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Disclaimer:: I don't own anything of J.K.R.'s....i don't own Da Qiao or Xiao Qiao and i don't own Crystale but i do own Melinda lol....^_^;;;

The Qiao Sister’s at Hogwarts

Melinda and Crystale were the very best of friends, in middle school they got the nickname “The Giggle Sister’s” there because they were constantly giggling about something. And now that they were in different high schools it was harder for them to see each other but they still managed to be friend and better then friends they were still and forever would be the Giggle Sisters, they were always there for each other no matter what and for some reason they had a big sister little sister bond. Melinda was a year and ½ older then Crystale, Melinda was 16 and Crystale was 15 turning 16 in 8 months. They both hated the drama in life.

One day they were both out front of Melinda’s house gardening when all the sudden they both dug up something. Both of the objects were tiara’s Crystale’s had a crescent moon well that’s what it looked like, it was chipped, Melinda’s was a narrow oval with a mix of purple and pink “they’re so pretty and for some reason I feel I should put it on” Crystale said “Yeah I feel like I should put this on too” Melinda said “we should put them on then!” Crystale said hyperly “What are you nuts?! What about germs?” Melinda complained “oh come on please?” Crystale begged with puppy eyes “fine but if I get sick I’m blaming you” Melinda said giving in “Let’s do it at the same time” Crystale said “Okay” Melinda agreed “one…two…three…” Crystale counted as they both placed the tiara’s on their head’s. And all the sudden they both blacked out.

***Madame Pomfrey’s P.O.V.***

I was taking care of some student’s when Albus and Hagrid came in with two girls levitating on stretcher’s. They were defiantly teenagers. “Who are they Albus?” I asked “Well I’m not entirely sure Hagrid found them on the grounds” Albus said as Hagrid took the girls one by one and placed them each on a bed. “Poppy when they wake up please inform me” Albus said and I nodded these girls would be my first priority.

The day’s passed very quickly and soon it was two weeks since the girls came. Neither of them had done anything that would show that they would wake up soon, I was worried. Albus came into the room he had a frown on his face, something was wrong. “What’s wrong Albus?” I asked worriedly “The ministry said that if they don’t wake up soon we’ll have to transfer them to St. Mango’s” he answered When all the sudden we heard a light moan.

***Melinda’s P.O.V.***

I was surrounded by complete darkness when I started to see pictures it was of a girl with beautiful short dark brown hair that was in braided pigtails, she had big brown eyes and she looked around 17... ‘whoa’ I thought it was Da Qiao from Dynasty Warriors ‘this is so strange I have to wake up’ I thought it just had to be a dream.. But this place was just so dark it seemed like a real room of memories that were lost over time… no it couldn’t be… ‘was I Da Qiao in the past?’ I thought to myself when all the sudden I opened my eyes and let out a moan. Colors were all blurry for a minute, there were three other people in the room one was on a hospital bed like me and the other two wee staring at me…I was frightened…I never seen these people in my life. “wh- where am I? And where’s my friend?” I asked “My dear you are at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and now that I’ve cleared that up what’s your name?” an old man answered “My name is Melinda…but you still didn’t answer the other half of my question, where is my friend?” I asked a little annoyed “Isn’t that your friend dear?” a lady that looked like a nurse asked as she pointed to the other person that was on a hospital bed. It was a girl she had a light golden brown hair color, that defiantly wasn’t Crystale or was it? “ can I see a mirror?” I asked awkwardly “Um, sure” the nurse answered as she took a packet mirror from a bed side table and gave it to me and I looked into it, “AHHH!!!” I screamed the girl staring back at me was the beauty , Da Qiao “What’s wrong dear?” the nurse asked “it-it’s just that…never mind, its nothing really” I lied “it’s okay you can tell us…I just so you can trust us a little more my name is Albus Dumbledore and the nurse with me is Madame Pomfrey” the old man said “um, well I uh looked different before” I said “How strange” Dumbledore said, I looked over to the girl on the other bed, it was Crystale she turned into Xiao Qiao, then I heard her moan.

***Crystale’s P.O.V.***

‘I hate the dark…’ I thought as I looked around the room I was in; all it simply was, was darkness when all the sudden I seen what seemed like someone’s memories it had a girl with light golden brown hair and hazel eyes she was a very hyper girl by the looks of it ‘just like me’ I thought and most of the time she was with a guy with long dark brown hair ‘she has good taste in guys’ I thought ‘wait a second that’s Xiao Qiao!’ I thought I looked at Xiao Qiao again ‘amazing we have so much in common…maybe I was her in a past life’ I thought when all the sudden I woke up I moaned and rubbed my eyes I seen two people and a teenager with dark brown hair and big brown eyes she was wearing the tiara Melinda found “Hey give that tiara to me right now! It’s not yours” I yelled at the girl. The girl let out a sigh and looked at me with sincere eyes and said “ Crystale it is me…and look at yourself and you’ll know” she got up from her bed and walked over to me and handed me a small mirror as I looked in it I couldn’t believe my eyes so I sat there with my eyes wide I even stopped breathing “Um Crystale? You okay?” Melinda asked I didn’t respond I was way too shocked I looked just like Xiao Qiao, I was so pretty, I’ve never seen such beauty in my life…finally I looked over to Melinda there stood the living image of Da Qiao “holy crap!!!” I yelled a lady that looked like a nurse said “watch your language” and an old guy simply chuckled.

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