The night seemed to have crept slowly upon them and it was not yet even three thirty in the afternoon. England's short wintry days, showed no love for the weary travellers and, instinctively, the pair huddled closer together for warmth and for companionship - and as they trudged on tiredly and silently, they both naturally turned to their own thoughts. Emily's thoughts turned instinctively to Draco, as Harry started to review the happenings of that day's eventful morning.

Harry recalled how Emily had hastened out of the back room, all bright eyed and excited. She had told him that Luna was indeed coming and that she had promised them ample new information. She said that she knew hidden secrets that would turn our hair white; Emily had told him while giggling into the crook of his neck. The truth of the matter was that Emily was an extremely tactile person when happy, which normally wouldn't have bothered Harry in the slightest. However, in the light of certain new revelations, Emily's little touches had left Harry - uncomfortable!

Moreover, as Emily had chattered on about the arrangements that she and Luna had come to, Harry felt the first stirrings of guilt flutter around in his stomach. Harry now had a secret! A secret he knew would displease Emily tremendously - or could even cause her pain. Harry hated keeping secrets. Hated having to be sneaking, but unfortunately, he had felt that the current situation had called for secrecy.

So, as Emily had given him the details on how they were to meet Luna in The Lamb and Slaughter, at the nearby town of Otley. Harry had begun to feel the guilt nibble constantly at his insides. Then, when Emily finally had arisen to ask the old proprietor for the directions, Harry had begun to question exactly what he had done.

On the face of it, owling Hermione didn't really seem to be the biggest crime in the world, but underneath it all, Harry knew that this was the last thing Emily would want him to do. But, honestly, he thought to himself. Hermione would know exactly what to do. In fact, Hermione excelled in these situations and he could not ignore the fact that he wanted Hermione involved in this. She was his friend after all! A friend who had seen him through many a bad time, a friend who he had every right to get in touch with, a friend who would be very helpful right now and Harry was going to defend his decision, even if it did mean upsetting Emily. After all, the only reason why Emily did not want Hermione involved was Malfoy! and with that thought Harry's blood had begun to boil!

The question that burning inside of him was - was Emily falling for Malfoy? Whenever the subject was broached, Emily would avoid answering in any concise form or manner. However, no matter how she twisted, turned and changed the subject, Harry knew this - he knew that Emily was chasing after Malfoy. Her eyes told him so! However, the other question that haunted Harry was - why?

Harry had never made any bones about hating Malfoy! In fact, it sometimes almost seemed as if he had been born to hate him. Form the moment Harry had first met him in Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, it had been hatred at first sight! From the very beginning, Malfoy's attitude and demeanour had irritated him madly and as their years through Hogwarts had progressed, so had their mutual hatred.

Harry could sum up Malfoy in five words exactly - and often did! He was a bullying, arrogant, smirking, bloody ferret, whose ability to annoy the hell out of Harry had never once lessened and now it seemed that Emily - that his Emily wanted him - and Harry was none too pleased!

Therefore, it now fell down to him, to get Emily out of danger, back to London and as far away from Draco as possible. The closer to Draco they got, the nearer he came to losing Emily for good!
Harry halted mid-thought, startled by the intensity of his ponderings. How on earth had his feelings for Emily gotten so intense, so quickly? Even when they had been together, Harry had not felt this way about her. Yes, he had liked her very much, finding her a fun person to be with. However, when Emily had broken it off, Harry had accepted it meekly, feeling little to no resentment and he had felt that Emily's reasons for the break-up had been more than reasonable. In short, Harry acknowledged his secrecy and lack of trust had damaged the relationship and, to tell the truth, he had been nowhere near to heartbroken. He had liked her, yes! Yet, when it had come down to the crunch, he had known that he had felt no true love for her - until now - that is!

Harry had no idea why these new emotions had come over him and neither did he care. All Harry wanted to do was relish in his feelings and get Emily far away from Malfoy as soon as possible! The time for questions would come later. Harry hoped, with all his heart, that Hermione would send Hedwig back with a message soon. Hermione would know what to do, would know how to get Emily back to London and as soon as they had met up with Luna, Harry could get Emily safely back to London. And then I can have Emily all to myself, Harry thought slyly, letting his Slytherin side shine through.

Abruptly, Emily speaking his name shook him from his thoughts. "Harry," Emily cried. "Look, I think we're almost there, I think that's The Lamb and Slaughter."

Harry looked ahead of him and saw dim, glowing golden lights, shining softly ahead of him. Yes indeed, Emily was right. They were undeniably nearly there. Harry then came to an abrupt decision; he would tell Emily how he felt. In addition, taking hold of her arm gently, he turned her to face him.

"What is it Harry? What's wrong?" Emily asked him with a look of concern in her eyes.

"I need to speak with you Emily," Harry answered softly; "There is something you need to know..."

Emily looked into his now solemn, green eyes, nodded and spoke to him quietly. "Go on then Harry, tell me," she urged gently, her curiosity was now awakened and she wondered what it was that Harry needed so urgently to tell her.

Harry looked down at Emily, cleared his dry throat and began to speak.


Emerging form the murky woods, Snape and Draco now walked along a cumbersome, cobblestone path. Neither said a word as they both trudged on, footsore and weary. Snape's voice suddenly broke the silence. "We are close now Draco," he stated motioning the path which wound ahead of them, "Just a little further." Draco glanced in front of him and saw golden, welcoming lights, shining a little up ahead. To his sleep-deprived mind, the lights seemed to invite him and unable to stop himself, he let out a deep, thankful sigh.

As they continued to walk along cautiously, Snape eyed the path ahead intently, looking for any odd occurrence or the slightest of movements. All of a sudden, Snape came to a complete standstill Halting Draco, by placing his hand in front of him, Snape held a finger to his mouth to hush the boy from any loud exclamations. Then with a swipe of the hand, he motioned for Draco to look ahead. Draco did as he was told, only to see two shadowy figures standing a little ahead of them, who seemed to be talking quietly.

Draco's hand immediately went for his wand - Emily's wand and following Snape cautiously, crept up noiselessly upon the tête-à-tête pair.

Speaking swiftly, afraid that hesitation would cost him his nerve, Harry rushed his words out, "I still want you Emily, and I think I might lo..."

"Harry," Emily, gasped at him gob smacked, cutting off his words. Harry wanted her! The thought was to strange to contemplate!

"No, don't stop me Em, I need to tell you now, I need to tell you before I loose my nerve, I..." continued Harry not daring to stop.

"Harry," Emily gasped again, her eyes widening in fear. "Look Harry, behind you!"

Harry stood, puzzled for a moment, unable to grasp hold of her words. It didn't make sense! She didn't make sense - what on earth was she saying? Harry thought, when the meaning of her words abruptly kicked in. Suddenly alert, Harry grabbed for his wand and spun around, a hex ready on his lips.

Draco crept up behind Snape, his wand at the ready, when he heard a fearful familiar voice whisper urgently through the darkness, "Look Harry, behind you!" Draco knew that voice; it was a voice that was firmly etched into his conscience. His heart skipped a beat and a burgeoning sensation of pure delight bubbled up inside of him. She was here! Dear Merlin, she was really here, he thought, resisting the urge to pinch himself. A delighted smirk inched its way onto his lips and opening his mouth, he drawled out wickedly, "Why if it isn't Saint Potter and his Mudblood girlfriend!"

His words were like a red rag to a bull...

Emily instantaneously froze to the spot on hearing his voice echo through the dark, her heart leapt into her mouth and her knees threatened to buckle. He was here. Draco was truly here. She had found him at last! A thousand thoughts danced through her mind and her heart skipped merrily inside of her as she stood there momentarily breathless!

As Draco's words sunk into her, little by little, Emily's untamed joy turned slowly into familiar irritation. Oh, the horrible, little ferret, Emily though as red rage re-kindled inside her. She had worried about him! She had fought with Harry over him! She would have even followed him to the ends of the earth - and he had rewarded her by calling her a Mudblood - A MUDBLOOD! Something in side Emily snapped and ignoring Harry's restraining hand, Emily pounced.

Emily flew at him, all flailing fists and barefaced emotion. Her words spilled out of her mouth, tripping over each other as they came. "You utter pig! Y - Y- You bloody wanker! I hate you, you selfish excuse of a wizard!" Emily yelled, pummelling at him full force - and the impact of her vicious contact sent then both flying!

Landing on top of him with a huff, a breathless Emily found herself looking straight into his mesmerising, grey eyes. Emily's breath hitched at their sudden closeness and her head began to whirl. Their noses lightly, grazed against each other and their lips were close enough to touch.

Merlin! Emily thought to herself, almost desperately, gulping down surging sensations. He's so close - too damn close, she considered absently, as she slowly drowned into his eyes.

Draco, more than pleased with this turn of events, smirked back up her. His eyes glittered up at her playfully, as he took in her disorientated expression and unable to resist teasing her, he asked her wickedly, "So Carlisle, are you pleased to see me?"


"Are you quite certain on that Carlisle?"

"Yes," Emily gulped untruthfully.

"Then why are you blushing Carlisle?" Draco still teased.

"Because I..." Emily couldn't finish her words as she suddenly became aware of Draco's hands resting lightly on her back. Shuddering under his touch, Emily was painfully aware that the flush on her cheeks had deepened.

Draco began to caress the small of Emily's back, wonderfully aware of the effect it was having on her. Looking up into her rapt face, he took in her expression, half-lidded eyes and the way she nibbled gently on her bottom lip. Perfect, he though to himself, unhurriedly. "She is just undeniably, bloody perfect!

As if she had overheard his thoughts, Emily's eyes flew open and she was suddenly gazing back into his eyes. "Hello there," Draco whispered softly up to her with a tender smile sitting oddly on his face.

"Hello back," Emily murmured back to him, as she took in the softness of his expression.

Her lips were so tantalisingly close to his and tilting his mouth up towards her, he touched his lips to hers.

"Would it be too much to ask, if you could stop your canoodling and wait until we are safely inside?" Snape's voice suddenly echoed through the night, instantaneously shattering their moment.

Draco and Emily froze, instantly aware again of the presence of others. Emily quickly scrambled up and casting one final look at Draco's smirking face; she blushed, turned away and began to walk away from him. As she walked onwards, she heard him swiftly scramble up on to his feet and follow on behind her - and as she kept on walking, Emily smiled herself a secret little smile.

A/N As promised here is Chapter 16 and it's another long one! I hope you all enjoy it and I promise you that Chapter 17 will follow very soon. Oh, and Chapter 17 will be a very intense one, as it will be the one when Emily and Draco finally, *ahem!*

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